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Webheads chat logs from August 12, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Arif Moral Susanne
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Turkey China Denmark

and BJB (who was in Reception at TappedIn) and Eleanor (who came upon us unwittingly)

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After our presentation at the TappedIn Summer Carnival, Webheads are becoming more recognized at TappedIn. Rif and John were the first Webheads to arrive, and they talked in Homestead with Susanne, back for her third visit with Webheads. Rif had left by the time Vance had logged on to Homestead and TappedIn, where everyone gathered from then on during the session. Today's chat was especially informative because Susanne and BJB both know a lot about the TappedIn environment. Since we were sitting in Reception at TappedIn, we got to 'listen in' on their advice to newcomers who dropped by while we were there. When Vance had to go, Maggi, John, and Moral moved up to John's office for a short chat, and when that broke up, John went back down to Reception to get more advice from BJB, which I've included here for three reasons: (1) it shows us a few tricks readers of these logs might want to know about; (2) it conveys something of the comfortably supportive flavor of TappedIn; and (3) Webheads kept coming up in all the conversations recorded here.

As usual, navigation points are provided so you can jump around to points of interest in the logs if you don't want to read the whole thing. One innovation I have made with the chat logs today is to include navigation points to allow you to jump to the point where each person first appeared in the chat logs.

Homestead chat logs

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Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous70.

Members of room: Anonymous70 rif Susanne

You have changed your name to John.

<Susanne> Hi, John

<rif> How is Denmark in this season of the year? Pretty cold mut it be

<John> Hi, Susanne.

<John> Hi, Rif

<Susanne> well, summer in Denmark has been great this year!

<rif> hi John, how are you doing?

<Susanne> But now it is raining.

<John> Doing fine. I'm just waiting for Webheads to start.

<Susanne> How is Turkish weather these days?

<John> I'm off for breakfast now. See you all in a little while.

<rif> cool. I was late for the carnival, I have been just reading the transcripts..

<Susanne> Ok, John

<rif> ok talk to you soon...

<Susanne> I was at the carnival, what fun!

<rif> yeah, so bad i was misinformed.

<Susanne> Are we going to tapped in today ?

<rif> no idea... maybe..

<Susanne> Well, that's where the carnival took place

<Susanne> Are you a member of Tapped In yet? It is a free educational MOO

<rif> Not a member yet. But I was there last week, too. Although a little bit late :-(

<Susanne> and besides the text chat facility, there are quite a good deal of resources and facilities.I am a helpdesk there, i can introduce you to the basics.

<rif> sure...

<Susanne> I guess Vance said he like T<pped In for the webhead meetings on Sundays.

<rif> he is not around yet.

<Susanne> Ok, I am already there, just join me :-)

<Susanne> I seem to have some connection trouble, maybe I will have to logout ancd come back later.

<rif> k i wil be in tapped in

<Susanne> OK - I will logout and come bact to Tapped IN. See you there!

rif has left the chat room.

Susanne has left the chat room. <Join Rif and Susanne at Tapped In>

Vance arrives, finds John on Yahoo

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vance_stevens: Hi John

jhsteelepr: Hi, Vance.

vance_stevens: have you been at homestead? I've been at tapped in a while

jhsteelepr: I'm in Homestead. Rif and Susanne were there a while ago.

jhsteelepr: I'm in rececption, too.

vance_stevens: If you've got a record, copy it to an email if it's public stuff, if you don't mind ...

vance_stevens: Shall I come down to reception or will you be coming up shortly

jhsteelepr: Nothing seems secret in what I read. I have a copy and will send it this morning.

vance_stevens: Nice to have these records. Were you there when I pulled up suzanne's chat last Wed?

jhsteelepr: I think so. I had so much problem with my connection that I'm not positive that I was there at the time.

vance_stevens: You were very quiet

jhsteelepr: Very quiet.

jhsteelepr: Just sent the session.

vance_stevens: the homestead one?

jhsteelepr: Yep. I didn't get much of it, though. I came in in the middle of it.

vance_stevens: no worries, thanks <Join Vance at Tapped In>

Vance converses with Ying Lan in ICQ while both are at TappedIn

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ying: (4:34 PM) I have not received your correction about typhoon, right?

Vance: (4:34 PM) I sent it maybe 24 hours ago??

ying: (4:36 PM) Really... let me check..
Have you heard the new warm which is kind of virus of computer?
I heard that my ISP has been infected it the warm whose name is red XXXX.

Vance: (4:36 PM) Code Red II

ying: (4:38 PM) Yes, it is Code Red...
I have not received your correction... I just checked it.
It is weird... last week, someone sent me a email, But I didn't get it.

Vance: (4:39 PM) Maybe something to do with your ISP and code red. I'll resend.

ying: (4:40 PM) Thanks.

ying: (5:02 PM) Vance can you send me the correction now?
I want to make sure it is my ISP's fault of not.

Vance: (5:06 PM) ok, hang on

ying: (5:17 PM) If I want to ask your name, can I say "do you go by Vance?"

Vance: (5:23 PM) What name do you go by
Message was sent. User is Offline.
The message will be delivered when user goes Online.

Michael appears in ICQ

michaelc: (4:42 PM) Hi Vance - I've got some stuff I have to do for a workshop tomorrow but I might pop by a bit later. Are you at Tapped in?

Vance: (4:45 PM) yep, howdy, talking with YL, MAD, BJB, John, and SusanneN <Follow Michael to TappedIn>

Tapped In chat logs

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JohnSte was Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 12 04:20:48 2001 PDT.

JohnSte pets Holly

Ruff Ruff! . o O <feed me, JohnSte!

JohnSte feeds animal chow to Holly.

Holly picks up Animal Chow and slinks away to a corner to chew...

JohnSte teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in JohnSte's Office (#6870) at Sun Aug 12 04:48:47 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 12 04:48:47 2001 PDT.

JohnSte [Webhead] waves to BJB

rif [guest] says, "I need to leave for lunch for a while .. see u all later"

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

BJB asks, "good morning, John. Are you back in the states yet?"

BJB waves bye to RIF

JohnSte says, "OK, rif."

SusanneN exclaims, "Hi again John!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_35 [guest] has disconnected.

JohnSte says, "Hi, again, Susanne."

JohnSte says, "Vance is in his office."

JohnSte says, "No, BJB, I'm still in Puerto Rico."

SusanneN is going to read some of those carnival scripts soon.

JohnSte says, "I leave for the States the 21st"

BJB probably told me that. Sorry.

JohnSte says, "Hey, I told my wife and daughters, and they keep asking me, also."

JohnSte says, "One daughter calls up every other day and asks when I'm leaving."

SusanneN nods, so how could others be expected to remember?

BJB exclaims, "oh, no!"

JohnSte says, "Right."

BJB exclaims, "they are just anxious to have you home!"

SusanneN says, "I guess that's what some people use the palms for, synchronizing their confusing calendars :-)"

JohnSte says, "Anxious to be home? Problem is that I'm leaving home."

SusanneN has not got any such small device, not even a cellphone, or a beeper.

JohnSte says, "I refuse to carry beepers, palms, or other such things."

SusanneN says, "So do I..."

VanceS has arrived.

VanceSrecorder follows VanceS to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance."

BJB says, "they obviously don't want you to leave and will miss you."

BJB waves to Vance

VanceS says, "There you are"

JohnSte says, "Yep."

VanceS [Webhead] waves

JohnSte says, "My wife especially worries about the plane trip."

VanceS asks, "to Philadelphia?"

JohnSte says, "It's not my first extended stay away from home, though."

SusanneN says, "Hello Vance."

SusanneN looks webhead.

JohnSte says, "Actually, Vance, it is San Juan to Philadephia, Philadelphia to New York and New York to Pittsburgh."

VanceS says, "Hi there"

SusanneN says, "I can just as well put on my new webhead cap"

SusanneN [webhead] smiles

VanceS [Webhead] likes Susanne's new appearance

SusanneN exclaims, "Thatk you for the carnival session, that was fun!"

VanceS says, "Yeah, wish I could have stayed for more but I was sleepy and had been 4 hours on the dialup already"

SusanneN says, "Hopefully some people also found it was informative, too :-)"

JohnSte says, "Sure was - what I was able to see of it."

VanceS says, "Now I've got my DSL working"

SusanneN says, "So have I :-)"

JohnSte says, "My account is still giving me problems. I'm using my daughter's account today."

BJB [to John]: "the transcript is in the Summer Carnival 2001 emailer in the ASO"

BJB . o O ( it was an excellent session, Vance! )

JohnSte says, "I got the transcript. It was mailed to me the other day."

JohnSte says, "I'm sorry I missed half of Keiko's first session, though."

VanceS says, "I'll have the logs up shortly. I've had them up from the Sunday before but haven't got round to sending the email yet. Maybe I'll do that now."

SusanneN says, "My ADSL is not too fast, 128 up and 256 down - but it is cheaper for me,causing less stress as I no longer pay per minute."

BJB says, "her session transcript is also in the emailer"

JohnSte says, "I'll have to go get it later today, then."

VanceS says, "Our Webhead classes usually start kind of slow and pick up speed about an hour for now, typically"

SusanneN [to Mr.Webhead]: "Do you wish to make it a class now?"

VanceS says, "Classes form spontaneously at Webheads"

BJB [to VanceS]: "while we wait, did you want the Webhead session to be posted to the monthly TAPPED IN calendar?"

VanceS says, "Sure"

SusanneN [webhead] nods very spontaneously

SusanneN says, "Good idea."

BJB . o O ( if you do, please email me a blurb and the time )

BJB says, ""

BJB says, "It can be a generic blurb explaining what webheads is and who is welcome"

BJB . o O ( to participate )

VanceS [Webhead] instructs scribe to inscribe email address in large leather bound ledger

MargaretD has connected.

BJB exclaims, "here's Maggi!"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Maggi."

VanceS says, "ok, probably pretty much like what I sent you for the carnival"

VanceS asks, "Hi Maggi, how's the heat up there?"

MargaretD says, "Hi"

JohnSte asks, "Is it as hot as the States seems to be?"

BJB nods to Vance.

MargaretD says, "cool the last week but the heat is coming back"

VanceS says, "I usually go running after the sun goes down and it's been around 40 at that time this past week."

MargaretD says, "nice"

VanceS says, "very pleasant, esp with the 90% humidity"

SusanneN says, "Oh Maggi - hello there! Nice to have you here, too."

MargaretD says, "Hi Suzanhnne"

JohnSte says, "8:00 in the morning and it is already 30C with 94% Humidity."

MargaretD says, "oops...sorry for the stray "h2"

MargaretD says, "if it were 9Cyou'd be complain8ing how cold it was"

SusanneN says, "To the current information of global weather exchange: Denmark has a rainy and cold day, we turned on the central heating for the first time since april."

JohnSte says, "Yep. Especially here in the trooucs."

JohnSte says, "tropics"

SusanneN says, "Our rail barrels are running full all the time."

JohnSte says, "(fat fingers)"

SusanneN says, "*rain barrels*"

SusanneN [webhead] has ten thumbs for typing

JohnSte says, "My right hand has been sore for the past three weeks. I sometimes can't even use it."

JohnSte says, "My fingers keep locking up."

VanceS asks, "what did you do to it?"

JohnSte says, "The doctor says he thinks it's arthitis. Personally, I think it's my mouse."

SusanneN says, "Sometimes I do wonder if typing and mouse use is harmless."

VanceS says, "You ought to get on some carpal tunnel websites. There are things you can do."

JohnSte says, "I know. I just keep putting it off. It feels like a bruise next to two of my knuckles."

JohnSte says, "I guess I'll just have to go soak it in hot water with Epson salts in it this evening."

SusanneN says, "As a matter of fact, that helped me a lot some time ago, i did the exercises and got less stressed BUT now the repetitive stress symptoms begin to return since that marathon carnival :-("

SusanneN [webhead] streches her arms all out and turns the underarms backwards from the elbows...

JohnSte says, "I once read that a lot of times it's not carpal tunnel, but the fact that we tend to rest our hands on the desk as we move the mouse."

JohnSte says, "(Nerve damage)"

JohnSte says, "Where my pain is located is, also, right where the palm of my had would rest on the edge of my mouse pad."

MargaretD says, "sorry phone call"

SusanneN says, "We might need some better mice, then, or to move the keyboard and mouseplace until you find the best way to do it. Also, it helps me a lot that I can use mouse with both hands (after a few days of training, it became natural to me."

MargaretD says, "get a touch pad#"

VanceS says, "I just answered the door"

JohnSte says, "Since I'll be getting a new computer in a few weeks, I think I'll do just that, Maggi."

VanceS says, "You might also consider a voice recognition component."

MargaretD says, "only movement is your fingers and not much at that"

MargaretD says, "or a track ball"

SusanneN exclaims, "Touch pad sounds nice!"

JohnSte says, "I have dragon - don't like it, though."

VanceS says, "When I was doing voice recognition software we were working with people at Stanford who were designing interfaces for parapalegics"

SusanneN says, "I have sometimes used a Macintosh Powerbook, but I did not really get familiar with the scratch field (instead of mouse or trackball.) It made my work slow down considerably."

MargaretD says, "I have a 2-headed stuffed one on top of my computer"

VanceS says, "They were essentially working with the subjects; I mean the subjects were employed at the lab to do work on computers using the interfaces"

VanceS says, "head movements and voice, and that was it"

VanceS says, "It was amazing to watch those guys work"

SusanneN says, "I have a young friend who is paralyzed and can only move one hand very badly, he loves his powerbook, though."

MargaretD says, "I have little feeling in my fingers but it works"

SusanneN asks, "Is Amreican voice recognition working efficiently, would you say so, Vance?"

SusanneN [webhead] thinks that in Denmark voice rec has not been really well developed yet.

VanceS says, "There are two kinds, continuous and .. what's the other one, cant recall"

VanceS says, "continuous recognizes a closed set of utterances"

VanceS says, "Like "press 2 or say CREDIT CARD now""

VanceS says, "that one works very well"

SusanneN exclaims, "This guy I know, he cannot speak. Bun with a type and read communicator on his wheelchair, he has come a very long way!"

MargaretD says, "handy"

VanceS says, "Like if you had a system that would recognize all windows commands, should trot along nicely"

ying has connected.

ying [guest] says, "join VancesS]"

VanceS says, "HI YING"

ying [guest] says, "hi"

MargaretD says, "Hi Ying"

VanceS says, "The other kind you have to train. that one is improving."

ying [guest] says, "We are at the desk..."

SusanneN says, "Oh yes, the closed set of commands would certainly be easier than to have an all round vocabulary system."

BJB says, "hi, ying. Vance is here in Reception"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Ying."

SusanneN says, "Hello, Ying, nice to see you here."

ying [guest] says, "hello, everyone."

VanceS says, "Yes, we found a lot of other Webheads at reception so I just came down here."

VanceS [Webhead] points at SusanneN

VanceS exclaims, "oops not polite to point!"

SusanneN asks, "maybe we sould leave for the offical wenhead location?"

MargaretD asks, "weathering the typhoons well Ying?"

SusanneN says, "Or, we can just stay"

ying [guest] says, "I was fine... but some were not."

MargaretD says, "I heard..."

JohnSte says, "That's normal with all storms like that."

SusanneN says, "Violent storms are very unusual here in our quiet corner..."

JohnSte asks, "Susanne, What size should an icon be in order to link to it here?"

MargaretD says, "we had a hurrican couple of weeksa ago"

ying [guest] asks, "Where are you from SusanneN?"

SusanneN says, "but when it happens, people are not well prepared to stahd the trouble coming up."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan you sent an email describing your experiences in the storm. Maybe you can make it into a message to Webheads." (She did this, and it's now on her web page - ed.)

SusanneN says, "I am in Denmark, Yin, that is just north of Germany, and south of Norway, East of England and West of Sweden :-)"

ying [guest] says, "I did not read it clearly.."

VanceS asks, "YL, didn't you get my email with the corrections?" <See what Vance and Ying Lan are 'whispering' on ICQ>

SusanneN [to John]: "I am not syre, about 30 x 30 pix I think."

MargaretD says, "not as flat as Holland...:-)"

SusanneN says, "BTW, my icon has vanished."

JohnSte says, "OK, thanks. I'm thinking of changing my picture."

VanceS says, "There's a document at Tapped In somewhre explaining the pixel size"

BJB . o O ( 32 x 32 )

MargaretD says, "thnx BJ"

SusanneN says, "I alos plan to remake my face soon."

MargaretD says, "lol"

SusanneN [webhead] thinks of a cosmetic icon operation, a facelift

MargaretD says, "kewl"

SusanneN says, "At least chap and without any risk :-9"

MargaretD says, "Goldwell is coming out 2with a new hair dye"

SusanneN . o O ( Who's Coldwell, another webhead? )

VanceS says, "Ying Lan said when she drove home through the worst of the typhoon, anxious about how her parents were weathering the storm, she found them ... (guess)"

MargaretD says, "new patent....starting at selected hairdressers next month"

SusanneN [to Yin]: "Were they rowing in the bathtub?"

MargaretD says, "Goldwell is a company like Wella"

VanceS says, "Good guess, SusanneN, but something less rigorous"

SusanneN asks, "Floating on rubber air mattresses?"

VanceS says, "getting warm"

SusanneN asks, "Sitting on the rooftop?"

VanceS says, "No, taking a nap. I thought that was funny."

MargaretD asks, "so Ying is it warm there?"

ying [guest] says, "Here, it is really hot."

SusanneN [webhead] sorry, i do know this is not fun for those who are suffering the follows af a real typhoon :-)

ying [guest] says, "I live at the safe place."

VanceS says, "Ying's house is on high ground. Apparantly the worst of it for Ying was getting home from work."

ying [guest] says, "Not on the mountain."

MargaretD asks, "inland Ying?"

VanceS says, "apparently (ed.)"

SusanneN asks, "Oh innocent sleeping parents are sweet, and did they realize this was an emergency?"

ying [guest] asks, "Inland?"

VanceS [Webhead] was wondering about that himself

ying [guest] says, "NO.... just heavy rain."

MargaretD says, "not on the coast"

ying [guest] says, "But they knew the typhoon was coming."

JohnSte says, "Last hurricane we had hit us (category 3) was about two or three years ago. I slept though most of it, myself."

ying [guest] says, "Yes, I don't live on the coast."

MargaretD says, "a bed will float"

SusanneN says, "Last year after a heavy storm, we went to a 70 year birthday, and the region we visited had really been suffereting from a storm the night before..."

BJB leaves for the ASO.

BJ's Shadow (recording) leaves for the ASO.

SusanneN exclaims, "the houses showed blown off roofs and fallen trees just moved awa from the highway, but the weather was sunshine and terribly quiet!"

SusanneN says, "I can tell that the converdation was all about how people had survived that storm."

SusanneN says, "two young kids of 10 and 13 were alone at home, and an old tree fell down at the roof ot their house so they could not go outside. No electricy or phone - so they really had a terrible evening until the parents came home and evacuated them."

SusanneN says, "By the way, weather reposts are a great way to kane students get intrested in telling abnout their own region, and knowing about others."

SusanneN says, "Collecting data about temperature, rain etc can be quite fun, too"

SusanneN looks coffee break..

SusanneN [coffee break.] brb

MargaretD asks, "so is Michael coming?"

ying [guest] says, "He is on line."

MargaretD says, "busy no doubt"

VanceS says, "Michael said he'd be here shortly"

MargaretD says, "knew one of tmen asked"

MargaretD says, "the men"

VanceS says, "I've got someone in the house and I keep getting distracted"

MargaretD asks, "a day off then?"

ying [guest] asks, "who is someone?"

VanceS says, "long story, have you got a minute"

MargaretD exclaims, "who knows!"

VanceS says, "ok, first question, I lost my mobile/handy in Amsterdam"

VanceS says, "So I had to get a replacement chip"

VanceS says, "And the office was open only to 3, so I left work and came home"

VanceS says, "I got the chip, btw, the little SIM card"

ying [guest] asks, "You lost your cellphone?"

VanceS says, "Second Q, my houseguest is a 16 year old diving student"

MargaretD asks, "and the mobil put it in?"

VanceS says, "He watched a video and he's taking a quiz right now"

VanceS says, "yep mobile is working now"

MargaretD says, "TO PUT"

MargaretD says, "you said you lost it"

VanceS says, "it's an old used mobile I had laying around"

VanceS says, "I have to buy a new one. the battery on this one wont recharge"

VanceS says, "believe it or not it's cheaper to buy a new mobile than a new battery for this particular model, and you get all the latest features to boot"

ying [guest] says, "Yes, it is."

MargaretD asks, "WAP or imode?"

SusanneN says, "Incredible, but the mobile phone market is not very transparent :-)"

VanceS says, "Uh, you have already exceeded my level of expertise on mobiles ..."

SusanneN [coffee break.] has coffee or tea ready for everyone, milk or sugar?

SusanneN looks webhead.

SusanneN says, "We also have few leftovers from the carnival party :-)"

ying [guest] says, "Black."

MargaretD says, "thank you...need a boost"

ying [guest] asks, "Did you have fun at the carnival party?"

SusanneN exclaims, "If we did!"

SusanneN says, "ROFL"

SusanneN says, "Some of it was actually pretty wild..."

SusanneN says, "bit still, informative in between all the partying"

SusanneN says, "15 sessions of one hour , each representing a an organization, a group or person making sessions here."

SusanneN says, "BJ has edited most of the scripts by now. members can have the scripts emailed from the vendor in the ASO room (at your left hand)"

MoralL has connected.

MargaretD says, "Hi Moiral"

VanceS says, "Hi Moral"

MoralL exclaims, "Hi there!"

SusanneN [to Maggi]: "You asked it the cell phone was WAP or Imode. As far as i can follow the development, WAP is the European text-only web standard (and has not yet many services available - so the phone companies do their best to make people feel they really need this gadget) , while the Imode is japanese (and very popular)"

SusanneN says, "Mello Moral"

VanceS says, "You must be at home"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Moral."

MoralL exclaims, "Hi there!"

VanceS says, "I just have a mobile that does phone calls"

MoralL says, "No. I am at work. I dialed up."

MargaretD says, "to Susanne...the 3rd generation-imode- is coming"

VanceS says, "Good one Moral"

SusanneN says, "I see."

MoralL says, "Vance, how to enlarge the window."

VanceS asks, "Would anyone mind if I projected Moral's homepage onto a browser window that would be opened by the project command?"

SusanneN says, "I would love to see your homepage, Moral"

VanceS says, "I could do Ying Lan's while I'm at it"

JohnSte says, "go ahead."

SusanneN says, "Good that you remember to warn us first :-)"

MoralL says, "Susan, I have a homepage on Webheads pages."

SusanneN asks, "Are we all on browser today?"

VanceS says, "coming up, YL I just resent the correction you requested"

ying [guest] says, "I check it later."

MargaretD says, "I'm on Ope5ra"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

MoralL asks, "Vance, have you changed the url?"

VanceS says, "and this is Ying Lans' (should open in the same window)"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "These are the pages of the two 'students' or friends present"

Michael has connected.

VanceS says, "And Moral, yeah, the other homestead site is closing down so the new url is the correct one"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."

VanceS says, "Hi Michael"

Michael [guest] says, "Hi everyone."

MargaretD says, "Hi"

SusanneN [webhead] waves to Michael from her desk in Denmark.

MoralL exclaims, "Hi Michael!"

SusanneN exclaims, "I guess it is Yin on the right!"

Michael [guest] says, "Nice to see you Moral."

SusanneN [webhead] refers to the double portrait just exposed on my screen.

MoralL says, "Nice to see you too Michael."

MargaretD asks, " big is Kumming?"

MoralL says, "more than 3 million people."

VanceS says, "good guess Susanne"

MoralL says, "Maggi, Kunming."

MargaretD says, "MaggiE didn't think it was that big"

MargaretD says, "said a friend told her you could bicycleacross it in 30 minutes"

MoralL asks, "Why?"

MoralL says, "It is the capital city of the province."

MargaretD asks, "do you think it safe for her to travel there alone?"

MoralL says, "Yes, I think so...And I am here."

MargaretD says, "I gave her youtr icq number to contact you"

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "I might need some help for my homepage soon, too :-)"

VanceS says, "Good idea. Yeah, I know she's looking for something to do during summer break"

MoralL says, "No, Kunming is not so small as her friend said."

VanceS says, "and her parents won't let her travel alone"

MoralL says, "Maggi, MaggiE and I have added each other."

MoralL ..yesterdays.

MargaretD says, "good"

BJB has arrived.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

MoralL says, "But I haven't talked to her."

MoralL asks, "Did MaggiE mentioned she would come to Kunming?"

JohnSte [Webhead] whispers BJB Hi

SusanneN looks away.

BJB looks HelpDesk.

SusanneN exclaims, "I'll have to leave for a while, may come back later. See you!"

MargaretD says, "bye the..."

MoralL says, "bye, susan."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Susanne

VanceS says, "Guys, I've got to go. My student has watched the video and taken the quiz ..."

VanceS says, "bye Susanne"

JohnSte says, "By Susanne."

VanceS says, "and we have to go jump in the pool"

MoralL says, "Ok, bye for now Vance.]"

VanceS says, "(It's tough in the Gulf, but someone has to do it)"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Vance. Send me the blurb, please.

Michael [guest] says, "Well I guess I'll go back to my work too."

VanceS says, "will do BJB"

VanceS says, "Nice to see you briefly. Logs will be up shortly."

VanceS asks, "Hey, can someone send me the logs from here please?"

MargaretD says, "after not saying anything but hi Michael"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_108 [guest] has lost its link.

Michael [guest] says, "May return later....look forward to hearing more about the summer carnival event."

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "I will mail you the log."

SusanneN [away] waves bye and leaves.

VanceS says, "It was great Michael. You can go in the ASO room and have one maliled or wait for me to post the logs"

VanceS says, "That was silly, you'll wait (busy)"

Michael [guest] exclaims, "OK!"

SusanneN says, "Michalke has to mbe a mamber vefore the scripts are available, though :-)"

VanceS asks, "John, can you send me the logs later?"

Michael [guest] says, "OK - I think I am a member actually. I just forget my log in and keep coming in as a guest."

SusanneN says, "Over and out :-)"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [away] has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_172 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I didn't quite catch what Susanne said about mailng me the logs, but it has to be someone here"

VanceS asks, "Ah, Moral, you keep logs don't you?"

MoralL says, "All left."

MoralL says, "Yes, I can send it to you."

JohnSte asks, "Vance, don't you get this mailed to you automatically?"

MargaretD says, "I haven't but I may as well..."

VanceS says, "THIS one, yes. But I'm about to leave."

JohnSte says, "If not, I can send it to you also."

JohnSte says, "OK."

VanceS says, "Yeah, I've got to run."

VanceS exclaims, "Thanks, EVERYone can send me logs!"

JohnSte says, "OK. See you later, then."

MoralL says, "We will..."

VanceS says, "you know, I have a better idea."

VanceS says, "I'm not thinking"

VanceS says, "I'll just leave this on"

VanceS says, "It's DSL. I forgot."

MoralL says, "It is a good idea."

VanceS says, "OK, I'm leaving but my avatar remains"

VanceS [Webhead] physically exits the planet

JohnSte asks, "It won't be sent until you log out, though, will it?"

BJB [to VanceS]: "type /mood Away"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to John

VanceS [Webhead] lays finger aside nose and nods to BJ

VanceS looks exited_planet.

BJB [HelpDesk] grins

VanceS [exited_planet] tries again (whooooosh ...

Eleanor has connected.

MoralL says, "Maggi, will MaggiE come here."

MoralL asks, "?"

BJB says, "hi, Eleanor. Welcome to TAPPED IN"

JohnSte says, "BJB, my icon is 32 x 30, on my server at geocities, and I typed the command /icon me is "" which is the exact location of my icon."

MargaretD says, "I doubt 8it...she was having modem problems"

JohnSte says, "All I get is a box with an x in it."

BJB [to Eleanor [guest]]: "may I help you with something?"

MoralL asks, "I mean if she told you she would come to Kunming?"

Eleanor [guest] asks, "I am recently retired but would like to become a member. Is that possible?"

MargaretD says, "she didn't want to reaolly go alone"

MargaretD says, "rely"

BJB asks, "absolutely, Eleanor! What did you retire from?"

MargaretD says, "grrrrrr...really"

Eleanor [guest] says, "Middle school teaching"

MoralL says, "I am here."

MoralL says, "I am here in Kunming. She won't be lonely."

MargaretD exclaims, "I know..l.I told her that!"

Eleanor [guest] says, "The application screen "requires"a "verification" for membership."

BJB [to Eleanor [guest]]: "you can list any person who knows you professionally"

Eleanor [guest] asks, "Great. Where is Kunming?"

MargaretD says, "China"

BJB [to Eleanor [guest]]: "what did you teach in middle school"

BJB . o O ( ? )

MoralL says, "South-west of China."

MargaretD says, "Morallives there"

MoralL asks, "John, are you still here?"

MoralL says, "Yes, I am here."

JohnSte says, "Yes, I am still here."

Eleanor [guest] says, "I taught a variety of subjects: Language Arts, US History, Geography, Drama, and Spanish."

JohnSte says, "How are you, Moral."

MoralL says, "Eleanor, you can find us at"

JohnSte says, "Sorry I've been so quiet, but I'm trying to change my icon."

BJB asks, "cool, Eleanor. Are you here to participate in the Webheads discussion or to join TAPPED IN?"

BJB . o O ( or both? )

MoralL says, "John,did you get my email yesterday.I have a problem on my smtp server."

Eleanor [guest] asks, "I was unaware of the discussion. What is the subject?"

JohnSte asks, "I got an e-mail with your answers. Yes. Did you send a second one?"

MoralL says, "Writing for Webheads."

MargaretD says, "you name it we talk about it"

BJB says, "Webheads is a volunteer organization that helps ESL students"

MoralL says, "No, not yet."

BJB . o O ( international organization )

JohnSte says, "OK, then I got your message. Thank you. It was quite helpful."

Eleanor [guest] asks, "How does one help ESL students on the web?"

JohnSte asks, "By the way, can you get into prohosting?"

JohnSte asks, "or is it blocked in China?"

MoralL says, "Thanks John...I am glad it is helpful."

BJB [to Eleanor [guest]]: "type /aso and we can talk in a more quiet place"

MargaretD says, "by talking to them Eleanor"

MoralL asks, "John, What is prohosting?"

MargaretD says, "or we should go to an office"

Eleanor [guest] asks, "Interesting. Talking by use of the keyboard?"

JohnSte says, "It is a website hoting place, like geocities or homestead."

MargaretD says, "yes"

Gerrit has connected.

BJB says, "hi, Gerrit. Welcome to TAPPED IN"

JohnSte says, "I am planning to move from geocities, but I want a place that you and MaggiE can also get into."

BJB [to Gerrit [guest]]: "may I help you with something?"

MoralL says, "Oh, I can not connect to both geocities and homestead, but I never try prohosting.]"

MargaretD says, "Ying is in Taiwan, Moral in China, John in Puerto Rico and me in Germany"

BJB . o O ( I'm in Pennsylvania, US and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN )

JohnSte says, "My page will (eventually) be"

MoralL says, "I met you before Bjb."

Eleanor [guest] says, "Eleanor is in Florida."

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Moral.

JohnSte says, "Nice meeting you, Eleanor."

MargaretD says, "we should go to your office John and let BJ do her job"

Eleanor [guest] says, "Same back to you, John."

BJB [to Eleanor [guest]]: "did you have any questions about TAPPED IN?"

JohnSte says, "OK. lets go, then. Remember to type /join JohnSte"

Stopped recording in Reception (#268) at Sun Aug 12 06:47:27 2001 PDT.

Started recording in JohnSte's Office (#6870)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 12 06:47:27 2001 PDT.

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.

MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Maggi"

JohnSte asks, "Is Moral going to come, also?"

MargaretD says, "Hi"

MargaretD says, "hoperfully"

MoralL arrives from nowhere.

MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Moral."

MoralL exclaims, "Hi John!"

MoralL says, "Hi Maggi."

JohnSte asks, "So, you can no longer get into homestead?"

MargaretD asks, "and Y8ing?"

MoralL says, "I think so John."

MoralL says, "John, i could not copy the url you showed me. I'll try it later."

MargaretD says, "I think there was a popping noise earlier..l."

JohnSte says, "OK. If you can't get in there, I will use homestead."

JohnSte says, "Maggi, I am in the midst of leaving Geocities and going to another service"

MargaretD says, "5 minutes and then I have to get some things done"

JohnSte says, "OK. I have to leave soon, also."

JohnSte says, "Rif was on earlier, but never came back."

MoralL says, " is fine too."

JohnSte says, "hsprofessional costs about US$100 per year. hspersonal is only US$19.19 per year."

MoralL asks, "Did vance pay?"

JohnSte says, "Same place, just a different service."

JohnSte says, "I think he did."

MoralL says, "I thought it was free."

JohnSte says, "Not the professional. Homestead is charging for service now."

Here's a note from Vance, who had left by this time: Our website was at the free 'home' site, but for some time this site had not had ftp, which is essential for site management. The 'home' site had ftp at one time but stopped the service. When the 'professional' service was announced, I decided to go ahead and pay for it. It was worth $10 a month in the time it was costing me to upload files via Homestead's awful one-file-at-a-time http interface. I did that thinking this would just upgrade our existing web site to include ftp, but it turned out we had a url change which was not what I had wanted, but by then I'd signed up for the service, ... AND the new 'professional' site worked well, had ftp, and looked nice without the Homestead frame we had had before, so I was happy with my purchase. And THEN Homestead announced that the free site would no longer be free, but would cost extra to upgrade it to 'home' service, and that I could have gone that route for less money and kept our same URL. BUT ... My question now is, if you pay for the 'home' service, will you then get ftp? In any event, it's too late for Webheads. Having signed up for the professional service, I'll keep the site at the new location. (The money is not a problem for me as long as I'm working in Abu Dhabi, and it's worth it to me to keep Webheads running smoothly).

MoralL says, "No"

JohnSte says, "Of course, you get a lot more for the professional service."

MoralL says, "Homestead is free. I tried it."

MoralL says, "I"

MoralL says, "I see now."

JohnSte says, "It is free until September. Then it changes."

MoralL says, "eh...."

MoralL says, "Well, I think it's the time for us to say goodbye."

MargaretD says, "yep"

MoralL says, "bye for now, Maggi and John."

JohnSte says, "OK. Then I'll see you all next week (I hope)."

MargaretD exclaims, "have a good day then!"

MoralL exclaims, "See you!"

JohnSte says, "Have fun, both of you."

MargaretD has disconnected.

MoralL has disconnected.

JohnSte [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 12 06:57:10 2001 PDT. <Follow John down to Reception>

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Vance has left his recorder running in reception at TappedIn while he's off teaching diving in the pool. Gerrit stops by and BJB shows him some URLs of use to beginning TappedIn users. They were just comparing Active Worlds to Tapped In when John returned to reception, and after that the conversation included Webheads, which is why I've kept this in our logs (so readers can see where John re-entered the discussion).

BJB [to Gerrit [guest]]: "did you need any help?"

MargaretD suddenly disappears.

BJB [HelpDesk] projects How to Talk.


To talk delete the text in the window next to the word SAY and enter what you want to say. Then press the SEND button or the ENTER key.


DavidW has connected.

DavidW waves to VanceS [exited_planet], MoralL, BJB [HelpDesk], Eleanor

[guest], and Gerrit [guest].

BJB [HelpDesk] waves good morning to David

DavidW hugs BJB [HelpDesk].

DavidW says, "Hi there"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_179 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB . o O ( oops, lost Eleanor )

DavidW nods.

BJB [to Gerrit [guest]]: "if you are having trouble seeing your text input window, click on DETACH in the middle right of your screen"

MoralL suddenly disappears.

DavidW waves to VanceS [exited_planet], BJB [HelpDesk], and Gerrit [guest].

DavidW nods.

DavidW says, "Ciao"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

Gerrit [guest] goes UP.

BJ has arrived.

Shadow follows BJ to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] leaves for the ASO.

BJ's Shadow (recording) leaves for the ASO.

Gerrit [guest] has arrived.

BJ [HelpDesk] waves

BJ [HelpDesk] wonders if Gerrit sees the text window

Gerrit [guest] says, "Hello, i'm Gerrit from Holland. I can see the textwindow"

BJ [HelpDesk] nods to Gerrit...sorry for the beep. I just wanted to make sure you were ok

BJ says, "are you looking for something in particular? The WebHeads group is meeting in another room"

Gerrit [guest] asks, "This is the first time I enter Tapped in. Is there a guide to lead me and give information?"

BJ asks, "yes, I can show you several pages that can help you, Gerrit. Are you an educator?"

BJ says, "I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania, USA"

Gerrit [guest] says, "I am director of a primary school and I study education on Utrecht University"

BJ exclaims, "great, Gerrit!"

BJ says, "I'm going to show you some web pages...when I project the urls a new browser window will pop open for you"

Gerrit [guest] says, "I like to know something about Tapped in."

BJ asks, "you can look, bookmark and close, but don't close this window or you'll lose your connection, ok?"

BJ . o O ( I'm going to project web pages that explain TAPPED IN, Gerrit )

Gerrit [guest] says, "ok"

BJ says, "when you've looked at the first projection, let me know and I'll show you another"

BJ [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

Gerrit [guest] says, "I received your site."

BJ asks, "ready for another projection?"

Gerrit [guest] says, "ok"

BJ [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

BJ [to Gerrit [guest]]: "I have one more url to show you. This one is about what teachers can do here and has many links. Let me know when you're ready."

Gerrit [guest] says, "Thanks, I already received this information from a docent."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods to Gerrit.

BJ says, "there is also a calendar of events that shows you what discussions are scheduled for this month"

BJ . o O ( click on CALENDAR at the top of your screen )

Gerrit [guest] asks, "What can you tell me about 'intelligent agents'?"

BJ asks, "I seem to recall the term, but not its definition. Can you explain, please?"

Gerrit [guest] says, "It seems to be possible to structure a discussion with 'intelligent agents'. thats all I know."

BJ asks, "you mean like a bot?"

BJ . o O ( I just did a search on and am reading now )

----------------------------------- BJ ------------------------------------

Software agents, intelligent agents, autonomous agents, information filtering agents, matchmaking agents, and buying and selling agents--these are just a subset of terms used to identify a user defined program that automates our interactions on the web. The expanding array of terms and the possibilities they bring to mind is almost dizzying. They also capture our imagination with the notion of being able to instruct a piece of software to automatically carry out user-specified tasks and report back with a useable solution. But what are intelligent agents, why are they becoming more important and how might they assist in many of our mundane, and not so mundane everyday tasks?

---------------------------- BJ stops pasting -----------------------------

BJ [to Gerrit [guest]]: "click on DETACH in the middle right of your screen to make your text window larger"

BJ . o O ( I am neither intelligent or software or a bot, so I'm afraid my responses will be less than perfect! )

BJ says, "would you like to see the web page where I got that information? There's more."

Gerrit [guest] asks, "let me explain my question: I have to compare the worlds of Tapped In and Active World: is it possible to discus a problem together?"

BJ says, "Active world is three d, I think. TAPPED IN is text based. I can only explain what can happen here"

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JohnSte has arrived.

White Book of Tarkin Ru follows JohnSte to here.

BJ says, "hi, John"

JohnSte says, "Hi, BJ."

BJ [to Gerrit [guest]]: "We have many groups that meet and share information and problem solve"

BJ says, "the Webheads group that you observed for a while is an example of an international organization that meets here to discuss issues and events"

JohnSte says, "Yep. Every Sunday at Noon GMT."

BJ says, "TAPPED IN is primarily for educators...researchers, teachers, librarians, tech coordinators, administrators"

BJ [to John]: "are you familiar with Active Worlds?"

JohnSte says, "I've only been there once, and my system crashed as soon as I logged on."

JohnSte says, "Been afraid to return."

BJ says, "One of the primary features of TAPPED IN is that it is available to most browsers/platforms"

BJ says, "so it is accessable to almost everyone."

BJ . o O ( very important when you have educators who may not have the most current software/hardware systems )

Gerrit [guest] says, "Well, I have to visit Active Worlds in a short time. John, thanks for giving me hope. And BJ, thanks for beeing my guide."

JohnSte says, "You're welcom, Gerrit."

BJ says, "My pleasure, Gerrit"

JohnSte says, "Hope is all any of us can ever have."

BJ [HelpDesk] smiles...hope was all that was left in Pandora's box after it was opened.

JohnSte says, "Right you are."

BJ says, "good luck, Gerrit"

JohnSte says, "Yeah, good luck."

Gerrit [guest] says, "Thanks BJ."

Gerrit [guest] says, "Thanks John."

BJ [HelpDesk] waves bye to Gerrit

BJ says, "nice meeting you"

Gerrit [guest] leaves for the CAFE.

JohnSte says, "Wednesday, after Keiko's presentation, I went for a walk in the woods. Nice place."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods. Fun place to take kids

JohnSte says, "The first time I'd ever been there. I was sort of afraid I'd get lost, though."

BJ asks, "you know about the CAMPUS MAP?"

BJ . o O ( or you can always type /home and go to your office or /reception to come here )

JohnSte says, "Yes. I've seen it, but I haven't checked it out very well."

JohnSte says, "I got lost in a woods once. Spent the night there before anyone found me. So, I get worried when I go into one."

BJ [HelpDesk] hugs John...poor baby!

JohnSte says, "Even when I know I can always find my way out again."

JohnSte says, "It was around forty years ago."

PatrickMC has connected.

BJ says, "those scary memories stick with you forever"

BJ says, "hi, Patrick"

JohnSte says, "They sure do."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Patrick."

BJ [to Patrick]: "can we help you with something?"

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I'm exploring, if that's OK. I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

JohnSte says, "Not really."

BJ [to Patrick]: "expore away! I'm here to answer any questions you might have about TAPPED IN"

JohnSte says, "I'm just killing time until my grand daughter arrives."

JohnSte says, "Her mother is bringing her to spend the week with us."

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I only know a little about TAPPED IN. I'm getting an master's online at CSU Hayward, and tapped in comes up occassionally. I wanted to see what it was about."

BJ says, "how lovely, John."

JohnSte says, "Yes, I'm really looking forward to it."

BJ [to Patrick]: "you've seen the web pages with information about this environment?"

JohnSte asks, "Patrick, how do you like studying 0nline?"

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I really like studying Online, although in many ways its more work. However, it's nice to do the work when I feel up to it, rather than dragging myself to a face to face class after a long day at school"

BJ asks, "what do you teach, Patrick?"

JohnSte [to Patrick]: "I'm doing my PhD dissertation on studying ESL online."

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I really didn't view the web pages as carefully as I should. You know how it is for web surfers. Always in a hurry to get somewhere."

JohnSte [to Patrick]: "Ever try saving them to disk to view later?"

BJ [HelpDesk] nods to Patrick. We all learn in our own way. Perhaps your way is to just browse and see what happens.

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I teach 6th grade in an elementary school and I involved in professional development in my district. It's interesting that you mention studying ESL online. One of the students in my class is creating an ESL course online."

JohnSte says, "Really? I'd like to get a chance to speak to him/her."

JohnSte says, "I'm observing a class that makes use of Tapped In (the Webheads group)."

JohnSte says, "But most of my data is from interviews with students in the group."

BJ [to Patrick]: "you also might want to take a look at the calendar at the top of your screen if you're involved in pd"

PatrickMC [guest] asks, "John, I'm sure she'd be glad to talk with you. Let me contact her for permission to give out her e-mail. How should I get in touch with you again?"

JohnSte says, "Or, you can give her mine."

JohnSte says, "If you want, you can also check out my page at"

PatrickMC [guest] says, "That'll work."

BJ [to John]: "did you want to project that url?"

JohnSte says, "It might be better that way. I don't mind people contacting me, but I know a lot of people don't like it."

BJ [to Patrick]: "do you know about url projections?"

JohnSte says, "If you want, I can project it."

PatrickMC [guest] says, "No I don't"

BJ [to Patrick]: "when a url is projected, a new browser window will pop open for you"

JohnSte [to BJ]: "I wasn't trying to project it at the time."

BJ says, "you can look, bookmark and close...just don't close this window or you'll lose your connection"

BJ asks, "ready, Patrick?"

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I'm ready."

BJ [HelpDesk] shows PatrickMC the URL:

JohnSte says, "Not much. It's just things for my students."

JohnSte says, "I'm in the middle of changing it to another server, so a lot of the links no longer work."

BJ says, "I like your resources pages...let me know when you change servers and I'll add it to my backflip page"

PatrickMC [guest] says, "It's looks fine to me. I know how much work websites are."

JohnSte says, "OK. I'll do that."

BJ . o O ( Keiko will be interested too )

JohnSte says, "I haven't done much to it since early summer."

JohnSte says, "I think Keiko has seen it. But I'm not sure."

PatrickMC [guest] says, "I'll give her the information, and hopefully she'll contact you. My wife's waiting to take a walk, and I think I need to peruse those webpages some more. Thanks for chatting."

JohnSte says, "OK. Have fun."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_181 [guest] has disconnected.

JohnSte says, "My next project is to put on some interactive exercises (using Hot Potatoes)."

JohnSte says, "That's one of the reason's I switching servers."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods. Phil Benz did a session about hot potatoes

JohnSte asks, "I remember. I wasn't able to make it to that session, though. It was about four weeks ago, right?"

BJ . o O ( it's in the emailer in the march-april transcripts )

BJ . o O ( 2001 folder )

BJ says, "March 4"

JohnSte says, "I'll look it up this evening when I check out Keiko's presentation from last Wednesday."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods. The carnival scripts are in a separate emailer under what's here

BJ . o O ( when I'm done I'll put that emailer in the main transcript emailer )

JohnSte says, "I'm going to have to start attending some of these sessions. Once I get to the States (and don't have to worry about my family) I should be able to."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods. That will be nice

JohnSte says, "Maybe then I'll learn something."

JohnSte [to BJ]: "I just now learned how to speak to a specific person like this."

BJ [HelpDesk] smiles...I'm sure you learn something from every experience you have, John!

BJ [HelpDesk] cheers for John

JohnSte says, "I changed my icon - finally. Put up a picture taken from my summer Intensive English Program."

BJB has arrived.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

JohnSte says, "I came dressed up like a really weird person - and my "daughter" kept fighting with me about how I was dressed."

BJ . o O ( BJB has a web window open )

JohnSte says, "Hi, bJB."

BJ says, "nice icon, John...that works fine"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye

BJB [HelpDesk] leaves for the ASO.

BJ's Shadow (recording) leaves for the ASO.

JohnSte says, "I went to another server."

BJ . o O ( bjb is editing transcripts )

JohnSte says, "I was talking to her earlier about a problem with my icon - It wouldn't appear."

BJ . o O ( BJB and BJ are the same person, John! )

BJ . o O ( they're both me....that way I can get twice as much work done )

JohnSte says, "Oh. OK. I kept thinking you were two different people."

BJ says, "BJ is my character as a TAPPED IN staff member"

JohnSte asks, "And BJB?"

BJ . o O ( but BJB has all the cool notes and does most of the work! )

JohnSte says, "That's about how it always works."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods.

JohnSte asks, "So how many people log in under more than one name?"

BJ says, "only staff is allowed to have more than one character, John."

JohnSte says, "I wouldn't want to, myself. I'm afraid I'd forget who I was at any one time."

BJ . o O ( Keiko got an extra character to help with the carnival )

BJ exclaims, "it can be very confusing!"

BJ says, "during the carnival I kept forgetting which character was in what room"

JohnSte says, "I get confused too easily anyway."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods...I'm that way also.

BJ . o O ( brb )

JohnSte says, "ok"

BJ says, "back"

JohnSte says, "ok."

JohnSte says, "The picture I took my icon from can be seen at"

BJ asks, "is it the same picture that is on the page?"

BJ [HelpDesk] looks

JohnSte . o O ( I don't like to project without permission )

JohnSte says, "No, it isn't."

JohnSte says, "The one on that page is an old picture from when I was in the Academic Senate."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods. Is that you in those snazzy shorts?

JohnSte says, "This one is from June, when I was a surprise visitor in the program's fashion show."

JohnSte says, "That's me."

BJ [HelpDesk] smiles...I can see you are definitely making a fashion statement!

JohnSte says, "We were supposed to be on a caribbean cruise. So one of the tutors decided to be my "daughter" and fight with me about my way of dressing."

JohnSte says, "The students thought it was hilarious."

BJ [HelpDesk] laughs...reality theater!

JohnSte says, "If you saw how I normally dress (I'm generally quite conservative at school)."

BJ says, "I like the colorful outfit...maybe you should revise your wardrobe"

JohnSte says, "My dean of acaemic affairs and my department chair couldn't believe it was really me up there."

BJ asks, "a new career for you? Fashion model? Actor?"

JohnSte says, "The older woman up there with us (one of the teachers) has a surf shop and loaned me the clothes."

JohnSte says, "Fashion model, I think."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods solemnly...I'll look for your pix in GQ

JohnSte says, "Have fun waiting."

BJ [HelpDesk] laughs

BJ says, "I would think clothing would be a great ESL topic"

BJ says, "intercultural and multidisciplinary"

JohnSte says, "We talk about it a lot in our classes."

JohnSte says, "Especially when we get into the topic on multiculturalism."

BJ says, "cool."

JohnSte asks, "BTW, earlier you made a comment about webheads (don't remember the exact words - something about it being an international group that talks about current events). Can I quote that in my dissertation?"

BJ says, "sure"

JohnSte says, "Thanks. I liked the way you phrased it, but have to wait till i get the transcript of this session to look it up."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods.

BJ says, "you can email the transcript to yourself while your recorder is running, John..."

JohnSte says, "I've been looking for a good description of the group ever since I started my investigation."

JohnSte asks, "I can? How do I do that?"

BJ says, "you don't need it for my words of wisdom, but it might come in handy some time..."

BJ says, "type /mailme white book of tarkin"

JohnSte says, "ok. Thanks. Now I've learned something else today."

BJ says, "you can also send yourself your notes and any notes that are in a room with the /mailme command"

BJ . o O ( I use it often for the help prompts of objects: /mailme help nameofobject )

JohnSte says, "I found the quote"

JohnSte says, "I knew I could mail notes and things to me. I just didn't know I could mail my log at the same time."

JohnSte says, "the Webheads group that you observed for a while is an example"

JohnSte says, "of an international organization that meets here to discuss"

JohnSte says, "issues and events""

JohnSte says, "This is the quote I would like to use."

BJ says, "that looks familiar :-)"

BJ asks, "do you know how to paste?"

JohnSte says, "Yep. I think someone named BJ said it."

BJ [HelpDesk] grins

JohnSte says, "Not from the tapestry, but in general, yes I do."

BJ says, "you can use the paste command in tapestry"

BJ says, "type /paste and hit enter..."

BJ says, "then conrol V to paste the text and hit enter"

JohnSte says, "OK. That would have been much easier than how i did it."

BJ says, "then type a . and hit enter"

BJ asks, "want to try?"

JohnSte says, "ok."

--------------------------------- JohnSte ---------------------------------

"the Webheads group that you observed for a while is an example of an international organization that meets here to discuss issues and events"

-------------------------- JohnSte stops pasting --------------------------

BJ [HelpDesk] cheers...perfect!

JohnSte says, "Hey, neat."

BJ . o O ( when you just pasted to the text window without using the paste command, each return was entered )

JohnSte says, "I noticed that."

JohnSte asks, "Can you copy from tapestry the same way?"

BJ says, "to copy you have to use the pasteboard and append to can then copy from the pasteboard"

JohnSte says, "OK."

BJ . o O ( you could have done that with the quote when you saw it )

JohnSte says, "I didn't think about it until it was too late."

BJ says, "what I do if I see someone type something I might want to reread is copy it and paste to an email"

BJ says, "then I save the email to drafts or send it to myself"

JohnSte says, "I just wait until I get my transcript and look it up - Your way is a lot easier."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods...especially when the scripts are thousands of lines long and you have a couple a day!

BJ . o O ( for each character )

JohnSte says, "Yep. I can't do that with the Webheads logs (I have to go through them for details) but for other things. . ."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods...just a note taking technique I can paste several quotes on one email. I often do this when we're planning the newsletter and calendar

BJ says, "then I file the notes in the appropriate folders as a reminder"

JohnSte says, "I'll have to try that more often."

JohnSte says, "Unfortunately, I feel my blood sugar dropping - So I had better go get myself something to eat before I start shaking."

JohnSte says, "Thank you for your help."

BJ [HelpDesk] nods and waves bye to John. Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter

JohnSte says, "OK. thanks. See you later."

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [Webhead] has disconnected.

BJ looks multitasking.

I'm not sure how much time passed after John left, but Vance eventually returned home from the pool and checked to see what was going on at TappedIn ...

VanceS says, "hi bj"

BJ asks, "hi, Vance. Did you have a good swim?"

VanceS says, "pool's hot, so we went in the ocean"

BJ . o O ( the webheads went to John's office shortly after you left, so I asked Maggi to send you a transcript )

BJ says, "Ocean sounds nice"

VanceS says, "It's ok. I just got DSL so I'm not thinking DSL. But since I just left my line open I'll have the entire transcript."

VanceS says, "It was pretty poor vis where we were, but cooler than the pool"

VanceS says, "dive training"

BJ says, "you'll have the entire script of what happened here in reception...but not of what was discussed when the group left this room"

VanceS says, "Corrrreeeect"

VanceS says, "Yes, good point"

BJ asks, "dive training?"

VanceS says, "I'm an instructor in my spare time"

BJ . o O ( as in deep sea diving? )

VanceS says, "ahh"

VanceS [exited_planet] as in Scuba.

VanceS says, "hmmm"

BJ exclaims, "cool!"

VanceS says, "how u do dat"

VanceS says, "the . o O"

BJ says, "type /th and your thought"

BJ . o O ( those are thought bubbles )

VanceS . o O ( I should have thought as much )

BJ [multitasking] grins

VanceS [exited_planet] slaps forehead

BJ asks, "do you do any underwater photography?"

VanceS looks has_reentered_atmosphere.

VanceS asks, "I have done. Shall I project a good one for you?"

BJ [multitasking] nods excitedly

VanceS [has_reentered_atmosphere] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "other than that, haven't done a lot of underwater photography"

BJ says, "very cool! Africam had an underwater cam at one point...I know they had a lot of trouble with it and don't know if they ever got it up again, but it was fascinating"

VanceS says, "Yes, they were at Alawal Shoals, where the reggae sharks sleep"

VanceS says, "I went there when I was in Durban"

BJ . o O ( sleeping sharks are good )

VanceS says, "Sharks are very misunderstood."

BJ [multitasking] nods. Especially by the people who have been attacked by them

VanceS says, "I'll bet more people have been attacked by dogs"

BJ says, "just kidding...probably most wild creatures are misunderstood by mankind"

VanceS says, "They are interesting creatures. I went to a place in SA where people swim inside the surf break and white sharks cruise outside the break, no net, no attacks"

VanceS says, "Because there's an island full of seals nearby"

BJ says, "People have a tendency to anthropomorphize"

BJ . o O ( poor seals )

VanceS says, "Now if a person wants to get on a surfboard and make like a seal ..."

BJ [multitasking] nods

VanceS says, "Yeah, they need to evolve a species that swims INSIDE the break"

VanceS . o O ( I mean the seals )

BJ says, "then the seals would be in double jeapardy...from the sharks and from man"

VanceS looks through_tasking.

VanceS says, "True"

VanceS says, "I guess seals instinctually are not afraid of men"

BJ . o O ( too bad )

VanceS says, "anyway, I've got to log off and have a bath and make dinner"

VanceS says, "I'm 'batching' it for another week till my wife gets back"

BJ [multitasking] nods and waves bye. I also have some chores to do

VanceS [through_tasking] returns wave. Yeah, see you later then.

VanceS says, "oh, thanks for your help and I'll email you the calendar blurb"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [through_tasking] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 12 08:48:37 2001 PDT.

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