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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

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Greetings for the Eid and Christmas season 2002/2003
and alsoMillennium 1999/2000 | 2000/2001 | 2001/2002

Webheads annual Hallowebhead Party at Tapped In, Nov 3, 2002

Happy Spring Festival 2001
Click here for Lunar New Year messages for the year 2000

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Hear our voices ... try to download our voice files by clicking on the links below (this is an experiment; let us know if you were able, or unable, to access either of these files)

VIDEO: Webheads have moved into communication with web cams.

In March, 2002, Yaodong got me to download PalTalk and on the 7th, Arthur and I got it working and recorded the session documented below <LAN link here>

: Here's a history of these efforts up through 2001 and into 2002 ...

Date URL
June, 1999 Felix in Brazil was the first to send Real Media video out to Webheads | <LAN video link here>
August, 1999 This inspired Vance to create a Real Media Welcome to Webheads | <LAN video link here>
September 23, 2001 It was Felix again who showed the group how to broadcast his webcam on Yahoo Messenger
October 14, 2001 Again inspired by Felix, Vance went out and got a USB port web cam, and on got it up and running
October 28, 2001 Here's screen shot from the next time we used a web cam in a regular Sunday live online chat class:
October 31, 2001 In a practice session for a conference showing a week later, we got a class in Turkey together with one from China. The class in Turkey took pictures of students at the computers while Vance was snapping the web cam view from his computer in the UAE:
November 4, 2001 This chat had web cam interaction with both Felix and Sue:
November, 2001 Sue was by this time inspired to get her own web cam, and in she had contacted Vance with it to perform a couple of experiments:
December 9, 2001 In this regular Sunday chat, Vance hooked up with Yaodong in China in Netmeeting, and with Yaodong and Marina in Italy in Yahoo Messenger web cam.
  There may be some chats in here with web cam shots as well ... check Dec 11 and Dec 23 to see.
December 30, 2001 There are a couple of shots here of Vance broadcasting in Yahoo while in Tapped In
March 2002 Teresa has been logging her webcam sessions with Webheads in Action here: | LAN view including our demonstration at the TESOL-Arabia conference Technology Fair March 21, in Abu Dhabi, where Vance had a web cam set up and invited conference delegates to interact with any Webheads who come online
April 6, 2002 Sue visited Vance in Houston, Texas. Webheads went online with webcams for the occasion.

Join our discussions on the following topics:

South America

Gloria is from Paraguay

Click here for a view through Gloria's window.

José from Argentina


José's Homepage:
José has introduced himself and provided a view of culture from his perspective as former Minister of Culture for Argentina.

Felix from Brazil

Felix's Homepage:
Felix has also started a page about his hometown on the Webheads site.
Find out How Felix met his partner

Jexabill Saire is from Venezuela

Click here to learn about my country, Venezuela

Vance visited Venezuela in December 1999 and filed this report:

Juani is from Chile Juani is an educator in La Union, near Validivia, a few hundred kilometers south of Santiago, in Chile. She has recently won a Fulbright scholarship and will spend a year in Rifle, Colorado.

Denilson is from Brazil

Denilson is back in Brazil after spending a year in the USA as an iintern at the Broadmore Hotel in Colorado. He says, "If you want to know more about me please visit the following address: Also: A lot of the pictures there aren't for everybody, just for friends, but I consider everyone from EFI my friends."

North America

Martha, Fresno California

"I do so enjoy receiving news from the group!!!"

Ming, from Taiwan, emails from Oregon


"Recently I decided to make a homepage by myself (include the guestbook, icons, and everything else I might want to use in my page later) but don't know what contents I should put in it." We can help! - Vance

Bridgett is from Jamaica

"Thank you, Maggi for that warm welcome .I like you already. I am Jamaican by birth. I am a fashion designer, but I work as a pattern-maker at the moment."


Maggi a teacher from the USA living near Frankfurt

Click here for a view through Maggi's window.

Gosia from Torun, Poland

Gosia has put lots of pics up on her webheads homepage. She's also crazy about mountains (see for yourself here).

Valentin is from Spain


Valentin is one of our very first eclass members!

Ivan is from Russia

We've had a few students from Russia. None are still enrolled on our Yahoo!Groups list as of this writing.

The Middle East

Vance, a teacher from the USA, living in Abu Dhabi

Vance's Homepage:
Learn about Vance's current "hometown", Abu Dhabi
Find out How Vance met his partner, Bobbi
See where Vance lives:

Southeast Asia

Chotima from Thailand

Chotima's Homepage:

Deden Sulaiman from Indonesia


Deden's Homepage (Deden is another charter eclass member!):
Read here about Deden's Typical Day
Here, you can find out about Deden's hometown, Jakarta


Michael, a teacher from Adelaide


and Latifa Baltaji is Lebanese, living in Adelaide



China and Northeast Asia - Earthquake in Taiwan!

Eileen Wang from Beijing, China

Click here for a view through Eileen's window

Moral Lann from Kunming, China


Find out about Moral's hometown, Kunming
Moral writes about the return of Macau to China

Maggie from Guandong


 I am a student in China, and I live in the southern part of China. I am 18. I will go to the university this year.

Ying-Lan from Taiwan

Ying Lan's Homepage:

Hilda from Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Choi from Korea

You can find out what I do at work each day by clicking here!
Find out why Choi hates to ski

Younghae Ryu from Korea


Younghae was sent to us by Seawalker.
Yougnhae says: " I want to speak/write English very well and I want to know more about the culture, life style etc. of other countries."

"Seawalker" from South Korea

Si has an artistic spirit, as you can see from his Homepage:

Eun-Hyong Lee is from South Korea



Chiharu Miya is from Japan


Miya asked that his page be removed Nov 2, 2008 and Vance of course immediately did what was requested.

Gold (Fan) is from Lanzhou, China



Li Hua, or Tina, is from Fuzhou, China



South America | North America | Europe | the Middle East | Southeast Asia | Australia | China and Northeast Asia

Webheads abroad:

Many webheads are living and traveling away from home in foreign countries.

Vance is an American living in the UAE. He's also lived in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Maggi is an American who has lived in many countries in Europe, currently Germany:

Michael has lived in England, Holland, Israel, and Sri Lanka.

Denilson from Brazil has lived in Colorado in the USA

Latifa Baltaji, Lebanese, lives in Adelaide, Australia

Deden Sulaiman, Indonesian, is living in Taiwan

Valentin has just made a trip to the USA

Ying-Lan from Taiwan has traveled to Scandinavia and Canada and was sent by her company to work for a year in New York City in January 2002

Juani, from Chile, is spending 2001-2002 in Colorado in the USA

Sue moved to College Station, Texas in January 2002. She visited Vance in Houston in April 2002

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