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Writing Topic #5
The pros and cons of makeup for women

Vance | Felix | Gloria | Moral | Eileen | Gloria again

September 30, 1999

Michael starts us off ...

Generally speaking I prefer women who don't wear much make-up. In my opinion all women look better (and more beautiful) without it. I know there are some times like special occasions when people like to look special.

For occasions like this - perhaps weddings, special birthdays - people wear their best clothes and maybe some women wear make-up. I understand this, but it may surprise some women that men like me are more likely to look twice at a woman who is not wearing make-up because then you see the real and natural beauty.

On the other hand, people of all cultures have worn make-up for a variety of reasons for thousands of years. It is a natural part of being human to wear make-up.

But ladies and gentlemen, what do YOU think?

October 2, 1999

Vance says ...

I prefer women without makeup. My wife has not worn makeup almost since I've known her and when I have had girlfriends, generally, they haven't been the kind to wear makeup. I definitely don't like heavy makeup.

I think that the taste of lipstick and having it all over me has detracted from a number of interesting experiences. But of course, the GOOD things about those experiences were always worth a little bit of lipstick. But still, I think that women are beautiful without their makeup, just as they are.

So girls, don't waste your money. If you need it to compete in business, ok, but a natural man likes his women that way too.

October 2, 1999

Felix says ...

I don't like heavy makeup in women. They look so artificial and it ruins their appeal. I like makeup like blush when they just sharpen the color of the skin. I like women wearing lipstick also. But colored makeup (blue, green, etc.) on the eyes or face are ridiculous in my opinion. But colored lipstick is interesting.

But what I really like is to rub it out completely (the lipstick) hehhe

October 7, 1999

Gloria says ...

This writing topic is interesting :) Why do women use makeup?

I don't use it regularly because I'm a little lazy and a makeup "session" takes time and means I have to wake up a little earlier. But I like myself looking natural most of the time so I'm not complaining.

On some occasions we (women) like to look special and some makeup seems to be the right answer; for instance, at night when we have to face different kinds of lights or their absence. You surely know that if you're going to appear on TV you must use makeup. Well, there are days that we look terrible (like days when we have had a headache, we didn't sleep well etc.) and we have to face our long journey, then we decide to do it positively. A good face is a face of a winner! Then we decide to put some color in our lives ;) . Always with a smile :).

Well, there are so many things we can say to explain why women use makeup. As somebody mentioned before this has been happening for thousands years. Maybe because we need it (to explain how we feel, our moods or personality, like in Greece they used to wear masks to express the character of the person). But it is not easy wearing heavy makeup when you live in a hot climate. If you have to, then you want to reach your toilet as soon as possible and take it off with fresh water. What a pleasure!

For you gentlemen: I have met some guys that have asked me to use more makeup, and celebrated when I did.

Gloria has more to say on the topic ...

October 8, 1999

Moral says ...

I think whether women should wear make-up depends on their age and of course the occasion. If women under the age of early 20 years wore make-up, they would cover their youth and natural beauty. If women didn't wear make-up on formal occasions, they could offend the hosts. In many cases, wearing make-up can be a gesture to show their courtesy when women are at formal occasions.

Like many of you, I don't like girls with heavy make-up. I prefer the girl I go out with to wear light make-up if she can do it well. I've seen some women wearing terrible make-up. Maybe they didn't know how to make themselves up. In their cases, they shouldn't wear it. If you saw a woman wearing very heavy make-up, what would you think about her? Maybe a prostitute.

OK, that is what I think about make-up.

October 11, 1999

Eileen says ...

"I don't like to wear much make-up." I think most girls like to say these words, and most boys all like to say that they don't like a girl in heavy make-up.

In fact, why do girls need make-up? The only one reason is that they want to become prettier. I guess every girl hopes more boys will like her, so beauty is such an important thing for them. One word in Chinese, a girl will put on make-up for the boy who enjoys her. Thin make-up is very nice for a young girl, and heavy make-up is more appropriate for an older woman. No woman likes to think that she has become old. But in fact, one day a wrinkle will appear on your face. The beauty in the face can not be kept up for ever. Only the beauty in your heart will move your friends forever, and so this is really the most important for us.

October 12, 1999

Gloria and Vance had a chat on ICQ on this topic ...

3:36 PM Vance I'm working on a web page for writing assignment 5, on makeup. That topic got a lot of responses.

3:45 PM Vance Since I don't care too much for makeup on girls, I'm glad you don't seem to like it either. But I was amused where at the end, you said when you met men who preferred makeup, you "celebrated." That's a nice word to use there, especially as its meaning isn't exactly clear, but that's good at the end of a writing, to make the reader want to know more.

3:52 PM lolita Ok..right know I'm not using makeup either..I have lots of makeup that had expired since I didn't use them. Sometimes I give them to my friends and cousins as presents as they ask me

3:55 PM Vance Are you at work now? I don't think it's all that important if a woman wears makeup sensibly. It happens that if I like a girl and she likes me then we are compatible people, and in my experience (long experience) it has turned out that such girls have not been the kind to wear makeup. This includes my wife, Bobbi. However, I've been with lots of girls who have worn makeup. What about guys with makeup?

3:58 PM lolita Guys with makeup?


Ask Michael Jackson :)

Definitely I don't like man that wears makeup

4:01 PM Vance That's a natural reaction. If you wouldn't like a guy to wear makeup, then why should a guy like a girl with goo all over her face?? But some guys are conditioned to like it. Interestingly, I heard a radio program where a woman (who sells makeup for guys for a living) was trying to generate interest in the idea of men wearing makeup, that she thought it was a turn-on if a man took such care with his appearance (by wearing a little makeup) ??

4:08 PM lolita I think the reason why women don't like boys to use makeup is because (in my case) they look like a woman (their appereance is too feminin) they are close to a feminin look..and that is not what we women appreciate..we like our men look and act like men. What I'm saying is not the "macho" idea. Don't be confused I'm not referring to a man full of muscles..well there are women that like man full of muscles..but I prefer a normal guy..

4:13 PM Vance I get your point. That's what I meant by men are conditioned to like a woman with make-up. They like their women to look like women, just like you like your men to look like men. But in fact, women look like real women without makeup (naturally - in my opinion; but also it depends on how makeup is applied - a little can be an improvment.

4:14 PM Vance Question ... since I'm just about to upload this page on the topic of makeup to the webheads site, do you mind if I use the ICQ history of this conversation? It's on the topic and might be fun for others to read. Is it ok with you?

4:16 PM lolita It is OK. If you would..then go ahead

4:17 PM Vance OK, I'll send you the url in a moment ...

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