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Should there be prohibitions on smoking in closed places?

Riccardo starts a topic, 19 July, 2002 -

Hello everybody. I've just joined the group!
What do you think about prohibitions on smoking? Are those laws too excessive?

Antonio responds, July 21, 2002

Hello! I think it depends on who is prohibited to smoke. I think regulations for people under 18 are OK, because their lungs are still too young and they are growing, smoking can inhibit or alter the regular process of lung growth. In Mexico it is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 18, however this is not always taken very seriously. President Vicente Fox proposed a law to prohibit cigarette advertisements. I am not sure but I think this law just applies to TV advertisements. In any case I think that is too much.

Are there any similar laws in your countries? What is the legal age for buying cigarettes in your countries?

Well, that's all for now.


Riccardo responds, 21 July, 2002 -

Hello Antonio,

In Italy if you read on a cigarette packet it says: -minors must not smoke-. But they can buy cigarettes and I don’t know whether there’s any law that forbids minors from smoking!

However I didn’t mean this (prohibiting minors from smoking): I’m talking about smoking in public places like restaurants, workplaces, offices, schools, and other enclosed places. I agree that smoking is dangerous to our health , and that people who smoke damage people who do not smoke, but I think that such laws are excessive!

Sorry for my English, I’d be glad if somebody corrected this text.

Best regards, Riccardo

Vance responds, July 21, 2002

Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for starting an interesting topic on Webheads. Of course I've corrected your English before putting your writing on this page.

What you feel about prohibition on smoking probably depends on whether you smoke or not. I don't smoke, and I hate being around smoke. It makes my clothes and hair smell bad, and I just don't like breathing it. I feel the world is a better place now that I don't have to breathe other people's smoke as much as I did before.

I have friends who smoke and I appreciate it when they are considerate of my desire not to breathe their smoke. I was recently driving across the UAE with smokers who would not smoke in my car, thinking it would bother me. But they wanted to stop often for 'tea' so I finally got them to smoke in the car with the windows down. It didn't bother me at all, and they were glad I considered their need to smoke.

As to whether it is fair to regulate it or not, partly because I don't smoke, I think it is. I understand that smokers feel they have a right to smoke where they please, but I don't think smokers are able to understand what an imposition their smoking is on non-smokers. Breathing clean air is also a basic right, and one smoker will foul the air for everyone in a room. If governments can put regulations on factory pollution, why not on pollution from smokers?

Are there any smokers here who think that smoking should be prohibited in closed places, or non-smokers who think it should be allowed?


Félix asks, July 22, 2002

Do you smoke Ricardo?

Rif writes, July 22, 2002


I would like to welcome and say hi to Riccardo. Very interesting topic indeed! I don't smoke and I do not want to be around when people are smoking. However, there are some occasions when you just cannot avoid it or ask people not to smoke. Especially, what would you say to your boss, if s/he smokes, and if you are 100% sure that your reaction would affect your relationship with your boss? Also, if it is not prohibited and if you are taking a bus trip?

more later...


Riccardo writes back, 22 July, 2002 -

Hello Felix.

I smoke a little, very little. If you smoked near to me, even though I would not like your behaviour, I would try to tolerate you. I agree with prohibition on smoking in some places like workplaces, public offices, schools, hospitals… but in a café or a pub or a disco I love smoking! I think that people who smoke are quite stupid (including me) and we often don’t respect the others and I’m very sorry… but we exist! Be tolerant with smokers!

If you often snore during at night so your wife can’t sleep, I think she would prefer you to smoke! I’m joking of course.


Riccardo (not Ricardo)
Ricardo is Spanish while Riccardo is Italian

Félix asks, July 22, 2002

What a paradox, Riccardo? You smoke but don't like the smoke? What I think is good in smoking is the smell. The only situation that I don't like to smell it is in a bathroom or in closed places (like buses). I smoke 2 packs a day (too much). It's hard to quit but one day I will (before I die, I mean. hahahaha).

I have a funny (and impolite) story to tell you. Once I was driving to Porto Seguro with some friends and one of them hated cigarrettes. She started complaining and I stopped the car and said (in a funny tone of voice). You don´t like cigarrettes uh? No problem, I will take you to the next bus station and you can go to Porto Seguro by bus.


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