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Life is Perfect?

Ying Lan | Choi | Ying Lan again | Sorsah | Choi again | Vance | Deden | Antonio | Fizza Ali

Ying Lan ponders the meaning of life
July 19, 2000

Hi, Friends...

One of my officemates will go back to her home town to work there next week. Because her son is getting old, she wants to stay with him. Today,we talked about life and what we lived for... Finally, we found we are nothing in the world.

Actually, I have often asked myself the same question for a long time. I still do not have any idea about life.

I read a piece of conversation of "The Million Dollar Hotel" in a magazine yesterday. Suddenly, those sentences come out in my mind.

" Tom Tom says: 'After I jumped, it occurred to me; life is perfect. Life is the best. It's full of magic and beauty, opportunity and television, and surprise, lots of surprise. And then there's that stuff that everybody longs for, but they only really feel when it's gone. All of this just kind of hit me. I guess you don't really see it all that clearly when you're, you know, alive.' "

They only really feel when it's gone!!

My 4th aunt's husband is fighting with Death in hospital now. There is nothing important enough to ask what to live for. There is nothing important enough to be alive.

I have no idea about life??????

Ying Lan

Choi tries to cheer Ying Lan up
July 20, 2000

Hi Ying Lan, You sound gloomy. Cheer up!

This is what I think about life, Just read for your reference.

I believe you do have a goal in life, don't you? That is your life!. What is it? Love? Money? Power? Who are you living for - yourself, your parents, your friends, or others? Think about it. Once you fall into the thought about life TOO deeply, you will spend your whole life just thinking about it and never get an answer. You are never a nothing. Someplace and someone need you.

As for me, my goal is a lot of love and money and a bit of power. Very realistic isn't it? To pursue my goals, I have no time to think about what life is. Perhaps it is a SAD story. But as long as I can focus on something to be achieved eagerly, I am happy.

Try to find something that will make you happy, this is life.


Ying Lan responds
July 20, 2000

Hi Choi:

Thanks for your kind words. I will remember that and try to do it. "Try to find something that will make you happy. This is life." The goal in my life is to speak English like a native speaker. I hate myself when I cannot remember words I have just read.

Sorsah responds
July 20, 2000

Hi, Choi. I know that we don't know each other but you are really a good mentor. However, people sometimes have to go through something that they don't want to but no matter what happens, some of them will overcome and move on with their life. It's just takes time.

Best wishes to all of you
Sorsah Lah

Choi responds
July 21, 2000

Hi Ying Lan, That's it. You got my point. It is also a good idea looking at other's thought.

(To Sorsah) You are right! Overcome, that is a good word.

Choi continued to encourage Ying Lan in response to Vance's summary of Ying Lan's Webhead accomplishments (12 Aug 2000)

Hi Ying Lan,

I am suprised to read Vance's message below. You are great. You are really enthusiastic in learning English. Mmmmm I admire you. I strongly believe that you will conquer English someday after all your hard working.

Would you like to get a job related to English or something connected to hmm.. computer recording? Dumb question?


Vance responds
August 17, 2000

Hi everyone,

Ying Lan has many interesting ways of practicing English. One way is that she finds poems in simple English which she likes and then she either finds real audio versions of these files on the web, or she makes her own real audio recordings.

And when Ying Lan recites a poem, it sounds very nice. You can hear one we've been working on lately (I've been helping her get the html working). It's a recitation of "The Sea" by Martin Waddell at:

There are other poems that Ying Lan has contributed at:

Ying Lan has been interested in learning English through recordings of music and verse for a long time. She has provided content for the following Webheads pages, on which you should be able to play the songs:

First, Ying Lan proposed the theme song for our class, Open Up, by the singer Shunza:

And she also introduced us to Chyi via a webpage Ying Lan wrote the text for at:

Deden responds
November 24, 2000


To be human sometimes is so hard, huh? I don't know why, but when we have good health, we don't know that life is perfect, but when we have a disease like Aids, we know that life is a very, very special gift that god gives to each of us ... like me ...

I don't know whether my goal is to be a rich man or ... what? I just want to succeed. What success means, I don't know, but most of my friends have told me that success means having a lot of money, is that true ?


Antonio responds
November 25, 2000

Success goes beyond money or any material possessions. You are successful if you think you are. Success depends on how hard you work to get what you want, and if you don't get it this time you work harder to get it next time. Having good friends and appreciating what you have are also signs that you are successful. As you said, sometimes you don't realize how important and precious life is until you are sick or you have problems, but we don't have to see diseases or problems as bad things or no-success signs; on the contrary, we must take diseases and problems as challenges and opportunities to become better and better. There's no such thing as the perfect life, but we can make our lives as successful or as miserable as we want.

Antonio Muñoz G.
México, DF

Fizza Ali Fizza Ali responds
November 26, 2000

good friends are the flowers,
and time spent together,
life's happiest hours;
and friendship,like flowers,
blooms ever more fair,
when carefully tended
by dear friends who care
and life's lovely garden
would be sweeter by far
if all who passed through it
were a nice as u r

fizza ali

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