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How to deal with bouncing members in YahooGroups

This document covers information about how to help participants who have stopped receiving email from your Yahoo Group. It concerns the distinction between active and bouncing members of your group, and how to interpret information given about those in the latter category. The document suggests how you might reactivate members who have only temporarily fallen into bouncing status, and how to determine which bouncing members have email addresses that are no longer valid, so you can remove them from your group.

Prepared by Vance Stevens; updated Aug 20, 2005

This tutorial tells what to do when you discover bouncing email addresses in your Member / Bounce list. For what to do about participants who contact moderators about problems with their group emails, see Buthaina Al Othman's tutorial at

YahooGroups gives moderators excellent tools for

There is more information on dealing with bouncing members linked from the Group Memebers Help page in Yahoo:

YahooGroups allows you to download lists of group members, but there are separate lists for members whose email is working and those whose email servers are bouncing messages. In the latter case, YahooGroups tells you if it's a hard bounce or a soft one, and you can see the messages that those servers are returning to YahooGroups and from them decide how to deal with members in your group who are not able to receive group emails.

You can look up Soft and Hard Bounce in Google to get more information on interpreting that distinction.
Yahoo Help on What are "bouncing" members? is here:

Whose email is bouncing?
Yahoo Help on Where do I find a list of "bouncing" members?

In the left-hand frame click on Members, and as moderator you have a set of tabbed tools. Click on the Bouncing tab to get a list of members whose email has been bouncing. Under Bouncing Status you can click on View to get details and more tools for dealing with the problem.

Note: bouncing members might appear in both your Members and Bouncing list -- or they might be in the Bouncing list only and not listed as Members. Both ways can be confusing.

Diagnosing the likely reasons for the bounces
Yahoo Help on What does the bounce information on the Bouncing Members page mean?

Click on View History.

Here you can see

If you think the delivery failure is only temporary, you can send a reactivation request.
Yahoo Help on reactivation:

On the same page, you can scroll down for more information ...

Here you can see more information.
Yahoo Help on What does the Account Status information on the Member Profile pages mean?

Vance Stevens,
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