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Meet Yushin Chu (Joyce)

Yushin Chu. In this three-word name, seemingly plain and simple just like every other Chinese name, lie some very special meanings to me. To begin with, Chu, inherited from a great emperor in ancient Chinese history, is my family name. Despite how honorable it appears, that it sounds the same as "pig" in Chinese, which embarrassed me for my entire childhood. Thanks to the movie "Babe" I then came to fall for the animal, and the name as well. As for my middle name, Yu, it is named in accordance to our family book in Grandpa's closet. All the girls in the Chu's has it as a middle name, which really gives us a sense of being a part of this big family. What truly makes my name exceptional would be my first name, "Shin." The story behind it can be tracked back to before I was born. The doctor diagnosed me as a healthy baby boy. Needless to say, my birth turned out to be quite disappointing as soon as my real gender was revealed. The only two people who didn't forsake me were my most supportive parents of all time. They named me "Shin," which means loveable and endearing. Therefore, I take significant pride in my name, especially thinking how carefree and fortunate I've been raised. Yushin Chu. It's more than a name to me, but all the abundant love I've been receiving for years.

Joyce has decided to join us in our TCC2003 presentation (cool!)

To: "Aiden Yeh"
Subject: Re: online conference
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 01:25:29 +0800


Sorry that I couldn't make it to reply you on time.

Yes, I do want to join the conference. I think it'd be a valuable experience for me and I believe I can do it.

To tell the truth, I don't really know the reason for not having participated at all in EFI. I mean, I really want to say something but I guess I still can't break that wall inside me.

I haven't been so active online until this semester. I need more time to adjust my confidence online. After all, chatting and discussing something academically appear to be quite different.

Anyhow, I'm determined to join this conference. I believe it should motivate me in a good way.

I read the messages on EFI regularly and I will keep trying.

Thank you for noticing me. And could you please also tell the teachers of EFI that I'm willing to take part in it.



My ideal mate

You ask me about my ideal mate? I guess I'm too young to answer that. If I have to picture one in my head, then listen up now to what I say: He's not the romantic kind of man, but he sure knows how to make me laugh. He wouldn't mind when I eat with hands, and he shows his respect whenever I express my opinion. He's content about what we have, yet he's willing to strive for the best. I know things won't be perfect, but who knows what's coming up next? As long as I take my chance, I might as well get my way and eventually have my ideal mate!

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