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Maggie's 3 wishes

MaggiE in China and MAD Maggi (MAD = Margaret Ann Doty, teacher, in Germany) talked on ICQ just before Maggie had an exam in English. Maggie asked Maggi what she (Maggie) would do on a test and MAD Maggie gave her an example of asking if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

You can read a log of what our wishes were. What would you wish for? Tell us, we would love to read them.

Happy New Year!

Maggi :-)) the teacher

This is from a conversation on 6 January 2001

MAD tell me about your dreams or if you had 3 wishes what they would be....this is enough to see if you can use the grammar correctly.

Maggie woo...let me try...hehe

Maggie Mmm, first, I wished my parents' jobs would not be so hard as they are now.

Maggie In other words, I wished they could enjoy their present lives.

MAD the thing is you can talk to the webheads with no problem...the conditional goes....if I had 3 wishes they would, just I wish

MAD that is a wonderful wish...:-))

Maggie oh, sorry, such a stupid mistake. coz all the essay tests would be written by past test. ...hehe

MAD yes, past tense with would, could, might or even should.

Maggie Second, I wish to have a journey of Tibet in my university life. oh, tense. Sorry again....:-) MAD I wish I could take a trip to Tibet during my studies at the University....why Tibet?

Maggie l, just wonder, want to know more..hehe I see, trip to Tibet place in China, have you been there before

MAD No, I haven't but I have read a lot about it.

Maggie what kind of information have you read about it

MAD maybe Vance has....he's been everywhere else---:-))

Maggie I hope I had been too

MA a few years back it was in the news when the new Dali Lama was selected.

Maggie well, to me , it is a special place, totally not same from cities.

MAD no, not the same as cities....totally different

Maggie the sky in the city is pretty small, I hope one day I could go there and see the sky which have no end Ok, not the same as.

MAD yes, that is nice to see...a sky with no end in in the desert at night and you can see sooooooooooooo many stars...

MAD or when you drive through the desert and you can see all around you so far....

Maggie so, the third, I wish all the people around me are healthy and happy. yes, I just can find 2 or 3 stars in the sky here. I have once climbed up a mountain and seen many beautiful stars beautiful

Maggie it doesn't matter. but to be honest, I guess I am satisfield with my present life, so when you asked me to say wishes, I can't think them up. So how about you, what 3 wishes do you have?

MAD my first wish would be that people live in peace together in the world.....

Maggie oh, it's great... well, a mother's wish,

MAD ...which would help the second wish that all children have a chance to grow up healthy and happy...

MAD yes, you are right...I am thinking like a mother...:-)

MAD but maybe my last wish would be to find a man to love for the rest of my life...:-)

Maggie great. I knew that....well, hope all your wishes will come true.

MAD I hope yours come true too!

Vance makes a wish as well, 12 Jan 2001

Let's see, my wish? ... I wish that people would discover that their religion is not so important as other people's lives and families and that they would be able to get along with each other, forget the past, and raise their children to respect their neighbors.

Anyone else?


John's three wishes, 15 Jan 2001

Hi all,

My three wishes?

  1. First, I wish everybody would live in peace with enough to eat and a place to sleep.
  2. Second, I wish there was a cure for illnesses such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and Cancer.
  3. Third, I wish I could visit all the countries where there are Webheads living.


Felix writes, 16 Jan 2001

Feel free to visit me John.


Antonio's three wishes, 15 Jan 2001

  1. I wish I could find a person who loves me.
  2. I wish I could take pain away from others and make them smile.
  3. I wish I could ask for a thousand wishes to share with people I love.


Michael's three wishes, 16 Jan 2001

Hi everyone.

Here are my 3 wishes:

  1. peace of mind (contentment);
  2. that my children have happy, healthy, and rewarding lives
  3. that I have enough money to travel overseas whenever I want to (and like John, I'd love to visit all webheads in person!)

That's it!

Michael Coghlan

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