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Meet Bora

I am so happy to meet you online. Please call me Bora. That's my cyber nickname and I am very happy with it because that's much easier to write and read compared to my physical one.

Anyhow, I will tell you more about my real life. I live in Korea - and I'm a Korean, and in my mid-thirties. I am a mum of two kids. My boy is 5 and the girl is 20 months old. Actually I love chatting but I find it a little difficult to join online chat due to my circumstances. That's why I'm here.

After graduating from my Uni, I worked as a high school teacher teaching Korean language and literature. However, I quit it, because my husband wanted to take postgraduate courses in the U.K.

During the year I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, I gave a birth to my son. Then we moved to much sunnier place, Brighton, England. We stayed there for three years. While I was in England, I participated in two types of learning. One was a face-to-face taught masters course and the other was Michael's listening class and Palace chatting class. I still deeply appreciate all my teachers' guidance and enthusiastic teaching both on and offline. Maggi and Michael are wonderful teachers and Yinglan is a good friend, too.

I returned to Korea in Sept. 1998 and delivered my girl that winter. Recently, I have started work as a freelance translator. However, I'll be back to teaching someday.

Web surfing and snokerling are my hobbies. Also I like traveling, but it costs money^^ ... I visited several European countries while I was in the U.K and Florida this summer. It's also exciting to interact with buddies from many countries without any hassle ... what a wonderful world!

Best wishes

Bora from Korea

And Michael wrote, 26 Aug 2000:

Bora - welcome to webheads! You finally made it!

Bora was an EFI student with me about 2 years ago when she was living in England. She is now back in Korea and it's great to have her as part of the group. - Michael C.

Bora wrote us on 28 Aug 2001

Dear all

Thanks for warm messages regarding my Webheads anniversary. Vance, Susanne, and Michael - Thank you so much. Especially Susanne- I've never met you before, but you sent me greetings. How nice you are! I really appreicate it. Maybe you are a reseacher or teacher in your home country?

Well, I have some news. Finally I have moved to Seoul, my hometown. Now I teach kids English as a part-time teacher and I'm happy about it.

best wishes


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