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Writing Topic #6
When did you first meet the Webheads
and what have you got out of the experience?

Michael | Maggi 

Hmmm ... students don't seem to have written much on this topic ...

October 11, 1999

Michael says ...

Well I came to know about Webheads by accident. I used to have a class at the Palace on Sundays just before Vance's class. After a while it seemed obvious that Vance and I (and Maggie) should join the 2 classes into one. And then I started asking questions about Webheads and I loved what I saw.

I have really enjoyed being part of this group. Before I felt on my own with my class but now I feel like part of a large online family who enjoy each other's contact, and learn from each other.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vance for having the brilliant idea of the Wenbheads, and say how much I enjoy it.

Happy birthday everyone!

October 11, 1999

Maggie says ...

I would also like to second Michael and thank Vance for taking a crazy teacher like me into his group. I fell into it by accident like Michael because we overlapped and some of my students also went to Vance's and or Michael's class for practice.

Like we say ... get it where you can.

I have known both of them at EFI for a couple of years but have only met Michael in the flesh last summer in San Francisco.

This group has developed into something special, and I enjoy every minute of it. Here is proof that technology can bring people together.

(She holds up her glass)'s to all of YOU who make webheads what it is...:-)

MAD large, virtually...hehehee

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