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SARS Nation

Mariko read about it in a news magazine, May 31, 2003

Did anyone get their hands on TIME magazine issued on May 26? It caught my eye by chance at the school library just a couple of days ago only to get me to hit the ceiling!

It has BIG letters that read SARS NATION on its cover with a picture of a lung X-ray which represents China’s national flag above it. I bet some copies must be available. I'm sure, on finding it, those who are in parts of China, and even outside Asia, will get astonished at the eerie cover a worldwide authoritative magazine has, and then a great fury will overtake them.

I myself haven’t read the article yet but the cover was enough to give me a fair guess, or I’d say it completely took the wind out of my sails. Anyways, I’ll read it when I have a chance. Well, I can't go any further till I know what’s written there. I just wanted to let you know that a nation has been stigmatized by an impudent demagogue.

I know it’s shameful that China fabricated info on the number of deaths and the infected to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, which exacerbated the damage. But this kinda thing has long taken place around the world over millennia! Does the TIME magazine, or the contributor of the article, have fair right to lash out? The title SARS NATION is clearly aimed to destroy Chinese people’s pride and patriotism. Sounds childish. Really childish. Like a saucy 5-year-old boy’s abuse, or has it grown too old?

Le paix,


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Last updated: June 20, 2003