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Meet Susanne

An update from Susanne, 19 Nov 2002

I'm Susanne from Denmark in Scandinavia, North Europe. I'm still struggling with my final paper in a graduate study of education theory at the Danish University of Education here in Copenhagen, the capital and I live with my husband about 20 km from the centre, in a smaller town called Farum, a five minutes walk from the lake area in North Sealand and lots of forestial environments. I have two children, a daughter who is 31 today and a son who is the father of three dear grandchildren! As a former preschool teacher, I had not been using my school English actively for many years when I started to study in a further education, and to use the internet and found ways to participate and interact online with other students and educators, particularly here in Webheads. We also meet in Tapped In for an informal live chat every Sunday from 12 to 14 GMT.

I find it so exciting to see how many different people have enjoyed and supported this social online learning experiment.



From: Denmark

Susanne is something of an artist and you can see a tiny sample of her work, above, and here ...

Susanne wrote us on Aug 30, 2001

Hi fellow Webheads,

Yet another day to celebrate -Mari's first membership day as a Webhead! What a fine way to introduce and expose discretely each member so that we have all the occasion to learn more about our personal preferences and reasons for having joined Webheads in the first place. This is an amazing experience for me to be included in such a warm group of eager learners all over the world.

Some weeks ago, I started to experiment with my very own website, and now I have added a Webhead page with some useful links and a special tribute to Vance.

I thought at first glance that students at Webheads just got some kind of elementary HTML course support for making their personal homepages, but I suspect that Mr. Stevens is doing a fine job there, too. Please visit my site, keep in mind as you follow some links that it is still under construction, tell me what you think so far.

Yours sincerely,

Susanne Nyrop

Who on earth is Susanne Nyrop? At you can find out that she is a senior graduate student at The University of Education, Copenhagen, and more about her besides.

Vance responds, August 31, 2001

Hi Susanne, thanks very much for writing.

I changed the subject line to read 'Tribute to Webheads.' It is true that I work on maintaining the Webheads web pages, and that this is for many people their window on our world. But the success of Webheads is due to the people who are represented on those pages. We are fortunate to have besides myself 3 dedicated tutors Maggi, Michael and John. We also have students who have been with us for over three years now. It's been more than three years because Webheads started counting time when we started using egroups to keep track of registration in our group in September of 1998, but friends like Yng Lan and Felix were with us in previous versions of our class long before then.

The reason that we are still together after so many years is that we have formed a community on the web. It's a community where people obviously feel comfortable. It's a community that doesn't need to ask anything from its members, but welcomes their participation in whatever way they wish to contribute. And of course, the strength and cohesiveness (togetherness) of the community derives (comes from) its members. This community happens to be composed of special people who have in common (let's see, what do we have in common?) ... an interest in language learning, a desire to experiment with tools freely available on the web, an empathy for (interest in) other people.

I suppose that John will, in his research, be able to tell us more about what we have in common and what holds us together. Meanwhile, if anyone else would like to add to the list, please write with your suggestions.

And Mari, and all the others whom we recognize for each year of participation, thanks for staying with us in our community. One year ago, Mari was just getting out of hospital, where she'd been for 4 months with a broken leg. How is the leg now, Mari? I hope you are doing well.

A year ago I was also lame with a torn cartilege in my knee, but I had an operation in October to fix it, and I'm back to running regularly now, so it's turned out fine for me. It was also about a year ago that Maggi was using a push cart to get around because she'd fallen and injured her leg. So there's something else some of us have in common.

Maggi's push cart is at: The chat where she showed it to us is at:

Incidentally, we have another community member, su from Taiwan. All we know about you is your email address, so su, please write and introduce yourself.

All the best to everyone, and thanks,


Susanne likes to experiment: Read about the class she started with the Sonexis conferencing tool

It was Susanne who coined the phrase "chaos navigation" to characterize how Webheads conduct their weekly Sunday noon online meetings. Read what she and others think about CHAOS NAVIGATION here.

This was in the March, 2002 Tapped In Newsletter:

Nini Ebeltoft, Norway and Susanne Nyrop, Denmark have co-written a paper published in the Danish Journal of Education. In the paper, Nini and Susanne briefly introduce TAPPED IN and compare four global networking Internet learning and education communities: KidLink, TAPPED IN, Global Teenagers and Global Educators' Network. Read this paper at

Congratulations, Susanne ...


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