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Sue has a web cam

Sue experiments with her webcam, November 2001
Click here to see how she participated in our chat, November 4, 2001

Sue introduces her friend to Vance [Webhead], Nov. 24, 2001

The following is when Sue first got her web cam, Nov. 3, 2001 ...

vance_stevens: got it!
mysailing: welcome
vance_stevens: you look fine
mysailing: yeah, i am fine
mysailing: does it work well?
vance_stevens: This is great.  I'll try to set mine up now
mysailing: ok, let me see how this webcam works
vance_stevens: It's working fine.  I'll run mine now.
vance_stevens: Ok, I've got mine on now
mysailing: haha, great,

vance_stevens: You are helping me here
vance_stevens: I needed to get this set up for the conference we're having
vance_stevens: So congratulations on getting a web cam
vance_stevens: This is superb

vance_stevens: I'm taking pictures of this and I'll put it on our web pages
vance_stevens: There's a bit of bad news about the webheads list
vance_stevens: It's not sending mail any more
vance_stevens: I've written yahoo about it
vance_stevens: It stopped Nov 1
vance_stevens: But the mailing list is still there, so I downloaded that
mysailing: really?
vance_stevens: So I can communicate with everybody
mysailing: so bad
vance_stevens: a bit of trouble
vance_stevens: but we can get around it.  It's good that the addresses were still there.
vance_stevens: Would you like a Polo mint?
mysailing: thanks
mysailing: i like chocolate better
vance_stevens: I'll show you my office
mysailing: is this your office?
mysailing: you have two computers
mysailing: three?
mysailing: it looks good.
vance_stevens: So where are you?
mysailing: In my office 80 person share one room
mysailing: i am at home now
mysailing: this is my room
vance_stevens: oh, can you show me the room?
mysailing: it is a mess now
mysailing: can only show you clean part
vance_stevens: You like maps
mysailing: ok, that is it
mysailing: since it is easy to check
vance_stevens: Great
mysailing: yeah, hope more people would use webcam soon.
mysailing: i just heard from John that his fell over to the ground
vance_stevens: Well, I hope you can hook it up on Sunday
vance_stevens: I dropped mine too but it still works ok
mysailing: yeah, i would try
vance_stevens: OK, I guess I should get to work now (well, for me, this IS work)
mysailing: it is really small, i mean the cameara
mysailing: ok, bye, have a good day
mysailing: bye
vance_stevens: Yeah, you've helped me
vance_stevens: Wait, do that again
vance_stevens: I'll get a picture
mysailing: you are welcome
mysailing: nice pose
vance_stevens: bye
mysailing: bye
vance_stevens: I've got to get off the phone too
mysailing: ok, bye
Yahoo! Messenger:  mysailing has logged out. (11/3/01 at 10:07 AM)

mysailing: vance, you want to try my little job today?

vance_stevens: what's that?

mysailing: it is the web cam manager. I just took picutures with it, not know whether others can see it too.

mysailing: do you have real player?

vance_stevens: yes of course

mysailing: where should i send them to you?

vance_stevens: I see, ok, send it to

mysailing: ok, wait.


mysailing: i need to find another mail function to send since hotmail can only send file under 1000kb

vance_stevens: It's ok to send big files to me at that address

mysailing: but i can not send

mysailing: sorry, i can not use hotmail to send them. it is too big to sen

vance_stevens: hmmm, let's see, if there's file sharing here ...

vance_stevens: Pull down Friend, at the bottom, send file

mysailing: for yahoo mail too, it has file size limitation

vance_stevens: You mean, through yahoo messenger? Ok, how about ICQ, have that?

mysailing: no


vance_stevens: know any ftp sites?

mysailing: sorry. i do not know.

vance_stevens: There are a couple of things you can do.

mysailing: i should input zip file ,

vance_stevens: That's one possibility

vance_stevens: Another is can get icq, at

vance_stevens: another is start a free website and then upload your file to it

vance_stevens: then give me the url and I can download it

mysailing: ok, let me try

vance_stevens: A good one for that purpose is because it allows you to put files with almost any extension on your site


mysailing: if you icq, i need to download icq?

vance_stevens: yeah, you do

vance_stevens: It's a good program though. A lot of webheads are on it.

vance_stevens: It keeps records of your messages, nice program

mysailing: it is big ? i mean to download it?

vance_stevens: 5 megabytes

mysailing: it is too big, i need to download in midnight so that it would be faster

vance_stevens: Poor Sue ... how about opening a prohosting account? And using that for file storage that others can access?

vance_stevens: If they are rm files, you could use Geocities as well

vance_stevens: or Tripod etc etc

mysailing: it is not free web, it seems

vance_stevens: hmmm, it's free for me, but maybe because I got in early. Try yahoo-geocities

vance_stevens: should redirect you

vance_stevens: <-- here's the correct address

vance_stevens: still free and you can use your yahoo id

mysailing: ok, i am signing up now


mysailing: how to upload a file?

vance_stevens: two ways, http or ftp. If not familiar with ftp then use the File Manager. Can you find that?

mysailing: yeah

vance_stevens: ok, so you find the folder in your file manager you want to upload to, then import a file (something like that) and browse for it on your computer. You can upload more than one at a time.

mysailing: hope it can work well

vance_stevens: have you figured it out? Simple once you see the way.

vance_stevens: Do you need me to walk you through it?

mysailing: , try it , i am not sure whether it is ok

vance_stevens: I can't go to your area unless you give me your password (don't do that!)

vance_stevens: You have to give me the url. That would be something like (let me see ...)

vance_stevens: ???

mysailing: it is better for me to think about it later. it does not work well now

vance_stevens: Did you upload the files to your space?

mysailing: yes, i use file manager to do it, but it does not show in hompage

vance_stevens: no there is no homepage yet. Just the files are there. What is the name of one of the files?

mysailing: Movie6.avi

vance_stevens: ok, let me try to get it ...

vance_stevens: I think I'm getting it

vance_stevens: 50% there ... what are the other file names?

mysailing: how can you do that?


mysailing: the others are nothing, i just did them by mistakes

mysailing: i mean how can you know the file names?

vance_stevens: I see a portion of your face. I may have to get this from cache, or put the url in my windows media

vance_stevens: You told me it was Movie6.avi (the capital M is significant)

vance_stevens: I tried http://www.geocities/com/mysailing/Movie6.avi and was redirected to the correct url

mysailing: it is very big

mysailing: can you see it now?

vance_stevens: Now I plugged it into Windows Media Player, and yes, I see it. Nice

mysailing: it is terrible faces. i just tried how to work on the camera.

vance_stevens: Yeah, you changed your hair too. Good!!

vance_stevens: It's fun to communicate like this. How did you record the video?

mysailing: thanks.

vance_stevens: Anyone in webheads can now get your video by the way

mysailing: it is the camera manager's function

vance_stevens: You've put it on the web

mysailing: i need to delete it since it is too terrible.

vance_stevens: I can link it from your Webheads homepage

vance_stevens: Don't do that !!???

vance_stevens: It's great!!!!

mysailing: i would take bertter photoes later

vance_stevens: Ok, up to you

vance_stevens: When you have put one up you like, just send me the file name.

mysailing: ok, i see


mysailing: at least there is a little progress today too. thanks for your help

vance_stevens: Yes, now you know how. That's great.

mysailing: i am running to gym now, see you tomorrow

vance_stevens: ok, have a good workout

mysailing: bye

Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has logged out. (11/10/01 at 3:20 PM)

vance_stevens: can I put our conversation on the internet, the one where we worked on your web page?

vance_stevens: I'm planning to make a page for your video work

mysailing: you mean the video camera?

vance_stevens: I mean the last one where we made your geocities page?

mysailing: ok, it is fine. it is still there, i remember. I

vance_stevens: our yahoo chat ... I can leave off the exact url if you want to hide your video

vance_stevens: or do you want me to use the url that shows your video file, if it's still there?

mysailing: it is fine, no need to hide. just wonder others would be scared of my faces

vance_stevens: Well, this close to halloween, it should be ok

vance_stevens: Felix got me to go out and buy a web cam

vance_stevens: I guess we must have influenced you ...

mysailing: yeah!

vance_stevens: we learn from each other

mysailing: i know web camera, never know that how it does work, after visited yours, i started to collect information of it.

vance_stevens: hey, can you maybe send an email to webheads letting us know what information you collected?

vance_stevens: Like if you have any urls ... that would help others ??

mysailing: i have no any urls actually. I asked the computer stuffs in our company. They know a lot about this thing. Mostly i got information from them.

mysailing: he told me the price of web cam, function. then i went out to buy

vance_stevens: oh, ok ..

vance_stevens: yeah, I skipped most of that, just went out to buy

mysailing: if too expensive, i can not buy

vance_stevens: you sound like a smart shopper ... I got one that has 8 meg of memory and was about $125

mysailing: most of my urls, are university and shipyards



mysailing: you could try this one, my former lab

mysailing: i am sorry, i need to leave for home now, i am still in office, hungry. almost 10pm now

vance_stevens: ok, have a nice dinner

mysailing: bye


Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has logged out. (11/12/01 at 4:58 PM)

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