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Meet Chotima, or Kay

This is my first time to join the list, so I would like to know more about the esl friends who have the same goal as I have. Usually my goal is to improve my English grammar and writing.

Hope to get some of your email soon,


Chotima has fixed her email by going over to Hotmail. While her email was out of order, she got several messages from her classmates. Chotima, Click here to see your messages.

Dear everyone,

It's Chotima again. Sorry that I lost touch with you for some period of time. I just graduated with my master's degree so the last three months I've been so busy.

I sent messages several times to some of you, and I do hope that it did not annoy you coz at that time I had a problem with my mail server. So I changed my e-mail address to So if you have any messages for me, please send them through this address.

I hope it did not bother any of you. Now I am trying to set up my homepage. So, when it's finished, please spend some time to come over and sign my guestbook :) .. It would be a pleasure for me.....

I will introduce myself more on my webpage:

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