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Meet Sophie

HI everyone!

I am just writing to the list cause I haven´t been visiting the Palace recently.

My first weekend away from the Palace was when I went away to a seaside town called Paphos. It was really especially for an opera evening. We watched Carmen staged in the town´s harbour in front of the medieval castle which was used as the stage for the performance. It was a great evening!!! We spent the rest of the weekend going to the sea and...eating!!

Last Sunday I was away from home as well. My family took me out for a wonderful lunch in the mountains. It was my nameday. Name days are very special for Greek Orthodox people. We celebrate them the same way as birthdays. We get presents, people come round to see us and there are cakes, etc. My name day (17th September) celebrates Saints Sophia (Wisdom), Elpida (Hope) and Agapi (Love).

Me and my daughter Stephanie Constantia on a little train
that goes through Nicosia town centre - taken by Ruth Vilmi,

Love to you all
Sophie, September 21, 2000

Me and my tutor, Mark, at a conference in Cyprus, taken by Ruth Vilmi,

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