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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to vstevens at (Vance Stevens).

Webheads chat logs from November 4, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance BJB An-Lian Felix Yaodong Maggi Sue Ying Lan Michael Susanne
UAE Pennsylvania Wuhan, PRC Brazil Liuzhou, PRC Germany Japan Taiwan Australia Denmark

in France
and Webheads and visitors to Tapped In RongG, ShunL, Dan, M.E., James, Marianne, David, Joanna, Leah, and Press; and Paul (now famous) from Abu Dhabi

Find where everyone first joined the chat: Sue | Felix | Paul | Vance | BJB | An-Lian | RongG | Yaodong | ShunL | Dan | Maggi | Ying Lan | M.E. | James | Michael | Susanne | Phil | Marianne | David | Joanna | Leah | Press

Find our webcam shots: Sue#1 and #2 | Felix and Vance | Sue #3 | Sue #4 and #5 | Sue #6

Vance's comments: Today's chat favored the chaos navigators. There was plenty for people to talk about in Tapped In, but in a parallel universe, Sue, Vance, and Felix were broadcasting their web cams (which one of Vance's colleagues at work saw by chance, prompting him to say hello). Yaodong had a class of students in voice chat taking turns at the microphone, and the voice chat filled with Webheads as well, including James who persevered through downloading the software and joining us, to his own amazement and delight. Dan seemed pretty amazed and delighted just watching from the sidelines (will Dan be the next Webhead to buy a web cam?).

Susanne's comments: Don't you think we stopped todays' marathon session just because you had to leave for lunch! Dan and I had a great exchange of his first expressions of Webheads and my research ideas, our visitor Joanna from Malaysia (who talked to you about coral diving) stayed for another while, and later a guest from Greece introducing himself as "Press" which made me alert just in case it would mean a kind of journalist or reporter. DavidW came back for just another chat, too.

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Sue appears in Yahoo with her web cam

mysailing: normally too high qualitity should be transfered slow

mysailing: i just chose 'fast transfer'

mysailing: i chose the cheapest digital camera

mysailing: this one is around 25 dollar

vance_stevens: yeah, quality is a bit grainy, but it was was getting more rapid refresh

mysailing: this camera is like handy phone.

mysailing: Now most handy phone has camera function at same time

vance_stevens: sounds cool. Can you use it as a phone?

mysailing: no, this one is just camera. I do not have handy phone now.

vance_stevens: something for me to read? Pcam

mysailing: it is not clear to show you its size

mysailing: that is it

vance_stevens: yeah, is that the exact size? Looks like a rod

mysailing: yes, almost , not big very small

vance_stevens: It gives better sense of motion than the other cams

mysailing: really? lucky.

mysailing: this one is i used yesterday

vance_stevens: I saw it

mysailing: is there anyone on class now?

vance_stevens: I'm going to make a web page with snaps from yur web cam. That's ok with you isn't it?

mysailing: ok, it is all right

mysailing: i am shutting down to have a call now, i am using phone line for internet

mysailing: see you later.

vance_stevens: ok, see you in a bit

vance_stevens: (thanks, fun)

vance_stevens: Felix is coming on with his cam

<15:06 pm in Abu Dhabi, 11:06 GMT>

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Felix pops by on ICQ, moves to Yahoo

Grisham: hi there

Vance: Hi. we've got our web cams going on Yahoo. Check out Mysailing

srnbr: I didnt understand you when you said: check out Mysailing

vance_stevens: Hi. She might have just gone offline. SHe got a call

vance_stevens: How are you?

srnbr: She??

vance_stevens: Sue

vance_stevens: Sue is mysailing on Yahoo

srnbr: Awwwwwww.. are you in a conference/

vance_stevens: I'll fire mine up. I was just getting it out. Have you got yours?

srnbr: Have i got what/??

vance_stevens: your web cam ... you're the one who started us on web cams

srnbr: yep.. I've got mine.....

vance_stevens: I'm about to broadcast

srnbr: I can see you now.

srnbr: Where do I see my own image?

vance_stevens: There, should be up ... yeah, you pull down friend and Invite to view my web cam

srnbr: mine is not up...

srnbr: shit

srnbr: I can see me now

srnbr: Are you at home Vance?

vance_stevens: Yeah, I was invited .. hang on I'll try to get it

vance_stevens: I'm at the office

srnbr: what time is it there now?

vance_stevens: ok, gotcha

vance_stevens: about to take a picture

srnbr: are you going to hang it on the bathroom? to get rid of the mosquitos?? ROFLMAO

vance_stevens: that was a good one

srnbr: mosquitos or mosquitoes?

vance_stevens: the second

vance_stevens: Here, I'll show ou my office

srnbr: what time is it for you ?

srnbr: ok

srnbr: what a mess!!!!!!!! LOL

srnbr: There's lack of a feminine touch there.. ahahahhahaha

vance_stevens: yeah, it's a little after 3

srnbr: 15:19 ???

srnbr: Here it's 9:16 am...

srnbr: Sunday is a normal day of work for you right?

vance_stevens: Yeah, Sat through Wed, Thu and fri off

vance_stevens: sorry, I didn't send that

srnbr: Do you know if we can invite someone one for a conference and have 3 ppl or more on camera at the same time?

srnbr: oops.. someone else

vance_stevens: I think to view web cams we just click on them in our buddy list

vance_stevens: where are you? at home I guess?

srnbr: awwww

srnbr: Is sue on now?

srnbr: yep.. At home

srnbr: i will show you my room....

vance_stevens: yeah, cool

vance_stevens: Sue isn't online now. She had to get offline to take a call she said

srnbr: see?? That's my wardrobe... LOL

vance_stevens: don't see it yet

vance_stevens: There we go, shelves in the corner

srnbr: actually it's a shelf

vance_stevens: The chest of drawers

vance_stevens: a fan

srnbr: i use it as a wardrobe (the shelves)

srnbr: a towel

vance_stevens: I hang my towels on the door too

srnbr: my kind size bed.. LOL

srnbr: king

vance_stevens: what's that .. your bed, yeah

srnbr: let me check it i can show you the other room

vance_stevens: fridge

vance_stevens: shower stall maybe? Sink, chair

srnbr: did you see it?? It's so small here

vance_stevens: that's got to be the bathroom door with the green towel

srnbr: right

vance_stevens: Yeah, a simple place.

srnbr: I can't show you the othr 123 rooms.. ROLFMAO

srnbr: Where has Ying been?? Long time no see her

vance_stevens: I'll have to take this to my place one of these days.

vance_stevens: She was here the last two weeks.

srnbr: to take what? the camera?

vance_stevens: Yeah, the camera. I always do webheads from my office here because I have a couple of computers

vance_stevens: this one has a dialup ...

srnbr: sorry to show you my underwear early before.. It was not on purpose.

srnbr: I see

srnbr: I can see it

vance_stevens: no worries, must be hot there

srnbr: let me get something to drink...

srnbr: Yes,,., it's so damn hot

vance_stevens: But now at home I have a dsl line, so I can do this from home if I want to

vance_stevens: I'm going to pop over to tapped in

vance_stevens: breakfast?

srnbr: iced milk and chocolate....

srnbr: have some

srnbr: what is pop over?

vance_stevens: go over (pop!)

srnbr: wanna close here?

vance_stevens: ok, we'll probably be back when the others get here

Yahoo! Messenger: srnbr's status is now "Available" (11/4/01 at 3:38 PM)

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Paul says hi after spotting Vance's web cam on Yahoo

pauljmcc: Hey Vance...the web cam thing is pretty neat.

vance_stevens: cool

pauljmcc: Are you adjusting it now?

pauljmcc: yes I could read that.

vance_stevens: no, someone asked me what time it was

pauljmcc: Just popped by to check it out.

vance_stevens: there are two other webheads on line

pauljmcc: Bye

vance_stevens: we commonly interact like this. Ok, bye

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Ying Lan appears on ICQ

ying: Vance.

Vance: Hi Ying Lan, Vance here

ying: who is the Chinese Teacher in background?

Vance: hi, yaodong is his name

ying: Have we met him before?

Vance: I'll give you the url fo rhim


ying: Can you hear me?

Vance: Not very well. Maybe there are too manypeople there crowding some out

ying: I give up. Seems they have occupied the mic.

Vance: Well, I know you were planning to go to New York soon

Vance: So I was wondering what was happening with that of course

ying: I am arfaid that I can not go to New York now.. because I have not getten the Approval Letter from USA.... It is confusion now.

Vance: Because of restrictions on immigration>???

ying: I don't know those details...

ying: After 911... Goverment have changed some policies...
You know Bush.. he doesn't like colour people.

Vance: I don't think that's it. I think there could be some security concerns

ying: Yeah... security conerns.

Vance: Not about you, but about anyone visiting the USA at this time

ying: I am so upset.. I don't know I am lucky or unlucky ..

Vance: You are unlucky. Is it just a temporary delay?

ying: thanks your kind words.

Vance: I'm sure it's not personal. You know the USA is suddenly at war and under attack from terrorists. The people don't know what to do.

ying: I totally understood what's going there.

ying: Just be frustrated.... Why Its my turn. <Follow Ying Lan to where she is mentioned in Tapped In>

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Yaodong in Yahoo

vance_stevens: ok, back again

jjcyd: hi

jjcyd: not conected?

jjcyd: connected?

vance_stevens: it says not connected. Troubleshooting

vance_stevens: got it

vance_stevens: are you there?

jjcyd: your voice is twisted. now it is better.

jjcyd: disabled?

vance_stevens: voice disabled

jjcyd: ok,

jjcyd: my colleague was happy to see you online

jjcyd has disabled voice conference. (11/4/01 at 6:27 PM)

vance_stevens: ok, my pleasure <Follow Yaodong to Tapped In by clicking here>

jjcyd (Sun Nov 04 18:51:18 2001): Vance,thanks a lot for your kind help.smoe of my students asked the same questions like ;'have you been to China/like chinese food/". you were very patient.we are all grateful to you. see you soon.enjoy yur dinner.

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

Tapped In chat logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Nov 4 03:37:09 2001 PST.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Nov 4 03:37:43 2001 PST.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Nov 4 03:37:43 2001 PST.

BJB you have your web cam up, Felix?

LianA says, "thank you,bjb"

Felix [guest] says, "Yes I do BJB"

BJB [to Felix [guest]]: "I'm in the US...Pennsylvania"

VanceS says, "Hi everyone."

BJB waves hi to Vance

VanceS says, "We did have our web cams up"

Felix [guest] asks, "do you have yours BJB?"

BJB says, "I don't have a cam, should be grateful! :-)"

RongG says, "the lab room where we study there,with computer and micophone"

VanceS says, "Sue in Japan got one too and she's been anxious to show it off"

VanceS says, "Hello RongG"

VanceS [Webheaded] waves BJB, RongG, LianA [happy], and Felix [guest].

LianA says, "hi, RongG i met your teacher on hotmail."

Felix [guest] says, "It's a vice when you buy your first web cam, then you got a lille upset because of the connection"

LianA says, "hi, vance"

VanceS says, "Hi. Lian, that was a super session last Wednesday."

LianA says, "yes, wonderful"

VanceS asks, "Both Yaodong and Rif put pictures up. Do you have the urls?"

LianA asks, "no, what is the urls?"

Felix [guest] asks, "what does URL stand for?"

VanceS says, "universal resource locator"

LianA asks, "where is there pictures?"

RongG says, "hello VanceS"

VanceS asks, "BJ, no need to whisper. How do we make a description in TI?"

RongG says, "that is great"

BJB [to VanceS]: "open a web window to TAPPED IN"

BJB . o O ( unless you're in tapestry? )

LianA asks, "hi, vance, yaodong have class now, he asked you if you can show his students your webcam?"

BJB [to VanceS]: "click on your icon and then scroll down to edit"

BJB lets Vance multitask

VanceS asks, "my icon?"

BJB says, "under who's here"

VanceS says, ""

LianA [to VanceS]: "can you show yaodong's class your webcam ? yaodong is asking you."

VanceS says, "These are Yaodong's pics"

VanceS says, "Sure (about Web cam)"

BJB [to VanceS]: "I get an error with that url"

VanceS says, "I'll double check it. It's in email. I'm looking in email for those two urls."

LianA says, "great, i have got your webcam."

VanceS says, "ok, I invited Yaodong too"

LianA says, "and invite me."

BJB drops 2001/11/03 Webheads (recording).

LianA [to VanceS]: "you looks much thinner than you are in 1998."

VanceS says, "THanks BJ (always looking after me)"

LianA [to VanceS]: "when can we have yahoo voice meeting?"

VanceS says, ""

VanceS asks, "This is Rifs. Shall I project them?"

LianA says, "yes,pls do it."

ShunI has arrived.
Shun's Recorder follows ShunI to here.

BJB bows to Shun

ShunI says, "bows to everyone"

LianA [happy] bows to shun

ShunI says, "Hello."

RongG says, "hello"

ShunI says, "Looks like an Asian chapter getting together."

DanB has arrived.
Seeing Eye follows DanB to here.

BJB nods to Shun

BJB waves hi to Dan

DanB waves to all

BJB says, "good morning, Dan"

DanB asks, "How is everyone this fine whatever time you're in?"

BJB [to Dan]: "Vance and Lian are using a web cam right now...might be a little distracted"

DanB says, "wh BJB That's no problem. I'm just a guest today."

RongG says, "goodbye,everyone.have a good time."

BJB waves bye to Rong

ShunI says, "Bye."

DanB waves to Rong

RongG says, "/quit"

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.
MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

RongG says, "bye"

BJB waves hi to Maggi

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webheaded] has lost his link.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Nov 4 04:01:43 2001 PST

<During computer crash, Vance loses his Yahoo voice chat logs and some screen shots>

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Nov 4 04:05:25 2001 PST.

VanceS says, "Hi. Welcome back Dan"

BJB says, "welcome back, Vance"

DanB says, "Hello, Vance. Welcome back."

VanceS [Webheaded] ,s looking bruised, stagger back, wave BJB, LianA [happy], ShunI, DanB, and MargaretD.

ShunI says, "Hi, Vance."

MargaretD says, "Hi"

VanceS says, "Hi, my computer crashed because I was abusing it."

BJB figured as much

MargaretD says, "you should know better"

VanceS asks, "So what have you guys been talking about?"

MargaretD says, "but then it isn't your computer"

VanceS says, "This one was my computer"

BJB says, "It's been quiet here, Vance...we were waiting for you to come back"

MargaretD asks, "what is that red thing hanging on the line Dan?"

VanceS asks, "what red thing? What line?"

DanB asks, "I don't thing?"

MargaretD says, "your pic here"

DanB says, "Ah, that is the beloved Bullwinkle..."

BJB's a moose with antlers, Maggi!

DanB says, "A cartoon character."

BJB cleans Maggi's glasses

MargaretD says, "I watched him as a kid"

MargaretD . o O ( thanks bjb )

DanB says, "Me, too Margaret."

MargaretD asks, "was he red?"

DanB says, "I used to be Odie, the dog, but BJ kept squirting me with lice spray."

BJB says, "looks brownish red on my screen"

BJB grins at Dan

MargaretD . o O ( must need new glasses )

VanceS says, "needless to say, we are multitasking"

BJB says, "could just be the color setting on your monitor"

MargaretD exclaims, "could be my eyeballs too!"

VanceS says, "Yaodong's class in China is coming to the mic one by one"

BJB polishes Maggie's eyeballs

VanceS says, "bjb and An-Lian are in the voice chat as well"

VanceS [Webheaded] sprays window cleaner on Maggi's eyeballs.

BJB [to VanceS]: "I can't hear any voices"

DanB asks, "Can you do both, voice chat and text?"

MargaretD . o O ( it tickles )

VanceS says, "Earlier Sue was on with her web cam"

VanceS says, "and so was Felix"

BJB [to Dan]: "they're on yahoo messenger and using text and voice"

BJB says, "but there is no voice right now"

BJB . o O ( and I don't have a mic )

VanceS says, "BJ, can you leave the chat? We'll invite you back."

DanB asks, "Does Yahoo m support video and voice?"

BJB nods

DanB . o O ( Neat. )

VanceS asks, "Would you like to join us Dan?"

DanB asks, "Would you mind very much if I did?"

VanceS says, "no, of course not. Everyone is welcome."

VanceS says, "We just need your Yahoo ID"

VanceS asks, "Do you have Yahoo Messenger installed?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ShunI has disconnected.

DanB says, "I'll have to postpone the invitation. I don't have the technology you require."

DanB says, "But I do appreciate the invitation."

VanceS says, "ok, just visit the Yahoo homepage and download the messenger"

VanceS says, "it's very handy"

VanceS says, "It does voice and video"

MargaretD says, "if you have a mike and webcam that is"

VanceS says, "We use it to meet students and teachers in multidimensional experiences"

DanB says, "I visited that site last week after the party, but I don't have the mike or webcam."

VanceS says, "Students seem to like it"

VanceS says, "You don't need a mic. BJB doesn't have a mic. She's just listening"

MargaretD says, "those whose have the equipment"

BJB says, "and reading the text...I don't have a cam either"

VanceS asks, "Did you close your Yahoo window BJ?"

BJB . o O ( although I can't hear anyone right now )

VanceS says, "If you do we can invite you back"

BJB says, "the window is open, Vance"

VanceS says, "But we can't expell you and we can't reinvite you"

VanceS says, "you have to close the window to remove yourself so we can invite you back"

BJB says, "ok"

BJB . o O ( done )

VanceS [Webheaded] pats bj on the back.

VanceS says, "Now, we invited you and Ying Lan as well"

BJB says, "no invitation window yet"

VanceS says, "waaaa"

VanceS asks, "can you hear now?"

BJB nods to Vance

VanceS [Webheaded] jumps up and down at bj's success.

BJB says, "sounds like someone is thrashing the mic"

VanceS asks, "Maggi, did you want to be invited?"

VanceS says, "If so we have to know your Yahoo ID"

M.E. has connected.

BJB says, "hi, ME. Welcome to TAPPED IN"

BJB [to BJB]: "can I help you with something?"

MargaretD says, "I don't yahoo"

BJB [to M.E. [guest]]: "can I help you"

BJB . o O ( when I type to ME the message goes to me! Sorry about that, M.E. )

VanceS says, "oh, Ying Lan told us you had not been invited to the conference"

MargaretD says, "no...I hadn't"

M.E. [guest] asks, "I'm looking for activities to use with a group of gr. 3 and gr. 5 teachers in a training workshop for teaching comprehension. Any ideas?"

BJB [to M.E. [guest]]: "I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania. I'd be happy to help you"

BJB [to M.E. [guest]]: "let's go to another room so we can talk privately"

M.E. [guest] says, "I need some hands on activities for these teachers."

BJB [to M.E. [guest]]: "click on AFTER SCHOOL ONLINE on the room drawing"

BJB . o O ( I can show you some things that might help you )

M.E. [guest] leaves for the ASO.

MargaretD asks, "nd?"

VanceS says, "Boy, managing yahoo is busy work"

VanceS says, "We're all just nattering away in Yahoo chat"

MargaretD says, "nice"

BJB says, "some voices are not coming through"

BJB says, "Sue is breaking up. Now Vance's voice is also breaking up"

JamesSi has connected.

BJB waves hi to James

JamesSi says, "Hi BJ, Hi everyone"

MargaretD says, "Hi James"

DanB says, "Hello, James"

JamesSi says, "Hi Maggi"

JamesSi asks, "Busy today?"

MichaelAC has co nnected.

JamesSi says, "Hi Dan"

MargaretD says, "Vance is..."

MargaretD says, "Hi mc"

VanceS says, "Hi Michael, hi James"

MichaelAC says, "Greetings all."

JamesSi says, "Hi Vance, Hi Michael"

DanB waves to Michael

MichaelAC waves back to Dan

VanceS says, "I'm in Yahoo voice chat right now"

MichaelAC asks, "Where's most of the action? here or Yahoo?"

MargaretD says, "Yahoo"

MichaelAC smiles

VanceS says, "Well, not actually, it's a little hard. Too many people."

JamesSi asks, "Is it very complicated to get onto voice chat?"

VanceS says, "But please join us. You can be hear and there too"

MichaelAC says, "I'll come and add to the chaos."

BJB says, "I was wondering if there is a limit to the number of people who can participate"

JamesSi says, "Text chatting is easy with lots of people..."

VanceS asks, "Do you have Yahoo? James? The Messenger?"

JamesSi says, "voice chat , I suppose, can get a bit chaotic"

JamesSi says, "Yes Vance"

VanceS says, "I'm not sure if there is a limit. Depends on each person's bandwidth."

VanceS asks, "shall I invite you ?"

JamesSi says, "I don't know if I can remember my username..."

JamesSi asks, "Is that a problem?"

DanB looks Away.

M.Estill has connected.

VanceS says, "We need your user id in order to invite you"

M.Estill [guest] leaves for the ASO.

JamesSi asks, "I'll see if I can find it. Then what do I do?"

SusanneN has arrived.
DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.
TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

SusanneN runs in with her eyes fixed on the wall clock.

SusanneN asks, "Am I late again?"

JamesSi says, "Vance, my username is simpson_jamesuk"

VanceS says, "Now I add you to my buddy list"

VanceS says, "Hi Susanne"

JamesSi says, "OK"

SusanneN says, "Hello, Maggie, Lian, Michael, James, Dan, Vance and BJ"

SusanneN counts the Webheads

BJB hugs Susanne

JamesSi asks, "Hi Susanne. How's things?"

SusanneN hugs BJ

VanceS says, "ok, I'm adding you james to my buddy list"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, james, things are just great!"

SusanneN grins gratefully

VanceS says, "You should be asked permission now to allow me to add you"

JamesSi asks, "Will the request just pop up on my screen?"

SusanneN wonders if this is the ICQ procedure you're into?

JamesSi says, "I'm attempting to join Yahoo chat, Susanne"

VanceS says, "I think so James. This is Yahoo voice chat, Susanne"

VanceS says, "James, try to send me a message on vance_stevens"

SusanneN says, "Yes, the voice chat, I see."

DanB waves Hello to Susanne

SusanneN will still have to wait a while for that kind of modern conveniences.

SusanneN says, "Hello, Dan, nice to see you back"

VanceS says, "We're piling people in the voice chat right now"

SusanneN wish you good voice chatluck

MargaretD says, "Hi Susanne"

VanceS says, "We have a crowd: Lian, BJ, Yaodong and 30 students, Michael, Ying Lan"

SusanneN exclaims, "Hi, maggi!"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh that sounds too great!"

SusanneN asks, "Are Dong's students all connected by voice, too, or just mr. Yao himself?"

VanceS says, "They are all speaking speaking through one microphone"

PhilB has arrived.
R2 follows PhilB to here.

PhilB says, "Bonjour, y'all."

JamesSi says, "HI phi"

SusanneN exclaims, "Hello Phil!"

BJB waves bonjour to Phil

DanB says, "Hi, Phil"

MargaretD says, "Hi Phil"

SusanneN says, "Nice to see you back here :-)"

VanceS says, "Hi Phil. PHil is the newest webhead. Congratulations Phil."

SusanneN chhers for our newbie

PhilB says, "Wow, such a warm welcome. That's another nice thing about Tapped In."

JamesSi exclaims, "i'm going to have to install messenger onto this computer, vance. It could take some time!"

VanceS says, "We have a problem with the webheads list by the way"

VanceS says, "Usually it only takes a few minutes James"

VanceS says, "But take your time"

SusanneN listens to the webheads list troubles

PhilB says, "I knew I'd jinx you. <g>"

SusanneN . o O ( JINX? )

SusanneN has to add this to my active vocabulary

PhilB says, "BTW, I may not be able to stay on long - the wife & kids are getting ready for a hike in the woods."

DanB says, "Jinx means to give bad luck to"

VanceS says, "sounds fun phil"

PhilB says, "to "jinx" sb = to give them bad luck, to give them the evil eye, apporter la poisse."

SusanneN says, "You'd better join the family trip"

VanceS says, "Our message list has gone belly up"

VanceS says, "and as far as I can tell, no messages are getting in our out"

PhilB says, "Aw, why is that? I thought yahoo was extremely stable."

VanceS says, "BUT I just realized today when Phil joined that our mailing list is being maintained"

SusanneN I am not sure what you mean, I have never been involved in mail list orther than just subscribing.

PhilB [WebTeach] takes a look at

SusanneN asks, "Is it maintained as a file cabinet, can anyone reach the old messages or what?"

VanceS says, "Sue now has her web cam on
so if you are on Yahoo you can see her"

PhilB exclaims, "You're right, something is majorly screwed up!"

PhilB . o O ( to be polite )

PhilB says, "It says there are no messages..."

PhilB asks, "Who was the list "owner" or founder?"

PhilB says, "One problem I've seen before is if the list founder
ever decides to unsubscribe, the whole list disappears."

VanceS says, "I'm the founder and moderator and I'm still a list member"

PhilB asks, "Did you change any of the parameters recently?"

PhilB says, "My other yahoo lists seem unaffected."

PhilB says, "Where else are y'all chatting? <g>"

VanceS says, "Mainly in the Yahoo chat"

VanceS says, "We have been joined by a class from Liuzhou PRC"

PhilB says, "<g> means <grin>, in other words, it means I'm either joking, or not being entirely serious."

MarianneG has connected.

VanceS says, "We are talking to them in Yahoo chat
and viewing Sue's web cam from Japan"

BJB says, "hi, Marianne. Welcome"

SusanneN says, "Hello Marianne"

SusanneN peruses Membership Directory...

BJB [to Maryanne]: "can I help you with something?"

DanB waves Hi to Marianne

PhilB says, "Great, well, good luck with figuring out the Yahoo thing. If Vance can't just change the settings it'll probably be easiest to start a new group."

SusanneN says, "We are the Webheads meeting in the language class today, Marianne"

MarianneG says, "No....just came in to review how to get around"

PhilB says, "Gotta run, back later. Caao."

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

SusanneN . o O ( Phil has young kids eager to get an active sunday I think. )

VanceS says, "Missed saying goodbye to him"

DanB says, "Me, too. He left quickly."

VanceS says, "Anyway, I was able to get the list of all ygroup members, but the message system isn't working"

BJB [to Marianne]: "did you have a question about TAPPED IN?"

MarianneG says, "I think I will return later.....thanks anyway."

SusanneN says, "What time did you all meet, I wonder if this is the first or second lesson <g>"

VanceS says, "ok ... This is the second hour"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MarianneG has disconnected.

SusanneN says, "We may have to go upstairs"

SusanneN says, "I cannot get this right with my calendar and clock."

DanB asks, "Before you leave, may I ask a question about Webheads?"

VanceS says, "Best system is GMT"

SusanneN says, "In the Tapped In calendar it is 1 pm GMT..."

VanceS says, "We meet at noon Sundays GMT time"

SusanneN says, "the start hour I mean,"

VanceS says, "And go ahead Dan,"

DanB says, "I reviewed the web site URL..."

VanceS says, "We start at noon GMT each Sunday, since 1998"

VanceS asks, "Yeah Dan ... ?"

SusanneN asks, "Sorry, we'd better correct it in the Tapped In calendar then?"

DanB asks, "Are all the members either language teachers or language students?"

JamesSi says, "Vance, I can hear crackly voices on the voice chat, but I don't really understand how the text appears as well"

VanceS says, "Well, I think we're a mixed bag Dan"

SusanneN says, "Dan, actually I am a grad student of education but living in a non English country, eager to become moreluent in fast conversation"

VanceS says, "I'm an ESL teacher, and we have some ESL teachers who are themselves NNS's and also some pure languag learners"

SusanneN says, "I am a fine mixture of all seasons"

DanB says, "So, TappedIn helps both groups practice their written skills?..."

VanceS [Webheaded] agrees with Susanne "she's a good example"

JamesSi says, "I'm an English teacher and postgrad research student who is determined to come to grips with the technology Dan"

DanB asks, "And the Yahoo voice chat helps with spoken skills?"

SusanneN looks like the exemplary webhead student

VanceS says, "There's another element in the mixed bag"

DanB . o O ( Listens intently )

DavidW has connected.

DavidW waves to BJB, LianA [happy], DanB, MargaretD, VanceS [Webheaded], JamesSi [Webhead], MichaelAC, and SusanneN.

DavidW says, "Hi there"

MargaretD says, "I am an EFL teacher"

BJB waves to David

DavidW waves to BJB from Wrightstown, PA.

DanB waves to David

DavidW waves to DanB.

VanceS says, "Hi David. Welcome back."

DavidW [to DanB]: "Hi"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Thanks"

SusanneN hugs good old David

DavidW hugs SusanneN.

JamesSi exclaims, "Vance, I just heard your voice for the first time!"

DavidW grins.

DavidW has pastries.

MargaretD says, "Hi David"

JamesSi says, "This is a revelation (the voice chat, I mean, not your voice)"

SusanneN offers coffee

JamesSi says, "milk and no sugar for me please Susanne"

SusanneN says, "The coffee is freshly brewed up at the Webhead office"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "Wie geht's"

DavidW is happy to have coffee.

SusanneN has been doing some office cleaning lately <grins>

MargaretD . o O ( not bad David considering how cold it is )

DavidW says, "The mayoral race in New York City is heating up. The election is on Tuesday"

DavidW asks, "How cold is it?"

MargaretD says, "1C at night"

SusanneN says, "To Maggi do you have a cold day? we have s sunny and nice time, about 14 celsius"

MargaretD says, "high of 10 during the day"

VanceS says, "We just welcome all levels of participation Dan"

MargaretD says, "well, Susanne we are still in the fog"

VanceS says, "Just your being here contributes to our group."

DavIdW says, "Today it is 50F right now (10C?)"

DavidW . o O ( In Pennsylvania north of Philadelphia )

DanB . o O ( Learn conversion formulas for F. to C. )

SusanneN asks, "Some of our young Chinese students are business students I think?"

MargaretD says, "times 9 divide by 5 and add 32"

DavidW grins.

DanB asks, "Now, when you say students, are they enrolled in a Webhead class?"

DavidW says, "Thanks for the arithmetic"

SusanneN says, "That would be a good task for our class, learn to find conversion sites for different measure systems"

DavidW likes math.

DanB two thumbs up for Margaret

SusanneN says, "Lies everyday math for useful purposes, not just for mind gym"

VanceS says, "Enrollment has been done by subscribing to"

MargaretD says, "takes a bow"

DavidW says, "Justine and I are going to the supermarket - math will be used"

DavidW grins.

DavidW says, "We'll be back"

DavidW waves to BJB, LianA [happy], DanB, MargaretD, VanceS [Webheaded], JamesSi [Webhead], MichaelAC, and SusanneN.

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

SusanneN asks, "Justine is your niece, David?"

DanB . o O ( 65*9/5 +32 = 149? )

SusanneN says, "Oh, he left quickly, too"

SusanneN need a caldulator for making this complex formula

MargaretD says, "sorry Dan ...that is from C to F"

VanceS says, "swallowed in the cyberdust"

DanB exclaims, "Ah, that would explain the rather hot day here!"

MargaretD says, "65 is about 17"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MichaelAC has disconnected.

DanB says, "Thanks, Margaret. I live in Wisconsin, and we're expecting it to be 17 C. today."

SusanneN enjoys the global weather report, by local amateurs

MargaretD says, "nice for this time of year Dan"

DanB says, "That is unusually warm for this time of year."

DanB says, "I should be out raking leaves, but you are all too interesting to leave."

SusanneN says, "Same here in Denmark, unusually mild climate."

MargaretD says, "it was like that last week"

SusanneN says, "I did my raking before logging in."

DanB . o O ( No leaf-leave pun intended )

DanB says, "I would LOVE to visit Denmark"

SusanneN already left her leftover leaves

JamesSi says, "I've got a shed to clear out thi afternoon, Dan, and I'm just putting it off"

DanB . o O ( Watch out for Susanne )

SusanneN says, "All my pots have been emptied, the dirt distributed all over the rhododendron roots and the last few roses arestill flourishing"

DanB says, "I was elected president of our local procrasinators club...but haven't gotten around to schedule a meeting yer."

DanB . o O ( yet )

JamesSi says, "Never do today..."

SusanneN . o O ( I might consider make a local branch too? )

JamesSi says, "what you won't get round to doing tomorrow either"

SusanneN agrees with James

DanB grins broadly

VanceS says, "good one Dan"

MargaretD says, "tomorrrow is yesterday then"

JamesSi says, "Susanne and Dan..."

DanB asks, "Yes?"

JamesSi asks, "Do you have the voice chat on as well?"

SusanneN says, "But I AM training my English skills here. getting more and more fluid :-))"

SusanneN says, "NO"

SusanneN says, "My computer is too old for voice chat"

JamesSi says, "It's my first go at that"

DanB says, "No, I have not downloaded Yahoo as yet."

SusanneN says, "Old and worn out but still going strong"

JamesSi says, "I'm just lurking at the moment, but it's an extraordinary experience."

SusanneN . o O ( like owner, like computer? )

DanB asks, "Susanne, were you describing me or your computer?"

SusanneN Grins to Dan, Both I presume

JamesSi says, "I can hear Vance and someone from China having a chat, see bits and pieces of their text chat, and take part inthis conversation as well."

DanB says, "James, I wondered into a Webhead meeting last Sunday. My life has not been the saem since."

DanB . o O ( same )

JamesSi exclaims, "Lots of windows on my computer, but I don't know how to keep up with it all!"

VanceS says, "Dan you have to visit our chat logs"

SusanneN exclaims, "Really Dan, I can follow you there!"

BJB heads up to fix breakfast.

SusanneN asks, "What is a life without Webheads?"

VanceS says, "</ P>

BJB [to VanceS]: "I've dropped a recorder here if you want it"

VanceS says, "Dan, you will find your chat logged there"

JamesSi says, "Dan, webheads is great. Have a look at the logs to get an dea of the potential..."

DanB asks, "Oh, oh. Electronic traces of Webhead chats?"

JamesSi [Webhead] ..s for cross-cultural communication and chat.

BJB looks away.

SusanneN says, "What I adrore most is the intuitive mamagement that you'll find on the Webhead site"

JamesSi asks, "You had the transcript emailed to you after your first visit Dan?"

SusanneN says, "Intuitive chaos management"

DanB says, "Yes, James."

JamesSi says, "Vance saves and archives the logs on the webhead site."

DanB says, "And Susanne is right--when I reviewed the transcript, it was interesting and humorous."

JamesSi says, "You can also find the logs on the Tapped In site."

SusanneN says, "and the site will mirror this kind of multiple channel experimentation mix all kinds of chatlogs"

VanceS says, "You have to visit the logs yourself now because I can't announce to all webheads until I can make a classlist"

DanB asks, "Logs are in both places, then?"

VanceS asks, "both places?"

JamesSi says, "The most recent ones are on the webheads site"

SusanneN says, "Vance does not like to be praised in personal, so we'll just say that the management teamwork is donexcellently, in a very descriptive and lively manner"

JamesSi says, "I think the most recent one on TappedIin is from September..."

DanB asks, "I meant that this chat, for example, can be found both in TI nd in Yahoo?"

VanceS exclaims, "who said I didn't like it!!"

JamesSi says, "unless someone has updated the files since then."

SusanneN asks, "Well, I think that Vance and BJ manages the scripthere in tapped In ASO ?

VanceS says, "I just meant to say that it's not all me, webheads is a collection of very valuable and contributing members"

DanB says, "Agrees with Vance"

VanceS says, "Susanne being an excellent contributor"

JamesSi says, "This tapped In chat can be found in the Tapped In archives and on the Webhead site, in the chat log archives"

SusanneN exclaims, "You're right, Vance, no webhead can stand on his own head!"

DanB says, "This is for all the Webheads..."

SusanneN stands on her own head

DanB says, "I'm inpressed with your goals as noted in the website..."

DanB says, "But, as I mentioned to Vance privately, I'm not sure how I could assist your group."

SusanneN [to Dan]: "if you have a picture we can see your face in the class list, and we have all our personal homepage, too"

DanB [to Susanne]: "Cool."

JamesSi says, "It's just a case of joining in, I think, Dan."

SusanneN says, "That would be of great assistance for us to have you here in the exchange of dialogue, Dan"

VanceS says, "that's it"

DanB says, "If you think it would be of actual assistance, then I'm tempted to join."

SusanneN asks, "I mean you mey even tell us something about your work?"

DanB says, "My work is more limited that what you are trying to do."

DanB . o O ( than )

You hear a quiet popping sound; LianA [happy] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "everyone is welcome"

SusanneN asks, "Vance, can we get focused for a few questions about this upcoming wednesday?"

JamesSi [to DanB]: "I think everyone gets something different out of Webheads..."

VanceS says, "ok"

JamesSi says, "But most seem to be in it for the sheer pleasure of communicationg"

VanceS says, "That's right James. Each person has his own goals and agenda"

SusanneN asks, "I am unsure whether there will be many techniques involved as usual?"

JamesSi says, "Are you talking to a group of students in China, Vance"

SusanneN says, "I had this feeling last Wednesday when rif and his Turkish students came in that I was not really aware of what was expected from us (or me)"

JamesSi says, "It all sounds rather complex over on Yahoo"

JamesSi says, "I think Vance is doing some serious multitasking"

SusanneN says, "That may have been because i was late, I did not get any introduction."

VanceS says, "Yes (to james)"

SusanneN fears that mr. stevens will be heavily multi-kulti. too

VanceS says, "We started out on web cams today and then moved to Yahoo voice chat"

VanceS says, "Yaodong has his class with us from China"

SusanneN nods

JamesSi says, "I have to go now, folks..."

SusanneN exclaims, "I love to be a litttle part of this puzzle, it is so great!"

SusanneN says, "Hi james, see ya"

DanB asks, "Are all those students seeing this text as well as hearing voice chat?"

VanceS says, "Susanne can explain about last Wednesday's practice session and next Wed conference"

DanB waves bye to James

VanceS says, "Bye james"

SusanneN says, "Yaodong is joining us here soon I think"

SusanneN asks, "can I ???"

JamesSi says, "See you all later"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JamesSi [Webhead] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "well, intutitive chaos navigation explains it pretty well"

SusanneN says, "Well, as far as I remember now, I just logged in, met someone who was from Turkey, had a personal chat with Lian, and a more serious one with Vance - but that's seen from my vantage point :-)"

DanB says, "Besides checking the Webheads site, I did some initial reading in Chaos Theory..."

VanceS [Webheaded] smiles.

DanB says, "I'm not sure how it relates to Webhead navigation yet."

SusanneN says, "I have taken a< ook at the homepage for the upcoming conference next Wednesday where Vance is giving a presentation about Webheads..."

VanceS says, "Susanne can explain that (chaos theory)"

DanB asks, "Here in TI?"

SusanneN asks, "and you will not join the dialogues this time, just present to the conference members?"

DanB . o O ( Vance's presentation? )

SusanneN grins to Dan. let us take that later :-))

YaodongC Yaodong enjoys being with you.
YaodongC's personal recorder follows YaodongC to here.

DanB says, "Hello, Yaodong"

SusanneN bows deeply to Dong (and probably his 30 students, too)

YaodongC says, "hello,"

SusanneN exclaims, "Ni hao!"

LianA [happy] arrives from nowhere.

LianA's personal recorder follows LianA to here.

DanB says, "Welcome back, Lian"

YaodongC says, ""

LianA says, "hi, Sue"

SusanneN waves hey to Lian

LianA says, "hi, Danb, just now i lost my link"

SusanneN . o O ( I think Sue may be someone else, too? )

LianA [happy] waves hi to Sue and DanB.

DanB says, "Good that you could reconnect."

VanceS [Webheaded] talks to Yaodong in voice chat.

LianA asks, "SueanneN, your name is too long, so i call it for short as Sue, do you mind?"

SusanneN [to Dan]: "I guess the chaos should be understood in a metaphorical way?"

LianA says, "DanB, nice to meet you, Economics professor."

LianA [happy] bows to Sueannen and danb

DanB says, "Nice to meet you too, Lian. I really teach management and marketing courses."

SusanneN says, "I do not mind, just that it may be confusing to have more people with same name,here at home I am called Sus"

SusanneN looks Sus.

SusanneN says, "Smiles"

LianA says, "good, sus"

SusanneN looks Sus.

LianA [happy] grins

SusanneN [Sus] grins back

DanB . o O ( I love being around grinning people )

SusanneN [Sus] jumps up and down to train her sitting muscles

VanceS says, "I made web pages for Yaodong and Lian"

VanceS says, "h ttp://"

VanceS says, ""

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, we'll have to check that out!"

VanceS asks, "shall I project them?"

LianA asks, "pls project ok?"

DanB [to Susanne]: "Is Vance's presentation here in TI this coming Wednesday?"

SusanneN says, "Yes lpease"

LianA says, "yes, do it"

VanceS says, "also, http ://"

DanB says, "Yes, do project."

LianA says, "project"

SusanneN [to DanB]: "Yes it is and we want some pople to be here, of course"

VanceS [Webheaded] projects the URL: h ttp://

VanceS [Webheaded] projects the URL: http://sites.h

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, Lian how wonderful pictures you have got!"

DanB exclaims, "Very nice sites with pictures!"

VanceS [Webheaded] projects the URL: http ://

JoannaN has connected.

YaodongC says, ""< /P>

VanceS says, "Faces are important in webheads"

DanB waves hello to Joanna

VanceS says, "if you send a picture and an introduction, we make a web page for you"

SusanneN exclaims, "Aha - I know much more about BJ that you do!"

VanceS says, "send it to vstevens at"

JoannaN says, "Hello everyone"

You hear a quiet popping sound; LianA [happy] has lost her link.

DanB says, "Poor Lian. She was disconnected again."

SusanneN says, "Hello Joanne"

DanB asks, "Hi, Joanna. How are you?"

VanceS says, "Hi Joanne"

SusanneN says, "Welcome to Tapped In"

JoannaN says, "Good. it's nice to be here"

SusanneN asks, "Are you here for the Webhead session, Joanna?"

LianA has connected.

JoannaN says, "I didnt know about a webhead session. I'm looking for teachers using moos for teaching english though"

LianA says, "hi, everyone, i am back again, i lost connection."

2001/11/03 Webheads is full. Stopped recording.

JoannaN asks, "am I in the right place?"

DanB holds up a BIG sign: Lian is persistant

SusanneN [Sus] hugs that dear Lian

DanB . o O ( persistent )

SusanneN says, "I love your personal portraits, Lian"

LianA says, "thank you DanB and sus"

LianA says, "thank you very much sus"

Leah has connected.

SusanneN exclaims, "Joanna, this is the right place, sorry!"

SusanneN says, "hello Leah"

Leah [guest] says, "Hi"

JoannaN asks, "Thanx Susanne but not the Webheads session right?"

DanB says, "Hi, Leah"

SusanneN says, "Actually we should move upstairs for the Webhead session but we often just stay here in reception,"

SusanneN sings, ~\ We are the world, we are the Webheads /~

Leah [guest] leaves for the El.

LianA says, "thank you very much."

SusanneN [to Joanna]: "If you wish to meet the Language learning webheads, you have come to the right group"

VanceS says, "hi coming back to this computer soon"

DanB says, "Susanne, you are so talented."

SusanneN says, "OK; vance"

SusanneN [Sus] grins

SusanneN says, "I have been a helpdesk volunteer here for some time by now."

JoannaN says, "Great! I came along just at the right time. :-)"

VanceS says, "I've been asked to display my web cam and am about to comply"

SusanneN says, "I have learnt a lot of quick&dirty Tapped In trick"

SusanneN asks, "Joanna, what time is it for you?"

JoannaN says, "It's 10.15 p.m. in Malaysia"

DanB says, "8:15 AM in Wisconsin"

SusanneN says, "Oh, you are in Malaysia! I am in Denmark,Europe"

JoannaN asks, "Are you in the USA, Susanne?"

SusanneN says, "15:18 in Central Europe"

LianA says, "10:14 Pm in China"

JoannaN says, "Denmark's a lovely place"

SusanneN [Sus] likes her small home country a lot but longs for the arger world too

JoannaN says, "good morning, Dan. Hello Lian."

DanB says, "Malaysia must also be a beautiful country."

SusanneN asks, "Malaysia are lots of islands, I think, south of China?"

JoannaN says, "It is. If you would like to scubadive for corals, do come, Dan"

JoannaN says, "it's between Thailand and Singapore"

DanB says, "I am not much for diving, but I would just like to visit."

SusanneN says, "Oh, better position :-)"

JoannaN says, "that's great, Dan. lovely beaches and cultural sites"

VanceS asks, "did someone say diving?"

SusanneN says, "Vance the webhead is a gifted scuba diver"

JoannaN says, "cool, Vance"

Leah [guest] has arrived.

SusanneN [Sus] hands over the flask of oxygene to our diving expert

DanB says, "I once taught at Marquette University..."

VanceS says, "http://www.vancesteven"

JoannaN says, "ccooolll"

DanB says, "I was privileged to have about 30 Malasian students spread out throughout my four classes."

SusanneN [Sus] wonders where Marquette would be?

JoannaN asks, "where's Marquette, Dan?"

DanB says, "Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA"

Leah [guest] leaves for the El.

DanB says, "About 90 miles north of Chicago"

JoannaN says, "I live in Malaysia but I'm Chinese. ;-)"

SusanneN . o O ( thid is turning out to be a geography lesson, too )

DanB says, "I now teach at a much smaller liberal arts college in Milwaukee."

SusanneN [to Joanna]: "Do you do some coral reef diving yuourself?"

LianA asks, "DanB, you mean your university is university of WIsconsin-Milwaukee?"

DanB says, "No. Wisconsin Lutheran College."

DanB says, "Wisconsin-Milwauee is even larger than Marquette"

DanB . o O ( Milwaukee )

LianA says, "i apply W-M"

JoannaN says, "No, Susanne, I do snorkelling though. Must take up lessons sometime."

DanB asks, "That is a good school, Lian. Graduate level work?"

JoannaN says, "maybe Vance can give me lessons."

LianA says, "yes, i want to apply for Ph."

SRI_41 has connected.

VanceS says, "welcome. I am an instructor"

VanceS says, "Yeah, it says you disabled voice"

VanceS says, "That's ok, I'm switching things off"

YaodongC writes on the whiteboard...

YaodongC erases some stuff from the whiteboard...

JoannaN asks, "an english teaching scubadiving instructor?"

YaodongC [helpdesk] nodss

DanB exclaims, "Joanna, there is simply no end to Vance's talents!"

VanceS says, "that's me"

JoannaN smiles

YaodongC [helpdesk] agrees

YaodongC [helpdesk] smiles

DanB says, "I'll warn you, though, Vance's office is messy."

VanceS asks, "Did you see the web cam?"

JoannaN asks, "Please may I know who Webheads are and what they do?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; LianA [happy] has lost her link.

SusanneN says, "Joanna, this class is doing a lot of experiments with many channesl of communication, Tapped In is just one of them."

VanceS asks, "Would you like for me to project our url?"

DanB looks Away.

SusanneN says, "I am about hte only one sticking to this place as the only channel I guess :-)"

VanceS says, "SOME people say we do intuitive chaos navigation in Webheads"

SusanneN asks, "Joanna, do you know about tapped In projection of websites?"

LianA has connected.

SusanneN says, "Sure, some people do say so :-))"

YaodongC [helpdesk] to vances could u project the page yu made for me again?

LianA says, "hi, i am back again"

VanceS says, "You can find out about us here"

YaodongC [helpdesk] smiles at Lian

LianA says, "persistent ann is coming back again."

SusanneN says, "Hi Lian, back once again"

VanceS says, "hope that was ok, and Yaodong's page is ..."

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has lost her link.

SusanneN says, "Maggi unjoined the party"

VanceS [Webheaded] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "I sincerely hope it wasn't because of the URL I was asked to project"

DanB says, "Welcome back, Lian"

VanceS says, "Welcome back, and bye. I must leave now."

LianA says, "hi, DanB, just now when you were talking to me, i cannot speak in english, how anxious i am, then i came back again."

SusanneN says, "Bye, Vance"

JoannaN exclaims, "wow. it's fantastic that you can launch a window for me!"

LianA says, "bye, vance"

SusanneN asks, "See you this wednesday, at what time do you expect me to be ready?"

JoannaN says, "bye vance"

DanB says, "Bye, Vance. Thanks for all your information."

SusanneN [to Joanna]: "this is what we call projection, a very useful feature."

VanceS says, "sorry, to explain to Susanne, I had two urls for Valentin and made them into one"

You hear a quiet popping sound; YaodongC [helpdesk] has disconnected.

SusanneN [Sus] thought so.

(6:35:05 am) VanceS says, "ok, off to get my dinner now"

VanceS says, "take care all"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webheaded] has disconnected.

SusanneN exclaims, "Enjoy dinner!"

DanB says, "Lian, don't apologize! Your English is much better than my Chinese."

SusanneN says, "I will have to leave soon, too"

DanB says, "Have a great day, Susanne."

SusanneN says, "I liked to meet you here, Dan"

LianA says, "because there is no english input here, so i have to shut window again and come back."

JoannaN says, "Bye, Susanne and thanks"

DanB says, "It was really my pleasure, Susanne."

SusanneN says, "Joanna, I hope to see you here again soon! we meet every Sunday but I am afraid there may be some time confusion in the calendar."

SusanneN says, "I thought I came in just in time."

JoannaN asks, "Every Sunday it is then. at this time?"

SusanneN says, "it says, 12 noon GMT"

SusanneN says, "It should be, but the timezone converter in the Tapped In calendar is not realible today :-))"

SusanneN says, "Might be a matter of daylight savings changes last weekend"

JoannaN says, "Must be about 10 p.m. in Malaysia"

SusanneN says, "Should be 2 pm in europe"

DanB asks, "Johanna, can you see the Calendar button on the TI site?"

JoannaN says, "I'm looking forward to seeing you all again"

JoannaN says, "I'll look up the calender"

DanB says, "Click on it, and it will let you see the time in Malaysia."

JoannaN says, "thanks, Dan"

DanB says, "You're welcome. I see 7 PM for Malaysia."

SusanneN says, "Dan, you may take over the helpdesk while I go for a walk <G>"

DanB exclaims, "No, Susanne. I just thought of it!"

JoannaN asks, "yikes! 7 p.m. You have been here for 3 hours already?"

SusanneN says, "That is one of the great things about what I call the helpful Tapped In culture"

SusanneN says, "Once you have had all this help from others, you get ready to be the new helper yourself"

DanB exclaims, "About 3 hours. How time flies when you're having fun!"

JoannaN says, "wow"

SusanneN says, "Real learning by doing stuff, Dewey would have loved this educational MOOing"

LianA says, "i should go friends, bye all here."

DanB says, "I agree."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_41 [guest] has disconnected.

SusanneN . o O ( John Dewey was an American reform educator famous for his ideas of the working school )

You hear a quiet popping sound; LianA [happy] has disconnected.

DanB says, "Bye, Lian. It was nice meeting you."

JoannaN says, "I must go too. It was lovely"

DanB says, "Take care, Joanna."

JoannaN says, "Bye Susanne, Bye DanB"

SusanneN says, "That's what my final thesis will be all about, how to update the old theories of learning to our networking community building culture"

SusanneN [Sus] Bye Joanna

DanB waves to Joanna

You hear a quiet popping sound; JoannaN has disconnected.

DanB says, "Susanne, that is related to what I am interested in."

SusanneN [to Dan]: "did you ever hear the term herding cats""

SusanneN says, "Herding cats"

SusanneN says, "that's much like the chaos navigation :-)"

DanB says, "Yes, in fact there is a TV ad campaign going on for an American company with that theme."

SusanneN says, "To herd cats here is similar to try and make a Tapped In session useful"

SusanneN [Sus] grins, is there?

DanB says, "Yes, for EDS, and quite creative, too."

SusanneN . o O ( EDS is...? )

DanB says, "A software information management company, a huge company."

SusanneN asks, "have any URL at hand?"

DanB says, "Ad scenes are set in the American west, with cowboys herding cats."

SusanneN says, "Might like to mention that : -))"

SusanneN says, "I like the idea of the image"

DanB says, "Implication is that managing data is like herding cats."

DanB says, "I don't have a URL, but I could try to find one for you if you need it."

SusanneN says, "Sure thing, especially when people are involved too"

SusanneN says, "You can always mail me if you like"

DanB says, "OK, let me check it out, and email their URL to you."

SusanneN says, "Please do - I like to put in some good images in my narrative"

(And so he did, here is the URL to an amazing EDS commercial about herding cats! ) - <I have another source for this video, - Vance>

DanB asks, "What does your research indicate so far, Susanne?"

SusanneN asks, "I just had a page from Venny in Taiwan, did you meet him?"

DanB says, "Not yet."

SusanneN says, "Ok, he just went to bed ;.))"

DanB says, "I see."

SusanneN says, "well, my research shows that community building online is very dependant of the indiviidual inputs and the shared dialogues"

SusanneN says, "Those scripts we are now creating together get a longer life than a spoken conversation."

SusanneN says, "If you take this three hour session as something happening in the making..."

DanB . o O ( Listens intently to Susanne )

SusanneN says, "there will be an artifact later that people can read and get an idea of what is going on, who's involved etc"

SusanneN says, "This artifact would not be the same if you had not been there."

DanB asks, "I agree with that conclusion, but who would benefit from having the artifact?"

SusanneN says, "each participant plays an importat role, even the silent lurker has a role"

SusanneN asks, "Yes, that's a good question, who would benefit from those scripts afterwards?"

SusanneN . o O ( will take better care of my typos :-) )

SusanneN asks, "When was your first visit here?"

DanB says, "Yes. I see some obvious advantages for students and teachers being able to review the artifacts."

DanB says, "I have been a TI member for a little more than 2 years now."

SusanneN asks, "Reading a session where you were not present, does that give you any ideas on what was going on?"

SusanneN exclaims, "I see!"

DanB exclaims, "I stumbled into the Halloween party for the Webheads last Sunday!"

SusanneN says, "I always read my scripts once more, just skim them to see what actually happened when I was unanttentive or disturbed"

SusanneN says, "You sure did; I read that from the first hour script :-)"

DanB says, "Good use. And I think for the Webheads, language usage review would be valuable."

SusanneN says, "I did not come last week in the first hour so I could recapture the dialogue later, it was documented andsaved."

SusanneN says, "Als for other kinds of reflection, like when a session is demonstrating a course site, or a technical device, or something"

DanB as ks, "A big benefit for you. Would you also see an advantage for the artifact for teachers who teach or share something online?"

SusanneN says, "I am really trying hard to pick the best examples for my thesis."

SusanneN says, "yes, I find a lot of uses for this way of sharing ideas and experiences"

DanB says, "I understand. I just find what the Webheads are trying to do very fascinating."

DanB says, "And researchers like yourself."

SusanneN says, "The edited script may not have to contain all the small talk, you may have to cut out that part to make it easier accesible for the outside reader."

DanB says, "Although, from my experience as a business manager, it is often this small talk that is so important for the social aspect of meetings."

SusanneN says, "I enjoy the webhead experience very much, as it reflects the experimental playfulness I have been part of quite a lot offline earlier"

DanB says, "Same for me. It's sort of like chatting, but with a more serious purpose."

SusanneN says, "Yes I agree upon the social aspects as every important source of understanding what is going on at a second level, too"

DanB asks, "Can you expand on the second level?"

SusanneN says, "Purposeful serious educational chat"

SusanneN says, "well, er, the second level may be the informal socializing making personal ties among participants."

DanB says, "Definitely agree. And thanks for the clarification."

SusanneN says, "I have a lot of personal shared experiences with some of the Tapped IN regulars"

DanB says, "When different people logged in, both last Sunday and today..."

SusanneN says, "Occasionally also with new people I meet we get an instant feling of understanding."

SusanneN [Sus] listens

DanB says, "I would id them just to see where they were from..."

DanB says, "I was quite impressed with the global nature of Webhead participants."

SusanneN says, "Sure, a very common practice :-))"

SusanneN exclaims, "One reason is the time of the day !"

SusanneN says, "I know that a lot of activities are going on while I gently sleep in Europe"

DanB says, "That is true for all of us."

SusanneN says, "Most ASO classes would be far too late for me."

DanB exclaims, "The value of the Transcript Mailer!"

SusanneN says, "I cannot keep awake and attentive at 3 am in the morning"

DanB says, "Me either."

SusanneN says, "yes, another value of tne ASO script emailer"

DanB says, "Being an American who has gone through the Sep 11 thing..."

DanB says, "am disturbed by some of the talk here about restricting immigration, allowing more powers to police agencies, etc...."

DanB says, "I believe withdrawing is the worst thing Americans could do to foster global understanding..."

SusanneN says, "But, of course, another reason why the global distribution is so extended, is that this group has existed for several years, outside Tapped In but with a core group of people like Vance from Abu Dhabi, Michael from Australia, John from Puerto Rico, Maggie from Germany and Ying Lan from China"

SusanneN [Sus] nods

SusanneN says, "This situation is so sad in many ways."

DanB asks, "Has TI helped build the community of this group in your opinion?"

SusanneN says, "In Europe, too, many restictions are coing in that would heve been doomed as totally undemocratic in a free society just a few months ago."

SusanneN says, "Webheads have decided to use Tapped In because the technology is easily accessible for most countries..."

SusanneN says, "but I have a feeling that they have also met a few people who fit in so well into their actual group that they really like to get here because of that homely feeling (just my guess)"

DanB says, "I had the same feeling myself. In fact, all of you are really good at making people like me feel welcome."

DanB . o O ( Really impressed with people who attended the Halloween party )

SusanneN says, "That's the most important part, really, not the tech facilities of the interface drawings etc"

DanB asks, "One facilitates the other, don't you think?"

SusanneN says, "that Hallowe'en party was a follow up on a surprise party we had some weeks ago"

SusanneN says, "Yes, sure it does, the open yet personal architecture has a lot of importance."

SusanneN says, "I like when we get people to play together."

DanB exclaims, "A great deal of fun!"

SusanneN says, "Not playing only for the fun, but after the fun things we really get into a deeper state of connectedness."

DanB says, "Absolutely. The second level you noted before, I think."

SusanneN says, "at least that's how things work best for me :-)"

SusanneN says, "yes"

DanB says, "Me, too. I appreciated everyone's responses to my question. I was not quite sure how my becoming a member would assist the Webheads."

SusanneN says, "if we think of a third level, that may be when a real planning for the future and after session evaluation habit develops, too, as a natural thing"

SusanneN says, "Oh"

SusanneN exclaims, "I see!"

Press has connected.

SusanneN says, "You are really a very welcome member, dan"

SusanneN says, "The willingness to involve in the active dialogue may be the first prerequisite for a good membership performance."

SusanneN . o O ( I hope you can read away my typos?? )

DanB says, "Well, thank you, Susanne. I was somewhat concerned by the mic and webcam dialog, but then not every member is required to have that."

DanB . o O ( Don't worry about the typos. We all do that. ) Press [guest] asks, "Are there any interesting conferences at the moment?"

SusanneN says, "yes In the beginning; I was not sure either if this was really a place for me :-))"

SusanneN says, "hello Press"

SusanneN says, "welcome, I did not see you here, sorry"

DavidW has connected.

SusanneN says, "Can we help you?`"

DanB [to Press [guest]]: "Nothing formal that I know of. How about you Susanne?"

DavidW waves to BJB [away], DanB, SusanneN [Sus], and Press [guest]. DavidW says, "hi"

SusanneN says, "Hi David"

DanB says, "Hi, David."

SusanneN asks, "What kind of Press are you, Press?"

DavidW grins.

SusanneN says, "This is very informal :-))"

DavidW nods.

Press [guest] says, "Printing press, of course. The type that disseminates ideas."

DavidW says, "It's absolutely beautiful here, today. Great fall day"

SusanneN asks, "Really?"

DavidW . o O ( Mr. Gutenberg? )

SusanneN asks, "Do you wish some information about our activities?"

Press [guest] says, "I would love some information on your activities."

DavidW grins.

DavidW [to Press [guest]]: "I'm David Weksler"

SusanneN exclaims, "We'd better get just a little serious here!"

DavidW [to Press [guest]]: "Do you work with printing presses?"

DavidW nods at DanB.

Press [guest] asks, "hello, David. Do you also happen to think we should get serious (whatever that means)?"

SusanneN says, "I am Susanne Nyrop, a helpdesk here in Tapped In and a graduate student living in Denmark"

DavidW [to Press [guest]]: "Well..."

SusanneN [Sus] grins, we are into the habit of being quite informal here when we are alone at home

DavidW agrees with SusanneN [Sus].

Press [guest] says, "Ok, I need to know if there are any courses on instructional design offered by members of Tappedin"

SusanneN says, "we also have a habit of introducing ourselves with our real life names and where we work or study, etc :-))"

DavidW [to Press [guest]]: "I'm interested in whether you do work with printing presses"

DavidW asks, "Instructional design for...?"

Press [guest] says, "No, I don't do work with printing presses. I have done some web publishing but I tend to look back in the past for inspiration"

DavidW nods.

SusanneN asks, "Are you just asking for yourself, or for work purposes?"

DavidW says, "I met Donald Jackson, a calligrapher, who is hand-illuminating and handwriting the Bible. Pretty impressive undertaking."

SusanneN asks, "Are you a teacher, ?"

SusanneN says, "Oh, David is keen on namedropping:-))"

DavidW sighs.

DavidW grins.

Press [guest] says, "yes I find illumination fascinating myself (especially since I visited the exhibition in L.A.) Yes, suzanne, I'm a teacher."

SusanneN asks, "Where did you hear about Tapped In, mr-Press?"

SusanneN asks, "Where do you teach, then?"

Press [guest] says, "From my professor at SFSU. I teach at an International Baccalaureate School in Greece."

DanB says, "Cool."

SusanneN asks, "Interesting, are you logging in from Greece, Press?"

DavidW says, "Yasu"

Press [guest] says, "yes"

SusanneN exclaims, "Kalimera!"

Press [guest] says, "Yasu, David"

DavidW grins.

Press [guest] says, "Kalinihta susanne (goodnight, remember the time difference:-))"

SusanneN says, "We have a calendar where you may find the sessions given here. Many are just discussions among teachers"

DavidW . o O ( Hmmm, feta and olives )

Press [guest] asks, "Is it the event calendar you're referring to?"

SusanneN says, "Oh yes, the sunset is coming here, too, as I am in North Europe :-))"

SusanneN says, "yes the events calendar is very useful"

Press [guest] says, ")K. I hope you don't think I'm rude but I'll check the calendar out. Talk to you all later."

SusanneN says, "I will have to leave for now, leaving you in the good hands of my friend. you may consider to come back one day when we have a tips and tours session to ask more questions"

SusanneN exclaims, "Goodbye, and welcome as a member, Press!!!"

DanB waves good bye to Susanne and Press

SusanneN [Sus] hugs David and Dan

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [Sus] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Nov 4 07:32:52 2001 PST.

<Top> Sue appears with her web cam | Felix has his too | Paul sees the cams and says hi | Ying Lan in ICQ | Yaodong in Yahoo | Tapped In chat logs | An Lian in Yahoo next day

An Lian's greetings in Yahoo Messenger next day

an_lian: hi, vance, yaodong let me ask you

an_lian: how he can update older version of his yahoo messenger?

vance_stevens: hi, still there?

an_lian: yes

vance_stevens: ok, it's on the webheads pages

an_lian: yadong asked you how to update his older version of yahoo messenger.


an_lian: thank you vance.



vance_stevens: the webheads list seems to be working again. Oh, did you ever subscribe??

an_lian: yes, the emails?

an_lian: i receive all of your emails.

an_lian: yaodong let me say a big HI to you, he wish you happy, and thank you very much.

vance_stevens: I've been sending them to you by cc: but in order for you to get emails regularly you have to subscribe one of your addresses to our listserv

an_lian: yes, then send them to my,ok?

vance_stevens: ok, I'll subscribe that address for you

an_lian: thank youvery much, vance, kind vance


vance_stevens: ok, I just did it. You should get a message at that address saying you have been added to our list

an_lian: yes, let me check it.



an_lian: great, vance, i got the email, thankyou very much.

vance_stevens: ok, good. I'm glad YahooGroups is working for us again and that you have joined our group

vance_stevens: This way you'll stay informed of what the group is doing

an_lian: I am happy to join your group, when i finish the application process, i will try to write as much article as i can, i like to write things, but i am too busy now for application.// i must leave now, i will teach this afternoon, // vance, when you have time, be sure to read my ps,ok? give me some of your opinions and advices ok? thank you very much

vance_stevens: ok, I received it, haven't read it yet. But I promise I will.

an_lian: thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you veryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhh

vance_stevens: you are very welcome

an_lian: bye, have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!

vance_stevens: you too

an_lian: thank you.

Yahoo! Messenger: an_lian has logged out. (11/5/01 at 8:59 AM)

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