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Webheads Tutorials

We've developed some tutorials over the years to help you do some neat things with computers. You can link to them here.

Here's one I made over summer 2005 for EVOnline: How to handle bouncing emails in YahooGroups

See how to:

These tutorials may be a bit dated ...

Set up your own web page on Geocities - Geocities is always changing their site, and these instructions are a little old. But they walk you through a process that is much the same no matter where you decide to set up your free web site.

Get an egroups password - our list lets you do more than just get email from your eclassmates. You can also use the site to ...

Make your own avatars to use in The Palace - Making your own avatars to use in the Palace is simple. The instructions here tell you how to make an avatar from any digital photograph.

Now launch the Palace (if it's not already open).

Now if you highlight the image and click on the WEAR button, it will become your avatar.

Have fun, and hope to see you in the Palace with your home-made avatar.

About your photos:

When you reduce the size of a photo, be sure you don't change the aspect ratio. Aspect ratio (for a photograph) is the relationship of the height and width of the photograph. If you change that ratio, then the resulting photo will look stretched.

For example, if you start with a picture that's 64 pixels high by 48 pixels wide and reduce it to 40 pixels high, to keep the aspect ratio correct, its width should be ....

what do you think?

That's right, 30 pixels. That would make the resulting picture look normal.

If you resize a 64 by 48 pixel picture to 44 by 44, you will have an image that looks very wide.

So if you crop (or cut) your face from a photo, try to make the cropped portion as square as possible.

If you are off by a few pixels, don't worry. In other words, if you make your picture 44 pixels wide, but to keep the same aspect ration, it's 48 pixels tall, then just import that picture into your Palace props editor. The props editor will only take 44 of the 48 pixels, but the aspect ratio will be correct, and the avatar will look normal.

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