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What it's like to go to college in different countries

MaggiE | Sorsah | Vance | Sorsah again | Vance again | MaggiE again

MaggieE wrote, September 8, 2000


I'm really happy that I am able to send e-mail to all of you now. I am using the computer in the library in my university. I haven't got a telephone in our room. I guess it would be a little bit late. But I will tell you as soon as I can when I get it. Anyway, I still can use the Internet to get in touch with you.

I have been here for about a week. I am just a little free today. I have been busy the past few days coz I needed to have the body check and other stuff.

But generally speaking, it's kind of interesting. I didn't know any one before I got here. But now I have some friends and have found out quite a lot about this university. It's as big a university as I had thought. Something special is that many students here are from Hong Kong and Macau and also other places (in fact, they outnumber us). Their parents are Chinese living in these countries who send their children to study here to let them know about their mother country. So students here are from different parts of the world.

I guess that's interesting.

Well, I can tell you more things about my university later.

Here is the url of my university (it's Chinese, sorry) -
[There's an English version of this site at:]

and this is the url of my homepage (haven't updated it lately; sorry again) :-)



On September, 11, 2000, Maggie wrote again ...

I am using the computer in the library again. It's quite convient and cheap. The life in the college is quite interesting. I just started to have class this morning. I had two classes. It's kind of interesting. I have started to enjoy the life of the university.

I mentioned Webheads to my teachers and classmates. They showed great interesting on it. I introduced myself to all of them [in English, I presume - Vance]. I guess because of joining webheads, I could express myself easily. The teacher said I was confident and that's what I am trying to be. I think I should say thank you to all of you. :-)

At 04:43 PM 10/6/00 -0400, Sorsah wrote:

Hello Vance!

I'm sorry I haven't read the messages at webhead lately. I have been very busy with my school work. This is my first year and my classes are getting hard. It's not like at high school. I have to catch up with the work ...

Take care,

Sorsah Lah

10/9/00 -0400, Vance wrote:

Hi Sorsah,

Nice to hear from you again. It sounds like you are at the same level of college as MaggieeEE in China. Maybe you guys could compare notes. I'm curious. What are some of the differences in life in college in the USA and in China? But you are living at home, right Sorsah? Maggie I think is living away from home. MaggiE must be very busy because she hasn't written us lately and she used to write us a lot when she was living at home helping her mother in the store and going to high school. I hope it's because she's making lots of friends in her new school.

But Sorsah is going to school in a new land so that must be unusual. I guess Webheads are all unusual anyway, so it's not so unusual after all. (I mean, anything is 'usual' for Webheads).

All the best,


09 Oct 2000, Sorsah wrote

Hi Vance!

Yes, I live at home and everyday, I have to drive to school. It takes like an hour to get there. My mom said that she would let me live in a dorm next year so I don't have to drive that far anymore. Besides, it's easy to have an accident you know.

Anyway, best wishes to all of you.

Sorsah Lah

12 Oct 2000, Vance wrote:

Hi everyone,

12 Oct 2000, Vance wrote

Hi everyone,

Here's what we've got so far on life at college in the USA and ...

Does anyone have anything to add?

Does anyone have any questions for Sorsah about going to college in the USA?


MaggieE wrote, 16 Oct 2000

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi......( hi x n )

It's me---MaggiEEE. I'm really sorry, but as Sorsah said, I haven't read all of the message at Webheads either, lately. Yah, Sorsah, we are both freshmen at university. How interesting it is! Oh, I DID write something to Webheads, maybe 2 e-mails. But I didn't see where they were put on, and I guess they must be lost. I hope this one works.

Yah, as Vance said I am living at school now. Though I can't get back home everyday, it's kind of fun living at school with classmates. We can spend a lot of time doing interesting things. For example, I might go to see some orphans this weekend with many other classmates. And we will organize a table tennis a word, life is busy but full of fun compared with living and studying in high school. (But one thing is really worse than the past. It is I must WASH my own clothes every day by hand :-( as you know, I am a lazy girl, and here in my school, everyone is doing the same thing. And I usually change suits twice everyday. So it takes me a long time to do that. And when the winter comes......)

I have studied in university for a whole month now. I like the life at my university. The teacher said that the university is like a tower that will protect its students and let us study freely and enjoy our life of fun.

I guess there are many differences between US universities and Chinese universities. The most different thing is that we start to study our major from the first year, not like students in the US who can decide which major to study at the end of the second year.

Hope to get word from all of you. Hey, tell me something about you guys when you were in university, ok?



MaggieEE wrote us again on October 23, 2000

Hi, Vance. So glad that you have received my e-mails though your response was a little bit late (I am not angry, and I won't hit you .....heavily....hahaha...kidding) [ouch! - Vance]

And I have been able to see now and of course this one. Thanks for doing so much for us, Vance. And I know that you have signed my guest book. And thank you , yah, I haven't updated it for a long long time, maybe I will do something soon . It depends on the time...:-)

Oh, about that "body check" - that is the way we call it between friends. I guess it should be "physcial examination". Sorry that I made a mistake.

And because so many things happened at the beginning of the term, I just went to the orphanage last Saturday. That was not a class project. Errr, how to say, there is a group in my university named "Warm Touch". It has different kinds of groups. One serves the old. One serves in the orphanage. One serves the children whose IQ is lower than normal children ...... There are several groups. The one I joined goes to the orphanage every two weeks. But it's not such great work as you said, Vance. All we do is just play with the children. We are not giving, we just receive, receive something special in our hearts. I like my group coz I can learn a lot from it though we are just doing some tiny things. And I can see a totally different part of the world by doing this.



Vance asked Maggie to write us more about her visits to the orphanage, and Maggie agreed!

FINALLY I have kept my promise (don't hit me toooo heavily !! ouch!!) ... I have FINALLY put your writing up on your Webheads page at Sorry for being so behind in my work. This email is 3 weeks old!!

But now YOU promised to write us about your work in the orphanage. I think that's a great service your group does. As you say, you receive something special in your hearts. And I think the orphans must look forward to your visits every two weeks. It's nice to get visits from people with something special in their hearts.

Does anyone else do charitable work like Maggie does? If so, we'd like to hear about it.

Take care,


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