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In mid July, Felix sent us a list of superstitions ...

There are many things that give you bad luck:

Some things are associated with good luck:

Other popular superstitions:

Vance responds, July 14, 2000

I thought this was interesting. Maybe we could write about this.

For example, in the USA, in many buildings, there is no 13th floor. When you get on the elevator, you can visit the 11th, 12th, 14th, etc. floors, but there is no 13th.

Michael responds, July 15, 2000

Felix sent us all the list below about superstitions. They are crazy (I think) but as Vance said, they are interesting aren't they?

I bet we could make a great list of superstitions from all our different cultures. Can anyone add any to the list below. Maybe we could make a list of 'webheads superstitions'?!

I''ve just thought of another good luck one - throwing salt over your left shoulder is supposed to prevent bad luck!

Maggi responds, July 21 2000

Here is one I use in classes: The Germans open up umbrellas inside to dry out, leaving them all up and down the hallways. In the UK and the US (and probably other places too) it is bad luck to open an umbrella inside. First time I saw it, it sort of took my breath away but now I do it too....but not often.

It is bad luck for the Germans to wish someone Happy Birthday before their birthday but quite alright to congratulate them up to weeks later....which is not nice for the US or UK because it looks like you forgot. Plus the Germans really celebrate all the 0 birthdays (20,30 etc) but the person having the birthday pays for and gives a big party. They bring cake to work too. For us your birthday is only one day a year and that is your day, so friends and family usually do all the work.

There are lots of other differences but that's enough for now.

Sorsah Sorsah responds, July 15, 2000

Hi, everybody,

Is it true that in the UK and the US people still believe in superstitions about these things? Is it bad luck to open an umbrella inside, cuz I've been here only 5 years but I never heard of that before. I'm just curious, that's all.

have a great day

Sorsah Lah

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