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Meet Maggie

Maggie wrote down for us what she likes about Writing for Webheads
The picture below was taken in Hong Kong. Click here for more photos from Maggie’s Photo Gallery
Maggie has just graduated from: .  Now she’s at this college:

Here’s what she thinks about the next part of her life. | College life in China | Warm Touch, a social awareness group
Maggie makes three wishes and discussed them with Maggi | Bored with nothing to do in the summer of 2001

Hi, this is Maggie. And I am very excited to make friends with so many different people. And I also hope you will like me.

Let me introduce myself first. I am a student in China, and I live in the southern part of China. I am 18. I will go to the university this year. 

I hope I can be a doctor one day. I mostly hope I can be a doctor who helps women to have their babies. I play flute in the school band. And I also play accordion. I like singing and dancing......

As a stranger here, I'd like some of you to introduce yourselves to me in order for me to get to know you faster.

The Spring Festival is coming. I know that some of you are Korean. Koreans also celebrate Spring Festival.

Maggie is worried about one thing when Spring Festival comes. Find out what it is here!

And, are there any Chinese in this group? And may I ask where you are from?

OK, that's my first letter. I hope you guys will like it. Thank you very much.

(February 2, 2000)

From Maggi (the teacher), February 2, 2000

My name is also Maggi, but I spell it differently....lucky for us...

I am one of the teachers. I am a single mother living in Germany but I am son is you have a boyfriend?! Just would be far to go and visit...but my son tried to learn Chinese from my books.

I learned it in the US in High School starting in 1968. It was during the cultural revolution in China. We all do things sometimes that do not make sense.

I have forgotten most of it because I never use it but I am fascinated with what is happening today. I can still write a lot. Our teacher taught us how to use a brush to write and how important it was to learn the strokes and in which direction they go. I loved it.

Welcome to our group and yes there are others from China and many other parts of the world. This is what makes the group so interesting...there are so many, from so many places, that it is so much fun to learn about each other.

From Choi, February 3, 2000

Hi Maggie,

Welcome and let's have fun.

Happy new year.


From Moral, February 3, 2000

Wecome! You girl is cute. I am astonished with your English. I was not as good as you at your age. You can find me on the Webheads' homepage. A very happy Spring Festival to you!

And I hope you'll get a lot of lucky money!!

Moral from Kunming, China.

From Ming, February 3, 2000

Hello Maggie, nice to meet you here and hope you have a pleasant holiday. ^-^


From Felix, February 3, 2000

Welcome to our group Maggi. My name is Felix and I am Brazilian. Married and have 3 kids. You sure will enjoy yourself a lot in this group, sharing your thoughts and reading ours.


From Maggie, February 3, 2000

Hello! I was so happy when I got so many letters to welcome me (I hope they are`_`...) Especially Moral said I was cute *_* (I am still laughing.Ha... Thank you very much. I will tell my mother who often says that I am ugly)...

Well,Maggi, is your son handsome?...No...Oh, I am so sorry....Just joking....I know that you have learnt Chinese. Did you think it is difficult? I think English is much easier than Chinese. But I learned from the newspaper that learning Chinese is very good for a person to develop his or her brain. I think that is very interesting.

Maybe one day I could hold a training class to teach Chinese. And then I would say loudly" Come on! Learning Chinese is a good way to develop your brain. Come on .Just 200 dollars on sale...."....I am not good at writing with a brush. Although I can do it ...but, the characters that I write with a brush are ugly. But I like writing with a brush because you must be very even-minded when you are writing.

That's all that I want to say.

Have a nice day!

Cute Maggie*_*

.............I am so happy ...Haa....

From Ying Lan, February 12, 2000

I was surprised when I read Maggie's emails. I could not write such good English letters when I was 18. Even now that I am 37 years old, it is also hard for me to write English letters.

So Maggie, how could you do that easily? Do you study English everyday? or do you have a good English teacher? Maybe you have just got language talent.

Good luck!!

Ying Lan.

From Maggie, February 12, 2000

I don't study English everyday. But I have many good English teachers, such as Michael, Vance, and Maggi .... There are so many great English teachers around me. And there are two American teachers in my school. I think it is hard for us to learn English simply because we don't live in an English environment. So although we learn English from school, we don't have chance to practise it. So I think if we try to use English as much as we can and aren't afraid to make mistakes, then our English will become better and better. But to be honest, I often don't understand some new words you guys say, and I have to take a dictionary with me. *_*

Let me remind you that Maggi is a teacher, and that Maggie (me^_^) is a student. But never mind, we are all friends. That's the point.

Good luck!


From Eileen, February 15, 2000

Hi Maggie,

It is very nice to meet a new friend in this group. I am just back from a long Spring Festival vacation. I am Chinese and from Beijing.

I guess you are a cute girl. And your English is very good. Did you plan to study English in the college? As Ying Lan said you have a talent for languages.

By the way, I would like to ask whether you live in China? How did you pass this Spring Festival?


- Eileen

From Maggie, February 15, 2000

Hi, Eileen.

This is Maggie. I live in Guandong province. It's far from you. But I am really happy that I have found another new friend here.

I didn't go anywhere this spring festival. I didn't do any special things. So, would you like to tell me something about your trip?

And I will go to the university this year. But maybe I won't study English. I want to be a doctor, so maybe I will study that ... but I don't know, it depends on how many points I get.

It's nice to meet you.



From Eileen, February 16, 2000

Hi Maggie,

Very nice to meet a new friend. I have not been to GuangDong. I heard from my friend that it is a good place. I hope that I will have the chance to go there.

Have you considered studying in Beijing? You know there are many good universities in this city.

Talk to you later

- Eileen

From Maggie, February 16, 2000

Hi Eileen.

I am also very happy to meet a new friend too. I have never been to Beijing. I know it is a good place. I haven't seriously considered studying in Beijing....I don't know.

I know there are very good universities there. It all depends on how many points I get in the exam. But one of my classmates was accepted by the Qinhua university without having to take an exam when he won the prize of Chemistry.

As a new student here, I don't know much about you. Can you introduce yourself to me?


Hope to talk to you later...


From Eileen, February 17, 2000

Hi Maggie,

Have you reviewed my information in efiwebheads? I come from Beijing, and I live there and have studied in this city. Now I work in this city. I am a software engineer. I like computers, but I don't like computer games.:-)

If you have the chance to visit in Beijing, I would like to become your guide.

Hope to hear from you again

- Eileen

From MaggiE, February 18, 2000


I am very happy to hear from you. I like the computer too because it helps me to get in touch with friends around the world in just a few seconds. And I don't like computer games either ..... maybe just because I am not good at them.

Beijing is a beautiful place. I will go to Beijing one day. I hope you will be my guide then .... and without payment....:-)

How long have you been working? Is it a very interesting job?

Hope to hear from you soon...



Maggi checks back, August 11, 2000

Maggie was vacationing in the Yellow Mountains last week in July.  We hope shell tell us all about her trip (yeah MaggieEE? Please?  Vance)


This is MaggiE (not the teacher Maggi) from China. I am 18 years old now. I will enter the university this September. I am awaiting my acceptance from the university now.

Sorry that I just now found out that so many new people have joined us recently. Because my computer is still having problems now, I haven’t been able to use it for the past few days. But I hope it isn’t too late to welcome all of you, right?

And one more thing, I just made a homepage (only one page until now). It's just a stupid page. But I would like you to pay a visit to it and sign up my guest book, OK? But please don't laugh at me because that's the first time I have ever made a page myself. Hope you would like it:



Maggie wrote us, 03 Sep 2000: What a pity that I couldn't join the chat later, coz I had to pack up my computer after typing this e-mail. I will set out to go to my university tomorrow and start my university life.

Vance replies: Nice to hear from you.  When you get your computer set up let us know what university life is like in China.  Is this the first time you've ever lived away from home? (Everyone, you can read more about Maggie’s life at college here.)

On January 31, 2001, we congratulated Maggie on being a Webhead for a whole year.  She wrote back:

Thank you very much.:-)

How time flies! It's been 1 year. I am so happy to know so many people around the world here.

Hope our friendship will last forever......

Maggie has written on the following other topics:

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· A photo entitled Start

· An Ideal Society

· College in different countries

· Warm Touch (a college group that helps the less fortunate)

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