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Earthquake in Taiwan!!

Wed, 22 Sep 1999

Hi group,

I heard about the earthquake in Taiwan on the car radio driving down to Cape Town, and in Capetown I'm checking the egroups messages to see if there is any word from Ying Lan and Hilda. I didn't see anything on the website. Is everyone ok? If so, check in please.

Take care,


Wednesday, September 22, 1999

For the last 2 nights I have seen dreadful pictures of the damage in Taiwan. Are you OK? I hope so.....,maybe you can drop a line to the webheads and let us know.

Michael Coghlan

Wed, 22 Sep 1999

Hi Michael, Vance and Friends:

This is Ying Lan

After 0921 Chi-Chi earthquake, I am fine.

I live in the Feng Yuan City near to the quake's epicenter. Unfortunately, we are just on the dangerous Plain. Many houses along Fengshin Road leading to Feng Yuan also Collapsed. "The Gungeng Bridge, which links Fengyuan and Tungshin and Yichiang Bridge in Taiping Township collapsed in the earling morning quake..." Because the Fengshing road was destroyed... and bridge was broken... ... The communication systems were also destroyed. Missions of cell phones have gone down for two days. It is difficult to help the refugees.

My family are lucky, nobody hurt and our houses are still safe. But .... a lot of people lost their houses and family. One family of friends' lived in my house last night. The youngest son was shocking when we had dinner with the small light. Several substation were destroyed. No water, no electricity, no gas...

I am shame now. Because I am home ....

I also worry about my friends and officemates...

Only praying is not enough, but nothing I can do except praying.

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks for Foreign Rescue Crews arrive here, Just wonder why they need China's Government's consent.

Ying Lan

Wed, 22 Sep 1999

Hi, everyone.

I could not be more safe coz i stayed in the hospital on duty on that night. It's a overwhelming diasterous quake. One of the staff in our pediatric department came there to help the refugees. Glad to hear that Ying is fine. U r lucky . Let us praying for the ppl in sorrow.


Wed, 22 Sep 1999

Glad to hear you and your family is all right Ying... But it seems that lately disaster are occuring much more than ever.. Is that the start of the end of the world? I do believe in the prophecies said on the last book of the Bible (Revelations)..

How about Hilda?? Where are you?? Safe? I pray God you are.


Wed, 22 Sep 1999


My prayers are with you........keep the faith....Martha

hu, 23 Sep 1999

Dear everyone,

First, I am glad to know Yinglan is OK in the Taiwan's quake and sorry for the suffering of the people there. Many people in the world are trying to help them.


Fri, 24 Sep 1999

Hi Ying Lan,

I just got your email, I doubted there were some problems for my mail box. I am very glad to hear from you after Such strong earthquake. It is a good message for us (all of your friends in internet) that you are OK.

Hope to hear from you again


Fri, 24 Sep 1999

Hi Ying

Thanks God you are ok.

I was thinking about you after the news of the earthquake. I was hoping that you were ok. Fortunately you are fine.

When such things happen we don't know what to say. I know you are doing go ahead nice girl.



Tue, 28 Sep 1999

Hi Friends:

A strong aftershock shook Taiwan at about 8 a.m. last Sunday. Measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, it was terrible. I just woke up lying on the bed.... suddenly, I got up quickly running to out of my house. Three people killed , 58 injured and several buildings collapsed by the strong aftershock. There was no electricity, no water all the day.

I feel restless these days....

I can not read books any more...

I watched the news on TV all the day to try to understand what happened here.

Can you imagine the mountains moving on? And houses flying over to another mountain during the earthquake? One of my classmates lost her daughter, and her husband injured. She said she was lucky to survive from the collapsing building with smile..

With smile, but my hear was broken.

I was afraid that she was calm.

On another hand, she is strong enough to face the future.

She has no time to think her sadness... Her family need her to rebuild her house.

She has to take care of her younger son and her husband.

A doctor said "We Taiwanese are used to being in bad situations. We adjust quietly and see the positive side of things."

I hope so.

Ying Lan

Wed, 29 Sep 1999

Ying san, I couldn't think of a word for you......

I can only say I'm glad to hear that you are fine.

I'm afraid if a big earthquake will happen in Japan, what can I do. I've never experienced big one, but I hate it if it is small. I'm a timid person...

Faithfully Yours,

Mari Hirasawa

Wed, 29 Sep 1999

Hi yinglan,

I'm also would like to say that I'm thinking of you . I glad that you're fined. I think everything gonna be positive things if we look in that way.

Tomorrow everyone gonna go to school again and everyone will have smile in their face. the bad things never happen long

Take care,

Chotima :)

Sunday, October 3, 1999 - ch03oct9.htm - Ying Lan made it to the online class and, in response to our questions, gave us details about the earthquake and its aftermath. She told us, for example, that when President Lee visited Taichung, near the epicenter of the quake, his helicopter put down in an elementary school, knocking a branch off a tree which killed a child on the spot. One problem the Taiwan government faces is the question of whether people must repay loans on homes destroyed in the quake, and how to then get money to the 100,000 homeless who will need it to rebuild their homes. Since Ying Lan works in a bank, it is a problem she faces as well. It is hard for bank workers in Taiwan to deal with such problems when some have lost family members in the disaster, and others are still sleeping in cars for fear of aftershocks.

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