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Meet Mody

Hi everybody,

My name is Mody, I am 15 years old. I am from Saudi Arabia. I am a student at the intermediate level. I like swimming, playing football and reading.

I am so happy to join you in this class.This is my first chance to contact native speakers.

I improve myself by studying English even in vacations. I am on vacation now in Saudi Arabia and you say that we can communicate with each other and this chance is not available in Saudi Arabia. That is because there are no native speakers of English in Saudi Arabia. So I think this course will benefit me with writing and speaking.

Have a good time.



Dr. John replied, 13 Jul 2002

Hi there, Mody,

Welcome to the class. You have a very nice web page. I am a 53 year old native speaker of English living in Puerto Rico (a Spanish speaking island in the Caribbean Sea). I have been teaching English at the University of Puerto Rico's Aguadilla campus for the past 24 years. I have just finished my Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in English. My hobbies are to read, write, play with my grandchildren, and play with my computer. I hope to see you in the online class sometimes.

Prof. John H. Steele, Ph.D.

Antonio replied, 14 Jul 2002


Well, I am not a native English speaker, I am also an English student from Mexico. I am 18 years old and soon I will go to university.

My hobbies are reading, listening to music and I love to classify the books in my bookcase; I am even considering buying a Spanish version of DDC 21 (DDC stands for Dewey Decimal Classification, which is the system used to classify books in most libraries around the world).

I can't usually attend Sunday online lessons due to the difference of time zone, but I try to keep in contact with other webheads either by e-mail or by MSN Messenger (in case you want to add me to your MSN Messenger list, my nickname is Z_B and my address is

Well, that's all for now. I hope to hear more from you.


R. Antonio Muñoz G.
México, DF

Michael replied to Antonio, 14 Jul 2002

Wow Antonio. You must have a lot of books! I recently bought a big bookcase so I could take all my books out of boxes and I remember wishing I had a copy of the Dewey system so I could work out how to display my books! And I guess I do have a lot of books - mostly from the days when I was a university student.

It was great seeing all those books again on display in a proper bookcase. It made us all want to pick up a book and read one! I can't remember if we can send attachments to the list (I don't think we can) so I'll just send a photo of my new bookcase to Antonio. (Very exciting photo!)

- Michael C.

Antonio replied to Michael, 14 Jul 2002

Thanks Michael for the picture!

You've got a really impressing bookcase; mine has not as many books but I love to take them out of the shelves, read them, and try to classify them following Dewey summaries I got from the internet. I guess it would be better to have more detailed listings but I'm still saving to buy the DDC 21 Spanish version.

Well, for now that's all.


This got Antonio talking about his favorite books, 14 Jul 2002

Hi everybody! Michael: Well, compared to your bookcase, mine is not as big and I don't have as many books as you do.

Next to the study room there's a large bookcase with reference books (a children's encyclopedia in English, and another encyclopedia in Spanish), and books from primary and secondary school that once were mine but now are more useful to my younger brothers. In the study room there's a bookcase which has a total of 93 books (these are the books I'm classifying), mainly social science, language and literature books. I'll try to take a picture of it and upload it to my website for everybody to see.

Speaking about books, and looking at the bookcase standing right next to me, my favourite ones are The crooked timber of humanity, by Isaiah Berlin, De los clásicos políticos, by Enrique Suárez I., On Liberty, by John Stuart Mill, and above all, The Code Book, by Simon Singh, a Cambridge PhD in Physics who talks about the evolution of Cryptograhpy.

Other books I've read and loved are Angela's Ashes, by Frank McCourt, and A Celtic Legend, by Juliene Osborne (the original title in English is I am of Irelaunde: A novel of Patrick and Osian.

What is your favourite genre and which books have you liked the most?

Well, for now this is all, have a great time =)



Dafne replied to Michael, 14 Jul 2002

Hi Michael,Antonio and All,

I guess atachments are not allowed, but you can post the picture to the photos section. I would love to see your bookcase. I also have tons of books which I classify by content, but I have never been able to use the Dewey system, I prefer to trust my visual memory.



Vance had something to say about Michael's attachment, 15 Jul 2002

Regarding Michael's photo of his bookshelf, attachments are disallowed so we don't give anyone problems by accident. But you can go to the webheads YahooGroups website here:

In the left hand column, click on Files or Photos and upload your pictures there.

If you don't have clickable links in the left hand column, write the list for further instructions.

Let us know when it's there and I'll put it on our web pages and let the group see.


Mody wrote back, 15 Jul 2002

Hi Antonio how are you? Thank you for welcoming me. It is very kind of you. It is my pleasure to know about you and I am very happy to be your friend. You told me your hobbies so I would like to know more about you.

So you said that you like reading. What kind of books do you like to read?

And you said you like to listen to music. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I like to read science books. And I like to listen to Yanni. Do you know him?

Thank you very much again for welcoming me.

PS. Antonio, I do not have yahoo messenger. Would you mind giving me your hotmail email so that I add you at the MSN messenger?

Hi Prof. John how are you? It is my pleasure to know about you. And it is my honor to talk to you Prof. Thank you for welcoming me.

You said your hobbies. So I would like to know more about you.

So you said that you like reading What kind of books do you like to read?

And you said you like to play with your computer. What kind of games do you like to play? As for me, I like to play FIFA 99.

And you said you like writing. What kind of writing do you mean? In other words, do you write poems or do you write to journals and university?

Thank you very much again for welcoming me.



Antonio replied, 15 Jul 2002

Hi! Well, here are some answers to your questions:

Books I like to read: I like essays, two of my favourite books are On liberty, by John Stuart Mill, and The crooked timber of humanity, by Isaiah Berlin. I also like historical novels (I am from Irelaunde: The legend of Patrick and Osian, by Juliene Osborne, and Noticias del Imperio - News from the empire -, by Fernando del Paso).

Music I like to listen to: I'm pretty eclectic, I guess I don't like heavy music, and pop in Spanish is not really good, besides that, I like all kinds of music. Of course I know Yanni, I've heard him and I like the way he plays the piano.

I do not have Yahoo! Messenger either, but you can add me to your Hotmail MSN Messenger by using my Yahoo! address. I've already added you to my list.

Bye for now.


Susanne wrote, 15 July 2002

Welcome to Mody, our latest Webhead (and maybe also the yongest so far?)

We are happy that you wish to join our friendly and fun little Webheads community of people from all over the world - although we may be very different as individuals, I think we do share a common interest to explore how the internet can help us become better at communicating for a global understanding!

I'm studying education theory with a special interest in using internet in education, so that is a main reason for me to practise my English, as most material and activity on the net would happen to be in English. As a grandmother of three, I was born 52 years ago and still live in Denmark, north of Germany, south of Norway, east of England and West of Sweden. Our language, called Danish, is spoken by about five million people only. We are exposed to a lot of English spoken, mostly North American culture, especially on tv, music and movies. As a natural follow, most of us speak at least a little English, if not we would live a very isolated life. Children in Denmark start to learn English at age eleven in grade five, but some experiments show that it might be a good idea to begin already from the beginning of school age to play with a second language. How is your own school system dealing with foreign language?

May I ask, where did you find your way to the Webheads? We have a lot of documentation about our activities stored on the internet, I'm just curious to know about how you discovered our community!

Yours, Susanne

Mody's writings

On July 19, 2002, Mody started us on the topic of Neanderthals and the roots of community

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