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Meet Mari

Let me introduce myself a little. My name is Mari Hirasawa. I'm a Japanese woman.

Please call me Mari. I like my name because it is easy to pronounce for everyone including foreigners. Everyone calls me Mari.

About my picture: I feel shy to present it to everyone.... but it is only picture that I have now because I don't have a digital camera. In the picture, I look a little fat, but now I'm a little bit slimmer because I lost weight during my stay in hospital.

About two years ago I changed my job. Now I'm working for a foreign-affiliated firm.

Many people can speak English while some people cannot. It is important that one can use English and other languages if one wishes to advance in one's career. But this is not the only the reason why I study English. I want to make many friends all over the world.

Anyway, I have attached my picture. I'm not photogenic, so, I'm embarrassed.... :-)

On August 10, 2000, Mari wrote that she had just got out of the hospital ...

Hi everyone. At last, I left hospital. I had been in hospital about 4 months because I had broken my leg. And I didn't use a computer and I couldn't read any messages. I'm very glad to join this ML again.

Faithfully Yours,
Mari Hirasawa IBM Japan, Ltd.
PSSD Fujisawa Production Control

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