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Meet Su Keng-chun (Alice)

My name is Su Keng-chun. In Mandarin, it sounds like a male. Originally, Keng-chun was not my parents' first thought for being my name. What I got first for my name was more manlike; it was Su Yan Chun, but not the same Chun as I've got now, either in Mandarin character or in pronunciation. All of my father-side names came from fortune telling; mine is no exception but I do not know what my name stands for. My original name is too manlike so my mother strongly opposed it. I have appreciated that desperately for the reason of complicated word strokes. Furthermore, it would have embarrassed me when people looked at the name and thought it was a male. Finally, my relatives took some strokes away and changed the meaning of my original name; Keng-chun turned out to be my name.

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Last updated: October 18, 2002