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Which type of movie do you prefer?

SungYou starts a topic, July, 2002 -

Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer?

In my case I like comic movies, especially romantic comedies. Today, I watched Mr. Deeds. This movie is about a man who enjoys helping other people. One day, his uncle leaves 40 billion dollars to him. One TV program wanted to do a report about him, and a beautiful woman reporter contacted and tried to deceive him, but finally they fell in love with each other sincerely. This movie shows many comic scenes as well as impressive ones moving my emotion.

There is also another movie, I liked very much. Wedding Singer is about a wedding singer who likes to make people happy. Despite many obstacles, he finds his real love.

I don't think comic movies are necessarily simple and not impressive. In my personal opinion, these movies make us happy and show us good ways to live. So I like these movies. I recommend these two movies. They are really fun yet memorable.

(p.s) There will be wrong expressions in this essay, because I am not a native speaker. If you want, could you correct this article? It will be helpful for me to improve my english. Thank you. OK, I've done that, Vance

Antonio responds, July 5, 2002

Depending on my mood, I'm rather eclectic when it comes to films, music, books, etc. Focusing on movies, I like the ones that are about historical events, in particular about the former republics of Yugoslavia, eg. 'Welcome to Sarajevo' and 'Before the rain' (there's one film called 'Underground' which people think is wonderful, however, for me it was boring).

When I don't feel like learning but rather I'm in a relaxing mood I like comedies. I don't really care whether they've got interesting plots or not, I just like them to make me laugh. Having two younger brothers means I also go to children's movies (cartoons), and some of them are really good and funny.

Last but not least, one of my favourite categories is: Mexican films, all kinds of them (comedy, thrillers, tragedy, dramma...). Some of the Mexican films I like the most are 'La inocente' (The innocent) and 'El pecado de Adán y Eva' (The sin of Adam and Eve); this last one I love because of the SFX (they make you laugh even when the situation is supposed to be serious). But my favourite film is definitely 'Kolya', the story of a mature Czech man and his young Russian stepson. It's a beautiful film I highly recommend.

Vance responds, July 7, 2002

I'm very pleased that SungYou has started us off on a writing topic. I think movies is a good topic, something we can all relate to. I have to admit I'm not much of a movie-goer. Whenever I see a movie, it's usually part of a family activity with my wife and young son. The last time they took me to a movie, it was to see Star Wars Episode 2, which I didn't really like all that much. Before that they took me to see Gladiator. I enjoyed that movie because of its action topic and because it was well acted and the dialog was good. Other than that, I usually enjoy Woody Allan, and the last of his movies I saw was Ants, a great film I thought, full of clever intellectual humor. But normally I don't see many movies. I'm too busy making web pages.

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