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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

Webheads wish you a Happy Eid or Christmas 2001,
and Happy New Year and Spring Festival 2002

See previous years' holiday greetings

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However you celebrate it, we wish you a happy end-of-year season and peace and prosperity in the coming year.
We hope to add your greetings to this page.


22 Dec 2001
Merry Christmas to all webheads wherever you may be around the globe and wishing you all great happiness and prosperity in the new year.


22 Dec 2001
I hope a X-mas full of joy to all of the community and its family. And also a Happy New Year.

Félix (Brasil)

23 Dec 2001
I'd like to join Felix in wishing everyone either a warm or cool end to the year no matter what you celebrate or where.


Maggi :-) ^o^

23 Dec 2001
Hope all of you have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


PS: Sorry I missed class today, I just got back from a three day trip to San Juan.

John's card:

24 Dec 2001
lolita 12/23/01 8:08 PM Happy Xmas and a better new year. May the Lord watch upon every one and the Light guides us to built a better world to live in. Let's pray for the peace.
Felices Fiestas para todos aprovechen a compartir paz y amor Sincerely, Gloria

Vance 12/24/01 7:20 AM Thanks Gloria. Very nice to hear from you at this time of year. I hope you will be able to join us again one Sunday, as we remember you fondly and we are still active with many new participants. We are using voice and video regularly. Merry Christmas to you and I'll pass your greeting on to Webheads.

24 Dec 2001
Dear Webheads,

For all those who celebrate Christmas - may it be a happy and peaceful time. And for everyone else (and I think probably everyone is having a holiday) enjoy the rest.

If you are working and not taking holidays, maybe you can write and tell us all what you're anybody actually working over the next few days?

Thanks to you all for being 'out there'.

Michael C.

24 Dec 2001
Well, yeah, I'll be working Christmas day. And also the day after, my birthday. We just had a week long holiday for Eid, so can't complain all that much. But I hope all the rest of you have a wonderful festive holiday vacation.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year,
Vance and Bobbi, Glenn and Dusty

24 Dec 2001

jjcyd: Hello, Vance!
vance_stevens: hi
jjcyd: It is Christmas Eve today.what do u planot do?
vance_stevens: Yaodong, sorry, I've got someone here at the moment and I have a meeting in 15 min
jjcyd: ok, i know . have a good day.
vance_stevens: sorry, feel free to say hi any time
jjcyd: Merry X-mas Eve/Day!
vance_stevens: you too!!

Yaodong returned on Christmas day in Abu Dhabi

Here are Wu and Yang

yaodong/DON/yd says: Merry X-mas to you,Vance.

Vance says: Hi Yaodong, merry christmas to you

yaodong/DON/yd says: we are in the lab and many students wear Santa Claus' red hats.

Vance says: that's nice. I should have brought mine.

yaodong/DON/yd says: Here goes a photo taken just now to you. it is Jane's photo.she wears a beautiful red hat.

Dave Kees
25 Dec 2001
At this special time of the year we wish you a Merry Christmas and New Year full of love.

Best wishes,
Dave Kees and family

25 Dec 2001
mysailing: Merry Christmas !!!

vance_stevens: Hi Xue, Merry Christmas to you.

Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has logged out. (12/25/01 at 10:05 AM)

25 Dec 2001

Lian/lotus/Ann says: vance, Merry Christmas!!!
Vance says: Hi Lian. Thanks very much. Merry Christmas to you.
Vance says: Are you celebrating today?
Lian/lotus/Ann says: no, I am going to school today, for we will have final term exam soon, so antoher busy season is coming.
Vance says: I'm at work too, but talking on MSN Messenger with my son in California and his mom here in Abu Dhabi
Lian/lotus/Ann says: great, go ahead with your talk Vance, pls remeber me to your whole family, wish them all the best.
Vance says: ok, thanks for your greeting

Ying Lan

25 Dec 2001

ying: Hi Vance
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..
Happy birthday!!
Vance: Hi Ying Lan. Thanks for the greeting. Merry Christmas to you, Vance


25 Dec 2001

Vance says: Hey Rif, Merry Christmas
Arif says:
hi there same to you!
Arif says:
how is your xmas night going?
Vance says:
I'm talking with my son in California. He just got up on Christmas morning, so we're 'opening' our presents, virtually
Arif says:
cool... I just logged on to check my emails... I need to leave now... I will check it late tonight. BTW, the connections are terrible today, because of the rain and snow.
Vance says:
I'll add your greeting <to this page>


26 Dec 2001
Wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Make sure u guys all get the squirrelsssss.hihi.
try before u read this hint--stay one place until it appears, otherwise u never ever gonna get the squirrels.

26 Dec 2001
Hi to all webheads

Although, I've been very quiet for a loooong while, I do read all your e-mails and keep up with what's going on. Hope you've had a great Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the festive season. May 2002 be a very special one, full of joys. And Happy Birthday Vance!

Lots of love

28 Dec 2001
Hi, all you beautiful Webheads!

We wish you all a happier new year 2002 from Denmark in the north Europe - where snow has fallen several times offering us a rare white christmas; tonight we have moonshine and starbright heaven, looking very romantic on the white garden as I came home by train and walked through the empty town - just around midnight.

Today, we celebrated the birthday of my grandson Christopher who is now two years old; I had found a rag doll for him, with a face looking very much like himself; we call it Mini-Chris and Big Christopher really likes to care for him! We were playing together with his little sisters Nicoline and Cecilie, four months old by now; The best part of the day was that the parents had to leave for the afternoon - so I had the opportunity to manage with an oldtimers' expertise the chaos of cute crybabies, busy bottle feeding and drained diapers, with a little help from their older brother who is so amazed by those little darling sisters. How nice to have an intuitive third eye in the neck!

Yaodong, your students dressed up with santa hats make the best christmas witness from a global Webhead friendship!

Yours, Susanne

1 January 2002
wish all of you a prosperous year. ^^


3 January 2001
Hi Vance and Webhead Members:

I also wish everyone a great and happy New year 2002 .I came to visit my cousin and his family in Elizabeth, N J for Christmas and had the opportunity to go sightseeing NY. I hope to be with you for the Sunday session. A hug ..

Juana Angela Barrientos V

Happy Holiday Season from the Webheads

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