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Olympics 2000, and One Korea

Michael | Gloria | Michael #2 | Bora | Michael #3 | Bora #2 | Ying Lan | Moral | Bora #3

From Michael
... I just want you to know that I am still here and reading *everything* that comes on the list. I have been really busy lately and haven't had time to contribute to webheads discussions.

It's great to see lots of communication on the list lately from new and old webheads. At the moment we don't seem to need a weekly writing topic!!! But there'll be another one soon....

Michael Coghlan

From Gloria, 15 Sep 2000
I just wanna say the same, so Michael and webheads: I'm still here. Michael,nowadays you will probably have a lot of fun with the olympics begining. I will miss most of the games because of the time (I'm sleeping while most of the events develop :))

It is very nice to hear (read) from you. Sometimes I find Maggi and Vance on ICQ and we talk to each other for a while, also Felix.

Regards to u all.

Care2 make the world greener !


From Michael (2), 15 Sep 2000
Hi everyone - I just watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics and guess what? It made me think of you all! Watching all the countries of the world march I took a special interest in countries where webheads live - Taiwan, Germany, China, Paraguay, Brazil, Jamaica, etc etc. Even UAE was there Vance - 3 athletes! It made the whole ceremony a lot more meaningful for me, and made me proud to be associated with you all - thank you. .

Being part of webheads does make the world a smaller, more united place for me. We are a little Olympia - a gathering of nations that works together. It's great to be part of it.

Warm regards to you all,

Michael Coghlan


From Bora 15 Sep 2000
How nice to hear from you. I also thought about people here while watching TV. It is lovely to know a bit more about Australia where Michael lives.

A similar experience....When the earthquake stroke Taiwan, I worried about Yinglan and found out she became a real friend of mine, not an avatar over the net.


Bora from Korea

From Michael (3) 16 Sep 2000
Hi Bora. One of the best moments of the opening cermemony was seeing the teams of North and South Korea march together. I hope this is a sign of good things to come. North and South Vietnam is now one country; East and West Germany is now one country; maybe soon Korea will be unified. Do you think it will happen? .

Michael Coghlan


From Bora (2) 17 Sep 2000
Hi all,
Definitely, yes. Korea has been divided into South and North Korea since Korean war. It's nearly 50 years and there are so many differences between 'us'. I won't say that the unification is coming soon, but it will come true, say within 30 years.

People often talk about the cost of the unification thesedays. Considerations are required. There are some obstacles but we are going to make efforts to overcome those.

I notice there are several people speaking Chinese in this group. What do you think about the perspective of your home country?

best regards

Bora from Korea, south

From Ying Lan 17 Sep 2000
In my humble opinion...... It is hard for China and Taiwan to be unified. After 50 years, we are different like South Korea and North Korea. It is difficult to solve some problems here. Most of the problems are caused by misunderstanding.

I believe that nobody wants to go back to live a dog's life. Nobody wants their children to face the cultural revolution again. No more tragedy should happen again. It is enough for Chinese.

Ying Lan

> I notice there are several people speaking Chinese in this group. What do you think about the perspective of your home country?

From Moral in email dated 19 Sep 2000
Hi Bora,
The world is glad to see the progress of the reunification of Korea while the fate of China and Taiwan still remains uncertain.

I noticed the united Korean Olympic teams received a great applause from the audiences in the stadium and I believe also from millions of people around the world. They deserved it as a people who appeared with such a bond after all the years and who have the guts to settle their enormous differences. I saw a great spirit on the Korean people which all Chinese people do need.




From Bora (3) 18 Sep 2000
Hi all,
Moral, thank you for your encouragement. Actually two Korean teams just marched together, not the real sense of the united team. Anyhow, it might the first step to achieve a united team in the future.

Sorsah, thanks for all your messages. I enjoy them a lot. I think this kind of diversity makes my online experience rich.



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