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Effects and Importance of Writing Environments

Papers placed here have not been corrected. All Webheads (students or teachers) are invited to submit corrections and feedback. When your corrections are posted here, you will be credited with helping out.

Environmental factors on writing (Ting's writing) Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 From: ting_cheng1981

When it comes to writing, I believe people have thousand of ways to help themselves get ready to write. Some people like to write with a nice cup of coffee, some people prefer with loud noisy rock and roll music. Some people prefer writing in McDonald¡¯s, and some people prefer writing in the school library. Of course I have my ways and styles to help me get ready when I write. The three major points that I care are place, atmosphere and rewards.

When I do my writings, I like to write in my own room because it¡¯s comfortable, informative, and clean. One of the perfect situations for me to write is to do it in my room because it¡¯s comfortable. For example, I can start my writing by sitting in my comfortable chair. When I¡¯m tired, I can lie down on my comfortable bed and get a little rest. Because I¡¯m so familiar with this cozy little space, I can do my writing well. Second, it¡¯s informative. In my room, there¡¯s everything I need when I write. I have all my references in my room, such as dictionary, my books collection and paper. For instance, if I need to use Internet to search something, I can easily log on line and do it. If I want to quote something from the books I¡¯ve read, I can find them in my room. All kinds of information that I need are in this room, that¡¯s why I call my room informative. Moreover, I always keep my room, my table and my computer desk clean. That¡¯s also another reason that I like to write in my own room. When I work on my assignments, no matter the writings, readings or presentations, I need my working environment to be clean. I like to see everything in my room is decent, which helps me to think and work faster. Because my room is so comfortable, informative and clean, the perfect place for me to write is in my own room.

Next point is about the atmosphere, including light, temperature and the sound. First of all, I like to write in a place, which has enough light. For example, when I do my work in my room, I¡¯ll turn on all the lights in my room to make myself feel good. I believe that the bright light can help me to have a clear mind. If I have a clear mind, I¡¯ll know what should I do next, then I can do everything well. So I need a lot of bright light when I write. Secondly, it¡¯s about the temperature. When I write, I need a place, which is not so cold and not so warm. The reason that I don¡¯t like to write in the caf¨¦£¨I believe some people do£©is because the air- conditioned usually make it cold. The cold temperature will slow down people¡¯s thinking as well. That¡¯s why people always feel sleepy in the computer room or conference room. The cool down temperature is just fine for people to work. The last one will be the sound. I prefer writing in a quiet, or a little low-volume music room. For instance, when I write my paper, I need to be in a noise- free room. I don¡¯t need any loud music to help me write. Sometimes, if I really have a little sound, I¡¯ll put on my classic music CD, and make the volume as low as possible, just enough for me to hear it and get to write. So light, temperature, and sound of the atmosphere is the second consideration for me when I write.

The last part is the rewards. I know most of people don¡¯t care about rewarding themselves, but I find it quite effective for helping me to write. I¡¯ll do it before, during, and after I write. Before I write, I¡¯ll write down all the material I need on a piece of paper. I¡¯ll give myself some compliments as a reward for doing my preparation, and then I start to write. The reason I¡¯ll do that is because I know a good start will make half of your work complete. During the writing, I also give myself some rewards. For instance, after finishing part of my writing work, I¡¯ll go get myself a drink, or something to eat, like cookies and chocolate. It not only helps me to refill my energy, but also get a little rest during the writing and I can continue to do the rest of my work. When I¡¯m all done with my writing, I¡¯ll go shopping to celebrate and personally, that¡¯s my favourite part. For example, I¡¯ll go to 7-11 and grab some snacks, and I¡¯ll eat them all as soon as can. Or, I¡¯ll go to the department store to buy myself a T-shirt. Rewarding myself can make me feel good about finishing my job and I know I do a very good job. Next time when I have another writing or work to do, I¡¯ll be happy to enjoy doing it.

Whenever I write, I care about place, atmosphere and rewards. These are three major things before my writing. As I mention above, millions of people have their millions ways to write. Instead of how you write, the important thing is about finishing your writing. How you write is not the thing, but handing your writing to the teachers or the professors on time is something you should think about. As long as you can find a place you like, an atmosphere you love to be and the ways for rewarding yourself, you could write it whenever and wherever you want. I believe that if you can find your own ways or styles to write, you will enjoy your writing moment all the time.

Subject: [efiwebheads] What Environmental Factors Help Me Write? Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 Pat Tien>

Whenever I am ready to start writing anything, I always do two things in advance to facilitate being in the mood for writing. First, I would turn on my CD player to listen to music. In many people¡¦s opinion, music would disturb their concentration and motivation because it makes them feel released. But as a person who gets used to have music around all the time, I need music to inspire me. Without it, musings escape far away from me. As to the type, it does not matter at all. The other essential point is time. I prefer writing in the evening to doing in the morning, especially in the late night. You can say that I am an owl; I always feel energetic when the evening approaches. No matter how long I sleep, I usually feel dizzy and sleepy in the morning. Writing, just like playing basketball, needs a lot of energy and consciousness to fulfill, so it will be a mission impossible for me to write a well-organized composition in a shot time if anyone asks me to do it in the morning.

To prove what I mention is true, I hereby am proud of declaring that this assignment is being written in one o¡¦clock A.M. and Backstreet Boys¡¦ music is surrounded.

What Environmental Factors Help me Write? 20 Oct 2002 From: ritahung80hung Rita

Writing takes time and inspirations so that it requires a good place to ponder and write. Everyone has their own requirements. There are four important elements, which make me write efficiently. First of all, I need to be embraced with a quiet surrounding. I like to be alone in a room, which makes me feel relaxed and comfortable, not with people such as in library. Some street noisy considers not a big deal, but music aside distracts my concentration. Secondly, a computer is a must. I can¡¦t write with a piece of paper and a pen; however, when I sit down in front of a computer, my hands start to type and my brain begin to think and work. Thirdly, the food. Food provides energy to the body and makes brain function. I can¡¦t think when I am hungry. Therefore, when I am writing, I prepare some cookies, snacks along with. Finally, rewards. What motivates me to do my homework quickly isn¡¦t the due date. Instead, it¡¦s the free time after finishing my assignment. If I can finish writing, then I can hang out with friends, go shopping, watch TV, and so on. So I will have the motivation to write. These are four main writing habits to push me write.

What Environmental Factors Help me Write? 20 Oct 2002 marcela becerra dmarcela Diana

Hi everybody:

I love write, is the work that i like do for all my live. For this reason i have been in many research teams.

Now i live in Miami, so i don't meet a lot of people, but i hope begin very soon to work.

About my habits i write much better under presion, the most difficult is the begginig, the white sheet is very hard, but when the inspiration come, ever is good.

The classical music can help to.


My Ideal Writing Environment 21 Oct 2002 ginny1020

Writing, as everybody knows, is difficult to the majority of people because sometimes they would lack of inspirations and suffer from the process of coming out the ideas. However, having a fine writing environment suitable for one may help one feels more comfortable while writing, for the surrounding, tools, and other substances probably are important factors determining how effective one writes.

In my opinion, creating a comfortable surrounding, including location, light, and sound, is the first step of writing activities. First of all, I must sit straightly in front of a neat desk, without too many objects such as mirror, photos, or foods on it, so that I would not be distracted by them, but concentrating on my writing. Meanwhile, a bright light is also better than a dark or soft one because the latter would put me into sleep. In addition, I love to listen to soft music like Jazz and blues when I write because it makes me relaxing and refreshes my mind so that I am able to think out ideas more easily. After the requirements are all set, then we can start writing!

When doing writing, one might need some assisted tools such as papers or pen for one to draft down one¡¦s ideas. For me, I prefer writing with a computer to paper and pen because I can save time retyping. What is better, the computer would automatically check the spelling and grammatical errors for me so that the errors can be reduced. Furthermore, dictionaries are also essential to me, especially when I am doing English writing. As not being a native speaker, I have limited vocabulary amount; therefore, I would need a Chinese-English dictionary for me to look out the words, and an English-English dictionary to check out whether the words I use are correct. The reason why I do so is because there are more than one English word which share the same pronunciation in Chinese.

Basically, equipping those elements above is enough, but it could be better if there are additional substances. To complete a writing assignment needs lots of brainstorm; it is relatively tiresome, so I usually make a cup of tea or coffee so that I can drink it when finishing a paragraph to take a short break and at the same time clears my mind. Moreover, sometimes my thought is just blocked no matter how hard I try; at that time, I choose to surf on the internet, or read my e-mail, forgetting about of my writing temporarily. I often gain inspirations after doing so and continue my writing. It is effective to me.

Writing to many people is quit a pain; however, they can make it better probably starting from creating a comfortable and stress-free writing environment. All they have to do is to find out what kind of environment is suitable for them. Then they might start to like writing instead of rejecting it.

What Environmental Factors Help My Writing? 21 Oct 2002 Cindy (ziyilu)

There are two main environmental factors help my writing, such as tools, and the rewards. Although the time is important, these two main factors make my writing more effective.

First, the tools are significant for helping my writing, for example dictionaries, grammar books, and the computer especially. I can not write without a computer in that the computer is convenient for editing the writing and searching the information. When I come up with some ideas, sentences, and vocabulary, all I have to do is to type them in the Word document immediately. After that, the procedures are moving, cutting, and pasting the words I typed; nearly, editing my writing. When I want to insert some sentences and words, I just need to move my cursor to the place I want to edit and then I insert the words. That means, distinct from pen-writing , I do not have to rewrite if there is not enough space to insert the words. What is more, the dictionaries are critical, for example the electronic dictionary, Word dictionary (a convenient tool set in Word the software) and the on-line dictionary. I use the electronic dictionary because it is faster, for example typing the letters only costs few seconds and then I get what I want, such as spellings, translations, synonyms and antonyms. Besides, when I have to write some new and professional words or I can not find the words in the dictionary, I would use on- line dictionary, GOOGLE because it not only offers the latest words, such as the computer-use words and the medical terms but also the translation, the related information and articles. Moreover, grammar books are important because they could render the correct usages of the words as well as the transitions. Correct grammar takes a significant role in the writing and transition makes the writing more organized. Also, grammar books contain a lot of nice and professional sentences for consulting. For me, they are the fantastic reference materials helping my writing. Hence, looking up grammar books is the thumb rule for writing. In a nutshell, dictionaries, grammar books and the computer are the significant tools for my writing.

Last, the rewards are the important environmental factors, for instance I promise myself rewards for getting started, for proceeding, and for finishing. For getting started, I promise myself a reward that is sleep. I suppose that writing needs energy and saps my energy. Also, I think that sleep can make me energetic. After obtaining energy, I have inspiration. Beginning to write requires inspiration. Thus, before I write this article, I have already taken well-earned rest. Namely, I own inspiration. Hence, sleep is one of the rewards for writing. Furthermore, while I am writing, I promise myself a reward that is taking to my toy which is a Winnie Bear, a Disney cartoon character. It has been with my for over one year. Talking to my toy sounds bazaar, but it is true. After writing for a while, I would feel tired, so under this circumstance, talking to my toy would make me awake and alive. Also, chatting with my toy would arouse my potential and my inspiration also. I do not know the reason why I do this; however, it is my eccentric way for writing. In addition, after finishing my writing, I promise myself two rewards that are food and surfing on Internet. Food is a stimulant which motivates me to continue to write this article and finish it. As I mentioned, writing saps my energy. While I am writing this sentence, I feel hungry. Hence, I have to push me to finish my writing and then have an extravagant meal. Besides, surfing on Internet is one of the stimulant and rewards as well. After finishing my writing, I would surf on Internet to relax for a while. In a nutshell, promising myself rewards for getting started, for proceeding, and for finishing is the important factor for helping my writing. In conclusion, on account of the two helpful environmental factors, the useful tools and the terrific rewards, I can write comfortable and effective.

Felix writes, October 21, 2002

To me, the factors that contribute to making me write are: inspiration and being confident about the subject I am suppose to write about. Brazilians in general don´t like to write because we also don't have the habit of reading (what is linked).

What Environmental Factors Affect your Writing 21 Oct 2002 alice u9031364@

A quiet, roomy and neat surroundings, in my opinion, is the most important element of all to composite a beautiful writing. I¡¦m a person not easy to have ideas writing. In addition to a good topic, I need wherever a noise-free surroundings to make myself completely calm down and organize what I am going to write. I prefer to sit in my room where no one interrupts my thinking and organization. Sometime with light background music is also helpful to come up with ideas. I usually write in the afternoon with no sustenance like tea or cookies because eating might make my thinking get stuck. However, I do like to reward myself with great meal after a long time of energy-consuming composition. Weather is another element to affect my writing mood. Hot weather in summer and freezing one in winter is so unendurable that it¡¦s impossible for me to write. Only the cool times can I keep my writing going on. Casual clothes such as T-shirt and trouser help make my feel free. It is difficult for me to concentrate in suit or tight clothes. All in all, it¡¦s very picky of me to write.

What Environmental Factors Help You Write? 21 Oct 2002 Chen Pi Yun (Beatrice) beeyun_c

Environmental factors are considerable that may affect a writer think as one is making a composition or writing an assignment, which could be places, surroundings, time, tools or clothing¡K. and so on. It is for sure everyone has his/her own requirements to reach when it comes to composing or writing a paper. Sound, place and time would be the three top basic requests for me to finish an assignment. Rock¡¦n roll or hard metal music is not allowed to be played in the surrounding where I write. I prefer a solely tranquil place so that I can active my brain more effectively without outside world¡¦s disturbing. Secondly, place also plays an important role while writing. I can write only in my study room where makes me feel safe and comfortable, even more, I am able to organize my idea more efficiently. What¡¦s more, I would rather write in late night when everybody is asleep than in the period everyone is busy on his or her business. I am easy to get distracted by the noise others make that draws away my concentration and attention. In a word, these are the needs should be fulfilled with satisfaction when I have to compose a paragraph or finish a writing or I may spend two times more to complete one.

What environmental factors help you write 21 Oct 2002 Ingrid Chang (iamingridgreter)

To produce writing is not an easy job; it requires a great deal of ideas and inspiration. Thus, environmental factors play an important role in making writing, like place, atmosphere, tools¡Ketc. For me, in my tranquil room I like to think about the ideas on the bed where I can totally feel calm and comfortable. Whenever the thoughts come out, a sharpened pencil is always the most suitable tool for me to take the notes because of its portable. In addition, sound is the crucial point for writing. In my case, I require the quietness to concentrate on cultivating the writing. No TV, music, and radio are allowed to disturb my brainwave. Furthermore, I often write in the late evening with cool temperature, but no sustenance, which would interrupt my thinking. In consequence, with such a wonderful environment, writing assignment is no longer bothersome but enjoyable.

21 Oct 2002 u9031350 Vivian

The Most Important Environmental Factors for Me As I Am Writing

Writing is a toil. Therefore, speaking of how to accomplish a composition fluently, or even at one go, the environmental factors are important for me. As for them, there are some we always talk about, such as places, surroundings, time, tools, sounds. Not all the factors are of importance for me; only two of them are: Tools and Sound. I am used to doing my writing works with computers. Every time do it in class and use my pen, there would be little inspiration and ideas coming to me. Besides, computer word-checking system can fix the wrong words, typos and some little grammar mistakes. It is the most useful tool for me in writing. Another factor, temperature, is an essential but sometimes troublesome issue for many people. I prefer playing soft music rather than quietness when writing, but some do not. For example, my cousin, who and I have the same study room, prefer the later style when she is reading. For this reason, I would use earphones when I want to listen to the music working in my writing, and she wants to read. It is hard for me to produce a composition if there is no music around my ears. All in all, different persons have different environmental factors for themselves, and for me, the two factors are the most influential.

21 Oct 2002 Pauline

Preparing to Write

When I get started to write, few environmental requirements should be done in advance. First of all, I prefer to sit in a straight, comfortable chair in front of a monitor in a clean, well- lighted and air-conditioned room with the easily tapped keyboard, with all these conditions I will concentrate upon the writing. In particular, there should be no noise and no one bothering. Music playing never helps my writing motivation. In addition, the sustenance is of necessity; a cup of hot tea and a bowl of cheese- flavored popcorn beside me will make me feel energetic to the uttermost and capable of brainstorming. Speaking of the time, it matters little to my writing. I write at anytime, every moment as long as I have sufficient sleep and am in the mood, then inspirations visit. In short, my own room that meets all my expectations of the writing environment is the preferable and ideal place for me to write. Sitting in front of my computer desk with the keyboard and my favorite sustenance, a piece of writing a pure inspiration will just come out unexpectedly.

What Environmental Factors Help Me Write 22 Oct Alia (jane_lu5244)

I like choosing a late afternoon, staying in a quiet place, and using a pencil when I want to make a composition. Unexplained, to me a clear head only comes after a nap. Therefore, I am used to snatching some sleep in a quiet corner to recover from the tiredness as well as clear the mind. When it comes to a quiet corner, I also need completely quiet space to separate from outside noise, finding some special inspiration. Though I am used to thinking with the company of music, I always turn the music off when writing. Moreover, in the minority I use pencil to compose, instead of keyboard or pen. I never deny that typing is much faster than writing on the paper. However, I still prefer handwriting for I cannot come up with anything when facing the machine. And the insistence on pencil is due to the ancient habit, which I would never get rid of. In short, nothing can inspire me to write except with a pencil, under the quietness, and in the late afternoon.

A Wonderful Writing Environment 22 Oct 2002 Iris (celene1224)

There are always some certain environmental factors influencing my composing any writing work. Music, happening to be an important one of all, is the first. I love to write with music playing aloud. Like R & B, Rock and Roll, Romantic, or even Hip-Pop music, either one is extremely my beloved company while writing. Music helps me inspire the ideas and concentrate on the work. Next, computer, an invention of modern technology, plays a crucial role in composing a piece of writing work as far as I am concerned. Frankly, I seemingly cannot write without a computer because I have fair spelling. Thus, writing with a computer assists me with spelling check function, which actually does me a great favor. A pen and a piece of blank paper simply block my inspiration whenever I have to write for I prefer to stare at the monitor and type while thinking. What else do I care about when I¡¦m writing? Food is the last one. It¡¦s hard for me to image writing with an empty stomach. It¡¦s just too cruel. Music playing around, a computer setting in front of me, and a cup of hot cocoa or some desserts being aside me create a wonderful writing environment when I strive to come up ideas.

Do Write, but Don't Just Write 23 Oct 2002 JoyceChu (hbonatic2002)

A Polish dancer, Marie Rambert once said, ¡§We want to create an atmosphere in which creation is possible.¡¨ Such comment, also explains varied environmental options people have when writing. Unfortunately, writing is so often viewed as homework instead of pleasure. How we start a draft, where we write, and what exactly we need then don¡¦t really matter that much so long as a blank sheet of paper or the white screen is stuffed with words. In the light of this, I made some conscious efforts while working on this paragraph and resulted in two main elements I need when writing. The first one of my concern is clothing. Unlike the sit-straight manner I have to remind myself of in outdoor outfit, casual clothes unwind me to in front of my laptop, especially a nice cute pajama. Another preference of mine is THE irreplaceable CD collection, ¡§Songs My Mother Taught Me,¡¨ recorded by violinist Arturo Delmoni. This romantic violin album has accompanied me through countless deep dark nights whereas composing or studying. My thoughts simply flow continuously as the beautiful melodies floats in the air. Above all, I realize how essential the two factors are to me. Figuring out your writing rules not only improves your writing proficiency, but gives you room for plenty of creativity in mind. So next time, prepare a particular setting of your own before writing, the pleasure you get out of it would be rewarding and fulfilled. And maybe someday we¡¦d share the same feeling as Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, ¡§I have known happiness, for I have done good work.¡¨

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