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Webheads chat logs from January 7, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Ying Lan Michael
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Taiwan Australia

The chat this evening took place in Hear Me. Someone dropped by Homestead and said 'hi' but left before I had a chance to respond.

We talked on the usual wide range of topics. These included: Ying Lan's terrible day, Maggie's desire to go to Tibet and the relationship of China to Tibet, relations between Japan and Taiwain, what we did New Year's Eve, and the Milky Way. Just before Ying left for the evening, she asked us about the lyrics to the old song, 'Let's call the whole thing off.' This got us on a subject that voice chat is ideally suited for, since the song is about American and British pronunciation. Not only that, but we all had to sing the song. We were having so much fun that by the end of the chat, Michael and I had decided to attempt a virtual guitar jam using one of our hands-free voice chat clients next week, and Ying Lan can sing (turns out she has a great voice). Think we'll do it? Stop by next week and find out!

HearMe logs

Maggi has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Maggi: Hi...:-)

Vance: Hi there. I think I'll avoid voice for a while

Maggi: have you been to Tbet?

Vance: No, never made it there.

Vance: You?

Maggi: Maggie wants to go there.

Vance: neat. Why doesnt' she write the list about it? The list has been quiet lately.

Ying has joined

Maggi: she is in the middle of exams

Vance: Hi YL. Why does Maggie want to go to Tibet?

Ying: Tibet?

Maggi: it is a special place she said

Ying: I was in a terrible day..

Vance: Hi YL. Maggi just told me that Maggie said she wanted to go to Tibet.

Vance: Tell us about your day YL

Vance: Do you mind if we text chat?

Ying: I got up early... and I thought I had to go to repair my shoes.

Maggi: I didn't mention I had read about the Chinese gov't throwing monks out of the holiest shrine.

Vance: one subject at a time. We're talking about YL's day.

Maggi: on a Sunday?

Vance: At 8:30 you parked your car at the corner <Ying Lan is talking. Vance is writing down what she says. - gvs>

Vance: You were waiting for the shoe store to open, walked around the market

Vance: Gave the shoes to the man to be repaired

Vance: There were so many interesting things in the market

Vance: But when she returned to her car it had disappeared!

Vance: She had been illegally parked.

Vance: She got a ticket, she paid the fine to get her car back

Vance: She had to pay over a thousand Taiwan dollars

Vance: about $44 dollars

Vance: She never knew that the police in Taipei even gave tickets until today!

Maggi: costs a lot more here

Vance: Sorry, it's the first time she ever got a ticket there

Maggi: run a red light and you lose your license

Vance: She knew the police gave tickets

Maggi: depends on what you do...

Vance: loud and clear

Maggi: I think the cheapest is DM50 now

John has joined

Vance: sometimes you what?

Ying: I ran a red light.

John: Hi, I've been having connection problem. And now I can't seem to hear.

Vance: That's ok, i'm text chatting

Ying: all right.

John: OK

Vance: My colleagues are here in the office

Maggi: ok hear

Ying: John, I just read your email..

Maggi: here

Vance: YL was telling us about her terrible day (she got a ticket) but you can read it in the logs

John: OK, when you have a chance can you give me the information?

Vance: And Maggie wants to go to Tibet, and I want to know why.

John: I get tickets too, sometimes.

Maggi: because she said it is a special place...she is curious

John: I'd like to go there someday, too.

Ying: ticket .. only for paying fine.

Vance: It WAS a special place

Maggi: they didn't tow your car away then Ying...?

Vance: It probably still is, but we all know about the problems of the Tibetan people vs the Chinese government

Maggi: yes, but Maggie doesn't know that Vance

Ying: When I went back to my car, my car is disappeared.

John: We just had a chnage in our traffic laws. The fines have doubled.

Maggi: ok Ying, they did tow it away

Vance: That's interesting. I'd be very curious to know what Maggie does know about Tibet.

Ying: I find some words has written by chalk on ground.

Vance: Your car had disappeared, and words had been written in chalk

Maggi: She got very quiet and changed the subject when I said it was in the news again

John: But running a red light is a strange case. If you stop and then go through it, the fine is USD50. If you don't stop first, it is USD100

Vance: She is aware then

Maggi: like I said, she is curious

Ying: What is Tibet?

Maggi: this crackdown they have on religion will backfire

Vance: I wonder what Moral knows about Tibet. What do you think about Tibet and China, YL?

Vance: Is there another name for it? It's just north of Nepal.

Vance: West of Kunming, where Moral lives. You can fly to Lhasa from Kunming. Lhasa is the capital.

Maggi: they are tearing down Catholic and Protestant churches along with Buddist temples

Maggi: in China

Vance: The distruction to culture is astounding, not to mention the trauma to the people.

Maggi: you woulod think the cultural revolution taught them something

John: But do people ever really learn from revolutions?

Vance: I heard on BBC that China has just declared it illegal to speak over the media and in theatres with any accent in Mandarin other than the Beijing one.

Maggi: hmmmm...doesn't seem so....

Vance: Taiwan accent was getting popular there, apparently

Vance: It seems odd to me that a government would pass a law governing accent

Maggi: accent or dialect?


Ying: I got it... where is Tibet.

Ying: It is a beautiful place.

Ying: But I think Tibet is a part of China.

Vance: Yes, with very independent and peaceful people

Maggi: is strange because I didn't think you could just have an accent

Vance: It is occupied by China

Ying: Even... our cultural is a little different.

Ying: We don't say it is occupied by China.

Vance: Wa'al, now thet guvernor Bush is in office, least no one's gonna outlaw ma TEXas accent

John: But my Missouri one is in danger.

Vance: Be glad you don't have a Tennessee accent

Maggi: I still wouldn't advertise it...:-))

Vance: So, back to Tibet, of the 4 people here, would you say that Tibet is occupied, or a part of China?

Maggi: occupied

John: I would say occupied.

Ying: It is a history problem.

Status: Disconnected

Status: Disconnected

Maggi has joined

Ying has joined

John has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Maggi: that too

Ying: But Tibet is a poor area. I think it is better to be a part of China.

Maggi: a history and culture problem

Maggi: not if they don't let them keep their culture

Maggi: it is their identity

Ying: China can help those people to have better life... but they still have their own culture and language.

Vance: But the Chinese are destroying Tibetan cultural centers, how can it be better to be governed by someone who, as Maggi says, is attacking your identity?

Ying: China Government... not mine.

Maggi: do they have more food to eat?

Ying: According to our national father... Dr. Sun

Vance: I agree with Dr. Sun Yat Sen but China (mainland) is violating the respect for diverse cultures in China

Ying: It is a long story.....

John: But it is also an intersting story.

Ying: And very complicated... Even we are Taiwanese,,, it is hard to figure out our feelin and thinking in Chinese.

Ying: You know... before the second war, Taiwanese desired to be Chinese again. But KMT's Government sent a bad army came to Taiwan to take over from Japan's Goverment.

Ying: Those military like robber.... thieft.. they were uneducated and rough...

Ying: When the bad army controlled Taiwan, Taiwanese found their heart were broke.

Ying: Taiwanese suddently missed Japan's Government.

Vance: Sorry, I just got back from assisting my colleague

Ying: Before 1950, Taiwanese hated Japanese.

Maggi: was it more having someone in control who was more fair?

Ying: I don't understand your sentence, maggi.

Maggi: why they missed the Japanese after living through the other soldiers...

Ying: Japanese were educated, poitical and Governement's officer were efficient.

Vance: I get it

Ying: Taiwan was a peaceful place ... no thief, no robbery when Japan's Governement occupied Taiwan.

Michael has joined

John: Hi, Michael.

Maggi: good reason to want them back...

Maggi: Hi mc!

John: You too, Michael.

Michael: Evening everyone!

Michael: and Happy New Year to you all!

Michael: hang on.....talking to my son....

Vance: Happy new year to you. I'm just now entering Marina's greeting on the New Year web page

Ying: Because of Economic problem, Taiwan had a lot of problems at that time.... I read it from book.. Even you had money, you could buy enough rice and meat at 1950'S.

Michael: I'm back again.

John: Happy new year to you, too, Michael.

Ying: Eve's party.. a family day?

Michael: Did you say 'family day' Ying?

Vance: Bobbi likes to spend New Years with her family

Ying: You could not buy enought rice and meat in 1950's.

Michael: Australian's don't celebrate New Year's with their family.

Vance: There was a bad war there and hardship for everyone, and radicals in power

Ying: Yes... At the same time, they fough in China mainland.

Vance: They were fighting

Ying: Pretty tough.

Ying: Bobbi's family is not your family? Vance

John: Vance, are you there?

Vance: Yeah, that's my family. One of my sons is 16

Vance: So we couldn't do much on New Years, and the other 21 wanted to go to the bars in Abu Dhabi

Ying: Why did you say... "Bobbi likes to spend New Years with her family?"

Vance: This was the first New Years Eve in several years that the bars were open

John: I have that same question - Don't you like to?

Michael: Why was that Vance?

Vance: Because the past 3 years, it's been Ramadhan

Michael: I see.

Vance: So we've been camping New Years Eve, which I really prefer

Michael: So Ramadan is a movable feast (date changes)?

Vance: I like being in the desert with friends

Vance: It's also safe, though once my friends got their cars stuck when they went for a 2 a.m dune drive

Vance: Yes, Ramadhan follows a lunar calendar

Michael: Ok

Vance: Bobbi likes being with her boys, which is what I mean by family

Vance: I guess I'm one of the boys

Michael: I like the idea of being in the desert with friends...any pics anywhere Vance?

Vance: I don't mind because I like to be with Bobbi, and my boys

Vance: Hmmm, I have some pics from last weekend. I'll scan them in and put them up for you.

Michael: Ta!

Vance: It was a camp in the mountains and a drive in the desert

Maggi: I need to send some of White Sands New Mexico

Vance: Weekend before last, actually

Ying: Have you seen the Milky Way?

Vance: lately?

John: No deserts here in PR.

Ying: When you camp in the mountains...

Maggi: just sand in the air from the Sahara eh John?

John: Yep. Does make for boring night skies.

Vance: (is that a question or a subordinate clause, YL?)

Michael: smiles at the grammar q!

Ying: What is a question?

John: You caught that too, Michael?

Vance: By the way, is anyone able to get in the palace tonight?

Maggi: sounds like someone is sawing down a tree...

Michael: I haven't tried.

Vance: You said, 'when you camp in the mountains ...'

Ying: Me, neither

Vance: Maggi and tried and were denied access

Ying: Have you seen the Milky Way when you camped in the mountains?

Maggi: still no connection

Ying: Really?

Michael: Likewise.

Maggi: good sentence Ying...

John: No, I can't get in, either.

Vance: (it was a subordinate clause)

Vance: I didn't notice. Aren't we all in the Milky Way?

Maggi: the second was a complete sentence and a question...

Vance: Do you mean the dense star cluster?

Maggi: know what she means

John: No, it's the candy bar.

Vance: The night before I went caving a month back we saw shooting stars one after another

Ying: I have never see the Milky Way... I am curious and asked..

Maggi: we had them here passed through the tall of a comet

Ying: It should be very beautiful!!

Michael: Wow Ying. Came to Australia and you'll see it often!

Vance: Isn't the Milky Way the galaxy we are part of?

John: Sometimes I've seen it and thought it was a cloud.

Michael: Yeh Vance - but you can still see it up in the sky. It's big!

Maggi: yes Vance but the core can be seen as a dense cloud of stars

Vance: It should be rather large

Ying: I am waiting someone to marry me and bring me to live in Australia....

Michael: I'll see what I can do Ying.

Vance: Good for you, Michael (someone would be lucky indeed)

Ying: Thanks... LOL

Maggi: we call it the Milky Way

Ying: We call it "silver river" in Chinese.

John: Because it looks like someone dropped milk in the sky.

Michael: That's nice.

Maggi: that sounds better

Michael: silver river I mean - sounds nicer than Milky Way

Maggi: me too

Ying: Because it looks like a silver River.... flowing across sky,

Vance: You can see a lot of stars in Oman

Maggi: you would need a pretty big cat to lick up that milk

John: Come to think of it, is there a cat among the constellations?

Ying: So..You can not see a lot of stars in UAE.

Maggi: leo the lion

John: Ah, right.

John: Hadn't thought of Leo.

Vance: There's a little ambient light here. In Oman you can really get into some country.

Maggi: do lions like milk?

John: I'm not sure if they do or not.

Michael: is this important????

Maggi: we are the only species I thought that continue to drink it after we are weaned

Ying: You need auarius to collect milk.

Maggi: probaly not mc

John: Not to change the subject, Vance, but I just found the web page for a dive shop in Abu Dhabi.

Maggi: lol

Michael: Need what Ying???

John: The owner has my name.

Ying: Aquarius... horoscope sign.

Vance: what about cats?

Maggi: another John H. Steele?

Michael: Oh.

John: No H., Just John Steele.

Vance: Really, a dive shop here owned by John Steele?

Vance: What's the url?

John: Found him on ICQ - I'll have to look it up, give me a sec.

Maggi: mc must be twiddling his thumbs

Ying: Who is LEO?

Vance: Lep is the lion in the horoscope

Vance: Leo I mean

Michael: lep?

Vance: yep

Michael: lol

Ying: I know Leo is a sign... I am pisces... who's Leo?

Vance: It is the name of the lion

Michael: My son is a Leo.

Maggi: my is the archere

Maggi: ...saggitarius

Maggi: my son...sorry

Ying: WAAA, I am sorry... I need to go.

Vance: Bye. Sorry you have to go.

John: I'm sorry, too, Ying.

Ying: John, I don't know Where I am at Next Saturday night.

John: OK, when you find out, would you let me know?

Ying: Because maybe I need to attend my client's party.

John: Vance, the e-mail is:

Ying: I am not sure when I come back my house... but I think it is better for me to join your interview.

Ying: It is better for me to join your interview at Saturday night.

John: The URL is

Vance: That gives me something to go on ...

John: Saturday night is fine with me, Ying.

Ying: Do you work on Saturday?

Ying: You are in Saturday Morning?

John: No, I don't work (except here at my home)

Ying: O.K.... I will let you know the exact time when we meet on line.

Ying: I seems.. I will miss the concert on line now.

Vance: Turns out to be an industrial dive site

John: OK, I'll be waiting to hear from you -- Oh, and where? HearMe, ICQ, Palace, or someplace else?

Michael: lol

Vance: I'm recreational

Ying: Hear me... it is better.

John: I just found it interesting because of the name.

John: OK, Ying, HearMe it is.

Ying: I remember... you don't give me the lyric of "let's call the whole thing off."

Ying: you don't respond my email...

Vance: Yeah, is it you say tomAto and I say tomAHto

Vance: You say potAto and I say potAHto

John: Ying, do you mean I don't respond, or someone else doesn't respond?

Ying: Vance and Michael.

Ying: Right?

Michael: What do you mean I don't respond to your emails Ying?

John: OK, I was afraid you hadn't gotten my last e-mail.

Ying: I send the email ask you... the song.

Michael: Great singing Ying!

Ying: sent

Michael: When? Which email?

Vance: I don't know all the lyrics. Anyone?

Ying: Have no idea with the song?

Michael: no

Ying: I got CD.... Billie Hoiday..

Michael: blues

Michael: or jazz maybe

Michael: harry met Sally

Ying: It is jazz

Ying: We can or we can't?

Michael: Can!

Ying: really?

Ying: sent the URl to me my icq o.k.?


Ying: send

John: Let's Call The Whole thing OffFred Astaire (words by Ira Gershwin; music by George Gershwin) Introduced by Fred Astaire and Ginger rogers in the film "Shall We Dance?" (verse)Things have come to a pretty pass, Our romance is growing flat, For you like th

Ying: John... you know how to sing the song?


John: No, I don't.

John: I just copied if from the site I mentioned later.

Vance: "let's call the whole thing off"

John: I used Google and typed in "let's call the whole thing off"

Vance: I put that in with the quote marks

Vance: I used google too. I guess we picked different sites

John: So did I.

John: It was the third on my list.

John: Ying, I don't know how to sing.

Maggi: I just watched you guys jump to it

Vance: The first verse is You say eeeether

Vance: I say IIIIIIther

Vance: etc.

John: In fact, I tried joining a choir once, and when they found out I couldn't sing or play and instrument, they made me the director.

Vance: That happens a lot in management

John: sorry, an instrument. Yep, it sure does, Vance.

John: I'm going to have to leave soon. I have to go to the supermarket for my wife.

Ying: So... the google's engine is better than Yahoo's.

Maggi: nothing open here on Sunday

Michael: I have to go attention span is getting shorter

John: Yes, Ying, google works much better than Yahoo. Maggi, the law here is very strange.

Maggi: except the gas station

Vance: Is your wife at the supermarket John?

Maggi: petrol for Michael

Michael: thanks Maggi

Vance: Did you go off and leave her there?

John: Yep, she just called for me to pick her up (I have two phone lines). She ran out of gas.

Michael: bummer

Vance: That's interesting. Last week, you were going to GET her something from the supermarket

Maggi: at the supermarket?

John: Yep. This time she decided to go herself. Didn't check the gas.

Vance: Next time you should go for her

John: Markets here open at 9:00 and close at 1:00

Michael: I'm off guys (and gals) - enjoy your week.

John: You too, Michael.

Maggi: bye...

John: Bye, Ying.

Ying: bye.bye

Maggi: bye Ying

Michael: Thanks for the singing everyone!

Michael: Bye.

Michael: lol

Michael: fantastic!

John has left

Maggi: that's a positive thing to say

Maggi: sounds like a mess...

Michael has left

Ying has left

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