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Writing Topic #3
Is it better to be a man or a woman?

Eileen | Choi | Ying Lan | Deden | Antonio

Eileen says:

I think it is better to be a man ... BUT ... If I was a man, I guess I would not say that. Everybody likes to get what they cannot get. At the same time they don't know how to treasure what they have got. Even if that is so, I still wish I WAS a boy.

If I was a boy, my mother would not need to worry about me when I get home late. If I was a boy I would not be shy about talking to other people. If I was a boy, I could travel by myself. If I was a boy, I think I could do a lot of things which I have never done. I wonder if every girl would say if I was a boy it would be better .........

Ok. BUT we cannot change our life so why not do better just as we are? 

Choi says ...

As Eileen Wang mentioned in her writing, I think being a man surely brings much more opportunity than restrictions.

I wish to become a man in my next life (although I do not totally believe in life after death). Being a woman in the 20th century I have come across many unfair things. Women have been discriminated against since history has existed. For example, my colleague, of course a man, is assigned work that needs professional training, while I, a woman, am given simpler work that does not need such professional training. Yet I graduated from a much better university and I am more proficient in English. (Good English is essential in my company.)

While Korea was experiencing economic hardship last year, many companies laid off many of their employees and most of them were women.

Ying Lan says ...

If I were a man, I would do anything I liked to do. Maybe...

But you can do a lot of things now as a woman. No need to pretend to be a man.

Being a woman, I have to confess that we cannot be treated equally as a man in some cultures and circumstances. The worst one is that I feel uncomfortable for a couple of days every month. Sometimes, I would say "If I were a man, I could do a lot of things, like chasing pretty girls, and making more money .. "

I know the truth is that there is no difference. It doesn't matter with gender. We are limited in doing some things, but there is a problem hiding here. Do you think that you are unable to do it, or do you just you not want to do it? Most of the time "we don't want to do it." It is so hard, isn't it? If there is a will, there is a way. Not to challenge God, but to challenge yourself.

Also, in the modern world, boys sometimes might do more dangerous things than girls.

Ying Lan.

This page completed up to here, October 8, 1999

A year later, Deden was cruising the Webheads website ...

I think is better to be a man ... because to be a woman, it would be very hard, because they have menstruation (sorry), they are the ones to get pregnant, take of care their children (men also) ... and they have to have a lovely body and know how to use make-up ... and they have to give birth ...

To be a man is very simple ... just work ... and work and work. In this world, men have greater opportunities than women, but ... If I see a woman become President ... for instance in my country ... I don't believe a woman can do it ... I don't know why ...(sorry again) ...

I think wars happen because of men, not women. Men always want to be heroes, leaders ... and all the leaders in this world are men ... with only a few women exceptions.


Deden, 24 Nov 2000

And Antonio replied ...

I think men and women are equally good. Both have pros and cons, and neither of them is better. However, I admit it's easier to be a man, at least in my country, because unfortunately women have fewer opportunities to succeed. I think this is completely stupid, but life's like that.

This is my theory about how this battle between the sexes began:

Long, long ago (I really mean a long time ago), men went out and searched for food while women stayed at home and looked after the children. Men had male tasks and women had female ones. Then men realized women depended on them, and they thought they could rule over the opposite sex because the women didn't know how to do "men stuff".

Then men started to abuse their "power". They didn't always do their chores and women couldn't do anything about it because they didn't know how to. Women were up to their necks with being inferior and so they became active in society. So, when men didn't do their tasks, the women became too busy with male tasks to do female tasks. Then society fell down, because nobody took care of the children and nobody provided the house with the necessary money and food.

I think women and men must have the same rights, but it's better if they have different obligations. When men and women do their obligations, then they can ask for their rights. Don't you think so?

Antonio Muñoz G.
México, DF; 25 Nov 2000

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