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Webheads chat logs from August 26, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan Sue Susanne Moral
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Japan Denmark China

and Lian from Wuhan, China and DavidW (who happened by Reception at Tapped In and stayed), Heiach (who just wanted to play fantasy games), BJB (who hqngs out in Reception at TappedIn), and Venny, Carolyn, and Auriol (who had come for a Webquest session). Ming was online but asleep.

Find where someone first joined the chat: Vance | Sue | Ying Lan | Lian | Heiach | BJB | Moral | Susanne | Maggi | Michael | Venny | Carolyn | Auriol | Ming

The chat tonight was a freewheeling session held, in typical Webheads fashion, in two locations simultaneously. We were gathering in Reception at Tapped In when Sue and Ying Lan decided that they wanted to try the Yahoo voice chat. As we went about setting it up, Lian and DavidW dropped by reception and decided they'd like to try too. It was a little complicated keeping the conversation going in Tapped In and trying to listen to the voice chat, especially as the newcomers were downloading and setting up the program and had to be added to our buddy lists. I tried to stay involved at Tapped In while Michael moderated a very active voice discussion on Yahoo. Moral meanwhile got ICQ voice going, but only one way (he could hear me). Ming slept through it all but caught Vance next morning.

Vance finds Sue on Yahoo

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mysailing: hi,vance.

vance_stevens: hi sue, nice to see you

mysailing: in tap in now?

vance_stevens: Yes I am

vance_stevens: coming there?

mysailing: please give me address, i reinstalled my computer yesterday

vance_stevens: I'll move down to reception

vance_stevens: ok, it's

vance_stevens: I have a frozen tapped in screen. I'm logging out and back in again.

mysailing: ok

vance_stevens: I see you in reception. I'll be right there.

mysailing: ok, see you then

vance_stevens: oh, I am there

vance_stevens: are you getting my messages in tapped in?

mysailing: yes, but the interface does not change

vance_stevens: doesn't change from what?

vance_stevens: are you using Tapestry?

mysailing: still Mark's face there

vance_stevens: oh, that ... click update in the upper right hand corner <Follow Sue to Tapped In>

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Vance finds Ying Lan on ICQ

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Ying Lan in ICQ | Text chat for our voice Yahoo session | TappedIn | Ming in ICQ

Vance: Hi Ying Lan. I'm chatting wth Sue in Tapped in, at reception

ying: Can we try voice chatting by yahoo. messager today?

Vance: Sure. Are you on Yahoo?

ying: Yes

But wait seconds... nature calling

Vance: ok

ying: I am back.

Vance: OK, I'll start a session (let me plug in a mic) <Follow Ying Lan to Tapped In>

Tapped In chat logs

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Ying Lan in ICQ | Text chat for our voice Yahoo session | TappedIn | Ming in ICQ

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 26 04:25:56 2001 PDT.

VanceS says, "Hi Mark. Hi Sue."

VanceS [Webhead] waves

Sue [guest] says, "hi, Vance"

Sue [guest] says, "hi Mark"

VanceS says, "I think Mark is here manning the helpdesk"

VanceS says, "If anyone comes needing help, we'll move up to my office."

VanceS says, "If I go there, you just type /join vances"

VanceS [Webhead] looks at his shoes

VanceS [Webhead] checks watch - 15:25 in Abu Dhabi

VanceS [Webhead] waits for Sue to Update her screen

Sue [guest] asks, "oh, there is some change now, maggi is not here?"

VanceS asks, "Have you seen Maggi?"

VanceS [Webhead] was sending email

VanceS says, "We're a little early actually"

VanceS says, "I'm going on ICQ now"

VanceS says, "Ming is there. I'll say hi." <See where Vance says 'hi' to Ming>

VanceS asks, "Were you with us when Ming and Moral and Ying Lan debated one country / two systems?"

Sue [guest] says, "no,"

Sue [guest] says, "i have never met ming, but read his mails sometimes"

ann-command has connected.

VanceS says, "I think Ming is a lady, a student in Oregon"

ann-command [guest] says, "mark, how are you? this is lian speaking."

Sue [guest] says, "oh, sorry, i should say her"

ann-command [guest] asks, "say who?"

ann-command [guest] leaves for the El.

VanceS says, "I guess there's something else going on in E1"

VanceS says, "This is the url for the great debate:"

VanceS says, " 2systems.htm"

VanceS asks, "Would you like for me to project it, or would you rather look later?"

Sue [guest] says, "i would read it later"

Sue [guest] says, "thanks"

VanceS says, "ok, but it's an interesting debate. Especially as it's so reasoned between Moral in Kunming and Ming and Ying Lan, both from Taiwan. They were very respectful of each other's opinions."

Sue [guest] asks, "oh, i see. their opinions are opposite?"

VanceS says, "Well, sort of. It started with Moral expressing pride in China's recovering Macau and continued with the prospects for democracy in Hong Kong, etc."

Sue [guest] asks, "what is ying lan and ming's opinion?"

VanceS says, "You should read it. It's not so much the opinion but the tone of the argument."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is now online, in ICQ" <See what Ying Lan has to say in ICQ>

Sue [guest] asks, "ICQ is more convenient than yahoo?"

VanceS says, "It gives you the time, and it records your conversations, two big advantages."

VanceS says, "But you can talk on Yahoo"

ann-command has connected.

VanceS says, "Hi Ann. We're the Webheads. We're just loitering in reception"

Heiach has connected.

ann-command [guest] says, "@quit"

Heiach [guest] says, "l"

ann-command [guest] says, "i"

Heiach [guest] says, "help"

Heiach [guest] says, "i"

Heiach [guest] says, "this sucks"

VanceS says, "Hi Heiach. Is anyone here for the WEbheads session? If not, maybe we'll move up to my office."

Heiach [guest] says, "look"

Heiach [guest] asks, "is this even a multi user dungeon?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "what can i do for you?"

VanceS says, "No worries, Heiach, we can help you maybe"

Heiach [guest] says, "l"

yign has connected.

Heiach [guest] says, "I can't even look or move or anything."

Heiach [guest] says, "only talk"

Heiach [guest] asks, "not a good mud is it?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "vances, is there a disscusion here?"

Heiach [guest] says, "<sighs>"

VanceS says, "what are you using to connect with Heiach"

VanceS says, "We can take the discussion to my office Ann. It's a Webheads online ESL class"

yign [guest] exclaims, "hello everyone !!"

Heiach [guest] says, "hi"

VanceS says, "This must be Ying Lan"

Heiach [guest] says, "I am using Zmud"

VanceS [Webhead] waves

Heiach [guest] says, "<sighs>"

ann-command [guest] asks, "vances, is there a disscusion here today?"

yign [guest] says, "ann and heiach... nice to meet you. It is the first time .."

Heiach [guest] says, "I don't want to dload any clients..."

VanceS asks, "I'm using Tapestry, java in html. Impossible for you Heiach?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "yign,nice to meet you, are you a chinese?"

Heiach [guest] says, "I don't have any other boxes..."

Heiach [guest] asks, "is this even a mud tho?"

VanceS asks, "Have you tried, and then connect using Tapestry?"

yign [guest] says, "Are you Chiense? You don't need 'a""

yign [guest] says, "I am from Taiwan."

VanceS says, "You need a java enabled browser, that's all"

VanceS says, "no downloads"

Heiach [guest] says, "Teacher Professional Development ....... whoops.. I should of looked at that part :)"

Heiach [guest] says, "doesn sound like a mud to me :)"

Heiach [guest] says, "I think I'll be leaving now..."

VanceS says, "more technically it's a MOO"

yign [guest] asks, "So... how are you Ann?"

Heiach [guest] says, "ok ok a moo"

ann-command [guest] says, "i am from wuhan."

VanceS says, "(multi-user dungeon object oriented)"

Heiach [guest] says, "any fantasy fighting? etc.."

yign [guest] asks, "Wu han.. where is it?"

VanceS says, "here? No .. boring educators"

Heiach [guest] says, "ok"

yign [guest] asks, "In mainland China?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_17 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "ok, welcome anyway"

ann-command [guest] says, "you don't know wuhan, it is in mainland china."

ann-command [guest] says, "yign, welcome you to wuhan."

VanceS says, "Hi Ann. I think I'll look up wuhan at"

ann-command [guest] asks, "vances, you are from America?"

VanceS says, "Yes, I'm an American, but I live in Abu Dhabi"

ann-command [guest] asks, "where is abudhabi?"

VanceS says, "We're the Webheads. I can show you a url if you like."

ann-command [guest] says, "thank you."

Sue [guest] says, "it seems a lot of person is coming, so nic nice"

VanceS says, "Abu Dhabi is in the United Arab Emirates, in the middle east"

ann-command [guest] asks, "oh, so interestiong, so you are staying abroad?"

VanceS asks, "Yes, are you Chinese, or just working there?"

ann-command [guest] says, "i am a chinese."

VanceS asks, "Do you teach?"

yign [guest] says, "I am Chinese."

ann-command [guest] says, "yes, i teach oral english in a university."

yign [guest] says, "oral English..."

BJB has arrived.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

yign [guest] says, "Oral English..."

ann-command [guest] says, "i myself a university student, my students are old than me."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves good day

VanceS says, "You might be interested in Yahoo chat, voice chat"

ann-command [guest] says, "hello, bjb,"

ann-command [guest] asks, "yes, how can?"

BJB says, "Hi, Lian"

VanceS [Webhead] waves enthusiastically to BJB

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles and waves to Vance

ann-command [guest] says, "i want to chat with sb in voice chat."

ann-command [guest] asks, "bjb, is there a disccusion today?"

BJB [to Lian]: "you're already participating in the discussion!"

BJB [to Lian]: "Vance is the leader of this discussion group"

ann-command [guest] asks, "so what are talking about?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "do we have any topic here?"

yign [guest] asks, "What do you want to talk about?"

yign [guest] says, "Chinese people need topics..."

VanceS says, "At the moment we're talking about Wuhan. It looks directly between Beijing and Hong Kong, inland a few hundred kilometers"

ann-command [guest] says, "it will be all fine with me, just depend on you."

VanceS says, "And Ying Lan wants to voice chat (on Yahoo)"

ann-command [guest] says, "i want to."

yign [guest] says, "Wuhan, it is an also old city in Chinese history."

ann-command [guest] asks, "can we all chat on line?"

VanceS asks, "are you on Yahoo Messenger?"

ann-command [guest] says, "but i never chat in voice chat, canyou teach us, then we can chat there."

yign [guest] asks, "Heiach.. where are from?"

ann-command [guest] says, "taiwan."

yign [guest] asks, "Hi.. Sue, are you here?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "what does messenger mean?"

yign [guest] asks, "Heiach.. are you from Taiwan?"

yign [guest] says, "Yahoo Messager.. it is a program released by"

VanceS says, "if you visit then find the messenger you can download it."

yign [guest] says, "It is a title of a kind of chatting online program.. like ICQ"

VanceS says, "And if you have a microphone you can use it to speak online"

yign [guest] says, "but yahoo.messenger.. also supply voice chat."

VanceS says, "I'm trying to talk to Sue now" <See where Sue connects to Yahoo voice chat>

ann-command [guest] says, "i am download the messenger now, and what is next, i have ja microphone."

yign [guest] asks, "where..?"

VanceS says, "ok, install the messenger and we'll add you to our buddy lists"

VanceS says, "I guess I have to start a conference"

MoralL has connected.

ann-command [guest] says, "but i don't know how to."

yign [guest] asks, "Which room do you stay now?"

ann-command [guest] says, "i don't know."

MoralL says, "/who"

BJB says, "hi, Moral"

MoralL says, "Hi, bjb. nice to see you again."

MoralL says, "who"

VanceS asks, "Hi Moral, glad you could make it. Are you getting Webheads emails yet?"

BJB says, "nice to see you too, Moral."

ann-command [guest] says, "moral, nice to meet you."

MoralL says, "No, Vance. I wonder if i am still on the list."

VanceS says, "I checked yesterday and you weren't so I added you again"

MoralL says, "thansk BJB."

VanceS asks, "Can you hear me Ying Lan?" <See where Ying Lan connects to Yahoo voice chat>

yign [guest] says, "say again"

ann-command [guest] says, "you are talking in voice, how i envy you."

yign [guest] says, "yes"

VanceS says, "Sorry I had to click in hands-free"

ann-command [guest] asks, "tell me the procedure,ok?"

VanceS says, "ok, Ying Lan can hear me (but I can't here her)"

ann-command [guest] asks, "first i click, then what to do?"

VanceS says, "You have to find the messenger"

VanceS asks, "Can you see it? On the page?"

MoralL asks, "Vance, are you chatting in voice?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "where should i click?"

ann-command [guest] says, "yes, i have seen the messenger."

ann-command [guest] says, "then i click the messenger."

VanceS says, "Click there, ok ..."

ann-command [guest] asks, "then what to do?"

ann-command [guest] asks, "where should i click?"

VanceS asks, "did you download it?"

VanceS says, "Maybe I can get you the direct url. Hang on ..."

ann-command [guest] asks, "where should i download it?"

ann-command [guest] says, "thank you."

MoralL goes UP.

MoralL's personal recorder (recording) goes UP.

VanceS says, ""

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if Lian wants that url projected?

MoralL has arrived.

MoralL's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.

MoralL asks, "silence?"

ann-command [guest] says, "i am trying hard, thank you"

yign [guest] says, "Hello Mroal.. long time no see"

BJB [to MoralL]: "they're downloading messenger so they can use voice"

yign [guest] says, "Vance.. I heard some noise.."

MoralL asks, "Hi, ying?"

VanceS says, "Sorry everyone. We're messing with Yahoo"

VanceS says, "We have me and Sue and Ying Lan talking together"

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

SusanneN looks webhead.

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.

MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Susanne good day

VanceS says, "Hi Susanne"

SusanneN exclaims, "hello webheads!"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Maggi

VanceS says, "Hi Maggi"

MoralL says, "Hi, m"

MargaretD says, "Hi"

Sue [guest] says, "hi, maggi"

MoralL says, "Hi Maggi!."

ann-command [guest] says, "i am trying hard"

VanceS asks, "Have you managed to download messenger Ann?"

SusanneN [webhead] waves hi to Ann, Maggi, Vance and Moral - and BJ (not the least)

VanceS says, "Moral has just called me on ICQ phone"

SusanneN [webhead] waves also to Uin and Sue

MoralL says, "Hi, Suannne."

yign [guest] says, "hi.. susanneN"

SusanneN says, "Oh; I see :-)"

MargaretD wave at BJ

VanceS says, "So Webheads are everywhere today. Ying Lan and Sue and I are in Yahoo chat."

VanceS says, "Moral has called me on ICQ chat"

VanceS says, "voice chat that is"

yign [guest] asks, "We can talk by ICQ chat?"

MoralL says, "I tried it..."

VanceS says, "I don't know. Trouble is I can't hear Moral"

VanceS asks, "Were you talking to me?"

MoralL says, "I cancled because I could not connect. Let me try again."

yign [guest] asks, "Why... morall.. you have not download "yahoo.messager"?"

ann-command [guest] says, "you are so happy, i just don't know khow to chat on yahoo, i am trying."

MoralL says, "not yet."

SusanneN [webhead] grins - maybe we should all get together in just one place for a while, and have some cofeee? Or else, I will wait for you all here; I am not on Yahoo or ICQ.

yign [guest] says, "I think.. it is not so easy for Vance, If you want him to talk two side at the same time using different programs.."

VanceS says, "The one place is here"

VanceS says, "We are all here, but experimenting in other areas"

SusanneN [webhead] imagine Vance is some kind of online octopus

MoralL asks, "can you hear me on icq, vance?"

MargaretD says, "I'm not on Yahoo either Susanne"

yign [guest] says, "yes... Even we are talking on Yahoo. Messagner... we still let the web site window open."

VanceS looks octopus.

SusanneN says, "Good - and I do appreciate the tech experiments."

yign [guest] says, "You talk to moral by icq now... vance."

VanceS asks, "Can you hear us on Yahoo, YL?"

yign [guest] says, "Yes,..."

VanceS says, "I don't think ICQ voice chat is free"

yign [guest] says, "But I am embrassed to talk in English."

MargaretD says, "the idea is though to practice using English"

VanceS says, "There is a message sayng 'The page failed to load'"

MoralL asks, "Vance, I can hear you. can you heare me?"

SusanneN asks, "Ok, shall I try to figure out where I hid that old microphone of mine?"

DavidW has connected.

DavidW waves to Mark [helpdesk], Sue [guest], VanceS [octopus], ann-command [guest], yign [guest], BJB [HelpDesk], MoralL, SusanneN [webhead], and MargaretD.

ann-command [guest] asks, "vances, then how can i talk on line?"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs David

DavidW hugs BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW says, "Good morning"

ann-command [guest] says, "david, nice to meet you."

ann-command [guest] says, "good evening."

DavidW [to Ann-command [guest]]: "Hi there"

VanceS asks, "Hi David. Would you like us to move to my office, bjb?"

Michael_C has connected.

ann-command [guest] says, "this is lian speaking."

VanceS says, "And there's Michael. Hi MC"

SusanneN says, "Hi David, we are trying to experiment with voice chat in ICQ or Yahoo"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Hi there. Welcome to the US."

DavidW nods.

DavidW . o O ( Why? )

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Hi everyone. So we're out in the lobby again!"

MargaretD says, "Hi David and Mc"

VanceS says, "Sue says (on voice icq) that she had a niece born last night 3, 600 grams"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "Hi there"

VanceS says, "on voice Yahoo I mean"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "Wie geht's?"

MoralL asks, "yes, i can hear you Vance. Can you hear me?"

SusanneN exclaims, "Congratulations, Sue - my son had twin daughters last tuesday!"

MargaretD says, "nicht schlecht aber es ist verdammt heiss"

MoralL asks, "How to talk?"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "And how heiss is heiss Maggi?"

SusanneN [to Octopus]: "I got that microphone, and I'm on an older macintosh, where do I go bext?"

MargaretD says, "35C mc"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Wow!"

DavidW . o O ( Ouch )

MoralL asks, "pardon Vance?"

DavidW sings, ~\ It's too darn hot! /~

VanceS says, "you have to get on yahoo messenger to talke to Ying Lan and Sue and I"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Is David W David Winet?"

MargaretD says, "good thing it is the weekend"

MoralL says, "Ok, I will do it. I will close icq chat."

MargaretD says, "no"

VanceS says, "Sue and Ying Lan are having a great chat"

VanceS says, "Michael is trying to join them" <See where Michael connects to Yahoo voice chat>

DavidW holds up a BIG sign: DavidW is David Weksler

SusanneN asks, "Yahoo messenger, any URL recommended?"

VanceS says, "Michael, ask Sue to invite me again"

MoralL says, ""

VanceS says, ""

BJB [HelpDesk] shows SusanneN the URL:

VanceS says, "hang on I'll have Sue invite you"

VanceS says, "Sue will attempt to invite you"

DavidW nods.

MargaretD . o O ( BJB is fast )

ann-command [guest] says, "the success is around the corner."

VanceS says, "There are 4 people in our voice chat now and it's working well"

VanceS asks, "Yes, what is your Yahoo ID Ann?"

VanceS asks, "Do you teach ESL David?"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "What happened to the voice chat?"

VanceS says, "bombed out. I'll try to start another."

VanceS says, "A lot of teachers share your opinion, but the students love it."

MargaretD says, "why not spend the effort here talking"

DavidW agrees with MargaretD.

SusanneN says, "I have now downloaded the voice chat programme."

VanceS says, "Esp online, studnets want voice chat"

MoralL says, "downloading is underway."

VanceS says, "Not sure about the Mac issue, DW"

MargaretD asks, "did you ask them?"

VanceS says, "Is that a question for me? Maggi? YL asked to start the voice chat."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_159 [guest] has lost its link.

MargaretD says, "never mind"

VanceS asks, "is it d_weskler, David?"

SusanneN says, "Too bad; my mac system is 8.1 and system 8.5 is required. Too bad."

MargaretD says, "he had a sign"

SusanneN [webhead] feel so sure she will miss all the fun

DavidW says, "Yes, but the software just told me that I needed a new version on my Mac. I'm running system 8.6, so I'm going to download the upgrade for my machine. I'm no longer logged in - at the moment, but my id is d_weksler."

MargaretD says, "I doubt it Susanne"

DavidW says, "I got the invitation, but Yahoo Messenger also told me to UPGRADE."

VanceS says, "Not really, Susann, we're actually chatting here, same as always"

SusanneN says, "I cannot upgrade, my computer is too old."

SusanneN says, "OK - I am just kiddin', for me the text chat will do fine."

VanceS says, "ok David, Susanne, I'm just listening with one ear and writing with the other"

VanceS [octopus] means with one tentacle ...

MargaretD says, "we are not really chatting here"

VanceS says, "We can be. I'll try to pay this more attention."

DavidW says, "Would you invite me (d_weksler) again, so I get the message about where to upgrade the software? Thanks."

yign [guest] says, "I sent the invitation..."

DavidW . o O ( Please )

DavidW says, "Thanks."

yign [guest] says, "But you did not join us."

VanceS says, "OK, I was asking them ..."

yign [guest] asks, "Are you Divid Winet?"

yign [guest] asks, "DavidW?"

MargaretD says, "no he isn't"

DavidW says, "That's correct. I got the upgrade message, then I quit, which is usually necessary on a Macintosh, before you upgrade."

yign [guest] says, "Aoo"

VanceS says, "he's d_weksler"

DavidW says, "Sorry to confuse things."

DavidW holds up a BIG sign: DavidW (TappedIn) = d_weksler (Yahoo)

VanceS says, "so he's ok. He was just trying to get the message to upgrade"

DavidW nods.

MargaretD says, "not your fault"

DavidW grins.

VanceS asks, "How do you hold up a big sign?"

DavidW says, "Danke"

DavidW says, "type the following: sign blah, blah, blah"

DavidW says, "No quotes"

SusanneN says, "sign blabla"

SusanneN exclaims, "But a slash!"

BJB . o O ( type /sign blah blah )

DavidW says, "It's a command. You can't "say" it."

DavidW agrees with BJB [HelpDesk].

VanceS says, "sign Thanks"

MargaretD says, "in the info"

VanceS holds up a BIG sign: thanks

yign [guest] asks, "Did you get my inviation, David?"

SusanneN holds up a BIG sign: type /sign something

BJB says, "the slash overrides the say command"

DavidW says, "It's a command, not a vocalization"

DavidW laughs.

DavidW rolls on the floor.

VanceS holds up a BIG sign: understands now
DavidW holds up a BIG sign: Something - like a CHECK!

SusanneN [webhead] tickles David under his toes

DavidW grins.

DavidW cackels.

DavidW cackles.

DavidW washes your feet before SusanneN [webhead] has another chance.

MargaretD says, "his feet are ticklish"

VanceS [octopus] laughs so hard he spews ink

SusanneN . o O ( this is kind of a madhouse, or what? )

MoralL asks, "Vance, You yahoo! ID please?"

SusanneN [webhead] washes her hands

VanceS says, "Hi Moral, vance_stevens"

MoralL says, "ok"

VanceS says, "sorry about the ink. Reflex"

DavidW puts on his socks.

BJB [HelpDesk] wipes off her monitor screen

VanceS [octopus] cleans up with tentacles he's not using for typing and adjusting mic

SusanneN [webhead] hands Vance another bottle of ink for refill

DavidW says, "I'm impressed with your tentacles."

VanceS says, "Thank you"

DavidW says, "I need some ink for my fountain pen."

VanceS says, "This I think is what webheads is all about. It's a bit of a nut group that likes to play around online."

MargaretD says, "if we could teach our students this type of banter"

ann-command has connected.

DavidW [to SusanneN]: "Black/Blue is preferable."

ann-command [guest] asks, "where are you now?"

DavidW [to SusanneN]: "Ink, that is."

SusanneN . o O ( mr. Octopus' icon looks quite underwater )

VanceS says, "I wonder if it's teaching, or learning"

ann-command [guest] says, "just now i am disconnected."

BJB says, "welcome back, Lian"

ann-command [guest] says, "thank you, just i am trying yahoo"

DavidW says, "Okay, now I'm logged in with the JAVA version of Yahoo Messenger. Still don't know if this will work, but you can try inviting me again, I guess - d_weksler"

VanceS asks, "Hi Lian. Did you get Yahoo downloaded?"

MargaretD says, "it isn't students involved"

VanceS says, "ok David"

ann-command [guest] says, "i am poor in computer, to tell you the truth."

ann-command [guest] says, "i have download it now, but somthing wrong woht my microphone."

DavidW [to VanceS]: "What's your Yahoo ID?"

MargaretD says, "this isn't what Webheads started out to be"

DavidW says, "Microphone problems are typical of this kind of thing."

VanceS says, "I asked Sue to invite you, but they are really deep in conversation"

DavidW asks, "Have you guys tried Cu-SeeMe?"

ann-command [guest] says, "my yahoo id is an_lian"

SusanneN says, "This playgroup may be very helpful to you, here you can ask all the questions instantly"

MoralL says, "Vance, I can not find you."

DavidW agrees with SusanneN [webhead].

DavidW . o O ( Nice webhead, SusanneN )

SusanneN . o O ( HOpe you don't mind me calling this serious English course a playgroup? )

DavidW says, "Well, I've got some chores to do, even on Sunday."

VanceS says, "I'll add both of you"

VanceS says, "Lian, you have to give me permission to add you"

SusanneN [to DavidW]: "are you retiring already?"

DavidW says, "Well, not retiring, going to work, that is."

SusanneN says, "Oh, that is OK, then."

MargaretD asks, "on a Sunday?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_157 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "Sue has to invite you to her conference. I'll try to interrupt"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "I work for the government. We never have a day off."

DavidW winks.

VanceS says, "If I invite, we start a new confernce and it cuts off the one I'm in"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Then don't even try it. I'm not really adding much to the conversation."

DavidW . o O ( No, David )

ann-command has connected.

ann-command [guest] asks, "which room are you in the yahoo?"

VanceS says, "ok, they are inviting you now"

ann-command [guest] asks, "me?"

VanceS says, "Yes Lian"

DavidW smiles.

SusanneN exclaims, "Bye, David, see you!"

VanceS says, "We are trying ..."

VanceS asks, "Are you leaving Susanne?"

SusanneN says, "NO - I guess david is leaving us."

VanceS asks, "Did you see your picture in our chat logs?"

VanceS asks, "oh, are you leaving David?"

SusanneN says, "I will stay and see how your experiments are progessing, and think how I can join some voice chat somehow"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Yup, I'm doing some chores this morning and it is just 9am on the east coast of the US. Time for more coffee!"

DavidW grins.

DavidW waves to Mark [helpdesk], Sue [guest], VanceS [octopus], yign [guest], BJB [HelpDesk], MoralL, SusanneN [webhead], MargaretD, Michael_C [guest], and ann-command [guest].

DavidW hugs BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW hugs SusanneN [webhead].

DavidW says, "Ciao"

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

SusanneN [webhead] hugs David

VanceS says, "btw we don't use video such as cuseeme"

VanceS says, "too late"

SusanneN says, "Yeah"

VanceS says, "an_lian has joined the voice chat though"

SusanneN says, "That's great"

VanceS says, "Ying Lan and Sue are chatting up a storm"

ann-command [guest] says, "they are inviting to me, but they cannot hear me, i am hurry."

VanceS asks, "Can you hear them?"

SusanneN says, "Poor Liam"

MargaretD exclaims, "I can see that my being here is useless...bye then and have fun!"

VanceS exclaims, "maggi!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has disconnected.

SusanneN asks, "MI maggi - are you not on the yahoo?"

SusanneN says, "Oh; Maggi left us."

VanceS says, "too bad :-("

VanceS says, "I guess she felt left out"

SusanneN . o O ( she had no fun either :-((( )

VanceS says, "What do you think about the multitasking"

BJB says, "she lost her connection...she didn't log out"

SusanneN says, "Well, I enloy this kind of multitadsking"

SusanneN says, "Confusing and fuzzy - but still fun."

MoralL says, "Vance, I can not find you on yahoo! messagener."

VanceS says, "We often have satellite discussions like this"

VanceS says, "You have to be a fuzzy thinker"

SusanneN [to BJ]: "are you also involved in the voice chat?"

BJB says, "If a member of the group is only connected to one mode of communication then this conversation is a little confusing"

VanceS asks, "Are you on Yahoo moral? What's your id?"

BJB [to Susanne]: "no, I'm not"

VanceS says, "Yeah, Im listening to the voice chat"

MoralL says, "yes, I am. landaoyi."

VanceS says, "ok I'll try to add you"

SusanneN [to BJ]: "Would you like to explore that chat function further some other time?"

BJB [to Susanne]: "perhaps so day"

BJB . o O ( some day )

VanceS says, "ok, we're inviting you"

SusanneN says, "OK - I cannot find the version that will fit for my elderly mac, and I do not have the patience to seek hard by now."

VanceS says, "No worries, Sue. It's pretty disjuncto over there."

VanceS says, "But we got Moral in the chat" <See where Moral connects to Yahoo voice chat>

SusanneN says, "brb"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_143 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS asks, "Lian, did you mean to decline to join us?"

VanceS asks, "It looks like Lian left us?"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods

VanceS says, "I'm going to brb too (nature)"

BJB says, "she's having trouble keeping all the connections open"

VanceS says, "yeah, it's not easy"

VanceS asks, "do you want to join us in voice chat bjb?"

BJB [to VanceS]: "not today, thanks."

VanceS says, "ok"

SusanneN says, "Vance, another distraction: I saved my self portrait somewhere from the drawing tool yesterday for my upcoming webhead homepage as I have no digital portrait to add."

BJB . o O ( I'll have to try and remember where I stuffed that microphone and then hook it up....perhaps another time )

VanceS says, "Is it ok for us to meet here? It's fun the way we keep raking in people."

VanceS says, "GREAT Susanne. I'll love to put it up."

BJB [to VanceS]: "are you asking me? Reception is fine. If a newbie logs in I can take them somewhere else"

SusanneN says, "Usually we go elsewhere for sessions, either on an office ot the ASO, so we will not disturb the reception area..."

SusanneN says, "but I guess this time of the wewek only webheads will come in"

VanceS says, "Yes, we would be happy to do that. If it's disturbing reception"

BJB [HelpDesk] agrees with Susanne. But Sunday mornings are so slow that it's not a problem

VanceS says, "ok, that's good, because it's fun meeting the people who happen by"

VanceS says, "Suzanne are you going to send us your self-portrait? That would be great"

SusanneN exclaims, "Vance, I do not know where it has been saved!"

SusanneN says, "I made it yesterday on the drawing tool form the webhead site."

VanceS [octopus] -((

VanceS asks, "Can you search for it on a Mac?"

SusanneN says, "I wished to experiment with the tool and hoped it would then be saved somewhere I could find it."

SusanneN says, "I even forgot the file name :-(("

SusanneN says, "I will try to see if it was saved on my desk, or what."

VanceS asks, "On a pc you can search for all files created yesterday, for instance?"

SusanneN says, "Oh yes, I will."

VanceS says, "I never got away ... brb in a moment"

ann-command has connected.

ann-command [guest] says, "good night everyone, nice to meet you here.see you next time."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_143 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "just got back, sorry I missed saying goodbye to Ann"

VanceS says, "Lian"

SusanneN says, "Oh, yes, I was buusy checking m,y saved files."

SusanneN says, "No result."

SusanneN says, "I wonder if it was saved to my desk, or somewhere else in cyberspace."

VanceS says, "hmmm .. I used to work with macs and I found it hard to manage files compared to pc"

SusanneN says, "Too bad , that was a really beautiful self portrait in 8 colors :-)"

SusanneN says, "I am usually quite keen on managing my files - years of habitude :-)"

VanceS asks, "Maybe you can redo it?"

VanceS says, "what a bummer"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye...have breakfast to fix, errands to run and laundry to start.

SusanneN asks, "But, I do wonder where would a n image be saved?"

BJB looks away.

SusanneN says, "BYe, BJ, enjoy your sunday"

VanceS says, "would it have an extension? Like bmp or jpg"

SusanneN [webhead] hugs BJ

SusanneN says, "Possibly"

VanceS [octopus] waves but can't get BJB's attention

SusanneN says, "But no worry, I can redo myself some time."

SusanneN asks, "Vance, how did you do the saving procedure last Sunday?"

VanceS says, "I typed prtscr on the pc"

VanceS says, "it saves the screen, then pasted it to Paint"

VanceS says, "then saved it, cropped it"

SusanneN says, "Oh, that's different, I just used the save button in the tool"

VanceS says, "some things are easier on Mac"

SusanneN says, "Maybe the print screen had been safer :-)"

SusanneN asks, "Are people still on voice chat?"

VanceS says, "Yes, dreaming about how we could all get together to drink and play cards with Moral"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_35 [guest] has disconnected.

SusanneN exclaims, "Send my freetings to them, and a fresh apple pie with creme chantilly!"

SusanneN says, "*my greetings*"

VanceS says, "well, I guess they can read your greetings here"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [webhead] has disconnected.

SRI_28 has connected.

VanceS asks, "Hello SRI_28, need any help?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_164 [guest] has disconnected.

MoralL says, "bye all."

MoralL goes OUT.

MoralL's personal recorder (recording) goes OUT.

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

SusanneN asks, "Vance?"

VanceS says, "Hi I heard that"

SusanneN exclaims, "I found the solution!"

VanceS says, "I was wondering what it was"

VanceS asks, "Great! Solution to finding your picture?"

SusanneN says, "It was our BEEP call .-)"

SusanneN says, "Yes It can be found in the drawing tool section from the LOAD button."

VanceS asks, "How did you do that?"

VanceS asks, "so you recovered your picture?"

SusanneN says, "I went to the webhead site, opened the drawing tool, and clicked the LOAD"

SusanneN [webhead] ..thens her computer borke down, and she restarted it -)s.

SusanneN says, "I will have to got there and check it out once more."

SusanneN . o O ( I have a low memory )

VanceS says, "oh"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_37 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS asks, "hello, still there?"

SusanneN says, "Yes"

SusanneN says, "I just checked the groupboard, it works ok"

VanceS asks, "oh, did you do your portrait in groupboard?"

SusanneN says, "The drawing is called self portrait"

SusanneN says, "Yes I did :-)"

VanceS says, "ok, I'm looking now ..."

SusanneN says, "I just forgot the name of that "drawing tool" :-))"

VanceS says, "I thought you put it on your computer ..."

SusanneN [webhead] grins, not always easy to know what those students think and do

VanceS exclaims, "this was at hsprofessionl, right? YES there it is!


SusanneN says, "I cannot activate the print screen, form there, nor save it to my desk."

VanceS says, "ok, I'm doing that. Shortly you can get it off your web page."

SusanneN says, "This is not the best drawing tool I have tested - but at least I made it work for me."

SusanneN asks, "How so?"

VanceS says, "ok, got it saved"

VanceS says, "Give me a moment and I'll have it on the Internet for you ..."

SusanneN asks, "Vance, you were talking about some informations about me for my webhead site; are you setting up a site for me?"

SusanneN [webhead] waits patiently

VanceS [octopus] is working on it ...

VennyS has arrived.

Parrot follows VennyS to here.

VennyS [:)] bows gracefully.

SusanneN exclaims, "Hi venny!"

VennyS [:)] bows to Sunday webhead

SusanneN says, "Most of the webheads are on the Yahoo voice chat messenger today"

VanceS asks, "ok, I've got it. Shall I project?"

SusanneN [to VennyS]: "Did you meet the over-webhead Vance (from Abu Dhabi) before?"

VennyS asks, "a session there?"

SusanneN says, "Please project, yes"

VanceS says, "hi Venny"

VennyS [:)] shakes his head

SusanneN says, "Venny is a friend from Taiwan"

VanceS says, "or I could Show if Venny doesn't want to see"

VennyS says, "Go on"

SusanneN says, "venny will love to see my portrait"

SusanneN [webhead] grins

VanceS [octopus] projects the URL:

VanceS exclaims, "Meet Suzanne!"

SusanneN says, "Very lookalike mockup"

SusanneN . o O ( susanne has no Z in her name )

VanceS says, "ooops"

VanceS [octopus] looks rather sheepish

SusanneN [webhead] smiles, no problem

VanceS says, "Octopuses can't spell, you know"

SusanneN says, "Just to make sure we are storing things under true premises."

VennyS [:)] is using Pueblo only

SusanneN says, "Oh, poor venny :-) I can mail the image file to you."

VennyS . o O ( who painted that pic? )

SusanneN says, "It is a wobbly hand drawn picture in five colors"

VennyS [:)] had seend Suzanne.jpg :)

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "did you see my family pic?"

SusanneN asks, "Vance - how do one make the Webhead homepage?"

SusanneN says, "Venny, no, buty I would love to see it."

VanceS says, "I started in Word, eventually moved to Hot Metal Pro"

VennyS [:)] shows SusanneN the URL:

VanceS says, "You can show it to me if you like"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "are you Vance Steve?"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "are you Vance Stevens?"

VanceS says, "Yep, that's me"

VanceS [octopus] bows

VennyS says, "Wow!! head of"

VanceS says, "Well, in a way, I do the web site"

VanceS says, "Join us if you like"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "I'd love to."

SusanneN exclaims, "I see Aneta and the little one, how wonderful!"

VanceS says, "You just send email to"

SusanneN says, ">I have met those girls so often in out takls, and now i can see them before my eyes."

VanceS says, "And you'll be on our list and listed on our web page"

VanceS asks, "Do you teach Venny's kids Susanne?"

Carolyn has connected.

SusanneN says, "NO, I just heard about both kids quite often, that's all :-)"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "what should I put in the mail?"

SusanneN says, "They are just little ones"

VennyS [:)] giggles.

SusanneN says, "But I have met Venny's students often, here in tapped In"

Carolyn [guest] says, "Hello Everyone"

VennyS says, "Susannen can be my little ones grandmom:)"

SusanneN exclaims, "Hello Carolyn!"

SusanneN says, "Welcome to tapped In."

VennyS holds up a BIG cow: * Hello, Carolyn

Carolyn [guest] says, "I hope I'm not intruding"

VennyS [:)] grins at Carolyn [guest].

SusanneN says, "No, not at all this is the reception area, where we talk in open, and help answering questions."

SusanneN [to VennyS]: "I would be proud to have that many grandchildren, but think three will do for a while"

SusanneN [to Carolyn [guest]]: "Did we meet before?"

VennyS [to Carolyn [guest]]: "Susanne is here to offer help if you have any questions."

Carolyn [guest] says, "I attended Bernie Doges Advanced WebQuest class at Thacher School in Ojai this summer. Ive since created three more WebQuest projects that I'd like to share with anyone who can make use of them. They are"

VanceS says, "Hi, sorry, I'm wrapping up on my laptop here ..."

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "how do you feel to be a grandmom?"

SusanneN says, "Well, even venny might be of use as I have to logoff soon :-)"

SusanneN asks, "Bye Vance?"

AuriolH has connected.

SusanneN [webhead] listens to carolyn

VanceS says, "Nice to see you again Susanne. I'm heading off too."

VennyS [to Carolyn [guest]]: "would you project your webquest?"

SusanneN [webhead] waves hi to Vance

VennyS [to VanceS]: "what should I put in the email?"

VanceS says, "By Venny. HOpe to see you at Webheads"

VanceS says, "oh, just a blank message sent to that address"

SusanneN says, "Hello Auriol"

VanceS says, "the robot will enroll you"

VennyS [:)] nods to VanceS [octopus].

VanceS says, "\mood tidying_up"

VanceS says, "woops"

VanceS looks tidying_up.

SusanneN [webhead] look better

AuriolH says, "G'day all. I'll get this right in a minute""

VennyS [:)] waves to AuriolH.

AuriolH says, "Kep forgetting the apostrophe""

AuriolH says, "Auriol waves back""

SusanneN says, "Cazrolyn, if you have more questions, please mail to"

SusanneN says, "I have to leave for now. Bye"

AuriolH says, "This is the first time I've actually found anyone in this room""

AuriolH says, "Bye SusanneN""

VennyS holds up a BIG cow: * Welcoeme, Auriol

Carolyn [guest] says, "I'm not sure how to project them but the ULRs are

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "bye, I want to heaar"

VanceS says, "bye, I'm off too"

VennyS says, "how you feel to be a grandmom"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [tidying_up] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 26 07:25:33 2001 PDT.

Sue manages our voice-enabled conference Yahoo chat

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Ying Lan in ICQ | Text chat for our voice Yahoo session | TappedIn | Ming in ICQ

Yahoo! Messenger: Conference mysailing-9323 started.

Yahoo! Messenger: yinglanliu has joined the conference.

yinglanliu: Hi... who is mysailing.. is it Sue?

vance_stevens: yes

mysailing: no, it does not work on my side, i can hear you vance

yinglanliu: yes...

yinglanliu: I am embrassed to talk in English ..

yinglanliu: what?

yinglanliu: what?

yinglanliu: your need?

yinglanliu: You have a new infant in your family?

yinglanliu: In Mainland china or in Japan.

yinglanliu: Really?

yinglanliu: Your sisiter in law is Japanes.

yinglanliu: that's a big problem?

yinglanliu: Does Love not get through everything?

yinglanliu: Family problem?

yinglanliu: Your brother is going to go back to Mailland China or stay in Japan?

Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: yinglanliu has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: You are now logged into voice conference - mysailing-9515.

Yahoo! Messenger: yinglanliu has joined the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: mikecogh has joined the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: landaoyi has joined the conference.

yinglanliu: we are all here..

yinglanliu: nice to see you guys.

Yahoo! Messenger: an_lian has declined to join and sent: Thanks, but no thanks.

yinglanliu: an lian... what happened to him?

yinglanliu: decline?

mikecogh: Are you shy with so many people?

mikecogh: Good!

mikecogh: You feel secret?

mikecogh: Ah...scared?

vance_stevens: I don't think Gary Condit is in trouble with the law so much as he's in trouble with his wife and with his job as a congressman

mikecogh: I have to check - is my sailing = Suzanne?

mysailing: Sue

mikecogh: Sue?

vance_stevens: Suzanne is Suzanne Nyrop from Denmark, our newest webhead

landaoyi: How many people can a chat room have.

mikecogh: We don't know Moral.

vance_stevens: This is the most we've had here

yinglanliu: I think the cross word is oath...?

yinglanliu: Yes... I have to go there.

yinglanliu: They are working on my working visa.

mikecogh: No no - cross word is a fight, quarrel or argument

yinglanliu: one yer only

mikecogh: "We never have a cross word."

vance_stevens: brb

yinglanliu: You ask who?

mikecogh: I'm asking Moral.

yinglanliu: What is your job?

yinglanliu: Yes

mikecogh: I'm mostly teaching teachers these days.

yinglanliu: I did not get his word..

landaoyi: I do computer works.

yinglanliu: I knew that...

yinglanliu: Are you a software engineer?

mikecogh: And it sounds like your really busy Moral....

mikecogh: I mean "you're really busy"

landaoyi: No. Network and hardware mostly.

yinglanliu: yes

yinglanliu: One of my client.. his wife is Jpanese.

mikecogh: Ying Lan will never marry a foreigner!

yinglanliu: Say "never" is too serios..

yinglanliu: serious

landaoyi: Michael, I am not busy too much...

mikecogh: OK - probably won't marry a foreigner!

mikecogh: If not so busy Moral what do you do for recreation/relaxation?

yinglanliu: Who is Heiach?

landaoyi: I like to drink with friends and play cards.

yinglanliu: opps...

landaoyi: so?

landaoyi: hehe.

yinglanliu: it is fine...

yinglanliu: only meet people on line.. it is safer than....

yinglanliu: I am kidding

yinglanliu: You know why I am still single?

mikecogh: Ok Ying - you can stay home and do it online!

yinglanliu: I don't like to meet people in person.

mikecogh: The rest of the webheads will meet in person!

yinglanliu: where? how? when?

yinglanliu: It is too crowded!!

yinglanliu: Too many people will be there in 2008.

yinglanliu: OH.....

yinglanliu: I don't have house.

yinglanliu: Let's go to Mike's house.

yinglanliu: In Adeldia

landaoyi: they will firbid chinese people to be there in 2008.

mikecogh: Adelaide

yinglanliu: firbid?

mikecogh: forbid

landaoyi: yes, like asia game.

landaoyi: games.

yinglanliu: Maybe I will meet Vance in New York next year. .. In airport..

yinglanliu: maybe?

vance_stevens: I'll just come into town. I may be coming that way in April

yinglanliu: Because Vance said.. he usually went to New York to transfer airplan to go somewhere...

landaoyi: leave for a while.

yinglanliu: You ask me?

yinglanliu: I will live in Queens.

yinglanliu: In New York..

yinglanliu: Not in Manhattan.. it is too expensive.

yinglanliu: yes... they only pay us to live in Queen.

mikecogh: Goodnight everybody. It has been fun!

vance_stevens: nice party

Yahoo! Messenger: mikecogh has left the conference.

vance_stevens: he doesn't linger

yinglanliu: liger lingerie

vance_stevens: singe

yinglanliu: The first time, I heard "lingerie".. I thought it was a laundry

yinglanliu: I asked.. ' do you want to do your laundry... you should go to laurdry store."

vance_stevens: Victoria's Secret

landaoyi: is that a shop?

vance_stevens: yes. I'm looking online


landaoyi: Ying, i didn't get you. pardon?

yinglanliu: never mind...

yinglanliu: I am joking.]

yinglanliu: I got... bra

yinglanliu: checking bras


landaoyi: yan tai?

mysailing: right

Ming wakes up on ICQ

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Ying Lan in ICQ | Text chat for our voice Yahoo session | TappedIn | Ming in ICQ

Vance 8/26/01 3:32 PM Hi Ming. I'm at Tapped In with Sue ... :-))

Vance 8/26/01 3:34 PM efi/sue.htm

Ming 8/26/01 7:43 PM I am sorry, I was sleeping and forgot to change my status....-_-|||

Vance 8/27/01 7:20 AM Hi Ming. We had a wild class. Lots of people at tapped in. Some of us went into Yahoo voice chat. It was fun. Happens every Sunday at noon GMT (while you're asleep, probably). Join us if you're up one day. Take care. V

Vance 8/27/01 7:37 AM Hi Ming. I'm on line for a few minutes more. How are you. Sorry to have disturbed your 'sleep' last night ...

Ming 8/27/01 7:37 AM ^^
I am gettint up for eating

Vance 8/27/01 7:38 AM Now? Are you still in Oregon, and isn't it evening there?

Ming 8/27/01 7:40 AM dont worry about it, I just feel sorry that I did not see the message until morning...^^;;;

Vance 8/27/01 7:41 AM I guess Sunday noon must be about midnight or one a.m. where you are

Ming 8/27/01 7:41 AM yeah, some people just wake me up. I need to ride my bike for dinner now. hope to see you after I come back. ^^
probably few hours later....

Ming 8/27/01 7:41 AM on the bed...

Vance 8/27/01 7:42 AM OK, I'll try and check back in a few hours.

Vance 8/27/01 7:42 AM What time exactly, if you'd like to sort of schedule an appt ...

Ming 8/27/01 7:42 AM see ya then. =)

Vance 8/27/01 7:42 AM k

Ming 8/27/01 7:44 AM sorry I am not sure of it....if I am lucky enough, I can meet you later, if not....T-T... might be some time later when you have time and I am also in a on-line status.

Vance 8/27/01 7:44 AM ok, have a nice ride ...

Ming 8/27/01 7:45 AM ^-^/

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