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Webheads chat logs from September 9, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Peter
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Japan

and BJB (lives in Reception at TappedIn), Phil (often at Tapped In), DaveW (frequently drops by Tapped In), Florence (happened by), and Ming (awake early out in Oregon)

Find where everyone first joined the chat: Vance | Maggi | John | DaveW | BJB | Michael | Phil | Ying Lan | Peter | Florence | Ming

Shortly after we went off the air today, we received this delightful email from Susanne Nyrop:
I was unable to attend the Sunday class today because we had some guests for lunch, but as I got the script in my mailbox sent by BJB, I spent some amusing time reading the conversation and following the links in my after dinner break :-)

First of all I enjoyed the wonderful photo tour of Abu Dhabi following in the footsteps of Vance. I liked it, both the interior and the outdoor sceneries. And the way you set up the follow of pictures was very easy. Thank you for sharing your private life surroundings, Vance! (I have neither a digital camera nor a scanner yet. But some day, I may prepare a virtual tour using some of my digitized photos from a travel to Vancouver Island last year. Especially I was impressed by the rainforest at Tofino. I also enjoyed the whale watching, but you can barely see them on the photos :-))

There was an interesting discussion about what to bring for Ying when she will go to the US for a year of studies. Will it be possible to find a second hand rice cooker in New York area? JohnSte (usually in Puerto Rico but currently studying in Pennsylvania) Peter (in Japan) and Maggi (in Germany) all agreed that rice tastes better when steamed while Phil (in France) told us he need hot spicy sauces to enjoy rice. I can add from my Danish kitchen that my husband does NOT like rice or pasta so we are mostly potato eaters. Some days ago I cooked a great chicken soup with fresh veggies*, and today I added some mealy potatoes. Yummy!**
* veggies is American and/or Canadian slang for vegetables.
** Yummy is American slang for delicious!

Next stop I went to visit the virtual village of Ardèche (in France) created by Phil and some of his colleagues for EFL learning purposes I actually joined the café table discussion with Michael about the refugee scandal in Australia. I did not get the necessary inspiration for getting deeper into the local gossip in the bakery about that greasy large packet the mysterious mad painter Bob was carrying around, so I hope for someone else to take up the thread Peter has so brilliantly spun. Phil expressed a hope that more international people will join the party to impress his students on Friday. Go have a look! There is no fancy 3D virtual reality tricks here, just a low tech slow connection friendly interface with clickable drawings of a typical French village. It looks like a great idea, full of imagination and open ends. I enjoy this kind of online playgrounds. I guess your students will enjoy this site, Phil!

Last but not least I followed the link to the amazing cave paintings of the Chauvet grotte in the Ardèche, not far from where Phil lives. I cannot believe there has been artist Neanderthal painters 30.000 years ago. But at least that is what the archaeologists say. They may have been a cave bear clan. As the cave has been closed carefully and no vsitors are allowed, it is great to have some pictures online, But unfortunately I did not get into the National Geographic source also mentioned. I wonder how come?

As you can see, I joined the party long after you all left. And I really felt inspired to go on with my next writing task. See you, probably, next Sunday!


Suddenly I realize that this groupmail might even go to my Webhead homepage. At least, the mentioned links may be available from there, until Vance has edited this class transcript! So yes, I feel good about that idea although this text was not meant to be publicized :-)))

You may not believe this but today I remembered to check my spelling in the email feature (I usually never do, as my version of Eudora email cannot handle Danish text) Now, I don't know if the suspicious few words and names underlined with read will eventually show up in the mail? Better try and see how it works! (It didn't catch 'read' in the sentence above - Vance LOL :-))

Click here for logs from: TappedIn | Ying Lan in ICQ | Ming in ICQ

Tapped In chat logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Sep 9 04:49:02 2001 PDT.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Sep 9 04:49:25 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Sep 9 04:49:25 2001 PDT.

Maggi has connected.

VanceS says, "Hi Maggi"

Maggi [guest] says, "Hi"

VanceS says, "howz things"

Maggi [guest] says, "ok"

Maggi [guest] says, "coldhere"

VanceS says, "big changes from 2 weeks ago. Still hot here"

VanceS says, "very humid"

Maggi [guest] says, "yes it is...lots of people are sick"

VanceS says, "cold and humid? here it's hot and humid"

Maggi [guest] says, "guess it is humid...rains on and off"

VanceS asks, "that's humid. How's work?"

Maggi [guest] says, "did a job on my car battery and had to get a new one."

Maggi [guest] says, "work is fine"

Maggi [guest] says, "busy"

VanceS says, "well paid for it I hope"

Maggi [guest] says, "yes"

Maggi [guest] says, "it is a teachers market"

JohnSte has arrived.

White Book of Tarkin Ru follows JohnSte to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance, Maggi."

VanceS says, "that's good to hear, hi again John"

Maggi [guest] says, "interesting name for your recorder John."

JohnSte says, "It's from a series of stories I wrote back when I was a teenager."

JohnSte says, "I liked the name and started using it."

Maggi [guest] says, "I see...:-)"

JohnSte says, "It's supposed to be the history of the "hidden kingdoms"."

Maggi [guest] asks, "where are they hiding?"

JohnSte says, "I never decided exactoy where they were."

VanceS says, "I once read the Tolkein trilogy to one of my kids, one book after another. Fascinating"

JohnSte says, "exactly."

VanceS says, "or what about Myst, also a search for a hidden book"

JohnSte says, "Yep. I sort of modeled the "white book" after the "red book of westmarch""

Maggi [guest] says, "I got an illustrated version for Stefan when he was younger"

JohnSte says, "or "the king in yello""

JohnSte says, "yellow"

DavidW has connected.

DavidW waves to VanceS [enslaved], Maggi [guest], and JohnSte [Webhead].

VanceS says, "not familiar with those - Hi David"

DavidW says, "Hi there"

JohnSte says, "Hi, David."

Maggi [guest] says, "Hi"

DavidW . o O ( enslaved? )

VanceS asks, "David, how do you wave to everyone in the room?"

VanceS [enslaved] must change mood

JohnSte says, "It's not well known. Just a collection of stories about a book that only appears when you are going to die."

VanceS says, "Webhead"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "I type the following on my computer: .wave to /all"

VanceS says, "oops"

JohnSte says, "My dad gave it to me."

DavidW says, "There are certain commands."

VanceS looks Webhead.

VanceS asks, "Is that dot wave ??"

DavidW says, "That work with a starting period, "." - but that may be something that gets set up in a special way. You can try it, though."

DavidW nods.

DavidW says, "No space - Try the following:"

VanceS [Webhead] wavesses to Maggi [guest], JohnSte [Webhead], and DavidW.

Maggi [guest] says, "click on the commands Vance"

JohnSte asks, "It's sort of like .com, right?"

DavidW says, "But think about it as typing "I wave to /all""

VanceS [Webhead] wavesses to DavidW.

DavidW says, "But just use the dot to represent "Yourself" and use the first person version of the verb."

DavidW says, "Again, I would type ".nod""

JohnSte [Webhead] nods.

DavidW says, "Which I "think" of as, "I wave" and I see as "You wave""

JohnSte says, "ok, I get it now."

DavidW asks, "Does that make sense?"

DavidW wonders.

DavidW says, "Sorry to interrupt."

DavidW apologizes.

JohnSte [Webhead] jumpses up and down with joy.

VanceS says, "no interruption"

DavidW nods.

BJB has arrived.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

VanceS says, "We hang out in reception instead of my office so I worry we might be interrupting something here"

Maggi [guest] says, "nothing going on anyway"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi

JohnSte [Webhead] nods off.

DavidW waves to BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW hugs BJB [HelpDesk].

JohnSte says, "Hi, BJ"

VanceS [Webhead] waves to /BJB.

DavidW says, "Alright, I'll be back in a little while, but I have to go and get some Sunday morning bakery things."

Maggi [guest] exclaims, "Hi BJB!"

VanceS [Webhead] winkses at Maggi [guest], JohnSte [Webhead], DavidW, and BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Wants some Syrian flat bread?"

DavidW smiles.

DavidW exclaims, "Ooh, not Syria!"

DavidW grins.

VanceS says, "This is the normal bread in the UAE"

DavidW smiles.

VanceS says, "In most of the middle east for that matter"

DavidW says, "Well, I won't mention that they have very good onion rye bread, then...."

Maggi [guest] says, "should try the stuff here"

DavidW nods.

DavidW asks, "How is it?"

Maggi [guest] exclaims, "GREAT!!!"

DavidW exclaims, "Good!"

DavidW waves to VanceS [Webhead], Maggi [guest], JohnSte [Webhead], and

BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW says, "Talk to you all in a little while."

JohnSte [Webhead] waves to DavidW.

Maggi [guest] exclaims, "enjo9y!"

VanceS says, "ok"

DavidW says, "Thanks, you guys have a good chat."

DavidW grins.

DavidW looks breading.

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW [breading] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I didn't get about the bread"

Maggi [guest] says, "funny way to look"

JohnSte asks, "Maybe he meant breaded?"

BJB [HelpDesk] chuckles. With David it could be either one!

Maggi [guest] says, "still funny"

JohnSte says, "I got quite upset about an email I received yesterday."

BJB [HelpDesk] listens to John

VanceS asks, "oohh what ??"

VanceS asks, "from whom?"

JohnSte says, "It was an invitation to a porn site that actually opened up a browser window and went to the site."

Maggi [guest] says, "tell us"

JohnSte says, "If a kid had received it . . ."

VanceS says, "hmmm, you mean you opened the email ... oh, it was an email in html I'll bet"

JohnSte says, "yep."

JohnSte says, "and had an embedded command to open the window."

BJB asks, "can the average person do anything about that?"

JohnSte says, "I'd like to find out."

JohnSte says, "It was bad enough in Hotmail. This one was in my college account."

BJB says, "I find I'm getting really particular about opening ANY email messages."

BJB . o O ( if I don't recognize the name I delete without opening )

JohnSte says, "This one opened automatically. I usually just delete anything I don't recognize."

JohnSte says, "Anyway, I just want to warn you all that that type of thing is going around, in case you receive anything similar."

VanceS asks, "me too. Have you guys heard about polymorphic worms?"

JohnSte says, "Yep. Don't know how they work, though."

BJB asks, "I've heard of worms...I'm assuming polymorphic means they take many forms and can change?"

JohnSte says, "I've only heard the term."

VanceS asks, "what do you mean it opened automatically. Do you mean after you opened it it launched automatically?"

VanceS says, "Polymorphic worms are worms that encrypt themselves in order to slip by your virus checker"

JohnSte says, "Yep. That's exazctly what I meant. Outlook automatically opens anything you click on."

VanceS [Webhead] understandses /johnste.

JohnSte says, "I haven't had a chance to download Eudora yet."

BJB [to John]: "I think you can change that in your preferences. I can delete emails from outlook on my school mail without opening."

JohnSte asks, "How do you change it?"

BJB says, "probably something in the preferences file"

BJB . o O ( I'm at home now and don't have outlook )

VanceS asks, "outlook is a bit of a problem (vulnerable to worms). WHy not use Netscape John?"

Maggi [guest] says, "or Eudora"

Maggi [guest] says, "you can set filters there"

JohnSte says, "I used to, but it gave me major problems at one time, so I just switched. I'm planning to download Eudora, which I use at home."

VanceS asks, "You can set filters on Netscape too; what problems John?"

JohnSte says, "I suddenly couldn't open Netscape and had to reinstall it. Then I found I had lost all my messages."

JohnSte says, "Of course, this was several years ago, back when I was new with this."

VanceS says, "Yeah, actually you can back up your messages by just keeping copies of your user folder"

Maggi [guest] says, "must be in the 6 version then"

VanceS says, "I'm using 4.7 and setting filters"

JohnSte says, "I didn't know that back then. I was using version 2 or 3 (don't remember which)"

JohnSte says, "I haqve version 6 now, but seldom use it."

BJB . o O ( netscape 6 has some bugs and it has a problem with TAPPED IN )

Maggi [guest] says, "thought you weren't a Netscape fan Vance."

VanceS says, "I'm pragmatic. I used to prefer netscape but they simply haven't kept up with IE"

VanceS says, "And look at version 6 ... as BJB points out .."

Maggi [guest] says, "try Opera"

VanceS asks, "Haven't tried it, do you prefer it? What are its advantages?"

JohnSte says, "I had it. It was ok, but I had a few problems with it."

Maggi [guest] says, "I use it"

Maggi [guest] says, "got here with it"

Maggi [guest] says, "like it better than IE"

Maggi [guest] says, "no illegal operations yet"

VanceS asks, "Why do you like it better? Look and feel?"

Maggi [guest] says, "everything"

JohnSte says, "I never could get it to open on my home page, though."

Maggi [guest] says, "fast, easy to use and stable"

VanceS says, "must try it then"

VanceS asks, "are any of you on the IATEFL List?"

Maggi [guest] says, "yes"

JohnSte says, "It downloads and installs in a namp."

VanceS asks, "in a what?"

JohnSte says, "snap"

Maggi [guest] says, "namp is nice...:-)"

VanceS asks, "nano amp?"

JohnSte says, "something like that."

Maggi [guest] says, "just as a word"

VanceS says, "that's FAST"

JohnSte says, "I couldn't believe it when I downloaded it."

VanceS says, "reason I asked about the iatefl list, I was wondering if you'd taken the walk around my neighborhood"

JohnSte says, "I'm not on it."

VanceS says, "I actually got the inspiration from Phil Benz's conversation that BJB sent out on the newsletter"

JohnSte asks, "What is the walk?"

VanceS says, "Don't know how I got from there to the virtual tour, but whatever it was I just picked up a camera and went out and did it"

VanceS says, "hang on, I'll find the url"

BJB [HelpDesk] is glad someone actually reads the newsletter!

Maggi [guest] says, "I checked it out"

VanceS says, ""

BJB [to VanceS]: "can you project?"

VanceS says, "Do you want me to project it or SHOW it"

VanceS asks, "Sure, Maggi??"

BJB . o O ( or will that knock you off, Maggi? )

JohnSte says, "I'll have to check it out. Go ahead."

Maggi [guest] says, "why not"

VanceS says, "ok"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "This is an idea that I've had simmering for a long time"

VanceS says, "Webheads creating sites like this to open up windows on each other'"

VanceS says, "other's worlds"

Maggi [guest] says, "like spaghetti"

JohnSte says, "Looks nice. I'll have to try it."

VanceS says, "Yeah, you can walk from my balcony down to the beach"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_191 [guest] has lost its link.

JohnSte asks, "Who's the guy in the elevator?"

VanceS says, "He just happened to be there"

VanceS says, "He was bemused, has no idea he's on the web"

Michael_C has connected.

BJB . o O ( we lost Maggi )

VanceS says, "lives two floors up"

BJB says, "hi, Michael"

JohnSte says, "Ying Lan is online, but she hasn't shown up yet."

Maggi has connected.

VanceS says, "uh oh, she does have a prlboem with projections"

BJB says, "welcome back, Maggi"

VanceS asks, "Sorry Maggi, did we do that??"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Hi guys....and Maggi (who is not a guy)"

VanceS says, "Hi Michael"

BJB . o O ( BJ is a gal also :-) )

JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."

Maggi [guest] says, "hi mc"

VanceS asks, "We're looking around my neighborhood. Shall I SHOW you the url?"

Maggi [guest] says, "no, going to your front door did"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes....."

VanceS [Webhead] shows Michael_C the URL:

JohnSte asks, "I'm not going to get mugged out here on the street, am I?"

BJB [to VanceS]: "your site is very cool...I can see lots of applications for using something like this"

VanceS asks, "This would be around a 28 kbyte image file??"

VanceS asks, "Have you by any chance seen Montevideodisc?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I've seen this before - luverly."

VanceS says, "oh, from the IATEFL list ..."

Michael_C [guest] says, "No from here , you, some time ago ina Sunday chat"

VanceS says, "Yeah, and what would be neat would be, for each of those big pics on the left, a 5 sec mpeg video, say"

VanceS says, "Naw, I just made it last weekend, Michael. I put a pic of me on my balcony after a chat once though"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Ok..stand corrected then."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Do you ever get cloudy days there?"

VanceS says, "Reason I mentioned Montevideodisc, it's an interactive tour shot on location in Mexico, and in one scene you turn a corner and ..."

VanceS says, "you come on a Mexican motorcycle cop just waiting for you, the real thing as I heard later, happily playing himself in the video"

Maggi [guest] says, "we get plenty here Michael"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Ich weiss!"

VanceS says, "You can attempt to bribe him and you end up in jail (in the laser disc thing I'm talking about)"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Just like it really happens in Mexico!?"

Maggi [guest] says, "but the sun does peak out occasionaly."

VanceS says, "I shot this at noon on Thursday. I was outside for half an hour and in a sweat. Notice the absence of people on the streets."

JohnSte says, "I noticed that."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Hey Vance - your building is so sleek."

VanceS says, "The corniche is crowded on cool afternoons and evenings"

VanceS [Webhead] assumes Michael jests

Michael_C [guest] says, "It's a great idea - i should try this."

VanceS says, "You did something similar with Real Slide Show Michael"

Maggi [guest] says, "we all should jump on the bandwagon"

VanceS says, "I thought of using that but then thought, no, I want to use a medium anyone can do."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yeh - but this is really local - like a follow your footsteps things in a nornmal day."

VanceS says, "Yeah, it would be fun if we could get a few webheads to do it."

VanceS says, "Actually I could say get in my car and drive somewhere and take pictrues and make it branch"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes we could try but it's been hard to get people to do things like that...."

PhilB has arrived.

R2 follows PhilB to here.

PhilB exclaims, "Bonjour, y'all!"

VanceS says, "certainly is"

BJB says, "bonjoir, Phil"

JohnSte says, "Hi."

PhilB asks, "What's shakin?"

VanceS says, "bonjour phil. Nous sommes en train de regardez un web page"

Maggi [guest] asks, "the building..?"

BJB [HelpDesk] hopes Vance shows the url to Phil

Michael_C [guest] says, "Vance's neighbourhood is shakin."

VanceS asks, "shall I Phil?"

PhilB exclaims, "Yeah!"

VanceS [Webhead] shows PhilB the URL:

PhilB [WebTeach] has been looking at Mars projects...

Michael_C [guest] says, "It all looks so incrediblt neat and clean."

VanceS says, "Abu Dhabi is actually a very nice town."

PhilB exclaims, "Wow, looks luxurious!"

Maggi [guest] says, "the heat fries everything mc..."

Michael_C [guest] says, "brb...."

PhilB says, "This is neat, I'd like to get my students to do the same thing with our school."

VanceS says, "Heat fries us for 3 months a year, then while you guys are freezing yer goolies off, we're laughin' and a splashin/"

PhilB asks, "Who's that in the elevator?"

VanceS says, "upstairs neighbor"

BJB [HelpDesk]'re going to have to get his name, Vance and have him sign a release form!

PhilB [WebTeach] grins

VanceS says, "he was nice enough to hold the door. Happened to be in the elevator when it arrived"

Maggi [guest] says, "some of us may preferfreezing"

VanceS exclaims, "not MY fault if he wants to ride the elevator!!"

PhilB exclaims, "Little did he suspect his upcoming online notoriety!"

VanceS exclaims, "little indeed, spam follows!"

PhilB asks, "Did you do this with a digital camera?"

VanceS says, "yeah, an old Kodak 120"

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

Michael_C [guest] says, "This tour is great vance - I'm at the funny car. I guess ideally you should have links back to the previous pix...."

ying has connected.

VanceS says, "You can backtrack if you want"

BJB says, "welcome, Ying"

VanceS says, "Hi Ying Lan"

Maggi [guest] exclaims, "Hi Ying!"

ying [guest] says, "hello..."

ying [guest] asks, "how are you today?"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Ying"

Maggi [guest] asks, "fine and you?"

ying [guest] asks, "hi,,,,, john.. are you in the United States?"

PhilB has connected.

PhilB . o O ( back )

JohnSte says, "Yes, I am in Pennsylvania now."

Michael_C [guest] says, "But backtrackinh is one screen at a's OK....I'm just being picky."

PhilB . o O ( got booted somehow... )

PhilB says, "That certainly is a funky car out beyond the park."

JohnSte says, "I know what you mean, Michael."

VanceS says, "I was trying to settle on a template that anyone could use"

ying [guest] asks, "What is picky?"

VanceS says, "I think to simplify it instead of thumbnails just back and forward icons"

VanceS asks, "Ying Lan, do you want me to show you the url we're looking at?"

Peter has connected.

PhilB asks, "Are y'all planning to add anything to this virtual visit, to make it a sort of treasure hunt or somthing? Or is it just a visual tour de force?"

VanceS says, "Picky means nit picky"

VanceS says, "Hi Peter (tokyo)"

PhilB says, "Bonjour, Peter. Welcome to Tapped In."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yep"

Peter [guest] says, "Phillip Benz bonjour"

VanceS says, "A nit is a louse (plural, lice)"

ying [guest] says, "I don't get it... picky."

Peter [guest] says, "and konichiwa to all"

PhilB says, "I've been working on a sort of virtual village also."

VanceS says, "and to pick lice from someone or from an animal, you have to dig deep and find them"

PhilB says, "Konichiwa, Peter sensei."

JohnSte says, "It means to worry about small details, Ying."

PhilB [WebTeach] bows

Maggi [guest] says, "it means looking at small things Ying"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Ying - picky describes someone who is too critical about small things"

VanceS says, "So nit picky means to (just what John said)"

VanceS says, "(and Michael) snap snap namp snap"

Peter [guest] <laughs>

ying [guest] says, "Thanks... just like me."

Michael_C [guest] says, "smiles"

VanceS says, "We're all looking at this url:"

VanceS asks, "should I SHOW it to Ying Lan and Peter (project it just for you)?"

PhilB asks, "Vance, does the virtual stroll end at the Corniche?"

VanceS says, "Sadly, Phil, the heat was so intense ..."

PhilB says, "Hey, it's huge! no need to be sorry."

VanceS says, "But later, I'll walk the camera up the corniche"

ying [guest] says, "usre"

Peter [guest] asks, "can't you project it Vance?"

ying [guest] says, "sure"

PhilB says, "I was just checking that I'd seen it all."

VanceS [Webhead] shows ying the URL:

VanceS [Webhead] shows Peter the URL:

Peter [guest] says, "got it"

ying [guest] says, "your house is beautiful..."

VanceS says, "I should sneak the camera into some of the clubs around Abu Dhabi"

ying [guest] says, "I envy you..."

PhilB exclaims, "Vance, that sounds dangerous!"

VanceS says, "There's an Ethiopian bar that's especially lively"

JohnSte asks, "What, blackmail?"

Peter [guest] says, "nice place Vance"

PhilB says, "You'll have to get a smaller camera, eh, one that you can snake through a buttonhole. <g>"

Peter [guest] says, "really nice"

Peter [guest] says, "makes my rabbit hutch look a wee bit pokey"

VanceS asks, "Thank you. I keep getting this spam for a tiny web cam. Have you seen that? Maybe that and a palm pilot?"

Peter [guest] says, "the wireless X-cam"

JohnSte says, "I get the same spam."

VanceS says, "Yes, I think so"

Peter [guest] says, "leave the lap top in the car with wireless conection"

VanceS says, "that's it"

PhilB says, "Nope. I get mostly spam for young virgins & viagra."

Peter [guest] says, "lol lol"

JohnSte says, "Get that, too."

Peter [guest] says, "me too"

VanceS asks, "John was telling us about some of his spam earlier. Can you forward that John?"

ying [guest] asks, "what is the funny car?"

PhilB says, "I need to beef up my killfiles. <g>"

Peter [guest] says, "sent an angry email about it today actually"

Peter [guest] says, "beginning to annoy me"

Maggi [guest] says, "remember Vance has a wife that no doubt contributes to the cosy look..."

JohnSte says, "I deleted it."

PhilB says, "There is nothing you can do about spam, except add the addresses to your killfile."

Peter [guest] says, "I supect so Maggi"

VanceS [Webhead] smiles

JohnSte says, "It was an automatically executing port site."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "You mean to say bthat Vance can't create such a cozy place?"

DavidW has connected.

DavidW waves to VanceS [Webhead], JohnSte [Webhead], BJB [HelpDesk], Michael_C [guest], Maggi [guest], ying [guest], PhilB [WebTeach], and Peter [guest].

ying [guest] says, "Look at the pearl fountain is the last one."

JohnSte says, "Except they keep changing addresses."

VanceS says, "A funny car is just a car that looks funny"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves welcome back to David

DavidW grins.

Maggi [guest] says, "in a round aboutr way yes mc."

ying [guest] says, "Hello.. David."

VanceS asks, "Hi David. Still breading?"

JohnSte [Webhead] waves to DavidW.

DavidW says, "All done breading - got pastry, too."

PhilB says, "Could I show y'all a new project? "Viva, the Virtual Interactive Village in the Ardeche."

DavidW . o O ( Got Rice? )

ying [guest] asks, "Where are you from DavidW?"

DavidW [to PhilB]: "Bonjour monsieur"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I thought V meant breeding...."

JohnSte says, "I thought it was breaded."

DavidW [to Ying [guest]]: "I live in the United States, somewhere between New York and Philadelphia, most of the time."

DavidW grins.

PhilB says, "I should send him my spam to help with the breeding."

Michael_C [guest] says, "the mind boggles."

VanceS says, "Phil I was telling everyone earlier that this tour I created was INSPIRED by your Interactive Village"

DavidW . o O ( inspirer? )

PhilB exclaims, "Vance, I didn't know you'd even seen the interactive village!"

PhilB says, "It's very new."

VanceS says, "I realize it's a different concept but the idea of Interactive Village was what made me take the camera and walk down to the beach"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Er..what is the intereactive village?"

Maggi [guest] says, "I saw it"

VanceS says, "BJB sent us an email on the FL list"

PhilB says, "I'll show you all, if you like."

DavidW . o O ( FL? )

JohnSte says, "It sounds familiar. I may have seen it."

DavidW . o O ( Foreign Language? )

Michael_C [guest] says, "I'd like to see it Phil"

VanceS says, "Foreign Language"

DavidW . o O ( Oh! )

Peter [guest] says, "am still lost in the abu dhabi park"

DavidW grins.

JohnSte says, "go ahead, Phil."

PhilB says, "OK, I'm getting ready to project..."

VanceS says, "Go ahead Phil"

Peter [guest] says, "sure"

PhilB says, "But it'll squash the abu dabi stroll..."

Peter [guest] says, "give me two minutes then"

VanceS says, "You're about to get lost in the Ardeche Peter but you can back button"

DavidW . o O ( 119 )

PhilB says, "It's at"

Peter [guest] says, "OK"

Maggi [guest] asks, "so Ying...what are you up to?"

PhilB says, "I'll wait to project."

DavidW . o O ( 110 )

ying [guest] asks, "what am I up to?"

DavidW waves to VanceS [Webhead], JohnSte [Webhead], BJB [HelpDesk], Michael_C [guest], Maggi [guest], ying [guest], PhilB [WebTeach], and Peter [guest].

PhilB says, "Once on that page, you click on "forums" then on "Viva""

DavidW says, "Ciao"

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

Maggi [guest] asks, "what are you doing?"

JohnSte asks, "It means, what are you doing?"

ying [guest] says, "Oh... nothing."

VanceS asks, "Yeah, Ying Lan, you came late today. Were you doing anything unusual?"

Peter [guest] says, "wow Vance"

Peter [guest] says, "am honestly impressed"

PhilB [WebTeach] looks around at all the whisperers...

Peter [guest] says, "abu dhabi looks amazing"

Maggi [guest] exclaims, "nothing is good sometimes!"

VanceS says, "It is a nice place"

Peter [guest] asks, "for you rwife too?"

VanceS says, "absolutely. It's liberal for an Arab country"

Peter [guest] says, "have always worried about life for my wife in the middle east"

Maggi [guest] asks, "have you read anything interesting lately Ying?"

ying [guest] says, "Harry Poter in Chinese ..."

Peter [guest] asks, "Phil, where was your new site?"

Maggi [guest] asks, "great...which one?"

PhilB says, "If y'all are ready, I'll project. I was waiting for the Abu Dabi tour to finish."

ying [guest] says, "the book 3."

VanceS says, "I think you can go ahead and project it Phil"

Peter [guest] says, "all finito"

PhilB [WebTeach] projects the URL:

ying [guest] says, "I am ready."

JohnSte asks, "do you like it, Ying?"

PhilB says, "Click on "forums" and "Viva""

Maggi [guest] asks, "so 4 is next?"

VanceS exclaims, "I remember now what I really liked about it: French!"

PhilB says, "Please feel free to add your own texts, character descriptions or story elements."

PhilB says, "I added more English yesterday."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_1 [guest] has lost its link.

PhilB says, "But in fact, I have no direct control over the visual aspects. This area was designed by a team at the regional teaching library for me."

VanceS says, "Can you interact in either French or English? I see both languages here."

PhilB says, "For informal chats, the "Cafe" is the most appropriate area. Yes, the idea is that you continue a given conversation in the language it was started in."

PhilB says, "There is no rule against including other languages, though."

Peter [guest] says, "Bob the Painter seems very dodgy"

Peter [guest] says, "I would be careful with him if I were you"

PhilB exclaims, "Peter, why not continue his story? ou could make him even dodgier!"

Peter [guest] says, "Why not"

Michael_C [guest] says, "He could have a connection with UAE."

Maggi has connected.

PhilB says, "The whole idea is that the stories will be written in short snippets by different authors. I'll get my students in here for the first time this Friday."

PhilB says, "Why not have a few UAE people walking about?? You could add them to any building you chose."

PhilB says, "The "Mairie" (town hall) gives an overview of the existing buildings, and explains how you can request additional ones."

VanceS says, "Where do you meet Bob the painter? I'm getting bulletin boards."

PhilB says, "Yes, that's it! The project is based on bulletin boards."

BJB [to VanceS]: "Bob lives in the Bread shop"

PhilB says, "Vance, if you want to write about Bob the Painter, you start at his message, then respond to it."

BJB . o O ( we should invite David to move in with Bob )

PhilB says, "Since I'm going to be bringing students on Friday,; it would be great if they saw there were already a number of international participants..."

VanceS asks, "So if you want to continue the story of Bob, you just repondre?"

PhilB exclaims, "Yes, that's it!"

Maggi [guest] asks, "so Ying...have you decided what to take with you to NYC?"

PhilB . o O ( I need to request that the button labels be multilingual... )

ying [guest] says, "clothes..."

VanceS says, "In November, warm clothes"

Maggi [guest] asks, "and?"

JohnSte says, "Doesn't matter how much you pack, you'll always forget something."

ying [guest] says, "one dictionary, one radio, one iron, one phrase dictionary."

VanceS asks, "Are your students both French and English Phil?"

ying [guest] says, "You are right."

Maggi [guest] asks, "How much will they allow you to take?"

JohnSte says, "I got my radio and iron here. It was cheaper that way."

PhilB says, "My students are French, studying English, and there are several teachers in the US with students in the opposite situation."

ying [guest] says, "2 luggages."

VanceS says, "2 suitcases or trunks"

PhilB says, "2 bags"

Maggi [guest] asks, "only 2 suitcases for a year?"

JohnSte says, "I have become a very good customer of Goodwill."

VanceS says, "or two pieces of luggage"

ying [guest] asks, "You bought radio and iron in the United Satets?"

VanceS says, "you can get those things there ... and what John means, is he shops at Goodwill"

Maggi [guest] says, "bablycheaper Ying"

ying [guest] says, "Yes, ... maggi. only 2 pieces of luggest for one year,."

JohnSte says, "Yes. I spent a total of $30 for them, and saved the weight in my suitcases."

VanceS says, "I do too. I got most of my furniture in California at Goodwill"

JohnSte says, "Goodwill is a used items store."

Michael_C [guest] says, "And we have them in Aust too."

ying [guest] asks, "Can I find one in New York?"

JohnSte says, "We used to have Salvation Army here too, but they closed down."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "A multinational 2nd hand clothes chain!!!"

VanceS says, "The funny think about America is that you can actually live very cheaply there once you know where to go"

PhilB says, "In France, the equivalent to Goodwill is Emmaus. I still have a dining room set I got at Emmaus like 8 years ago."

JohnSte says, "Both of them are good."

Peter [guest] says, "OK"

JohnSte says, "You can find Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in New York, Ying."

Peter [guest] says, "have managed to increase Bob's dodginess"

JohnSte says, "Both of them have very good prices."

ying [guest] says, "that's cool.."

PhilB [WebTeach] clicks on the Boulangerie...

JohnSte says, "There are also other discount stores."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Phil B - would it be appropriate for me to start a discussion on the refugee/boat people here in Aust - in the interactive cafe?"

VanceS says, "Very good Peter"

ying [guest] asks, "Have you seen the electronice rice cooker at Goodwill?"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Or would that be too heavy?"

PhilB exclaims, "Peter, I love it! Thanks!"

PhilB says, "Michael, sure! Sounds good, perhaps in the Cafe."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes - that's what i was thinking."

Peter [guest] says, "It's a nice project Phil good luck with it"

Peter [guest] says, "will check back often to see how it is going"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Will be interesting to see how it builds."

PhilB says, "Michael, Peter, one of the guiding principles behind the Virtual Village is that you don't need to ask permission to post. You just go ahead and do it."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan, you might want to visit the bread shop to read peter's story"

Michael_C [guest] says, "OK Phil."

PhilB says, "Yes, I'm trying to get a wide variety of partners on board."

JohnSte says, "You might check into mailing yourself part of what you need. If you have an address already, I mean."

VanceS says, "Here's the URL, and Peter wrote 'the package' -"

PhilB says, "I bet my students will be fascinated with Bob the Painter's story. It'll grow fast with a start like that."

VanceS says, "People have used things to sell all the time in American cities"

VanceS says, "Usually there are free newspapers you can pick up at supermarkets where people place ads for things they have to sell"

VanceS says, "I wouldn't be surprised if you can't find a rice cooker"

VanceS says, "I mean I would be ..."

Peter [guest] asks, "Do they use rice cookers in the States?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Time for me to go folks. Vance and Phil - thanks for sharing your projects. It's got me thinking."

PhilB asks, "Gee, I always use an ordinary pot to cook my rice. Am I missing something?"

Peter [guest] says, "I'd never seen one before coming to Japan"

Michael_C [guest] says, "See you all next wseek maybe."

JohnSte says, "OK, Michael. See you later."

PhilB says, "G'day, Michael."

VanceS says, "ok, by MC"

JohnSte says, "I do too, Phil."

Maggi [guest] says, "I have one"

Peter [guest] says, "see you Michael"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Ok mates!"

VanceS says, "They have them here"

Peter [guest] asks, "did you buy it over there Maggi?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_181 [guest] has disconnected.

Peter [guest] says, "They are pretty useful things I think, make lovely rice"

Maggi [guest] says, "no, in the US"

Maggi [guest] says, "maikes it different than in a pot."

VanceS says, "There are so many asian people in the USA (and in the UAE) that rice cookers are useful"

VanceS says, "They have a special way of cooking rice in Iran (chello)"

Peter [guest] says, "mind you, before coming to Japan I was true to my British upbrging and hardly tocuhed rice"

VanceS says, "and in Pakistan"

Peter [guest] says, "potatoes and more potatoes was my staple"

Peter [guest] says, "and now hardly eat them at all"

JohnSte says, "We used to switch between rice and potatoes when I was a child."

JohnSte says, "When I moved to Puerto Rico, I found that rice was the national dish."

Maggi [guest] says, "I loverice"

Peter [guest] says, "Chileans eat a lot too"

PhilB says, "No rice dish is complete without a dash of hot peppers. <g>"

PhilB [WebTeach] brought back a dozen bottles of hot sauce from Florida.

Maggi [guest] asks, "can't youu get it in France Phil?"

PhilB says, "No, I usually have to make my own."

PhilB says, "I can find two verieties of chile peppers in shops here, and from there it's not hard to make my own. But it's great to have a wide choice of mexican, caribbean and tex-mex sauces from the shelves of US supermarkets, too."

Maggi [guest] says, "full of"

VanceS asks, "Where do you live in France, Phil?"

VanceS says, "(and when are you going to make us a virtual tour of your neighborhood?)"

BJB . o O ( Phil will live to be a 1000 years old with all the preservatives )

PhilB says, "Maggi, not necessarily. The ones I got are all from very small, local producers, nothing from the big condiment factories."

PhilB says, "I live in France, And you're right, I ought to do a virtual tour."

Maggi [guest] says, "hopefully..."

VanceS asks, "But where in France?"

PhilB says, "Now that I have a laptop & a webcam..."

PhilB says, "In the Ardeche, half-way between Marseille and Lyon..."

PhilB says, "Just west of the Rhone river valley."

PhilB says, "On a clear day, from the nearby ridgetop I can see across the Rhone river valley to the Alps."

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if Phil is close to the recently discovered cave paintings

VanceS asks, "So Grenoble would be to your east?"

PhilB says, "Yes, the Grotte Chauvet site is about 30 minutes from here."

VanceS asks, "can you go inside?"

PhilB says, "Grenoble is a 2 hour drive, mostly east & a little north."

Peter [guest] asks, "What do the paintings depict?"

PhilB says, "Nobody will ever be allowed inside the Grotte Chauvet, inorder to preserve it. Nobody excpet professionals."

PhilB says, "They are amazing. I wrote a lot about them when they first were discovered about 5 years ago..."

PhilB says, "Do a google search for "grotte chauvet" and you'l doubtless find the ministry site with pics."

VanceS says, "I just did"

PhilB says, "Also a recent NAtional Geographic ran a nice story by Jean Clottes."

BJB says, "I think there was a national geographic article also"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Phil

VanceS asks, "would anyone (not) like a projetion?"

Peter [guest] says, "please["

PhilB says, "The pics are amazing because they toss out the window everything we thought we knew about the evolution of paleolithic art."

VanceS says, "THis is a nicely done site"

VanceS says, "ok, here goes ..."

VanceS says, "unless I hear to the contrary .."

VanceS says, "in about 3 seconds ..."

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS asks, "hey, what's that doing there??"

VanceS says, "Let me try again ..."

VanceS [Webhead] sulks momentarily

PhilB [WebTeach] smiles

JohnSte says, "Interesting site, Vance."

BJB . o O ( old url )

BJB . o O ( from earlier discussion )

VanceS says, "uh, ok .."

VanceS says, "and now, for something comPLETEly different .."

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

PhilB says, "Oooh, they've updated the site since my last visit."

VanceS says, "Visite de la grotte is the place to go"

PhilB says, "The amazing thing about Chauvet was the dating. Before the dating came back, everyone assumed it was contemporary to Lascault. In fact it is more than twice as old, around 30,000 BP instead of 14,000 BP."

VanceS says, "must be interesting to come upon stuff like this"

PhilB says, "It's fabulously thought provoking, because the dating of Chauvet pushes it right next to the dates for Neanderthal occupation of the area."

PhilB says, "The last sites for Neanderthal occupation in the area are also from around 30,000 BP."

VanceS says, "check out the Salle Hillaire"

JohnSte says, "Much better than just seeing it in a book."

PhilB exclaims, "Man, is it ever slow loading on my dialup connection, though!"

VanceS says, "i'm on a dialup, not too bad"

JohnSte says, "So am I."

PhilB says, "Mine still isn't loaded."

PhilB says, "BJ, as an art teacher, t stuff like this must be your bred & butter."

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles happily...I love it!

BJB . o O ( just sent the link to a couple arts listserves )

PhilB [WebTeach] has the URL of the National Geographic feature.

Peter [guest] says, "would like to read that Phil"

VanceS says, "go for it Phil"

PhilB says, "Vance, the Salle Hilaire launched a lot of speculation on a putative "clan of the cave bear""

VanceS says, "Yeah, the floor was littered with orse bones"

PhilB says, "The National Geographic URL is"

VanceS says, "project it"

PhilB says, "There was a cave bear skull dramatically placed atop a block of stone. Placed."

Peter [guest] says, "yup projection is better ^- seem to have probs cutting and pasting from tapped in applet"

PhilB says, "It'll squash the grotte site..."

VanceS says, "A good technique is to copy the url of the place you are in another browser window and let people project to the tapped in one"

VanceS says, "yeah, you have to use the pasteboard, a little clumsy"

Peter [guest] says, "yup have done it"

PhilB says, "When the URL is over several lines, you need to copy it to another program, say wordpad."

VanceS says, "Peter and I are ready"

PhilB says, "OK, I'll project then (he sighs)"

PhilB [WebTeach] projects the URL:

Peter [guest] says, "OK"

Peter [guest] says, "got it"

Maggi [guest] says, "I get the magazine"

JohnSte says, "got it"

VanceS says, "yep"

PhilB says, "Well, this has been fascinating, since I've been particularly interested in the Chauvet site since its discovery, but I need to get offline."

Maggi [guest] says, "need to get some stuff don3e...bye for now"

PhilB says, "Ciao."

Peter [guest] says, "bye"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye

VanceS [Webhead] wavesses to JohnSte [Webhead], BJB [HelpDesk], ying [guest], PhilB [WebTeach], Peter [guest], and Maggi [guest].

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_126 [guest] has lost its link.

PhilB says, "Come Tuesday to the Euro language forum, if you can."

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

Peter [guest] says, "probably time for me to finish a bit of work too"

JohnSte says, "ok, see you maggi"

VanceS says, "ok thanks for Joining us Peter"

Peter [guest] says, "have dreamweaver sucking up my RAM in another window and my index page waiting for me"

VanceS says, "Your picture will be in our chat logs for tonight"

Peter [guest] says, "always a pleasure"

Peter [guest] says, "always learn something I didn't know before"

Peter [guest] says, "take it easy all"

VanceS says, "THAT's what it is about Webheads"

VanceS says, "You put your finger on it Peter"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_12 [guest] has disconnected.

ying [guest] says, "I have to go now."

BJB [HelpDesk] thinks she should go get some things done also

JohnSte says, "Ok, See you, Ying."

BJB looks multitasking.

VanceS asks, "Ying Lan, do you learn something new each time with Webheads?"

ying [guest] says, "see you."

FlorenceW has connected.

VanceS says, "ok, well, I hope you do. (Must, if you keep coming back)"

VanceS says, "Hi Florence"

FlorenceW says, "Hi VanceS"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Florence."

FlorenceW says, "Hi JohnSte"

FlorenceW says, "I need some help"

BJB [multitasking] wonders what kind of help Florence needs

FlorenceW says, "I am a student from Concordia University. AHSC239"

FlorenceW says, "230 i'm sorry"

FlorenceW says, "and I kind of missed the class/orientation yesterday"

FlorenceW asks, "i was wondering if anyone knows how can I find the archives?"

BJB [to Florence]: "private class meetings aren't archived unless you have a classmember who can share"

BJB asks, "do you have the name of someone in the class who was here, Florence? Was there a tour led by a tappedin staff?"

FlorenceW says, "BJB: i don't know anyone from the class."

BJB asks, "can you contact your professor, Florence?"

FlorenceW says, "i just emailed her this early morning. still waiting for reply."

BJB [multitasking] nods..what is her name, Florence?

FlorenceW says, "according to her course outline, it's the students' responsibility"

FlorenceW says, "to find out what happened in the class if he/she missed any class"

FlorenceW says, "her name is Mia Lobel"

BJB [multitasking] understands the reason for the outline but sometimes you have to be a little flexible when you're using cyberspace

BJB . o O ( her last login was July 30! )

FlorenceW exclaims, "no kidding!!"

VanceS says, "I think I shall retire from here now"

FlorenceW says, "by VanceS"

VanceS says, "Lovely class we had. Buy everyone."

VanceS says, "bye I mean"

JohnSte says, "same here. See yall."

BJB says, "unless she logged in as a guest, Florence, it doesn't sound like you missed much"

VanceS [Webhead] wavesses JohnSte [Webhead], BJB [multitasking], ying [guest], and FlorenceW.

BJB [multitasking] waves bye to Vance. Thanks!

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Sep 9 07:08:31 2001 PDT.

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Ying Lan signs off on ICQ

ying 9/9/01 5:57 PM Vance... I am sorry. I just heard that one of my friends died at 4.p.m. today.
Someone gave me a phone call.
I am so sad... now.

ying 9/9/01 5:58 PM he is only 26 years old... a handsome Canadian boy.

Vance 9/9/01 5:58 PM oh no, I just saw your note. How sad!

ying 9/9/01 5:59 PM He died in swimming pool... I can not believe it.
he was a swimming coach.

Vance 9/9/01 6:00 PM Really awful. Someone you knew in Vancouver?

ying 9/9/01 6:00 PM I hope it is a joke. Teenage spread rumors only.

ying 9/9/01 6:00 PM No.. I knew him in Taiwan.

ying 9/9/01 6:00 PM His girlfriend is Taiwanese.

Vance 9/9/01 6:01 PM Very bad joke

ying 9/9/01 6:01 PM But she said it is a truth...

ying 9/9/01 6:02 PM So... Take of yourself... when you are diving... whatever.

Vance 9/9/01 6:02 PM It's happened to a lot of my friends unfortunately

ying 9/9/01 6:02 PM To be safe.. is the most important thing in the world.

Vance 9/9/01 6:03 PM to be careful and happy

ying 9/9/01 6:03 PM yes,,, exactly

ying 9/9/01 6:04 PM Don't forget it.

Vance 9/9/01 6:04 PM take care of yourself

ying 9/9/01 6:04 PM I will.

ying 9/9/01 6:04 PM To be alive is the most happy thing in the world. .. now.

ying 9/9/01 6:04 PM I have to go now. see you.

Vance 9/9/01 6:05 PM OK Ying Lan. I'm glad you are alive and with us every week.

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Ming wakes up in Oregon; appears on ICQ

Vance 9/9/01 5:59 PM Hi MIng, we're at tapped in if you're awake.

Ming 9/9/01 6:05 PM I am just awake; where it is?

Vance 9/9/01 6:06 PM Hi Ming. oh, just ended

Vance 9/9/01 6:06 PM I just logged out of Tapped In and Ying Lan just went offline.

Ming 9/9/01 6:06 PM well...

Vance 9/9/01 6:06 PM Sorry, have you been online long? I just noticed.

Vance 9/9/01 6:07 PM Right now it's 2 p.m. GMT. We normally meet from about noon to this time.

Vance 9/9/01 6:07 PM It must be early morning in Oregon. Are you in Oregon?

Ming 9/9/01 6:07 PM nop; I just get up.

Vance 9/9/01 6:08 PM Yeah, it's too early for you there. What time is it?

Ming 9/9/01 6:09 PM yeah, OR. Now is 7 am.

Vance 9/9/01 6:09 PM Yeay, you'd have to be up at 5 or 6 to really join us, though sometimes we're still going at this tiime.

Ming 9/9/01 6:10 PM I am not a early bird...

Vance 9/9/01 6:10 PM who is! ???

Vance 9/9/01 6:11 PM 7 a.m. on a SUNDAY is an early bird !

Ming 9/9/01 6:11 PM hence by that, it's hard for me to catch you guys...

Ming 9/9/01 6:11 PM ^-^

Vance 9/9/01 6:11 PM Yeah, for sure. At least you can read about us in the logs if you want

Ming 9/9/01 6:12 PM sure.

Vance 9/9/01 6:12 PM Tonight we were looking at a url of some pics I took from my neighborhood. Would you like to see? It's a walk from my balcony to the beach.

Ming 9/9/01 6:12 PM sure.

Vance 9/9/01 6:14 PM
had to find it

Vance 9/9/01 6:16 PM We're wondering if there's any chance of getting other webheads to do anything similar ... ^_^

Ming 9/9/01 6:22 PM sorry, my ethernet adapter is sort of freaky now....

Ming 9/9/01 6:22 PM they are lovely pics. so envy that you can live in such a beautiful place.

Vance 9/9/01 6:22 PM ok, I've got to go home anyway. It's time for me to finish my day.

Ming 9/9/01 6:23 PM that tricky is easy, if you need help, I can do that.

Vance 9/9/01 6:23 PM Oregon is very beautiful too. One of the best states in teh USA. I espedially like Eugene

Ming 9/9/01 6:23 PM The thing is, I cant see the sea directly...I used to

Vance 9/9/01 6:24 PM Well, if you'd like to take a few pictures around your home or town, maybe others would do the same.

Vance 9/9/01 6:24 PM You dont' have to go to the sea. You can go to the woods. Or the supermarket.

Ming 9/9/01 6:25 PM the thing is, I seldom take picture...I only have two or three pics within these three years...

Vance 9/9/01 6:26 PM It's not for everyone to do such a project.
Just an idea. You contribute when you write.

Ming 9/9/01 6:26 PM Before, I lived in a small mountain and the sea is next to it...

Vance 9/9/01 6:27 PM Your writing is very good. I enjoyed your debate with Moral.
Do you mean in Oregon (the small mountain)?

Ming 9/9/01 6:27 PM I just make a empty website for a club I joined in my senior school.

Vance 9/9/01 6:28 PM I don't think I can get it. Are you sure of the url?

Ming 9/9/01 6:28 PM thanks. I know I still have bunch of grammer problems.
what I mean previously is my native country.

Vance 9/9/01 6:29 PM can you get the site on your browser and then send me the link in ICQ?

Ming 9/9/01 6:29 PM

Ming 9/9/01 6:30 PM oh, wrong typo.
I did not put the content in yet, just made all pics. I am still working on modifing them.
some looks not so good.

Ming 9/9/01 6:31 PM did you teach how to translate other language to english?

Ming 9/9/01 6:31 PM the portal page is writen in traditional Chinese, (BIG5 code)

Vance 9/9/01 6:32 PM Yeah, I was having to download chinese support but it was taking too long so I canceled it.
It also blocked me from ICQ

Vance 9/9/01 6:32 PM but it's ok now

Vance 9/9/01 6:33 PM So where can I go here?

Ming 9/9/01 6:33 PM you dont need to read, it's empty...

Vance 9/9/01 6:33 PM oh, well I'm glad I didn't download all that support

Vance 9/9/01 6:34 PM Why not start a web page at Geocities or Tripod or ...

Ming 9/9/01 6:34 PM ^^;;;

I told you it's still empty. we need to collect from all of people first.

Vance 9/9/01 6:34 PM of course you have your webheads web page ...

Vance 9/9/01 6:34 PM to collect what from all the people?

Ming 9/9/01 6:35 PM not intend to do it. I want a stable place to live, dont like to move around.

Ming 9/9/01 6:35 PM latest news from both old friends and the new members in that club currently.

Vance 9/9/01 6:36 PM oh yea, a club website

Vance 9/9/01 6:36 PM efi/ming.htm

Vance 9/9/01 6:36 PM There's this one too. You can add to it any time.

Ming 9/9/01 6:36 PM's%20Web/
this is in my computer.

Ming 9/9/01 6:37 PM but I couldnt upload by myself...

Vance 9/9/01 6:37 PM So you leave your computer on all the time
(nice fade in)

Vance 9/9/01 6:38 PM Where should I click? (can't read it)

Ming 9/9/01 6:38 PM sometimes, not really.
I just make it for practice, not for people really.

Vance 9/9/01 6:39 PM Nice transitions. I'm just clicking at random.

Ming 9/9/01 6:39 PM anything;'s%20web/msg/
though you cant read, but the first people is Maggi

Ming 9/9/01 6:39 PM thanks.
I did not AD it, seldom people know that it exists.

Vance 9/9/01 6:40 PM I think I just posted to your guestbook

Ming 9/9/01 6:40 PM since I do not like others' pics, I merely made simple one to myself.

Ming 9/9/01 6:40 PM wow! I saw it!!! thanks.

Vance 9/9/01 6:41 PM and I found how to send you an email. OK, at least you know it works.

Ming 9/9/01 6:41 PM the previous club one you also can click any pics to go some other empty places.

Vance 9/9/01 6:42 PM Well I think I'm going to click on my car and go home. Nice talking to you. Enjoy your Sunday.

Ming 9/9/01 6:42 PM thanks. I 've asked people to test its functions to me already. =)

Ming 9/9/01 6:42 PM c u. ^-^/

Vance 9/9/01 6:42 PM ok, bye for now

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