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Webheads chat logs from April 1, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Sue Moral Sophie Juani
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan Japan China Cyprus Chile

Today's chat was one of our best, with enthusiastic participants tuning in from six continents. After John sent a voice message on Wimba saying he would be along after breakfast, Maggi and I met in ICQ. Maggi had heard from Tomas, one of our ex-Webhead students, and she tried to forward me a picture he had sent her. We were discussing the picture when Larry Keenan, who is selling access to HearMe-like chat rooms, came up on Maggi's ICQ, so she went to see the rooms and chat with the salesman.

Sue had meanwhile appeared in Homestead but Maggi and I didn't notice her, so she got Vance's attention on Yahoo. She asked where to join us and we asked her to choose, so she chose Excite. However, when she arrived there, we discovered she was in hands-free mode and recycling our voices from her speakers through her mic. She managed to get out of hands free for a few minutes and hold a conversation with Moral who had by then joined us, but when her computer went by itself back into hands free, she decided to leave Excite so the rest of us could voice-chat there, and we decided to all go to Tapped In and text chat with Sue there.

By now Vance, Maggi, Michael, John, Ying Lan, Moral, and Sue were all in Tapped In and all of us but Sue in Excite. We found this to be a good way to chat, typing in Tapped In and talking to each other in the Excite voice chat room. Ying Lan discovered how to send us all what was written on the whiteboard in my office (there was a note from Jerry Bicknell there), and John reminded us how to flash web sites on each other's screens. He showed us the Tower of English site, and Vance displayed the web site of the language center where he is CALL coordinator.

We were having so much fun that we again didn't notice a visitor to the Homestead chat room until she had already left. It was Sophie, and fortunately she came back at about the time that Juani showed up. Juani's news was even better than last week's: she is now going to Colorado instead of Mississippi. The teacher from Mississippi didn't want to go to Chile! Can you believe it? All those lakes!?? She'll never know what she missed, and Juani will have a better time in Colorado, where the climate and mountains are more like those of Chile. Sophie said she had come along because of Vance's voice message earlier, and she talked about the conference she's holding in Cyprus in May where Vance will be a plenary speaker. Michael might even come up if he can get funding. Vance thought it would be a good idea to broadcast the conference in a voice chat medium like Excite while flashing the graphics he plans to use in a chat medium like Tapped In, as we had just been doing in the Webheads chat. We were discussing it as all the Webheads one by one took their leave.

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ICQ logs

MAD: (2:43 PM) rember Tomas in Brazil?

Vance: (2:44 PM) Yeah, of course. I remember every Webhead, everything I know about each one.

MAD: (2:46 PM) he sent me something very heart breaking as a photo but did an ok job translating...would you like me to forward it?

Vance: (2:47 PM) ok, send it via icq file xfer

Vance: (2:47 PM) So are you in touch with him regularly?

MAD: (2:47 PM) yes...I'll send it by email

Vance: (2:48 PM) If you email it, send it to I don't have access to my emirates email here.

MAD: (2:49 PM) ok...just sent it to the other...

MAD: (2:52 PM) now it is on the way to the one you just gave

Vance: (2:52 PM) checking ...

Vance: (2:55 PM) got the text, now send the image :-O

MAD: (2:56 PM) thought it goes with a forward...

Vance: (2:57 PM) so much for that theory

Vance: (2:57 PM) never assume LOL

MAD: (2:58 PM) hha...always has before...

Vance: (2:59 PM) Your friends have just been too polite to tell you ...

MAD: (3:00 PM) the imagine is of a black child not much more than a baby sitting on the ground with his head down and a vulture nearly as big as the child waiting in the background

Vance: (3:01 PM) I guess I 'get the picture'

Vance: (3:03 PM) I saw a kid in Ethiopia once sprawled on a street corner in Addas Ababa his balls hanging out his shorts in mid day traffic all around lying on his back arms outstretched totally oblivious in a land that reeked of hunger. No flies. I don't think this kid was dead. Just very still. One of many.

Vance: (3:05 PM) Same town, down the road, a very beautiful woman naked from the waste up, clutching a baby to full breasts, tears streaming down her cheeks, beyond begging, just crying amid the crowd moving all around. Same crowds as passed the kid in the intersection. Me among them, carrying sugar cane, wondering if I should give some to her ..

MAD: (3:08 PM) it's sick then when Bush says the US is in an energy crisis...

Vance: (3:09 PM) The US is in a leadership crisis

MAD: (3:09 PM) the sight is so common to those people they ignore it....

Vance: (3:12 PM) what can you do? I was eating dinner in a town where they mob you when you step off the bus. So I'm eating anjera and wat and this kid is standing in the doorway, belly distended, just watching the whole time, watching me eat. When I left the restaurant I stopped and gave him a coin.

MAD: (3:12 PM) that Keenan guy is 47 and a Scorpio

Vance: (3:12 PM) The kid looked up like he couldn't believe it. And then he ran off.

MAD: (3:14 PM) well...something should be done...Gates just moved up a notch...he has start a fund organization to help with AIDS in Africa...

[Items removed]

Vance: (3:14 PM) Did John send you his Wimba voice message?

MAD: (3:15 PM) no...talked to him last night too

Vance: (3:15 PM) on Excite?

MAD: (3:16 PM) no, here

MAD: (3:16 PM) wrote

Vance: (3:17 PM) oh, I tried to send a voice message to webheads but I screwed up the email addresses.

MAD: (3:17 PM) happens...:-)

Vance: (3:18 PM) ok, I'm going to try again ... (just checked the pending messages, none there - it got lost)

MAD: (3:19 PM) the guy is online

MAD: (3:20 PM) n/a though

Vance: (3:20 PM) so you had a conversation with him?

MAD: (3:21 PM) not yet...he added me to his list and he is now on mine

MAD: (3:22 PM) even though I said that wasn't the reason for contacting him...just wanted more info on Hearme

Vance: (3:22 PM) ahhh and what did he have to say about hearme

MAD: (3:23 PM) his handle is Blue Raven

MAD: (3:23 PM) he hasn't said anything yet...only that to authorize him so he could give me more info

Vance: (3:27 PM) It will be interesting what you turn up. I wonder how a guy like that manages or presumes to corner the market on hearme.

Vance: (3:28 PM) telcopoint has been a big bomb

MAD: (3:29 PM) your voice mail arrived....let me see if I cna send you one back...

Vance: (3:29 PM) I just sent my voice mail and received the copy I sent myself at work

Vance: (3:30 PM) cool. So it went out over the webheads list? That's almost dangerous !! :-)

MAD: (3:32 PM) well...sent you one back....

Vance: (3:33 PM) It's also almost too easy! Incredible really. ... did you send it to my address? If so, I'll get it when I get home. Or if you want to send it to the group, cc it to

MAD: (3:34 PM) I just thought I would see if it is very easy

Vance: (3:35 PM) Webheads is so cool. Michael turned us on to hearme and wimba, and John sent me that message showing how easy it is. We are greater than the sum of our parts. I'd been to the wimba site before but it wasn't working back then.

MAD: (3:39 PM) I remember

MAD: (3:41 PM) k...the blue raven is now on...let's see if he contacts me

Vance: (3:41 PM) woooo

MAD: (3:41 PM) yep, he did

MAD: (3:42 PM) he wants me to go to a site and voice chat with him

Vance: (3:42 PM) what if we all turned up !!! :-0

Vance: (3:47 PM) How's it going over there. He hasn't tied you up and gagged you, has he?

MAD: (3:47 PM) not yet because his button isn't working

Vance: (3:48 PM) Is it an interface of the sort we're used to?

MAD: (3:49 PM) it is a button that says talk to me live and it should open a window but it doesn't

Vance: (3:51 PM) sounds like a telcopoint interface. When you click on the button or pass a cursor over it do you see the word 'telcopoint' appear anywhere on the screen? Like at the bottom of the browser?

MAD: (3:52 PM) no nothing happened...he sent me another url and it opens the BizSite voice Room

Vance: (3:53 PM) I understand that you visit a url and click on a button there to then move to the voice room. Do you see telcopoint anywhere on any of those screens?

MAD: (4:01 PM) no...but there is a pile of people there

Vance: (4:02 PM) what's the url?

MAD: (4:04 PM) they are sending me their cafe url

Vance: (4:04 PM) Sue is in Yahoo

MAD: (4:08 PM) this is hearme...they have added and they say making more stable

Vance: (4:09 PM) good

MAD: (4:09 PM) he gave me this to check out

Vance: (4:11 PM) ok, we can hold down the fort here if you want to play. Sue has just joined us in excite.

MAD: (4:11 PM) hang on

Jump to logs from: ICQ | Yahoo and Excite | Tapped In | Homestead

Yahoo and Excite chat logs

mysailing: hi

vance_stevens: Hi there. How are you?

vance_stevens: Did you get my voice message by any chance?

mysailing: fine.

mysailing: I read the mails which you sent everyday

vance_stevens: I just sent a voice message to the webheads list and I'm wondering if people got it.

mysailing: i did not notice yet. But i am afraid i can not enter the palace,i tried before but failed

mysailing: is maggi there?

vance_stevens: No worries. Maggi is on ICQ at the moment talking to someone about voice chatting.

mysailing: i have not met her for a long long time

vance_stevens: Have you met John Steele? He's another teacher just joined us.

mysailing: no, i do not know him

mysailing: where are you all chatting now?

vance_stevens: Well, one place is the homestead site,

vance_stevens: Another is the voice chat, excite. Want that one?

mysailing: ok, tell me the address, let me try.

vance_stevens: and GO! Webheads

mysailing: i have no member name and address

vance_stevens: Sign in as a guest

vance_stevens: I can't seem to lock in a font :-(

vance_stevens: We see your messages in homestead. John replied.

mysailing: which room to select?

vance_stevens: oh, webheads

vance_stevens: Then you put in a guest name after that

vance_stevens: We see you in Excite. Can you hear us?

mysailing: yes, i am looking for microphone

[Sue found a microphone but was not able to get it off hands-free. Either the software logged her on like that or her computer was "holding down" the control key so that her microphone was open all the time. This was a problem because Sue was listening through speakers and not a headphone. So we would talk, and after ten or fifteen seconds, we would hear what we had said come through Sues speakers and back to our headsets. In other words, we could only talk a few seconds before our words would come back, so we would stop talking. Then we might start again, but by then someone else had started (because of the gap) so it was difficult to converse like that. Sue was able to fix the problem for a while, but it came back again. This was the reason for these conversations on the Excite one-to-one text chats:]

Vance: sue is in hands free mode somehow and we hear our voices on her speakers

Maggi: very strange

Maggi: how did she do that

Vance: She just signed on and got on in hands free mode. We havent' figured it out

Maggi: some tech guys you are

 [Sue is originally from around Beijing. She moved to Japan to study the language there. Eventually she found work and has been living there since. I asked her how she got that opportunity. Moral was quite interested as he is from Kunming and has had recent interviews with Save the Children in hopes of possibly working with them. In this dialog, I was helping Moral to understand what Sue was saying, and also trying to record what was going on.]

Vance: I asked Sue how she came to leave China and go to japan.

Vance: Sue asked what job you were applying for.

Moral: is sue a webhead?

Vance: of course


Moral: thanks.

Vance: What did you say, Moral?

Moral: I said my ctrl key was stuck. but i was ok after i stroke it heavily.

[Sue finally gave up on Excite and decided to join us in text chat instead. We decided to go to Tapped In for that since Moral could not reach our Homestead client. It was Sue's first time in Tapped In so I looked for her in Homestead and in Yahoo to see where I could help her with Tapped in. She returned to Yahoo ... ]

vance_stevens: Hi

mysailing: hi

vance_stevens: are you ok sue?

mysailing: i am trying now

vance_stevens: ok, so use the guest login

mysailing: yes, i did

vance_stevens: ok, are you in the reception room?

vance_stevens: I think you have to type your name first don't you?

mysailing: yes, do not know how to talk, yes, i typed my name

vance_stevens: ok, are you in Reception?

mysailing: got the reception box message

vance_stevens: excellent, now type /join vances

vance_stevens: that's

vance_stevens: /join vances

[Now our conversation shifts to Tapped In, where Sue has become SRI-83. After a while, Sue returned to Yahoo to sign off]

mysailing: vance, i am sorry, i am leaving for sleeping now

mysailing: it is very nice to chat with you all again.

vance_stevens: ok, nice to see you.

mysailing: say goodbye to maggi, john, moral for me, please,

vance_stevens: Sorry about the sound problem

mysailing: bye bye

mysailing: it is all right.

vance_stevens: Did you reach Tapped IN?

mysailing: yes, but it does not work well

vance_stevens: Were you SRI-83?

mysailing: ok, i am leaving now.

vance_stevens: Ying Lan just arrived.

mysailing: i think that is me, i am not sure

mysailing: convey regard to Yinglan too

mysailing: meet you all next time

vance_stevens: OK, well we enjoyed talking to you.

mysailing: thanks again, vance. and the new word interpretor

mysailing: bye bye

vance_stevens: Don't worry about the sound problem. Must be your keyboard.

vance_stevens: See you next week maybe.


Jump to logs from: ICQ | Yahoo and Excite | Tapped In | Homestead

Tapped In logs

[John and Moral are both Tapped In members. Each has his own recorder to email him a copy of the chat. This is noted in the logs so that everyone else will see that the logs are being recorded.]

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.
Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.
MoralL arrives from nowhere.
MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.
JohnSte says, "Hi, I told Moral we were coming here."
MoralL says, "hi, Vance."
JohnSte asks, "How are you Moral?"
MoralL asks, "I am fine, thanks. and you?"
VanceS says, "I'm trying to get Sue here still"
JohnSte says, "I'm better. I was without a computer for two weeks (since the last time we spoke)."
MoralL says, "oh, i feel terrible without computer."
JohnSte says, "So did I."
SRI_83 [guest] arrives from nowhere.
JohnSte says, "I was depressed and feeling bad the whoe two weeks."
VanceS exclaims, "There, we got Sue here!"
SRI_83 [guest] says, "but i can not hear the voice" [Sue is the only one in Tapped In not also talking in the Excite chat room]
JohnSte says, "Hello, Sue."
MoralL asks, "do you live in Rico?"
JohnSte says, "I live in Puerto Rico. That is a small island in the Caribbean Sea."
JohnSte says, "It is a territory of the United States, but the language here is Spanish."
SRI_83 [guest] asks, "are you all using voice chatting?"
MoralL says, "yes."
JohnSte says, "Yes, we are."
VanceS says, "Yes, we still are. Ying Lan just arrived. Michael is there. I'll get them to come here."
VanceS says, "If we have two chat rooms, one for voice and one for text, we can all join together."
MoralL says, "I knew it. John. I just check the world map a couple of days ago. I never knew it before."
JohnSte says, "I married a girl from Puerto Rico and then moved here 30 years ago."
MoralL says, "you are sincere for love... I haven't met a girl like this...:)"
JohnSte says, "Now I am working for the University of Puerto Rico."
JohnSte says, "Well, I was lucky."
MoralL says, "yes, you were."
JohnSte says, "Today, we will have the first Major League baseball game in Puerto Rico."
MoralL asks, "league?"
JohnSte says, "There are two leagues (National League and American League). Each of these has a number of teams."
VanceS says, "OK, I'm here now"
Michael [guest] arrives from nowhere.
VanceS says, "I had to close up all my other windows."
JohnSte says, "I don't know what teams are coming. But it is the first time any major leabe baseball team comes to Puerto Rico."
Michael [guest] exclaims, "hello!"
MoralL says, "then league must mean association."
JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."
MoralL says, "Hi, Michael."
JohnSte says, "Yes, I guess that is how you would define it."
MoralL asks, "do you often go the the us, john?"
MoralL says, "...go to ..."
JohnSte says, "I go every two or three years. I will be going again next year."
JohnSte says, "Next time I go, I will stay for a year instead of just visiting family."
MoralL says, "life in Puerto Rico must be different with the us..."
JohnSte teleports to the reception.
JohnSte arrives from nowhere.
Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.
ying [guest] arrives from nowhere.
JohnSte says, "Hi, Ying."
ying [guest] says, "hi ying"
MoralL says, "hi, yinglan."
ying [guest] says, "Thanks"
ying [guest] says, "Hi Morall"
Michael [guest] asks, "who is sri_83?"
JohnSte says, "That is Sue."
ying [guest] asks, "What's up here?"
JohnSte asks, "Who all is here?"
Michael [guest] exclaims, "I'm here!"
JohnSte says, "I'm here"
VanceS says, "I'm here."
MoralL says, "I am here."
VanceS says, "I think all of us are now in Tapped In and in Excite."
VanceS says, "So this is the ideal interface now."
ying [guest] says, "I am here..."
VanceS asks, "Anybody want to go hang gliding?" [This was an invitation to visit the Palace. No one accepted :-( ]
VanceS says, "Ying Lan had the usual busy week."
VanceS asks, "She worked like a ... ???" [Ying Lan has said the word in Excite; Vance didn't understand exactly.]
VanceS asks, "call girl?"
Michael [guest] says, "explanation"
JohnSte says, "Oh, OK."
VanceS says, "You mean you ... she worked next to a cell phone all day .."
VanceS exclaims, "A phone call girl !!"
ying [guest] says, "Not really..."
ying [guest] says, "I am a phone call girl ... but I drave all day with a cell phone."
ying [guest] says, "drive"
VanceS says, "I'm working near some CALL labs"
ying [guest] asks, "You asked me?"
JohnSte says, "That sounds like where I work."
ying [guest] asks, "You are a call boy??" [In Vance's work, CALL means 'computer-assisted language learning']
VanceS says, "There is no electricity in the wall sockets in the labs"
JohnSte says, "No, Ying, I meant what Vance was saying about not having anybody to open the room."
Michael writes on the whiteboard...
Michael writes on the whiteboard...
JohnSte writes on the whiteboard...
MoralL asks, "michael, how can i view the whiteboard?"
ying [guest] projects VanceS.

School Media Specialist working at Amideast in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Moral - you're being very quiet!"
VanceS writes on the whiteboard...
JohnSte says, "click on the whiteboard, then type your message and click on Write on Whiteboard."
JohnSte writes on the whiteboard...
VanceS writes on the whiteboard...
The printer begins to hum as JohnSte prints out the data from the VanceS's Office...
Michael [guest] exclaims, "I don't know how I got to the whiteboard!!!"
JohnSte projects Copy of VanceS's Office whiteboard (04/01/01).

Hi Vance! I just stopped by to check out your office. I have to login with a text client at home, because my version of Netscape doesn't seem to handle the java well enough. Look for you on line. JerryB
I found it!
Hi, Vance.
what are we doing here

Michael [guest] asks, "you still here Ying?"
The printer begins to hum as JohnSte prints out the data from the VanceS's Office...
JohnSte projects Copy of VanceS's Office whiteboard (04/01/01).  

JohnSte projects the URL:
VanceS asks, "Good John, how did you do it?"
VanceS says, "Start in Whiteboard"
VanceS says, "Click on print to note"
The printer begins to hum as JohnSte prints out the data from the VanceS's Office...
VanceS says, "The click on edit"
The printer begins to hum as VanceS prints out the data from the VanceS's Office...
JohnSte projects Copy of VanceS's Office whiteboard (04/01/01).  

JohnSte projects the URL:
JohnSte asks, "OK, did you all get those instructions?"
VanceS projects Copy of VanceS's Office whiteboard (04/01/01).  

VanceS projects the URL:
VanceS says, "OK now click on Virtual CALL Tour"
JohnSte says, "I only have a couple of minutes left here."
JohnSte asks, "Is anybody here going to present at TCC?"
Michael [guest] says, "not me John"
VanceS says, "I'm not presenting there"
MoralL asks, "tcc? what is it?"
JohnSte says, "Teaching in the Community Colleges (The Online Conference)"
MoralL says, "thanks. i got it."
Michael [guest] says, "april 9-11"
Michael [guest] says, "I have to go everyone. Have a good week."
MoralL says, "bye michael." JohnSte says, "Well, sorry, but I gotta go now. I'll see you all next week."
ying [guest] says, "bye"
MoralL says, "bye"
MoralL has disconnected.
JohnSte has lost his link.
VanceS has disconnected.

Jump to logs from: ICQ | Yahoo and Excite | Tapped In | Homestead

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous32.

Members of room: Anonymous32

You have changed your name to Vance.

Anonymous6679 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous6679 is now known as John.

Anonymous61 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous61> hi, i am here

Anonymous61 is now known as Sue.

<Sue> it seems no one is here

<John> Hello, Sue, how are you today?

Sue has left the chat room. [Sue leaves to find Vance in Yahoo]

Anonymous647 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous647 is now known as Sue.

<Sue> i am here lah

<John> Hi, sue.

<Sue> Hi, John

<John> Have you made any boat trips lately?

Anonymous4361 has joined the chat room.

<Sue> no, not yet

Anonymous4361 is now known as Maggi.

<John> Hi, Maggie

<Maggi> Hi

<John> This is the first time I have been able to use excite voice chat.

<Sue> me too

<John> Two weeks ago I had to send my computer to the technician and just got it back.

Sue has left the chat room.

[Sue has now gone to the Excite chat room. Now there is no chat in Homestead for a while. Everyone is talking in Excite.]

<Maggi> that static is juk

John has left the chat room.

Anonymous557 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous557 is now known as Sue.

<Maggi> Hi Sue

<Vance> Hi Sue. We can talk you into tapped in from here

<Vance> Start at

Anonymous85 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous85 is now known as John.

<Vance> When you reach use the guest login

<Vance> are you there Sue? [Sue has gone over to Yahoo to get instructions on reaching Tapped In]

John has left the chat room.

Sue has left the chat room.

Anonymous579 has joined the chat room.





<Anonymous579> HI Vance

<Anonymous579> Didn't say where you were waiting for us

<Anonymous579> of course by now you must have all gone home

<Anonymous579> still did drop by.......

<Maggi> I'm still here

<Maggi> who is this?

[We find out later that this was Sophie. We were away in the Tapped In and Excite windows and weren't watching Homestead.]

Anonymous4616 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> hallo?

<Anonymous4616> hello.

<Anonymous4616> How are you doing Maggi?

Anonymous4616 is now known as Juani.

<Anonymous579> hi Maggi!


<Anonymous579> Where is everyone?

<Anonymous579> hi

Anonymous579 is now known as Sophie.

<Sophie> this is me

<Sophie> Sophie

<Sophie> Are you in Germany Maggi?

<Juani> me,,here.

<Sophie> Hi Juani

<Sophie> where are you from?

<Juani> Hi Sophie.I´ from Chile

<Juani> tenth region, Region of the Lakes..

<Maggi> hi guys

<Sophie> That's far away. I used to know someone from Chile. She was very nice

<Sophie> HI Maggi

<Sophie> Is everyone else gone?

<Sophie> Region of the lakes? sounds romantic

<Maggi> most are in Tapped in and a voice chat at Excite

<Juani> yes,it ´ beautiful..

<Sophie> How long are you staying there do you think? or is everyone leaving?

<Sophie> Do you read literature Juanni?

<Juani> mountains,lakes,water sports....

<Maggi> not yet

<Vance> Hi. Maggi just told us you were here

<Sophie> Who's there?

<Vance> Were one of you guys here earlier?

<Juani> yes..are you suggesting some new reading?

<Sophie> Hi Vance!!!

<Vance> HI

<Sophie> Yes, I was here first

<Juani> not me..I just came

<Juani> Hi Vance..

<Maggi> John just left

<Vance> We're saying bye to John in Excite, and also Michael

<Sophie> I love Alliende

<Sophie> send my smiles over to them

<Maggi> Michael is going now

<Sophie> Bye Michael

<Maggi> Ying too

<Juani> mean isabel Allende?

<Sophie> yes, Isabel

<Sophie> She's great

<Juani> yes,she is a great writer.

<Sophie> Do you like her?

<Sophie> oh I am glad you agree

<Juani> yes,,,everyone in Chile has read some of her books,I think

Anonymous56 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous56 is now known as Michael C.

<Sophie> hi Michael!!!!

<Michael C> Hi - Sophie - are you there?

<Michael C> You are!

<Sophie> I was just going to say bye

<Vance> Hi I'm back here again too

<Maggi> now he can say good night himself

<Sophie> I am here indeed!!!!!!

<Michael C> I guess there's no news about money?

<Sophie> how are you guys?

<Sophie> Things are not entitely negative.

<Michael C> Whcih means that I won't be there...not entirely negative?

<Juani> it´s morning here in my country.10:00 a.m

<Sophie> I get "OK, let us think about it" people are positive overall - it just takes time

<Sophie> It's also a bit tough cause I am doing all the running.....

<Michael C> But flights are booking up

<Vance> Make reservations

<Michael C> Yes sir!

<Sophie> Can't you book but not pay - just reserve a seat

<Sophie> I am really trying

<Michael C> I probably can. Do you think that there's still a chance?

<Sophie> I'm waiting for an answer from two places now

<Juani> where to?

<Sophie> I really want to get you guys together

<Michael C> Juani - I might go to a conferece in Cyprus.

<Sophie> Then I'll make histroy!!!!!!!!!

<Michael C> conference

<Michael C> That's true Sophie!

<Sophie> history

<Maggi> history?

<Sophie> : )

<Juani> oh..that seems interesting

<Sophie> Let me push them some more Michael

<Michael C> OK...

<Juani> what´ s the conference about?

<Sophie> Things would be easier to ge money from the central budget...

<Michael C> I'll just wait for the word but won't hassle you by askng anymore!

<Sophie> but it seems costs keep accumulating.

<Michael C> Of course they do

<Sophie> and the one in charge seems to be afraid to give me the money for your travel grant

<Vance> You can get the url for the conference at

<Michael C> The conference is about CALL Juani - computers and language learning

<Vance> Juani had some great news last week. Did everyone read about it?

<Sophie> so I've been asking elsewhere

<Michael C> No - what news?

<Sophie> what news?

<Juani> thanks,it´ really a good theme

<Sophie> well, we are waiting for the news


<Vance> (waits for Juani to tell everyone her news)

<Sophie> .....

<Sophie> !

<Vance> She's going to live in Mississippi for a year

<Juani> yes..I told you about my TEP programme.

<Sophie> what's TEP?

<Vance> It's a Fulbright program, right?

<Juani> not Mississipi,but Colorado.

<Michael C> That's great Juani.

<Juani> yes,they changed the place and the school-

<Vance> oh, Colorado!! Much better than Mississippi, for someone from Chile

<Vance> You can't ski in Mississippi

<Juani> thanks,,my partnner from MS didn´ want to come to Chile..

<Sophie> what's TEP?

<Vance> It's a Fulbright program, right?

<Juani> not Mississipi,but Colorado.

<Michael C> That's great Juani.

<Juani> yes,they changed the place and the school-

<Vance> oh, Colorado!! Much better than Mississippi, for someone from Chile

<Vance> You can't ski in Mississippi

<Juani> thanks,,my partnner from MS didn´ want to come to Chile..

<Sophie> what's TEP?

<Juani> destination is Rifle City in CO..a public high school

<Michael C> I HAVE to go! Keep me posted Sophie.

<Sophie> Anyway guys got to go

<Michael C> Bye!

<Sophie> Bye

<Vance> You lucked out, Juani!!

<Juani> Teachers Exchange Programme

<Sophie> thanks Juani

<Vance> That's great. Colorado is one of my favorite states!

<Sophie> Bye now

<Juani> yes..I think I am.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Vance> Bye Michael

<Sophie> talk again guys

<Vance> too late

<Juani> what about the climate,there?

<Vance> Are you here for aminute longer Sophie?

<Sophie> OK Vance

<Sophie> what's up?

<Vance> Colorado is mountainous

<Juani> yes,it´s late for you all.

<Sophie> I've got your times

<Vance> OK, what are they?

<Sophie> just a sec.

<Vance> Talking about the conference now, Juani

<Juani> yes.ok

<Vance> I'm going to participate, and Michael might go too

<Sophie> 9:30 - 10:30a.m saturday may 5th

<Sophie> that's GMT = 2

<Vance> I've been thinking we can audiostream my plenary

<Juani> that sounds very interesting.

<Sophie> is this OK Vance?

<Vance> 9:30 your time?

<Sophie> yes

<Juani> yes..I wrote down the URL

<Sophie> anything else you want to talk about Vance?

<Vance> 7:30 GMT, ok

<Sophie> yes, that's it

<Vance> If you have a moment I could run some ideas by you

<Sophie> OK

<Juani> yes,please.

<Vance> I take it video stream is not on

<Vance> or is anyone working on that

<Sophie> just a sec I got to get my cat out of the way........

<Vance> I often have that problem

<Vance> lap cat

<Sophie> OK...

<Sophie> well, I've told them about it..

<Sophie> they weren't very excited

<Vance> We've been talking in exicte chat room and displaying stuff in Tapped IN

<Sophie> : (

<Vance> I'm thinking, following tried and true webheads precepts ...

<Sophie> I don't know what to do about it. I simply do not have the time

<Vance> keep it simple ... and free ...

<Vance> We can use existing free technology to simply open an excite chat room and broadcast

<Vance> and display urls from tapped in

<Sophie> I might still meet some of the technicians but it is something they haven't done before and ..

<Sophie> So tell me again your new ideas.... an excite chat room - thats OK

<Vance> I just wonder if you're receptive to being so ... experimental

<Vance> It could be done, and it would be revolutionary

<Sophie> well, things can go wring but as long as we can make a smooth transmission from things not working....

<Sophie> The Minister will probably be attending your talk

<Vance> That's just it, that's exactly the correct attitude

<Sophie> we'll know in a couple of days

<Vance> I'm thinking here of inviting the whole world, so what's a minister or two?

<Juani> good!

<Sophie> thing is since youa re the opening plenary....

<Sophie> you are bound to get the officials that turn up for the opening

<Vance> No worries

<Sophie> plu you are the keynote talk

<Sophie> so please try and make everything understandable!!

<Vance> It WILL be. It will be edutaining and multimedia

<Sophie> they are really wondering what the firewall is!

<Sophie> I had to explalin it to the other members of the committee!!

<Vance> Good. It's good to have some mystique and explain it away.

<Vance> And we havent' even touched on the ERP phenomenon

<Vance> But there's a graphic at the website, to pique your curiosity

<Sophie> ERP????? ( puzzled)

<Sophie> I have to visit again

<Sophie> edutaining they will like

<Sophie> so let;s get back to your ideas

<Vance> Yeah I put some stuff up over the weekend. It should be fun. I do not read speeches. I'm extemporaneous

<Sophie> Excite voice chat - fine..

<Vance> OK, so for those listening, they can also have a way to enjoy the graphics

<Sophie> Yeah, I hate people who read speeches

<Juani> me,too

<Vance> For this we would use tapped in or perhaps another html based interface

<Maggi> don't scare Sophie

<Vance> Boy, me too, believe me ...

<Sophie> so you want to have excite voice chat and tapped in

<Sophie> that's not too diffiuclt

Juani has left the chat room.

[ ... and Sophie and Maggi and Vance continue to make plans for the Conference. Webheads ARE invited!!]

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