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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

Webheads chat logs from December 23, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance BJB Ying Lan Maggi Susanne Dan Arthur Sue Felix Yaodong Michael John
UAE Pennsylvania Taiwan Germany Denmark Wisconsin Ireland Japan Brazil Liuzhou, PRC Australia Pennsylvania
and Webheads and visitors to Tapped In Joanna in Malaysia, MdA in Hyderabad, Robert, Daniel and Richard from Uganda, Shunichiro in Japan, George, and ...

Find where everyone first joined the chat: BJB | Vance | Joanna | Ying Lan | Maggi | Susanne | MdA | DanB | Arthur | Sue | Robert | Daniel / Richard | Shunichiro | Felix | George | DavidW | Yaodong | JohnSte | Michael

Today's chat was cozily crowded with numerous Webheads gathered round the yule log the day before Christmas eve. With many newcomers having joined us as well, the chat illustrated perfectly Vance's characterization of emoderation having much in common with herding cats. Some attempt was made to 'stay on topic' when BJB and Vance tried to negotiate getting the classes of DanielKa and Shunichiro hooked up with Webheads in the middle of Maggi and Felix's discussion on international commerce and SAP financial software. Ying Lan told us of her visa problems and the death from cancer of a close friend with two kids. Susanne was concerned about how to protect oneself from scam emails Vance told stories of a recent trip to formerly remote mountain villages in Oman that now have roads, and of an evening spent with Portuguese girls on a remote island off the coast of Brazil. Felix joined us and got us trying to work out when carnival is. We were thinking to form a virtual samba school when DavidW arrived, sending everyone over to virtual ballroom dancing. Yaodong came on with his Webcam and he and Vance had a voice and webcam conversation on Yahoo. John missed the class because he was on his way home to Puerto Rico for the holidays. Michael's holidays were so relaxing he simply forgot what day it was.

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Tapped In chat logs

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Dec 23 03:12:48 2001 PST.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Vance

VanceS says, "hey beejay"

BJB asks, "How are things in your part of the world?"

VanceS says, "looks like I still have some workly duties"

VanceS says, "someone just called"

VanceS says, "but he's coming over and will be here in a minute. How is it in frigid PA"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods. I'm multitasking, so no problem. It's still dark here in frigid PA :-)

VanceS asks, "dark and frigid PA ... damp too?"

BJB [HelpDesk] grins...too cold to be damp

BJB says, "I'm cozy warm in sweaters and basking in the glow of the monitor."

VanceS says, "I must be fortunate. I am basking in the glow of many monitors."

VanceS says, "and munching dates"

BJB says, "ohhhh.....dates sounds good."

VanceS says, "they grow on trees around here"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods. I just finished a carrot cake muffin

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if we could grow muffins on trees

VanceS exclaims, "scrummy!"

VanceS [Webhead] has combined scrumptuous and yummy

BJB [HelpDesk] chuckles...ever the chaos navigator...even in words!

VanceS . o O ( chaos cogitator )

BJB [HelpDesk] grins....chaos lexicographer?

BJB . o O ( obviously a man of MANY talents! )

JoannaN has connected.

BJB exclaims, "Hi, Joanna. Welcome!"

JoannaN exclaims, "Hi BJB!!"

BJB drops 2001/12/23 WebHeads (recording).

JoannaN exclaims, "Hi Vance!"

BJB [to Joanna]: "are you here to join us for the Webheads discussion?"

JoannaN asks, "BIB, are you really here or is this just a recording?"

JoannaN says, "yes, for WebHeads"

ying has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles...yes, I'm really here.

BJB says, "hi, Ying. Good day."

ying [guest] says, "Hi"

JoannaN asks, "What does it mean when you drop your recording?"

ying [guest] exclaims, "Merry Christmas!!"

JoannaN says, "Hi Ying"

ying [guest] says, "I am pretty lazy to send out any Christmas Cards... even an E-card."

BJB [to Joanna]: "I placed a recorder in the room so Vance can have a transcript for his chat logs"

ying [guest] asks, "Which room should I be there?"

JoannaN asks, "I see. Is Vance here?"

ying [guest] says, "I read his name... I think he is watching.."

BJB [to Ying/Joanna]: "WebHeads meets here in reception"

BJB . o O ( Vance is meeting in real life with someone who came to his office )

JoannaN says, "It must be very early in the Staes now."

JoannaN says, "States"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods...6:30am

VanceS says, "Hi Joanna, sorry, real life has this way of intervening sometimes"

JoannaN says, "yikes"

ying [guest] says, "i just watched a big news on TV 10 minunitnates ago."

VanceS says, "Hi Ying Lan, what's the news"

BJB [HelpDesk] hasn't watched the news yet today...listens to Ying

VanceS [Webhead] checks

JoannaN says, "It's ok, Vance but I think it's awesome that you have a meeting or discussion at 6.30 a.m. :-)"

ying [guest] says, "Another terrorit wanted to explore an airplane when its flight from Paris to Miami..."

BJB says, "It's not that early for Vance"

ying [guest] says, "But he was caught by the stward and passangers."

BJB [to Joanna]: "Vance is closer to you than to me!"

VanceS says, "Here it's 3:35 p.m. (in Abu Dhabi)"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Ying.

ying [guest] asks, "Have you read the news?"

VanceS says, "I heard that news this morning. At least all passengers were safe."

JoannaN laughs

ying [guest] says, "I have not gotten my working visa... It will be worse..."

JoannaN asks, "working visa? where are you, Ying?"

BJB says, "that news broke last night for us...while you were sleeping, Ying."

ying [guest] says, "Yes, it was a close call."

JoannaN asks, "Was a place hijacked?"

BJB says, "the plane was not hijacked."

JoannaN checks cnn too

ying [guest] says, "I am from Taiwan."

VanceS says, "It wasn't hijacked exactly. But it was escorted to Boston by 2 f-15's"

ying [guest] says, "escort? I just forget the word."

BJB says, "to keep company...go with"

VanceS says, "It was destined for Miami. <smiles at Ying Lan>"

JoannaN says, "oh no"

BJB . o O ( two fighter planes went with the the plane to Boston, Ying )

VanceS says, "Some guy had explosives in his shoes"

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.
MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Maggi

ying [guest] asks, "How do you explain 'something" to a begining leaner?"

MargaretD says, "Hi"

JoannaN says, "Hi Margaret. Pleased to meet you"

MargaretD asks, "the word Ying?"

ying [guest] says, "Not "some guy" is one guy.. who held a fake British passport."

JoannaN asks, "illegal immigrant?"

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "can you explain what a 'thing' is? an something would be an object"

ying [guest] says, "Yes, the word.. "something".. it is a joke in my English class."

MargaretD says, "thing has to do with an object like BJB said"

VanceS says, "Hi Maggi. I was reading the CNN news report."

ying [guest] says, "What is "something"? a student asked... The teacher who is a native speaker had to explain 'something" to her students."

JoannaN says, "I can't understand why my 'who's here' and 'what's here' windows won't load up"

BJB [to Joanna]: "when all the webheads have logged in, we can do introductions."

VanceS [Webhead] grins

BJB [to Joanna]: "try clicking on UPDATE"

JoannaN says, "OK< BJB"

VanceS asks, "As long as we're doing intros, how do you make a 'calling card' to flash on demand like you guys do?"

BJB says, "that's a note, Vance."

JoannaN says, "Works now. Thanks."

VanceS asks, "ok, so how do you make one?"

BJB says, "if you have a web window open or are connected with tapestry click on NEW NOTE"

JoannaN says, "Tapped In is the only MOO I know which has a 'project' command. cool."

VanceS [Webhead] gets Note_43964 from the vending machine.

BJB says, "Then delete the note number text...and give your note a name"

MargaretD says, "I would explain Ying that "thing" is used for an object, "one" or "body" for person and "where" for a place."

BJB says, "then enter the body of your note and click on save"

ying [guest] says, "What about I want to do something.."

ying [guest] says, "a thing .. not a person , not a place... just something."

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "then thing is an action"

ying [guest] exclaims, "Great!"

MargaretD says, "then you want to do a particular thing and say what"

SusanneN has arrived.
DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.
TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

BJB says, "some just makes it generic, Ying...similar to 'any'"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Susanne good day

JoannaN says, "Hello Susanne"

SusanneN [Xmas preparing, busy] hugs all of you

SusanneN says, "hi Joanna"

ying [guest] says, "Sometimes, people conderside it is a sensetive thing.. they use 'something" to replace some certain things."

MdA has connected.

BJB says, "Hi, MD"

SusanneN [Xmas preparing, busy] waves hi to Md

JoannaN says, "Hi MD"

ying [guest] says, "Hi md..."

ying [guest] asks, "Md, Have I met you before?"

SusanneN says, "I have to leave so I can send some postcards before they empty the mailbox"

MdA says, "hai BJB"

VanceS says, "hi Sus"

BJB [to Susanne]: "please come back after you mail your postcards."

ying [guest] says, "Nice to talk to you. SUsanned."

MdA [to Ying [guest]]: "no"

SusanneN says, "I just leave my recorder here so I can follow todays' conversation :-))"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Susanne

VanceS [Webhead] waves BJB [HelpDesk], JoannaN, ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [Xmas preparing, busy], and MdA.

SusanneN says, "I hope to be back later, after lunch"

SusanneN exclaims, "See you all soon!"

VanceS [Webhead] waves bye

JoannaN says, "Bye, Susanne"

BJB [to VanceS]: "now type /project whoozvance"

MdA [to BJB]: "how ere you"

SusanneN looks very absent, will come back later.

BJB [to Md]: "fine thanks...I'm looking forward to today's webhead discussion...we have some new participants"

VanceS asks, "Hi Md, who are you?"

VanceS [Webhead] projects WhoozVance.

My name is Vance and I'm CALL Coordinator at a language institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
You can find out more about me at And you?

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

BJB says, " might not want the url in the url box, Vance"

VanceS says, "uh oh, apologies to maggi"

BJB says, "when you project your note, the url gets projected too"

VanceS says, "not intentional"

VanceS says, "yep, I'll go back and remove that"

BJB . o O ( a learning experience )

MargaretD says, "np0 proble"

BJB [to VanceS]: "do you know how to edit your notes?"

ying [guest] says, "One of my classmates passed away on last Saturday... I did not know that she had cancer until I got the mail."

VanceS says, "I'm glad it didn't bump you"

MargaretD says, "it worked"

MdA [to Ying [guest]]: "where from you are"

JoannaN says, "That was so cooool. For me. :-)"

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "oh, how sad. My deepest condolences."

ying [guest] says, "not Last Saturday... 12/15."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan, I'm sorry to hear about another death of one of your friends"

MargaretD says, "that is sad Ying"

JoannaN says, "Sorry to hear that, Ying."

ying [guest] asks, "Life is ????"

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "life is meant to be appreciated...we must learn to be grateful for every day and all our friends and family"

ying [guest] says, "I AM CARELESS,,,,,,... she made phone calls to me sometimes when she was in good health."

DanB has arrived.
Seeing Eye follows DanB to here.

MargaretD says, "I think death is a part of life Ying and you need to make the most of life while you have it"

DanB exclaims, "Hello, all!"

JoannaN says, "Hi Dan"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Dan

ying [guest] says, "After earthquare, I tried to cantact her, but I could not reach her... I just thought she was busy to rebuilt her new house."

MargaretD says, "Hi Dan"

ying [guest] says, "I did not know that she had some chemcial treatment at that time."

DanB says, "Hello, Joanna, Margaret."

VanceS asks, "Hi Dan. How old was she, Ying Lan?"

ying [guest] says, "Hi, Dan."

ying [guest] says, "My age.. 37."

MargaretD says, "I'm sure she does not blame you Ying"

DanB says, "Hi, Ying, Vance."

ying [guest] says, "She married.. left one daughter and one son."

ying [guest] says, "Her husband is a docter... She did not work after her wedding ceremony."

MargaretD says, "then she enj9oyed spending time with her children"

ying [guest] says, "She wanted to be a lawyer when she graduated from the Law school."

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "sometimes there is nothing that anyone can say to help ease grief. We all have experienced this loss....or will someday."

ying [guest] says, "Yes... I was so envey her... and I was so happy that she was happy to marry her husband."

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "she must have had many years of happiness with her husband and children...that is good to think about."

ying [guest] says, "Yes, she had."

MargaretD says, "yes it is Ying"

VanceS exclaims, "what a loss for her family!"

ying [guest] says, "Her children are undre 10..."

MargaretD says, "she will always be with them"

ying [guest] says, "Now, the children will be taken by their grandmother."

ArthurM has connected.

MargaretD says, "Hi Arthur"

VanceS says, "Hello Arthur"

DanB says, "Hello, Arthur."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves good day to Arthur

ying [guest] says, "he Arthur."

ying [guest] says, "hi"

BJB [HelpDesk] looks at Vance and wonders if we should start introductions?

ArthurM exclaims, "Ho ho ho! for christmas, folks!"

VanceS says, "I've deleted the url from mine so it should go ok"

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles at the jolly Arthur

MargaretD says, "white here"

JoannaN says, "Hi Arthur"

VanceS [Webhead] takes hint from BJB "So, should we all introduce ourselves?"

JoannaN grins at Arthur

BJB says, "Hi, everyone. I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania, USA and a staff for TAPPED IN"

MdA [to BJB]: "plz talk 2 me"

VanceS [Webhead] projects WhoozVance.

My name is Vance and I'm a consultant for Amideast <>
working as coordinator for computer-assisted language learning at
a language institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE <>.
You can find out more about me here <>. And you?

JoannaN says, "You're so lucky, Margaret. I just read in the news that so few cities have white Christmasses these days"

VanceS asks, "Hi MdA. Would you like to introduce yourself?"

BJB [to Md]: "you are in the webheads discussion. Can you introduce yourself to the group?"

ArthurM says, "I was in EFL, in Sweden, Middle east and Libya for 15 years, and now teacher in the faculty of Business and management at the university of Ulster in Northern ireland teach"

JoannaN says, "Sorry. I'm lagging."

MdA [to BJB]: "sure"

MargaretD says, "I'm a Business English trainer in-company in Germany and volunteer teacher for Webheads"

VanceS asks, "MdA, where are you from?"

ying [guest] says, "My name is Ying Lan... a non-English-speaker here. Definitely, I am a learner here."

ying [guest] says, "I am from Taiwan."

MdA [to VanceS]: "I'am from india"

VanceS asks, "Welcome MdA. Where in India?"

MargaretD asks, "Where in India MdA?"

Sue has connected.

DanB says, "Hello, Sue."

BJB [HelpDesk] bows to Sue and hugs

MargaretD says, "Hi Sue...^^-^^"

MdA [to Marg]: "hyderabad"

ArthurM exclaims, "Sue, welcome!"

Sue [guest] says, "Hello, ALl"

VanceS says, "Hi Sue. Sue is living in Japan, MdA"

BJB [to Sue [guest]]: "we are doing introductions because we have some new participants joining us today"

JoannaN says, "I taught English in high school and college. I'm studying MOOs for my M.Ed and am working for the National IT Council in Malaysia"

MdA [to VanceS]: "wer from U R"

MargaretD asks, "What do you do MdA?"

MdA [to Marg]: "B.Yech"

JoannaN says, "I'm a Chinese Malaysian"

MdA [to Marg]: "sorry B.Tech"

VanceS [Webhead] shows WhoozVance to MdA.

MdA says, "hai vances what do u do"

Sue [guest] asks, "Who is the new member? MdA?"

BJB [HelpDesk] waits for Md to scroll back and read Vance's note

BJB [to Sue [guest]]: "and Joanna"

MargaretD says, "He is from India"

VanceS says, "MdA is from Hyderabad, in India"

RobertBY has connected.

MdA [to All]: "I'am a student of electronics and communication engineering"

MargaretD says, "Hello Robert"

DanB says, "Hi, Robert."

BJB says, "Hi, Robert. Welcome"

VanceS says, "Hello Robert"

MdA says, "I know Bjb"

VanceS asks, "MdA, did you come here for the Webheads discussion?"

MargaretD says, "she is kewl Mda"

MdA says, "no"

RobertBY says, "Good morning to all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

BJB [to Md]: "all the people here are very friendly :-)"

MdA [to Marg]: "what is kewl?"

BJB [to Md]: "the WebHeads is an international ESL/EFl group of teachers and learners"

MdA says, "thank U bjb"

MargaretD says, "cool MdA...means nice"

ying [guest] asks, "Sue... When will you go to USA?"

RobertBY asks, "Is this a meeting or class session?"

DanielKa has arrived.
Personal_Recorder_27669 (recording) has arrived.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves a warm welcome to Daniel

DanB says, "Hi, Daniel."

MdA [to BJB]: "will U please intrpduce me some of them"

Sue [guest] says, "ying, soon, after new year"

MargaretD says, "hi Daniel"

VanceS says, "This is both, sort of, Robert"

ying [guest] says, "Neither one of them.. only chatting and communication."

BJB [to Robert]: "this is an informal meeting"

MdA [to Marg]: "where from you are?"

DanielKa says, "Hullo Everyone, Greetings from Uganda"

RobertBY asks, "What is the topic being covered today?"

BJB [to Md]: "the best way to learn about everyone here is to read what they say"

ying [guest] says, "I got three answers .. it depends on your opinion."

VanceS says, "This is Webheads, htm"

MargaretD says, "I am living in Germany mdA."

ying [guest] asks, "Do you like to create a new topic?"

DanB says, "I live in Wisconsin, USA."

RobertBY asks, "How is the wether in Germany?"

ying [guest] says, "I guesss.. it is pretty cold in Germany."

MdA [to Marg]: "may i know what do U do?"

Sue [guest] asks, "Will John log in today?"

ying [guest] says, "White Christman."

MargaretD says, "snow and cold Robert"

ying [guest] says, "Not yet..."

RobertBY says, "I am from Michigan"

DanielKa says, "Hullo DanB"

VanceS says, "Here in the UAE it's very pleasant out, sunny but cool"

MdA [to Roberyt]: "where is it?"

DanB waves Hi to Daniel

MargaretD says, "I teach business English here MdA."

ying [guest] says, "cool.... for it is hot."

ying [guest] says, "for me.. it is hot."

DanielKa says, "Hullo BJB"

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles...I'm so glad you could join us today, Daniel!

VanceS asks, "BJB copied me on some correspondence to Daniel. What was that about?"

RobertBY says, "I am in Charlotte Michigan and it is near Lansing the capital city. It is cold today."

ying [guest] says, "hi Daniel."

MargaretD exclaims, "It must be warm in Uganda too!"

MdA [to Marg]: "will U please teach me english since I hane to appear 4 TOEFL"

DanielKa says, "Uganda is warm at this time of the year"

VanceS says, "MdA, we help people with English by giving them the opportunity to practice and use their English"

RobertBY asks, "MDA, where are you from?"

DanielKa says, "Yes Ying, where are you from"

MdA says, "hyderabad india"

JoannaN is lagging very badly.

ying [guest] says, "I heard that...there is not snow in New York this year."

ying [guest] says, "I live in Taiwan."

MdA [to Marg]: "ok"

MargaretD says, "The best is to get some practice tests MdA."

ying [guest] says, "no snow."

DanielKa asks, "Ying, how is Taiwan?"

VanceS [Webhead] takes attendance: BJB [HelpDesk], JoannaN, ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [very absent, will come back later], MdA, DanB, ArthurM, Sue [guest], RobertBY, and DanielKa.

RobertBY asks, "da, are you in Inda at the present time?"

ying [guest] says, "There are some answers to "How is Taiwan?'"

VanceS [Webhead] jokes - "Should we count Susanne present?"

DanielKa says, "Ying, just the weather"

ying [guest] says, "Weather is good this winter... we got few cold days here."

MdA [to Marg]: "how is your country will U please discribe in short as4as educatio is concerned"

ArthurM says, "It is cold in Belfast, but geneally pleasant"

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles...we better or she'll yell at us when she reads the chat log :-)

ying [guest] says, "Yesterday was very cold..."

RobertBY says, "The USA is fantastic for educational opportunities."

MargaretD says, "i live in Germamny MdA but am not here is good"

ying [guest] says, "But USA government stop releasing students visa."

ShunI has arrived.
Shun's Recorder follows ShunI to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] bows to Shun. Welcome!

DanB says, "Hello, Shun."

MargaretD says, "Hi Shun"

ying [guest] says, "hello shun."

MdA [to Robert]: "I know but due to war some people is saying that the economy of US is declined"

VanceS says, "Hi Shunichiro"

ShunI says, "Hello, everybody."

BJB [to Sue [guest]]: "did you have any problem with getting your visa?"

ShunI says, "Hi, Vance."

DanielKa says, "Welcome ShunI"

Sue [guest] says, "no, bjb."

ShunI says, "Thanks Daniel."

ying [guest] says, "yes... i have a big problem."

RobertBY asks, "MargaretD,what part of Germany are you in at this time?"

MargaretD says, "the whole world will decline a little with it MdA."

VanceS asks, "What is the problem exactly, Ying Lan?"

BJB says, "Sue is coming to the US very Texas."

ying [guest] says, "My friend's school will start on 2002,01 16 but he still has not gotten his student's visa."

VanceS asks, "When are you traveling, Sue?"

Sue [guest] says, "Jan.3"

JoannaN checks how bad her lag is.

MargaretD says, "I live south of Frankfurt Robert."

ying [guest] says, "he has already enrolled his medical school"

BJB [HelpDesk] reminds everyone that if you are on tapestry you can click on DETACH to make your text window larger and easier to read.

VanceS asks, "That's soon, Sue. Did you have any trouble getting a visa?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JoannaN has disconnected.

BJB . o O ( oops...lost Joanna )

ying [guest] says, "He has spend over 10 years in USA... but he still can not get the visa."

ying [guest] says, "spent"

MargaretD . o O ( maybe frustrated )

VanceS . o O ( my ICQ crashed at about the same time )

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, I have a few friends from there and know a lot of military people that are retired there. I understand that Germany is a fantastic place for education as well as living."

Sue [guest] says, "no, vance. maybe i should say i am lucky. I am having problem with my letters now"

DanielKa says, "Thanks BJB, I was finding problem reading from a small window"

ying [guest] asks, "letters?"

MargaretD says, "I like it Robert...:-)"

VanceS asks, "Haven't you been accepted at A&M Sue?"

Flix has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Flix

ying [guest] says, "Dear Flix.. Merry Christmas."

Sue [guest] says, "no, i mean recommendation letters. I am deadly writing it now."

DanB says, "Hello, Flix."

VanceS says, "Hi Felix. My ICQ crashed midway from a message from you."

ShunI says, "Hello, Felix."

Flix [guest] says, "Hi all"

VanceS says, "miway through I meant"

Sue [guest] says, "hello, Felix"

BJB [to Flix [guest]]: "type /rename flix to Felix"

GeorgeGr arrives from nowhere.
GeorgeGr's personal recorder follows GeorgeGr to here.

ying [guest] says, "Sue... ask Vance to help you."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Xing

VanceS [Webhead] sputters "midway" and "through" pffft

GeorgeGr waves to bjb

MargaretD says, "Hi Felix"

JoannaN has connected.

MdA [to Robert]: "may i know your location in USA"

DanB says, "Hi, George."

BJB [HelpDesk] welcome back, Joanna!

GeorgeGr says, "hi,danb"

Sue [guest] says, "I would later, Ying. :)"

GeorgeGr bows to all

ying [guest] asks, "How many people we have ?"

JoannaN says, "Hello again. Decided to reconnect. Bad lag."

DanB asks, "Better now, Joanna?"

BJB exclaims, "wow...15 people today!"

MargaretD asks, "better now Joanna??"

BJB . o O ( including the lurking Susanne )

You hear a quiet popping sound; MdA has disconnected.

Flix [guest] asks, "How can I change my name?"

ying [guest] says, "Wow... I don't have enought time to read the context... BJB.. the window is too small."

BJB [to Felix]: "type /rename flix to Felix"

ArthurM asks, "BJB - and LOTS of new folk?"

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, My wife and I are planning a trip to Spain and I wanted to stop in Germany for a week or two as well. Do you have any suggestions for places to visit. I am interested in the educational institutions as well as the big Cities."

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "click on DETACH in the middle right of your screen"

JoannaN says, "Not much better."

Felix [guest] exclaims, "This room is crowded today uh?? That's amazing!"

ying [guest] asks, "Where is "DETACH"?"

VanceS asks, "does anyone seriously think we could all stay on a topic at any of these sessions?"

MargaretD says, "Well, Robert, depends on what type of education you are looking for,."

Felix [guest] says, "That's a rough question Vance!!!!!!! :o))"

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, Major universities."

VanceS says, "I think the topic is Germany right now ..."

You hear a quiet popping sound; ArthurM has disconnected.

BJB holds up a BIG sign: suggestion, if I may?

VanceS says, "But I'm going to change it to "HOW'S FELIX?""

Felix [guest] exclaims, "I was invited to visit German on my next vacation!"

JoannaN grins

ying [guest] asks, "Really?"

VanceS [Webhead] tries to read BJB's sign above all the head bobbing up and down

BJB says, "we have a few people here who are interested in using webheads as a contact point for classes..."

JoannaN asks, "What do you guys usually talk about on WebHeads?"

MargaretD says, "each ity has one that usually here in Darmstadt robert is a technical university."

BJB asks, "could we help them out?"

ying [guest] says, "all about life..."

VanceS says, "Good suggestion, BJB"

Felix [guest] asks, "how have you been doing Ying?"

VanceS says, "This is pretty typical of what we do Joanna"

JoannaN grins at Vance.

ying [guest] says, "I lost my classmate last week."

VanceS [Webhead] listens to Felix and Ying Lan; meanwhile ..

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, I am a major in the Industrial Arts/Technology Education. I am finishing up my masters degree in the same area."

VanceS asks, "Daniel and Shinichiro-san, you have students you would like to find pals for, right?"

ying [guest] says, "I have not gotten my working visa.. I can not be New York now."

ShunI says, "Yes, maybe starting in April."

DanielKa says, "I have students who would like some mentors"

MargaretD says, "then Darmstadt is good..or majorcities in the north like Hamburg Robert"

Felix [guest] asks, "Did you plan to work in New York, Ying?"

VanceS asks, "Shunichiro (apologies for mispelling) have you heard again from Rachel?"

ying [guest] says, "EVERYING IS not sure ..."

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, Fantastic. Thank you for the info."

ying [guest] says, "I have been transfered to work there for one year."

MargaretD says, "oh dear Ying...."

ShunI says, "I wrote Rachel proposing that she visits my classes in Janauary."

Felix [guest] asks, "but no luck with the visa!!!! What's their excuse?"

RobertBY says, "MargaretD, what are of discipline do you teach."

BJB [to Daniel]: "what age are your students?"

ying [guest] says, "I should be in New York now if we did not have 911."

DanielKa says, "13-16 years, BJB"

ying [guest] asks, "discipline?"

ShunI says, "My girls are 19-21."

Felix [guest] asks, "I see. But were you looking forward to it?"

VanceS says, "For Shun, I think it would be best if you propose a meeting with Webheads here on the dates and times you would like them to talk with others"

ying [guest] says, "It sounds like in militiary school.. discipline."

BJB asks, "and what kind of mentoring did you have in mind, Daniel...will you be able to have them log in to TAPPED IN?"

Felix [guest] says, "Ying works in a Bank"

MargaretD says, "Business Englishin companies robert"

ShunI says, "Good suggestion, VAnce, thanks."

Felix [guest] asks, "Ying, what bank do you work for?"

VanceS [Webhead] listens also to Felix and Ying Lan, good friends :-)

MargaretD asks, "did they tell you what is holding up the visa Ying?"

ying [guest] says, "A local bank here."

DanielKa says, "Yes, lat me have one enter. -RRRRRichard#"

VanceS asks, "What were those times, Shun?"

ying [guest] says, "To Vance.. it is ok... people have right to talk.."

Felix [guest] asks, "Ying, does it have a name?"

ShunI asks, "Well, you mean in April?"

VanceS says, "I like to listen Ying Lan"

DanielKa says, "BJB, I let Richard enter"

ShunI asks, "Or in January?"

ying [guest] asks, "Yes, we have. 'The International Commercial Bank of China" are you satisfied with the name?"

Sue [guest] says, "I like to listen to :)"

BJB [to Daniel]: "is Richard at your keyboard?"

DanielKa says, "BJB, I am Richard"

RobertBY says, "Nice talking with you Margaret and the rest of the gang. Time for me to go, my little ones are calling. Waves bye bye and Merry Christmas to all. It has been a pleasure."

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles...hi, Richard.

DanielKa says, "YEs, its Richard. Greetings from Uganda"

Sue [guest] says, "bye Robert"

ying [guest] says, "bye, Robert."

DanielKa says, "hi BJB"

DanB says, "Bye, Robert"

RobertBY says, "Richard, are you there? this is your brother BOB"

MargaretD says, "bye Robert"

DanielKa says, "Yes,"

JoannaN says, "bye Robert"

Felix [guest] says, "Yep. It's a good name. I was curious just because my company work with international banks. Maybe yours were on of them..."

BJB [to Robert]: "I don't think so...this Richard is in Uganda"

BJB [to Richard]: "what are you studying in school?"

RobertBY says, "Thank you and good day to all."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Robert

You hear a quiet popping sound; RobertBY has disconnected.

DanielKa says, "i am doing Physics, Economics, Maths and Art"

JoannaN is still lagging

ying [guest] says, "It sounds great."

JoannaN sighs

BJB [to Richard]: "cool...Art is my favorite!"

DanielKa exclaims, "wow!!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_96 [guest] has disconnected.

Felix [guest] says, "Yes, it is. But they are sweden banks."

ying [guest] asks, "How many years did you spend in school?"

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders why Joanna is you still have a poor connection?

MargaretD says, "My mother and the boys went to the Christmas market"

ying [guest] says, "Do you work at bank? Felix."

Sue has connected.

Felix [guest] asks, "EIB and Nordea.. have you ever heard one of them?"

BJB says, "welcome back, Sue"

Felix [guest] says, "No ying.. My company has business with the banks I mentioned above."

ShunI says, "Hi, Sue."

ying [guest] asks, "Your mother is in your home , isn't she?"

Sue [guest] says, "I was kicked out :)"

SusanneN exclaims, "And hello to all of you, from Susanne who is back online!"

VanceS says, "BJB is sighing because she's having trouble chaos navigating all the threads"

MargaretD says, "yes Ying"

DanielKa asks, "do you have any projects going on where we can connect to your students?"

ying [guest] says, "I asked Maggi."

SusanneN looks webhead.

VanceS says, "I mean Joanna is sighing , etc."

ying [guest] says, "Really... sounds great."

Felix [guest] says, "it is."

VanceS says, "Daniel, this is our main project here"

DanielKa says, "BJB, i have been to Japan before"

SusanneN [webhead] has to read the whole lot before she can enter the dialogue

VanceS says, "There are several 'students' here now"

MargaretD says, "The sun is shining today and will snow again tomorrow Ying1"

Felix [guest] asks, "What are you plans for the New Year' celebration Ying?"

VanceS says, "I'll put their urls here"

ying [guest] says, "At least, you have a white Christmas."

Felix [guest] exclaims, "Mad, as you know where you can fry an egg on your forehead now!!!!"

BJB [to Richard]: "Daniel can get a student account for you and you can arrange to meet with some of the webheads in the student activities center"

ying [guest] says, "NO plan until I get the working visa."

MargaretD says, "doesn't happen often Ying..."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is here: htm"

JoannaN says, "Maggi is the name of a brand of instant noodle in Malaysia. :-)"

DanielKa asks, "BJB, when are the activities?"

VanceS says, "Felix is here: htm"

MargaretD exclaims, "yeah Felix!!!"

SusanneN says, "We are having a real christmas-like snowfall here,"

Felix [guest] asks, "summer is time for partying in Brazil!! Right Vance?"

VanceS says, "Sue is here:"

MargaretD says, "here in Germany too Johanna...-:-)"

VanceS exclaims, "Hey Felix, I wanna come party!"

BJB [to Richard/Daniel]: "you can meet any time in's 24/7. The time difference will make it a problem to meet in real time with people in the US"

ying [guest] says, "Carnival .."

SusanneN [to Felix [guest]]: "The scandinavian Nordea bank has just merged with our second largest Danish bank (Unibank)."

DanielKa says, "BJB, bye for now. back to Daniel"

MargaretD says, "that is in Feb Ying"

BJB . o O ( Keiko is going to have a Shinnenkai here on January 4 and 5 )

VanceS asks, "So, Shun, what was that time in GMT that you want us to meet your students?"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Richard

DanB [to Felix [guest]]: "Will Argentina's problems affect Brazil?"

ying [guest] says, "Really.. I thought it starts in Jan."

Felix [guest] asks, "Really Susanne?"

VanceS asks, "When is carnival this year?"

ying [guest] asks, "Shun., are you Japanese?"

DanB waves bye to Richard

VanceS says, "Susanne's url:"

Felix [guest] says, "Brazil and Argentina has business.. But up to now it's not affecting Brazil."

ShunI says, "ying, I am."

Felix [guest] says, "middle February Vance."

Sue [guest] says, "Send a short message to my yahoo account if need me, transfer to letter writing again."

VanceS exclaims, "hmmm, I think I have a break then !!"

GeorgeGr exclaims, "sorry for idling a long time!"

SusanneN [webhead] nods to felix, our banks and insurance companies are getting on foreign hands.

GeorgeGr smiles

ying [guest] says, "Wa....."

VanceS says, "What are the dates exactly"

VanceS says, "No worries George :-)"

GeorgeGr asks, "to ying are you on holiday now?"

MargaretD says, "Carnival like here goes according to when Ash Wednesday and Easter is."

2001/12/23 WebHeads is full. Stopped recording.

Felix [guest] says, "it's the globalization Susanne. This is happening with our national banks also (brasilizians)"

ying [guest] says, "No.. we don't have Christmas holiday in Taiwan."

Felix [guest] says, "Right Mad"

BJB drops 2001/12/23 webheads2 (recording).

DanielKa says, "Hullo Everyone, bye for now - Nice meeting you"

Felix [guest] says, "In Brazil everything is a motive for a holiday :o)))"

JoannaN is lagging so bad that when she responds to the conversation, her response only flashes up 3 mins later. boo hoo.

ying [guest] says, "But I will take 2 days off next week.. not because of Christmas... some personal reasons."

GeorgeGr asks, "and what time will you break off from school?"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Daniel. Thanks for coming

SusanneN exclaims, "What a lot of people here today!"

DanB waves bye to Daniel

SusanneN says, "Bye, Daniel"

Felix [guest] says, "Bye Daniel"

ying [guest] asks, "George.. you ask me about school?"

VanceS asks, "Leaving Daniel?"

Felix [guest] asks, "Where is MC?"

GeorgeGr waves to Daniel bye

DanielKa says, "Bye All"

VanceS says, "If you want to bring you students some time, welcome"

GeorgeGr says, "to ying yeah"

MargaretD asks, "sleeeping Felix?"

DanielKa says, "Okey VanceS"

VanceS [Webhead] counts noses BJB [HelpDesk], ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [webhead], DanB, DanielKa, ShunI, Felix [guest], GeorgeGr, JoannaN, and Sue [guest].

Felix [guest] says, "definitely not Mad"

ying [guest] says, "I wish I were a student, if I could."

You hear a quiet popping sound; DanielKa has disconnected.

ying [guest] says, "I love to be a student... only reading and studying all day long."

MargaretD exclaims, "then at the beach partying Felix!"

Felix [guest] says, "RIGHT MAD!!!!!!! I am eager to go there."

ying [guest] says, "I have not been a student for a long time."

ying [guest] says, "Beach.. in swimming suit, no way."

MargaretD says, "that's the life Ying...:-)"

GeorgeGr says, "oh,well,maybe i agree with you:)but in this time a lot of burden on us,yet such sweet"

BJB [to Ying [guest]]: "you are better than a are a lifelong learner!"

JoannaN says, "I'm going. The lag is just terrible."

VanceS says, "These are the dates Shun wants to bring students: Tuesdays, January 8, 15, 22"

ying [guest] says, "thanks."

SusanneN [webhead] enjoys to be a student for another while

Felix [guest] exclaims, "it's a matter of getting used to it Ying!"

SusanneN says, "Poor Joanna is lagging"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Joanna. Hopefully, next time will be better

SusanneN says, "Bye,, Joanna"

DanB says, "Bye, Joanna"

MargaretD says, "bye Joanna"

BJB [to Joanna]: "you also might want to check out a text client"

ying [guest] says, "bye Joanna."

JoannaN says, "Have a lovely lovely Christmas, y'all."

VanceS says, "ok, Joanna, see you soon again I hope"

GeorgeGr waves to Joanna bye

You hear a quiet popping sound; JoannaN has disconnected.

Felix [guest] asks, "Mad, how Vera is doing?"

ying [guest] says, "Vera... I have not heard of her for a long time... over 2 years."

MargaretD says, "haven't heard from her in a long time Felix"

Felix [guest] says, "I see"

GeorgeGr wanna have all's attention

VanceS asks, "Vera de Mello?"

ying [guest] says, "you got me, georgre."

BJB [HelpDesk] listens to Xing

Felix [guest] says, "yes Vance'"

MargaretD says, "last she was going to school again for her PhD"

VanceS holds up a BIG sign: George wants our attention

GeorgeGr asks, "what is your plan for X'mas?"

Felix [guest] asks, "what's up George?"

ying [guest] says, "I knew taht."

ying [guest] says, "No plan... ]"

Felix [guest] says, "I am to visit my kids George.. And stay with them."

GeorgeGr says, "i hope everyone have your own plan"

MargaretD says, "turkey George"

ying [guest] says, "I am not a Cath...."

VanceS asks, "Would you believe I may have to work?"

Felix [guest] says, "I plan to visit my kids George."

DanB says, "I will spend time wih my family."

GeorgeGr smiles to Felix sure

VanceS says, "That's a good plan, Felix."

Felix [guest] says, "and that means spend money with presents.. LOL"

ying [guest] says, "X'mas is not Chinese fastivel ..."

ying [guest] says, "But I love Sant Clause."

VanceS says, "Actually I plan to go online with video cam and hook up with my son in California"

ying [guest] says, "Santa"

ShunI says, "Bye, all. Vance, will keep you posted on development re plan with Rachel."

SusanneN exclaims, "Bye, Shun!"

BJB [HelpDesk] bows to Shun

DanB says, "Bye, Shun"

ying [guest] says, "bye Shun."

GeorgeGr says, "bye,Shun"

ShunI bows.

You hear a quiet popping sound; ShunI has disconnected.

VanceS says, "ok, you can have a Webheads class here at the times you want to meet"

VanceS says, "too late :-("

SusanneN [to Vance,]: "does your son have video connection, too?"

Felix [guest] says, "you are slow Vance :o))"

VanceS says, "old age, felix"

SusanneN says, "I am slow, too, my telephone keep calling me away from the screen, today."

BJB [HelpDesk] smirks

Felix [guest] asks, "Vance,Mag, Why MC isnt here?"

SusanneN [webhead] pats good ol' Vance on his shoulder

BJB [HelpDesk] warns everyone to be cautious of comments about old age

ying [guest] asks, "Do you have one day off for Christmas in UAE?"

VanceS says, "Yeah, my son in California will buy a web cam for Christmas"

VanceS says, "Christmas is a working day here, 7:30 to 2:30"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, what a holiday plan!"

ying [guest] says, "MC did not show up today..."

Felix [guest] asks, "Is he ok?"

VanceS asks, "Anyone see him on ICQ?"

ying [guest] says, "He probably in his Christmas vacation."

BJB says, "MC may be on holiday"

ying [guest] says, "on"

SusanneN [webhead] wonders who's this MC everyone is talking about?

SusanneN [webhead] grins

ying [guest] says, "Michael."

BJB [to Susanne]: "Michael"

Felix [guest] says, "Michael Suysanne"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh yeah, forgot, sorry MC!"

BJB [HelpDesk] grins at the echo

VanceS says, "Michael: htm"

SusanneN exclaims, "Vance is SO fast!"

DanB asks, "Has anyone tried Wimba last week?"

Felix [guest] asks, "what is wimba?"

ying [guest] says, "Don't expect me."

SusanneN says, "I have tried - but I cannot make Winba work from here."

BJB [to Felix [guest]]: "wimba is a voice message system"

VanceS says, "I heard Arthur speak on wimba, and Michael's reply"

DanB [to Felix [guest]]: "It's a voice chat site that MC set up."

BJB . o O ( asynch voice )

SusanneN says, "Arthur added Wimba to his site, too"

DanB says, "I could not get into the site for some reason."

Felix [guest] says, "Mad, we will be using SAP in 2001. Have you ever heard about it? (it's a german program)"

VanceS says, ""

ying [guest] asks, "Felix, do you work for German?"

VanceS says, "I'm on it now Dan"

SusanneN exclaims, "Vance speaks in shortcut URL tongues today!"

Felix [guest] says, "nope. We just bought this program Ying"

MargaretD asks, "yes Felix...R3?"

ying [guest] says, "oh"

Felix [guest] says, "right Mad.. R3"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_190 [guest] has lost its link.

MargaretD says, "ll the companies I work for use it"

Felix [guest] says, "I worked up to 10:00 pm every weekday last week on it.. To input the balances.."

VanceS [Webhead] speaks the language of The Chaos Navigator

MargaretD says, "all"

Felix [guest] asks, "what do you mean by ALL Mad?"

MargaretD says, "all the companies"

Felix [guest] says, "I see Mad.."

VanceS asks, "what's R3?"

MargaretD says, "Merck just did a big bang from R2 to R3"

Felix [guest] says, "r3 is a new version of SAP right?>"

VanceS . o O ( are they talking about cricket? )

MargaretD says, "the program from SAP Vance"

SusanneN asks, "And then, what IS SAP?"

VanceS asks, "what's SAP?"

DanB looks BRB.

Felix [guest] says, ""

MargaretD says, "yes...completelydifferent to R2"

VanceS asks, "and what do R2 and R3 do?"

MargaretD says, "SAP is like Microsoft for business software"

VanceS [Webhead] is learning something new

MargaretD says, "they are programs vamnce"

SusanneN exclaims, "I see, intergated E-business!"

SusanneN . o O ( *integrated* )

Felix [guest] says, "I will work with the FI module.."

BJB [HelpDesk] thinks Maggi is talking about Star Wars R2D2 :-)

MargaretD says, "no Susanne"

SusanneN says, "Me2"

Sue has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] laughs

Felix [guest] says, "LOL@BJBV"

DanB says, "Welcome back, Sue"

SusanneN exclaims, "Sue, back online!"

BJB [to Sue [guest]]: "welcome looks like your server times out on you."

DanB [to Felix [guest]]: "What is the FI module? Finance?"

VanceS asks, "Hi Sue. Problems connecting today?"

Felix [guest] says, "right Dan"

SusanneN [to Maggi,]: "OK, I was just quoting the headline from the SAP site"

Sue [guest] says, "it seems like that . i was kicked out and in"

Felix [guest] says, "ppl I am going.. Merry Xmas to you all and a Happy New Year"

DanB says, "Bye, Felix."

SusanneN asks, "I'd like to ask if anyone recieved strange personal financial fraud e-mails , jhust asking you to opean an account and let someone take $40 million out of some crisis country?"

MargaretD says, "you tooo Felix!!1"

Sue [guest] says, "bye Felix. Merry Christmas"

VanceS says, "Nice to see you again Felix. You never told me the dates of Carnival ..."

SusanneN says, "merry Xmas, Felix"

GeorgeGr says, "see you,Felix"

Felix [guest] says, "middle February Vance"

MargaretD says, "old twist ona scam Susanne"

DanB [to SusanneN]: "Yes, I get them at least once per week"

Felix [guest] says, "gone"

VanceS says, "(dates??)"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_161 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS [Webhead] wonders if that was Felix BJB [HelpDesk], ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [webhead], DanB [BRB], GeorgeGr, and Sue [guest].

VanceS says, "yep, that was Felix ..."

SusanneN exclaims, "But how do one protect oneself against such stuff? It makes me feel so bad!"

BJB [HelpDesk] thinks Vance will have to email Felix for the dates of the Summer Carnival

MargaretD says, "count 6 weeks back from Easter Vance and that is Ash Wednesday and the week before are all the big parties"

VanceS [Webhead] agrees with BJB - what stuff, Susanne?

BJB asks, "is Carnival the same as MardiGras?"

VanceS [Webhead] doesn't even know when Easter is

MargaretD says, "delete and block susanne"

SusanneN says, "Well those strange emails asking me to help pelope smuggle money or diamonds out from Nigeria, or SOuth Africa"

MargaretD says, "hang on Vance"

BJB [to Susanne]: "I just trash stuff that I get from anyone I don't know"

ying [guest] says, "SusaneN... that's scam."

ying [guest] says, "BE CAREFUL."

SusanneN says, "Yes, I'll have to find out how to blok - but they come from different Yahoo addresses."

BJB says, "Ash Wednesday is February 13, 2002"

MargaretD says, "?Easter is 30 March"

VanceS says, "I trashed an email from gr_doctor labeled Christmas message and turned out it was a doctor friend of mine working on a ship"

BJB says, "Easter is March 31, 2002"

VanceS says, "thanks, Maggi, BJB :-))"

MargaretD says, "13 Feb is Ash Wed"

SusanneN says, "Last one was from a "widow" after soneone who died at the WTC, he was a moslem, and her son was in danger. Bad story to make up."

BJB says, "the BEST date is March 20...first day of Spring :-)"

VanceS says, "six weeks back is Feb 17"

DanB says, "We have a problem with "Gifting Clubs" here, Susanne."

SusanneN says, "I see everyone are in their calendars."

MargaretD says, "yes and they will bounce if you reply to them because Yahoo has blocked them"

VanceS asks, "So Feb 10 to 17?"

SusanneN [to Dan]: "gifting clubs?"

DanB [to SusanneN]: "They target women, and scam money from them."

VanceS says, "THe papers here report occasional losses from scam artists working as money multipliers"

SusanneN says, "Well - that's one reason for having a gender neutral email :-)"

VanceS says, "These are real life people who actually get people to give them money in order to multiply it"

MargaretD says, "it is over on the 12th vance"

DanB says, "Here, we call those Pyramid Schemes."

VanceS asks, "Carnival is over on the 12th?"

SusanneN asks, "LIke the pyramids that spoiled the Albanian economy?"

BJB [to VanceS]: "go to"

MargaretD says, "yes Vance"

MargaretD says, "the 13th is Ash Wed."

BJB says, "that site says Feb 9-12"

SusanneN exclaims, "I actually once was tricked in my youth by a pyramid system and lost about $100, how could I be so stupid!"

MargaretD says, "sou right BJB"

MargaretD says, "sounds"

DanB says, "It's not stupidity, Susanne; it happens to a lot of people."

BJB [HelpDesk] agrees with Dan

VanceS says, "good one Maggi. Now I have to count 29 days from the last Eid to figure out when my next holiday will be and it looks like Feb 10"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_77 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS [Webhead] wonders who just left BJB [HelpDesk], ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [webhead], DanB [BRB], and GeorgeGr.

SusanneN exclaims, "We could plan a virtual samba online band!"

DanB . o O ( Sue got kicked out again? )

SusanneN exclaims, "Poor Sue!"

BJB . o O ( or a virtual MardiGras, Susanne )

BJB says, "Sue also lost her IM connection"

SusanneN [webhead] looks forward to that virtual MardiGras

DanB . o O ( I feel another Webheads party coming on! )

VanceS [Webhead] grins.

SusanneN says, "I like the cowbells most"

BJB . o O ( Feb 10 webheads mardi gras? )

VanceS says, "There's an interesting instrument in Brazil that looks like two cowbells"

SusanneN says, "Yes, I meant the double bell"

VanceS says, "They hit it with sticks in rhythm to produce the most amazing beat"

BJB . o O ( or should it be called Carnival since it's not on a tuesday )

DanB asks, "Do we need elaborate costumes?"

SusanneN asks, "We might just call it a Samba school?"

SusanneN [webhead] has got that rhytm in her head

VanceS says, "Yeah, we need to form our virtual samba school and practice for at least a year"

SusanneN asks, "Then we'll all meet in Brazil 2003, you mean?"

SusanneN [webhead] grinses.

DanB . o O ( Hope Shun and his shy students don't log in during the party? )

VanceS says, "There's an idea"

SusanneN says, "With webcams we could practice quite well"

VanceS says, "I meant Sus's, but also Dan's"

DavidW has connected.

DavidW [up'n'down] waves to BJB [HelpDesk], VanceS [Webhead], ying [guest], MargaretD, SusanneN [webhead], DanB [BRB], and GeorgeGr.

DavidW says, "Hi"

DanB says, "Hi, David."

VanceS asks, "Speaking of Shun, Maggi, would you like to help him get something going on the Tuesdays he's interested in?"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves goodmorning to David

MargaretD says, "Hi David"

DavidW says, "Morning"

VanceS says, "Hi David <waves>"

SusanneN [webhead] hugs sleepy David

DavidW . o O ( afternoon for those of you east of the Atlantic Ocean )

DanB asks, "to DavidW Why are you up'n'down?"

DavidW asks, "What?"

SusanneN exclaims, "Wake up, lad!"

VanceS says, "that'd be me"

DavidW grins.

MargaretD says, "will have to see after my motzher leaves Vance"

MargaretD says, "mother"

SusanneN says, "I hope I will be able to login at Shun hours."

DavidW [to DanB]: "Are you feeling "BRB"?"

VanceS says, "between 14:00 and 17:00 JST"

DanB [to DavidW]: "Yes, my coffee cup emptieth."

DavidW [to DanB]: "Oh!"

DavidW offers DanB more coffee.

DanB . o O ( Thanks David mucho )

DavidW . o O ( Elvis is singing "All Shook Up" )

DavidW taps his foot.

SusanneN exclaims, "Elvis is dead!"

VanceS says, "That's between 5 and 8 am. GMT"

DanB . o O ( I thought he was dead )

DavidW holds up a BIG sign: Elvis lives!

DavidW grins.

DanB . o O ( He's been seen at several K-Marts in the Midwest )

VanceS asks, "How long is your mom there, Maggi?"

SusanneN says, "Just clones"

MargaretD says, "to the 4th of Jan"

SusanneN [to Maggi]: "where does your mother live?"

DanB exclaims, "I've often wondered if the Webheads aren't just clones of Vance!"

DavidW says, "215 269 6949 - Memphis Memory Productions - contract out for Elvis impersonators"

MargaretD says, "but starting the 2nd week of Jan I have class every morning at 7.30"

VanceS says, "Shun wants to meet Tuesdays, January 8, 15, 22"

MargaretD says, "California Susanne"

VanceS says, "same time I have to be at work (ugh)"

VanceS says, "probably wouldn't work for you then"

SusanneN says, "There is no copy Vance like the real Vance."

MargaretD says, "doesn't look like it"

VanceS says, "Actually, I'm not the real Vance. I'm a clone."

DavidW is amazed at the quality of the clones.

SusanneN exclaims, "oh no! don't say that!"

DanB says, "I've been suspicious of the Reception Bot at TI for a long time now."

DavidW wonders how long the reserach has been going on.

DavidW . o O ( research )

VanceS [Webhead] is kidding of course

VanceS says, "Yaodong is broadcasting a web cam at present"

SusanneN exclaims, "Well, from now on, we will be looking for signs of falsification!"

DanB [to VanceS]: "Of himself or his class?"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, you're multitasking VanceClone!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Dec 23 05:30:00 2001 PST.

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Dec 23 05:31:10 2001 PST.

DanB says, "Welcome back, Vance."

SusanneN [webhead] cheers for our dear clone back

VanceS [Webhead] lands in a cloud of frosty cyberdust

SusanneN [webhead] brrr. cold in here!

VanceS says, "Sorry, I found one of my clones using the computer and had to boot him off"

DanB asks, "Vance, how was your holiday in Oman?"

SusanneN says, "Interesting, an easy feature for a spy to have some clones to blame"

VanceS says, "Really cool. Very interesting holiday."

DanB exclaims, "Good to hear!"

SusanneN [webhead] listnes to a cool Omanian holiday

VanceS says, "I think I mentioned that I went to a place that used to be so remote .."

VanceS says, "now there are roads, and I was able to drive to villages that I once visited on foot"

VanceS says, "You had to walk from 900 meters to 2200 to get there"

DanB asks, "What's causing the road building there?"

VanceS says, "Now there are roads in the mountains and these stone age sheep herders are living in cinder block houses, freshly painted, with satelite dishes"

VanceS says, "It's the most amazing thing. They're still friendly though and I had more than a few cups of coffee and dates and oranges, just like before"

DavidW is interested.

GeorgeGr says, "i should go now,see you all!so glad to meet you today:)"

DavidW waves bye.

SusanneN exclaims, "Bye, george!"

GeorgeGr bows to all bye

DanB says, "Bye, George"

MargaretD says, "bye George"

BJB [HelpDesk] bows to Xing. Thanks for coming.

You hear a quiet popping sound; GeorgeGr has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I'm watching YD's class now"

DavidW sings, ~\ Viva Las Vegas /~

SusanneN says, "Greetings to yaodong and his class :-)"

VanceS says, "David is in a good mood"

<Jump to this point in Yahoo chat -->

DanB asks, "Are you listening to an Elvis special, David?"

SusanneN exclaims, "David is our best singer!"

DavidW says, "Hey, the song is playing"

DavidW sings, ~\ Viva Las Vegas /~

DanB . o O ( Waits for David's rendition of Blue Suede Shoes )

SusanneN says, "Sounds like a very kool song text"

DavidW says, "I'll tell you waht the next song is."

DavidW . o O ( Hey, Ann-Margaret was in the film "Viva Las Vegas" )

DavidW sings, ~\ Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton... /~

DanB sings old folks there were not forgotten...

DavidW nods.

VanceS asks, "no one on Yahoo?"

MargaretD says, "you are"

DavidW sings, ~\ GLory, glory, Halleujah /~

SusanneN says, "Sorry, me not Yahoo :-)"

DavidW . o O ( Me not Yahoo? )

DanB says, "No mic yet, Vance." <Jump to this point in the Yahoo voice and web cam chat -->

SusanneN [to Dan]: "You ask santa!"

DanB asks, "If there really is a Santa, why do I get all the bills?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_152 [guest] has lost its link.

MargaretD asks, "hze just delivers Dan?"

SusanneN says, "in Danish TV, they send scores of sentimental Emarican C-movies about unhappy lonely people meeting Santa and changing their lives with a real family christmas, living happily thereafter"

DanB says, "Ah, I see."

MargaretD says, "he"

VanceS says, "who did we lose now? I'm talking to Yaodong and viewing his web cam, about to put up mine"

DanB asks, "I think we lost Ying, didn't we?"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Dan

BJB . o O ( type /who to see who's here )

SusanneN says, "Ying has been very silent for some time, maybe multichatting"

DanB [to SusanneN]: "That's only because they haven't recorded David's singing yet."

DavidW grins.

VanceS says, "let's see if she's on yahoo ..."

DavidW sings, ~\ Merry Christmas, baby /~

SusanneN [webhead] grins back

DavidW says, "rhythm and blues version"

VanceS asks, "want to join us bj?"

DanB [to SusanneN]: "It's only been a few minutes...and look how David's singing has changed our lives!!!"

DavidW grins.

DavidW says, "It's the Elvis in me"

SusanneN says, "as my antenna systen is so primitive I can take the two principal Danish national TV stations only, it is somewhat trivial"

DavidW needs a dance partner.

DanB exclaims, "Sorry, David. My dance card is filled!"

SusanneN says, "Did anyone see the japanese movie "Shall we dance?""

DavidW says, "Haven't seen it."

MargaretD says, "lol"

SusanneN [webhead] hands David her ball card

DanB says, "No, I haven't Susanne."

DavidW [to DanB]: "I'll remember that"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, you should, really!"

DavidW asks, "Sounds interesting. It's about...?"

SusanneN says, "There's this business suit dreaming of learning to dance Waltz..."

DavidW nods.

DavidW says, "Uh-huh"

SusanneN says, "and he goes to a dancing class, then learns to dance :-)"

DavidW smiles.

SusanneN says, "he's so terribly shy but finally gets a dance partner, but his wife gets mad on him."

DavidW nods.

SusanneN says, "Sounds like nothing - but it IS a great movie."

DavidW sings, ~\ Well, I'm feeling mighty fine; got your music on my radio /~

DavidW sings, ~\ well I want to kiss you baby; underneath your mistletoe /~

DavidW . o O ( slow R & B )

DavidW says, "This one is quite good."

DavidW grins.

DanB asks, "Elvis is out??"

DavidW says, "I'm sweeping the kitchen floor." <Jump to this place in the Yahoo voice and video chat -->

MargaretD says, "swish swish"

DanB says, "Dust flying in perfect 4/4 time."

DavidW says, "Fred Astaire could dance with anyone/anything - just amazing."

SusanneN says, "My grandmother who was born in 1895 had a bow woth those old ball cards, and small pencils with a silk string, there eshe could show us all the interesting guys she had met at those bourgeois balls when she was a young woman in Copenhagen."

SusanneN says, "th *a box with*"

SusanneN . o O ( that was meant to be a correction :-) )

MargaretD says, "she had a ball at the ball"

SusanneN [webhead] grins to maggi

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, and her younger sister married the man she was in love with!"

DavidW [to SusanneN]: "Wow, that's great!"

DavidW says, "well, not the 2nd part, necessarily..."

DavidW says, "But the first part about the dance cards."

SusanneN says, "Finally, she went to Paris with two male fellow students..."

DavidW says, "Beginning to sound like Karen Blixen - at least as portrayed in "Out of Africa""

SusanneN says, "and came home to marry one of them."

MargaretD asks, "and ??"

SusanneN says, "The other stayed a close friend of the family, called "uncle Fritz""

DavidW says, "Right"

MargaretD -)

VanceS says, "I'll have to go back and read all this. I just got offline with Yaodong."

DanB exclaims, "Cool story!"

DavidW says, "Remarkable"

SusanneN says, "But the two friends never gave up their lovemaking."

DavidW nods.

VanceS says, "this sounds really interesting"

DavidW nods.

VanceS says, "(is David going to sleep? He keeps nodding)"

DavidW nods.

DavidW agreees.

VanceS holds up a BIG sign: Wake Up David

SusanneN says, "David is thoughtfully nodding."

DanB [to VanceS]: "David was furiously seeeping his floor in time to music while you were gone."

MargaretD says, "heard that"

DanB . o O ( sweeping )

DavidW asks, "Pretty cool, huh?"

SusanneN asks, "How can you hear the gong?"

DavidW says, "Need to be running Tapestry"

VanceS says, "I just went back and read it"

SusanneN says, "try again, I'll put on my ear phones"

DavidW nods.

MargaretD says, "yes it is David"

VanceS says, "I once went to a remote island off the coast of brazil"

SusanneN [webhead] nods and nods

MargaretD says, "nice echo"

DanB asks, "Yes, Vance?"

DavidW says, "Yes."

SusanneN says, "Think Vance has the storyteller stick"

VanceS says, "I met three girls who spoke only portuguese"

VanceS says, "young girls, met them in the boat on the way to the island"

SusanneN asks, "And do you speak Portoguese?"

VanceS says, "we were the only ones on the boat"

SusanneN says, "hmmm"

VanceS says, "I don't, that's the interesting thing"

VanceS says, "but I was picking it up"

VanceS says, "So we went around the island together looking for a place to stay"

SusanneN exclaims, "Best way to learn aonther language!"

VanceS says, "We finally found a room and the girls let me stay with them"

SusanneN exclaims, "How sweet!"

VanceS says, "sorry, phone call"

DavidW nods.

SusanneN [webhead] waits for the next morning

VanceS says, "so, the relevant part of the story"

DavidW grins.

VanceS says, "One of these girls starts telling me the story of her grandmother"

SusanneN [webhead] nods, hm hm

VanceS says, "in portuguese, and in a way I could somehow understand"

VanceS says, "Her grandmother was an indian living in the forest"

VanceS says, "and along comes a portuguese explorer"

VanceS says, "They ENCOUNTER in the forest"

VanceS says, "and fall in love and get married"

VanceS says, "this girl was the granddaughter"

SusanneN says, "That's how the little mestizes were made"

VanceS says, "from Belo Horizonte, same place Nicia lives"

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "Did you get any sleep that night?"

SusanneN asks, "Or was it storytelling until dawn?"

VanceS says, "I think the girls slept on one bed and I on the other"

VanceS says, "Nice girls (unfortunately)"

DavidW says, "All this dancing has got me warm enough to take a shower"

DavidW grins.

DavidW says, "See you all later."

MargaretD says, "sweat baby sweat.."

DavidW waves bye to BJB [HelpDesk], MargaretD, SusanneN [webhead], DanB, and VanceS [Webhead].

DavidW grins.

DanB says, "Same for me. Hope you all have a great week."

DavidW says, "Ciao"

SusanneN says, "My grandmother was a student of Roman language..."

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I"ve got to go too. The phone call was Bobbi. Christmas shopping, needs a ride."

SusanneN says, "she was studying with her uncle, the professor who lost his vision."

DanB exclaims, "I have a meeting on one hour, and then I'm off to visit some family!"

SusanneN exclaims, "Then, see you all next week!"

DanB waves bye to all

MargaretD exclaims, "have fun!"

SusanneN says, "Bye, dan and vance"

You hear a quiet popping sound; DanB has disconnected.

VanceS says, "ok, nice to 'see' everyone"

MargaretD says, "ciao"

VanceS says, "though the only person I actually saw was Yaodong"

SusanneN says, "I'll see to edit the script from last week so vance can put it on the homepage"

VanceS says, "If you'd like to do the ones from last week, that would be helpful"

VanceS says, "also I mean"

SusanneN exclaims, "Yes, I sure will!"

VanceS says, "they're in Webheads Recordings in my office"

BJB . o O ( the scripts are in Vance's office )

SusanneN says, "I mailed it to myself yesterday"

BJB says, "I'll put the two from this week in your office also, Vance"

VanceS . o O ( bj is always looking out for us )

VanceS says, "ok, thanks, that will let me make a faster getaway"

VanceS says, "speaking of which ..."

BJB picks up 2001/12/23 webheads2.

BJB picks up 2001/12/23 WebHeads.

SusanneN says, "Sheer routine for a prof cybrarian like BJ"

VanceS [Webhead] heels down and revs the handlebar

BJB [HelpDesk] quietly slips out the door.

SusanneN says, "Leaves for her cooking pleasures"

VanceS [Webhead] wheelies into a cloud of cyberdust

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Dec 23 06:07:50 2001 PST.

<Top> Tapped In chat logs | Yahoo voice chat and web cam chat logs | Emailed excuses for absence

Yahoo voice chat and web cam chat logs

vance_stevens: got it now

jjcyd: welcome back, vance

vance_stevens: walk out there and say hi

jjcyd: where?

vance_stevens: in front of the web cam of course

vance_stevens: I want to take your picture

jjcyd: oh?

jjcyd: but it is so dim here.

jjcyd: can you see me? <Jump to this point in the Tapped In chat -->

vance_stevens: yeah, got it

vance_stevens: Do you want me to fire mine up?

jjcyd: sure.

jjcyd: pls

jjcyd: my students miss you.

jjcyd: Vance, the page you made me and my students are down. why? <Jump to this point in the Tapped In chat -->

jjcyd: Hi,

jjcyd: hear us?

vance_stevens: no, can you hear me?

jjcyd: hear u well.

jjcyd: we can hear u well here.

jjcyd: cannot see u ,though

jjcyd: last year.

jjcyd: lastclass

jjcyd: sts are busy

jjcyd: busy in preparing for final exams

<Jump to this point in the Tapped In chat -->

jjcyd: vance, i have to cut short of our talk here.

jjcyd: i m going to go on with netmeeting with my students.

jjcyd: and also

jjcyd: bbye for now.

jjcyd: see u and thkank you very much

jjcyd has disabled voice conference. (12/23/01 at 5:51 PM)

<Top> Tapped In chat logs | Yahoo voice chat and web cam chat logs | Emailed excuses for absence

Emailed excuses for absence

<Top> Tapped In chat logs | Yahoo voice chat and web cam chat logs | Emailed excuses for absence

Do you find this excuse ..
( ) acceptable?
( ) unacceptable?
John Hope all of you have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


PS: Sorry I missed class today, I just got back from a three day trip to San Juan.
Do you find this excuse ..
( ) acceptable?
( ) unacceptable?
Michael Hi Vance and everyone.

Hope you're having a relaxing day. Just letting you know that I forgot to show up on Sunday because I actually forgot that it was Sunday! That can happen when you're on holidays, and I think it's a good sign. It means I'm taking it easy!

- Michael

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