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Webheads chat logs from August 19, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Susanne
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Denmark

and BJB (who hqngs out in Reception at TappedIn), and Phil (who came for Phase 2)

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We started out this evening with a tutor's meeting. It so happened that only the 5 'official' Webheads tutors were present, so we talked about the upconing ELToc conference and Webheads' part in it (I have been trying to arrange for all 5 tutors to co-present so that they can get credit for their long-term commitment to Webheads and also get to attend the conference for free; other Webheads will be able to attend our presentation for free, and also an hour each side of it, which includes a keynote address from Dave Sperling, who runs Dave's ESL Cafe. Meanwhile, talk centered around Ying Lan's experiences in the recent typhoon in Taiwan, and Michael's own presentation on e-moderation for the ELT0c conference. When SusanneN arrived, we granted her wish for a tool she could use to draw us a picture, and she used our GroupBoard chat toolto draw us a picture of a stunt she had seen recently in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. After the tutors had left, we hung around hoping Rif would appear so we could wish him a happy birthday, but when he didn't show up, we sang Happy Birthday to Rif anyway (Susanne thought it logical that he should NOT be spending his time online on his BIRTHDAY). Susanne and I were discussing Active Worlds and its availability on Macs when Phil appeared, and we wound up the discussion talking about why we were interested in online communities such as Webheads, on concept mapping tools such as Inspiration and IHMC Cmap Tools.

Vance finds Ying Lan on ICQ and then we move to Yahoo

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ying: (3:52 PM) hi

Vance: (3:53 PM) Hi Ying Lan. I saw you and John. Are you guys at Tapped In?

ying: (3:54 PM) I can not reach tapped in today.

I also don't understand that my password has not accepted by the server of Yahoo message.

Vance: (3:55 PM) I saw you come on Yahoo I think ...

ying: (3:56 PM) really

vance_stevens: are you there?

yinglanliu: yes

vance_stevens: yep, really then

yinglanliu: It works

vance_stevens: yep. What's wrong with tapped in?

yinglanliu: I don't know.. Did you get in?

vance_stevens: I'm trying it now .. yeah

vance_stevens: it seems slower than usual

yinglanliu: I just found.. I did the typing mistake.

vance_stevens: ok, well, I'm there now, and John is here somewhere, but not in my office ...

vance_stevens: a typing mistake, btw

vance_stevens: You made a typing mistake (we make mistakes)

yinglanliu: I made a typing mistake.

yinglanliu: where are you now?


vance_stevens: I'm in my office. Are you at reception?

yinglanliu: yes.. I forget how to get in your office.

vance_stevens: I'll come there. Hang on. <Follow Ying Lan to Tapping in -->

yinglanliu: I want to go.

yinglanliu: Do you open your yahoo.message?

vance_stevens: ok, thanks for coming

yinglanliu: see you next week.

vance_stevens: ok, I look forward to seeing you

Yahoo! Messenger: yinglanliu has logged out. (8/19/01 at 5:11 PM)

Michael appears in ICQ

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Vance: (4:13 PM) Hey Michael, coming to tapped in?

michaelc: (4:14 PM) Yep - I'll be there a bit later

Vance: (4:15 PM) I wonder if you could pop by while John is there. He has to leave in 45 min.

Vance: (4:16 PM) Did you by any chance put in a proposal for ELToc?

michaelc: (4:16 PM) OK - how about I come by in about 15?

michaelc: (4:17 PM) Yes I did put in a proposal.....not webheads exactly but incorporating some of what we do.

Vance: (4:19 PM) ok, I put in a proposal too. We're discussing it now.

michaelc: (4:19 PM) OK - maybe I'd better come over now! <Follow Michael to Tapping in -->

Tapped In chat logs

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Find where someone first joined the chat: Vance | Ying Lan | Michael | John | Maggi | Susanne | BJB | Phil

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 19 05:03:45 2001 PDT.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Aug 19 05:06:43 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 19 05:06:43 2001 PDT.

yinglan [guest] says, "join VanceS"

VanceS says, "hi"

yinglan [guest] says, "hi"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_76 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "maybe John is in his office"

JohnSte has arrived.

White Book of Tarkin Ru follows JohnSte to here.

VanceS says, "he is ... ah, there you are. Hi."

JohnSte [Webhead] wave Vance

JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance."

VanceS [through_tasking] waves back

VanceS looks Webhead.

VanceS [Webhead] tries again

JohnSte asks, "What are you tasking for?"

ying has connected.

VanceS says, "Last time I was here I set it that way. I think it's in the logs (an explanation)"

VanceS says, "I forget why"

JohnSte says, "OK."

ying [guest] says, "I am back."

JohnSte says, "I'll check my logs and see what I find out about it."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Ying Lan."

ying [guest] says, "Hi John... I just look at your email."

VanceS asks, "It's on the Internet. Shall I project the url?"

ying [guest] says, "looked"

VanceS asks, "did you send email?"

JohnSte says, "Ying Lan, every message sent out through both of my ISP's for three days earlier this month went out with that same date."

ying [guest] says, "I don't understand."

JohnSte says, "Vance, Back in early August I sent an e-mail to Ying about how she had survived the Typhoon. My ISP put the date of Sept 1, 2001, on it"

VanceS says, "so it's always at the top of a date-sorted stack :-)"

VanceS [Webhead] nods understandingly

JohnSte says, "Now I have all these messages that say I sent them September 1, which hasn't even gotten here yet."

JohnSte says, "Very confusing when I'm looking for the latest message I sent. - Oh, and I do sort by date."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan, I put your typhoon story on your page. I haven't announced it to the list yet."

VanceS [Webhead] is so busy these days

ying [guest] says, "It is ok"

VanceS asks, "would you like for me to project it?"

VanceS [Webhead] feels like projecting something

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.

MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

ying [guest] says, "expecting"

JohnSte says, "OK with me."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Maggi"

VanceS says, "Hi Maggi"

ying [guest] says, "maggi is coming."

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has lost her link.

VanceS says, "I just offered to project YL's web page .. oops, she popped out"

VanceS says, "ok, here goes ..."

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

MargaretD has connected.

VanceS says, "Hi Maggi"

MargaretD says, "Hi"

VanceS says, "I was just showing YL and John Ying Lan's web page at htm.

VanceS [Webhead] ..s where I've added her story about the typhoon and coming home to find her parents napping.

JohnSte says, "Interesting account. Having been through a hurricane, I know how frightening a Typhoon can be."

VanceS says, "which I thought she wrote up quite well"

JohnSte says, "It is very well written."

MargaretD says, "yes it is"

JohnSte says, "Before we get too busy: 1) I have to leave about 9:00 to help my daughter move into her apartment."

MargaretD says, "Hi Ying"

VanceS says, "what time it it now? I actually have things to discuss today."

JohnSte says, "2) I don't know if I'll be online next week since I leave for the States this Tuesday."

JohnSte says, "It is 8:12, for me."

VanceS says, "ok, I've ICQ'd Michael. He's online."

VanceS says, "he's busy. Anyway, I wonder if any of you put in a proposal for the ELToc Conference"

JohnSte says, "I haven't put any in."

MargaretD says, "not me"

VanceS says, "Just wondering. The deadline was 2 days ago, and I put one in for Webheads, of course"

JohnSte says, "I'm not even sure I'll be able to attend."

VanceS says, "It's Nov 10 and 11. The 11th is a Sunday."

JohnSte says, "I have it in my calendar."

VanceS says, "I think I may have negotiated a 13:00 GMT slot for us, regular class time in other words"

ying [guest] says, "I just read the story again."

VanceS asks, "Dave Sperling is speaking online at noon GMT. Do you know who Dave Sperling is, Ying Lan?"

ying [guest] says, "I fofget... it sounds .."

ying [guest] says, "Not David Winnet."

JohnSte says, "He's the owner of the Online ESL Cafe."

ying [guest] says, "Oh...."

VanceS asks, "Dave's ESL Cafe, do you know that one YL?"

ying [guest] says, "It is the most famouse ESL'cafe in the world."

VanceS says, "That's right. So there's a conference online and he's speaking using the Windows Media audio streamer we used in Cyprus at noon GMT"

VanceS says, "This time in other words"

ying [guest] says, "It has been mentioned some magazine about learning English on line here."

VanceS says, "Nov 11"

VanceS says, "I put in a proposal for Webheads and requested the hour immediately after Dave's"

ying [guest] says, "He will be on NOV.11"

Michael_C has connected.

JohnSte says, "So we can go to both. Good."

VanceS says, "That's right. Hi Michael."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."

ying [guest] says, "hi, michael."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Hello there..."

MargaretD says, "Hi mc"

ying [guest] says, "hi maggi."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "How are we all?"

VanceS says, "I would imagine we'll all be listening to Dave at that time"

ying [guest] asks, "I have not seen you for a while... right?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "That's right Ying - not much anyway."

VanceS says, "We're talking about the ELToc Conf. Michael just told me he put in a proposal too."

ying [guest] asks, "Really?"

JohnSte asks, "What's it about, Michael?"

VanceS says, "Proposals have not been officially accepted yet, but if ours is, I've requested it be 13:00 GMT on Sunday Nov 11"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes - my presentation is about emoderation - subtitled "managing a new language""

JohnSte asks, "Have you asked for a time slot yet?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "It's not specifically about language learning but I will adapt it to make it suitable"

VanceS says, "The reason I was asking if you'd submitted a proposal is ..."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes I did ask for a time John - but when you will ask??? I don't know"

VanceS says, "Because if it's accepted you get to attend the conference free"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Oh good!"

ying [guest] exclaims, "emoderate!"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Free is always good"

VanceS says, "I got Eric Baber to agree to let Webheads come free for our session and the one before (Dave's talk) and the one after"

JohnSte exclaims, "Best price in town!"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "yes YL - emoderate!"

VanceS says, "If he accepts our proposal that is"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Are you (Vance) and John doing a webheads one?"

JohnSte says, "Vance is."

Michael_C [guest] says, "OK"

VanceS says, "This is another thing I wanted to discuss. The presenter does an audio stream"

VanceS says, "There can only be one person in the audio stream"

ying [guest] says, "I don't udnerstand the word "emoderate"."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "So we can all join in - and you would do the audio Vance?"

VanceS says, "I asked Eric if you could co-present in the text chat part"

ying [guest] says, "You have to pay somemoney before you join the conference.."

VanceS says, "All of you present, I mean"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "emoderate is a new word YL - for facilitating online communication - what we do here every week!"

VanceS says, "If you want to come to more than just the webheads part you would have to register"

VanceS says, "Some people are tighter emoderators than others"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Well I'd be happy to join in the text chat bit"

VanceS says, "Yeah, ok, that's what I wanted to ask you ..."

VanceS says, "If he agrees to let you co-present, then you'd get free conference attendance"

VanceS says, "But obviously I have to ask you if you are willing to copresent"

ying [guest] asks, "me?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "OK - but hopefully my other presentation will be accepted anyway."

VanceS says, "Of course, Ying Lan, you're one of the facilitators listed in our website"

JohnSte says, "Who, exactly, are you asking."

VanceS says, "Yeah, it shouldn't affect your other presentation"

Michael_C [guest] says, "It will be a re-run of a presentation i am doing in Brisbane in October."

VanceS says, "All of you present. I asked Eric if John Steele, Michael Coghlan, Margaret Doty, and Ying Lan Liu could co-present from the text chat area while I audio streamed"

JohnSte says, "OK. Fine with me."

BJB has arrived.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves good day

JohnSte [Webhead] waves BJ

VanceS [Webhead] waves to BJB

VanceS says, "Hi BJ(B)"

ying [guest] says, "SAY HI TO BJB"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Shall I post the abstract of what I intend to do?"

VanceS says, "yeah, you mean project? Sure"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Post, project - whatever! put it her in the box so you all can read it!"

JohnSte says, "Sounds like a good idea, Michael."

VanceS says, "oh, that's not project. OK, sure, either way."

Michael_C [guest] says, "As the focus of what constitutes good online pedagogy has moved away from content delivery to the creation of community through interactions online, online facilitation (or e-moderation) that process of managing the communication of others online has taken centre stage. Online communication can take many forms. It can be synchronous or asynchronous; forum, chat or email based. It can form the hub of online courses, or the online component of a face to face class; it can be a workgroups means of communication across campuses, a professional development email list, or the vehicle for communication with hitherto remote and unreachable experts. E-moderation or online facilitation skills are a pre-requisite in all these scenarios, and they cannot be assumed. These skills need to be learned in what is effectively a new genre of communication. This presentation will draw on raw data from several online arenas to highlight what constitutes successful online facilitation, and examine existing theoretical models that attempt to make explicit good emoderation strategies."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "So there you go!"

BJB . o O ( if you're on tapestry, make sure you click on DETACH to make the text window larger )

ying [guest] says, "keep silence"

JohnSte says, "Sounds like something to attend."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Thanks John - encouraging words!"

VanceS says, "BJ, if anyone else turns up that you need to help, we'll run up to my office"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Vance

VanceS says, "And YL was asking how to do this. If I leave, type /join vances"

MargaretD says, "or Jon's or mine"

MargaretD says, "John"

Michael_C [guest] says, "So we're actually loitering in the lobby at the moment....."

JohnSte says, "Just like at a convention."

VanceS says, "Yeah, it's a good place to meet if it's just us"

JohnSte says, "People stand around in registration just talking."

VanceS says, "but if someone comes along who wants help from BJB we should split (depart)"

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

JohnSte says, "Hello, SusanneN."

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Susanne good morning

ying [guest] says, "heloo"

SusanneN says, "Hey webheads -"

VanceS says, "Let's see if Susanne looks Webhead today"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Huh?"

SusanneN says, "I suddenly came to think you might be here today."

SusanneN looks webhead.

VanceS [Webhead] jumps up and down waving to Susanne

VanceS says, "Yep, she looks webhead to me"

SusanneN [webhead] skips in her rope

ying [guest] asks, "rope?"

VanceS asks, "Have you ever skipped rope, YL?"

SusanneN asks, "Well a rope to skip in, a skipping rope?"

SusanneN [webhead] grins

VanceS says, "You hold a rope in both hands and try to jump over it"

MargaretD says, "or jumprope"

JohnSte says, "Where I grew up we called it a jump rope."

VanceS says, "While you swing it over your head and under your feet"

SusanneN says, "I just wanted to figure out an action performing my mood (webhead)"

ying [guest] says, "when I was yound."

JohnSte says, "Takes a lot of coordination."

ying [guest] says, "young"

Michael_C [guest] says, "It was a skipping rope in Australia."

VanceS says, "over and over, seeing how many times you can jump over it without tripping on the rope"

SusanneN says, "I saw a amn yesterday doing it on a rotating wheel 25 meter up in the air yesterday"

MargaretD asks, "was?"

VanceS [Webhead] starts skipping rope

JohnSte says, "I could usually make one jump."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Is Maggie - is!"

VanceS [Webhead] falls down

VanceS [Webhead] gets up and tries again

VanceS exclaims, "ah, there, I've got it going now!"

VanceS [Webhead] skips faster

JohnSte [Webhead] step on rope

VanceS says, "OUCH"

SusanneN exclaims, "This is the cyber aerobics inc!"

VanceS asks, "Who did that?"

SusanneN exclaims, "One-two-one-two!"

JohnSte says, "I can't even get past one this morning."

SusanneN says, "An acrobat was performing on a tower up in the air..."

VanceS asks, "yeah? and ?"

SusanneN says, "there was some kkind of rotating wheel, and hewas running around like a guineapig, and skipping in his rope"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Sounds like a mouse!"

VanceS says, "skip means to jump in a short hop, btw"

SusanneN says, "It was in the dark evening, with licgt projected, very dramatic, in Tivoli garden"

SusanneN says, "But istbWAS a man (dressed in a skin color so he looked all naked at a distance!)"

SusanneN says, "I think he was one of those fearless Russian acrobats trained since early childhood."

MargaretD asks, "no rain Sue?"

VanceS asks, "Do you mean he was on a tight rope?"


SusanneN says, "(sorry for shouting"

SusanneN [webhead] is thinking how to explain this kind of daredevil performance.

VanceS asks, "We have an interface for yuo Susanne. Shall I project it?"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Ying - how are preparations for the US going?"

VanceS says, "It's a chat room where you can draw for all of us in the chat"

ying [guest] says, "I am still thinking about this.."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Whether or not to go?"

ying [guest] asks, "everyone asks me how is going on?"

SusanneN says, "Please do, Vance"

VanceS says, "shall I project groupboard, Michael and Maggi? (the others already have a project browser open)"

ying [guest] says, "The woking vis has been worked by them.."

ying [guest] says, "working visa"

VanceS [Webhead] listens to Ying Lan

Michael_C [guest] says, "Fine by me Vance."

VanceS [Webhead] waits to hear from Michael and Maggi so he can project for Susanne

VanceS asks, "ok Maggi?"

ying [guest] says, "I have not received the approval letter from US goverment."

MargaretD says, "why not"

SusanneN says, "Sorry for interrupting Ying"

BJB [to VanceS]: "you can project to just one person"

ying [guest] says, "it is o.k."

BJB [to VanceS]: "type /show url to name"

VanceS says, "But if she's going to draw us a picture, we should all be in the chat"

VanceS says, "Would you like to join us BJB (at groupboard?)"

BJB exclaims, "sure!"

VanceS says, "You're an artist. You'll like this one."

VanceS [Webhead] prepares wand ...

SusanneN says, "OK - let us take one thing at a time, then"

SusanneN exclaims, "tada!"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "You might have to grant it some java clearances"

BJB says, "I got a message that too many users are logged in"

VanceS says, "hmmmm"

MargaretD says, "I got an error msg"

MargaretD says, "sameas bjb"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I'm there OK"

VanceS says, "I guess Suzanne can draw her picture and I can post it on our logs for today"

VanceS asks, "Are you in the groupboard, Suzanne?"

SusanneN asks, "OK - I git it! let me draw, and tell you when I am ready, ok?"

VanceS says, "ok"

VanceS says, "two parallel lines so far"

VanceS says, "starting over"

VanceS says, "ah, a circle"

VanceS says, "BJB, I was just looking at the calendar .."

BJB [HelpDesk] listens to Vance

Michael_C [guest] says, "Looks like a telescope......."

VanceS says, "Just wondering if we were going to be listed"

BJB says, "yes, on the September calendar"

BJB says, "the calendar is posted two or three days before the end of the month"

VanceS asks, "ok, are you watching Suzanne draw?"

BJB . o O ( unless I'm running late and having trouble confirming sessions )

BJB [HelpDesk] I see her drawing

VanceS asks, "yeah, and what is the acrobat doing exactly, walking on the globe?"

BJB . o O ( jumping rope on the wheel! )

VanceS says, "LOL"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Great drawing Susanne!"

VanceS says, "Very good Suzanne. Let me know when you're done and I can make a file and send it to Maggi and MC"

VanceS says, "or,just post it in our logs"

VanceS says, "I have a better idea. You can save your drawing on the Groupboard."

JohnSte says, "I'm sorry, but I have to leave and help my daughter move to her new apartment."

VanceS says, "Then some of us can exit the chat and MC and Maggi can visit"

JohnSte says, "I hope I can connect next week. If not, the week after."

VanceS says, "ok, John, thanks for dropping by"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I'm already there Vance."

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to John

ying [guest] says, "bye-bye"

VanceS [Webhead] waves to John

Michael_C [guest] says, "Have a good week John."

JohnSte says, "Bye, all."

MargaretD says, "bye"

JohnSte says, "Thanks, Michael."

MargaretD says, "bye"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [Webhead] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "It worked. I just loaded it back in."

SusanneN says, "Aha - did any of yius see it? I saved it, and it vanished into cyberspace"

VanceS says, "No, you saved it and I got it back. It's there now."

SusanneN exclaims, "It was a good little tool!"

BJB says, "very cool, Vance. Great demo, Susanne."

VanceS says, "I shall now convert it to a file and put it on the Internet with our logs (with Suzanne's kind permission)"

VanceS says, "Susanne's -ed"

SusanneN asks, "Does that give you a better idea?"

VanceS says, "Yes, perfect, such an artist"

SusanneN says, "My permission granted, this was an excellent idea to try"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Sure - now I know exactly what you were talking about!"

SusanneN asks, "Did you aver see anything like that?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Nope"

SusanneN says, "I would be so scared to do this, even safe and on the ground."

SusanneN says, "I will put this little drawing tool in my Backflip list"

SusanneN says, "I still needed a lot of words to explain the action and the situation."

SusanneN asks, "Would anyone else like to give me a demo of how it looks from aboad?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I have to go people. Thanks for the drawing Susanne."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Till next time......"

VanceS says, "OK, MC thanks for dropping by, and good luck getting your proposal accepted"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Michael

MargaretD says, "bye mc"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Thanks Vance."

ying [guest] says, "bye"

ying [guest] says, "Say bye to you."

VanceS [Webhead] waves

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_128 [guest] has disconnected.

ying [guest] says, "See you next week."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_20 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "what is the SRI_000 [guest]. I see that often when someone leaves"

MargaretD asks, "did you have a good weekend Ying?"

BJB says, "all guests have an SRI number, Vance"

BJB says, "when they disconnect you see that their number is disconnecting"

VanceS says, "oh, I get it. Of course, the bot doesn't know their name"

VanceS [Webhead] slaps forhead with open palm

BJB [HelpDesk] nods

BJB . o O ( id's on guests are nondescript )

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "do not hurt yourself."

VanceS asks, "YL, you were telling us you have some doubts about New York?"

BJB . o O ( ying disconnected )

VanceS [Webhead] mutters something that sounds like 'duh'

VanceS says, "There's room at the groupboard chat in case someone else wants to visit"

SusanneN says, "I think the drawing tool works well."

SusanneN says, "I'd like to, Vance, the groupboard looks quite interesting"

VanceS says, "We've played with a lot of chat clients in our time. For some reason, we don't come to this one often."

SusanneN asks, "If I were to make my own Webhead homepage, would I then have an easy link to that - as a supplement to Tapped In; why not have more than one facility?"

VanceS says, "We've also experimented with Active Worlds. BJB was talking to someone about it last week."

SusanneN says, "I cannot get to Active worlds, as I am on (an older) mac."

BJB [HelpDesk] nods.

VanceS says, "It's linked from the top of our Webheads site. Actually, what you do is get the code from the company and imbed it in your own web page"

SusanneN says, "I know that PhilH is making some experiment with Active worlds"

VanceS asks, "PhilB? or H?"

SusanneN says, "Oh - that would be great."

VanceS says, "There's an interesting Japanese ESL world there."

BJB says, "I right clicked on the groupboard and was linked to all the topics that are available."

SusanneN says, "Phil Harrison from UVIC (University of Victoria, BC)"

VanceS asks, "I think I have the url. Shall I project it?"

SusanneN says, "OK"

MargaretD says, "need to go clean...later"

SusanneN says, "Bye, maggie"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Maggie

SusanneN exclaims, "Housekeeping must not be neglected!"

VanceS says, "By Maggi, thanks for coming"

BJB . o O ( I better get going, too...laundry to do )

SusanneN [webhead] grins in her dirty office

BJB looks away.

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has disconnected.

VanceS says, "Well, the url is"

SusanneN [webhead] hugs BJ , see you

SusanneN says, "OK."

VanceS says, "and I got that from my web site on chat clients:"

SusanneN says, "But is it in active worlds; I think I cannot get any software for that yet."

VanceS says, "You download a browser from the active worlds site. I don't know if they have it for macs."

VanceS asks, "Shall we visit the site and see? Do you want me to project it?"

VanceS says, "It's"

SusanneN says, "They do not, as far as I know"

SusanneN says, "I can go and check it out once more"

VanceS says, "I'm looking on the site"

VanceS says, "Mac Users:"

VanceS says, "OS 8.0 or better running PC emulation software."

VanceS says, "G3 or iMac recommended."

VanceS asks, "Do you want me to project the page I'm on?"

SusanneN says, "I meed the PC emulator, and a faster mac."

VanceS says, "Yeah, it's a graphics memory hog"

VanceS says, "But fun"

PhilB has arrived.

R2 follows PhilB to here.

SusanneN asks, "If I can see it without the AW browser?"

PhilB says, "Bonjour, y'all."

SusanneN says, "Bonjour, m'sieur"

PhilB says, "Hey, Vance. Sorry I missed the Webheads."

PhilB [WebTeach] was out walking his family.

SusanneN says, "A few webheads are still here :-9"

VanceS says, "Hi Phil, yo missed phase 1"

PhilB asks, "??"

VanceS says, "But phase 2 is just beginning"

SusanneN says, "Families must be walked on Sundays"

PhilB says, "Yes, it was either that, or deal with a thermonuclear meltdown. <g>*"

SusanneN says, "I came late in phase one."

VanceS says, "As people wake up in north and south America we sometimes get more at this time"

PhilB asks, "What's new in Webland?"

VanceS asks, "Do you guys know we log our chats?"

SusanneN says, "do like this Sunday afternoon hour - when I am home and alone"

SusanneN says, ">Yes"

VanceS says, "We post them on the Internet (I hope that's ok with you)"

SusanneN says, "You once mailed me a wonderful log from my first visit."

VanceS says, "But you might want to see the ones that are up"

SusanneN exclaims, "Please do!"

VanceS asks, "I can project our logs site or just put the url here. Any preference?"

PhilB says, "Say, Vance, give me the URL again of your main Webhaed area."

SusanneN says, "I like a projection"

PhilB [WebTeach] puts his goggles on.

SusanneN says, "So we can all share"

SusanneN [webhead] tightens her bath cap

PhilB . o O ( Engines to power... turbines to speed... )

SusanneN [webhead] pinches her nose and dives deep into the Webhead Ocean

VanceS [Webhead] waves wand in grandiose gestures

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

SusanneN [webhead] bubbles

VanceS [Webhead] chases bubbles and wonders where Susanne went

PhilB says, "Oops, got to take care of family. Will try to get back ina few minutes."

VanceS exclaims, "Few those are some goggles, Phil!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "woops"

VanceS says, "it was the goggles I think"

SusanneN [webhead] wonmders if Phil has got very young kids?

VanceS says, "So at that url you just click on 2001 or Most Recent Chat and search for Susanne on that page"

VanceS says, "When you find your name, click on a link to read the chat"

SusanneN says, "I like that short presentation of the tapped In carnival"

SusanneN says, "I agree that this kind of pioneer work is actually very important."

SusanneN says, "I have a small detail to add that is fun..."

VanceS [Webhead] listens intently

SusanneN says, "last week when I wanted fo find out if someone ewas ready for webhead session, I went somewhere on your chatboard, and met rif from Turkey and invited him to join us in Tapped IN :-)"

VanceS [Webhead] makes a Norwegian 'gasp'

VanceS says, "Yeah, Rif spaced out on the time, poor Rif"

SusanneN [webhead] nods energetically I never met rif before.

VanceS says, "And ICQ tells me today is Rif's BIRTHDAY"

VanceS exclaims, "So Happy Birthday Rif, wherever you are !!!"

SusanneN sings, ~\ Happy Birthday to Rif /~

VanceS says, "He's often online at this time, but not today."

SusanneN asks, "Did you know it is possible to sing here?"

SusanneN says, "He'd better NOT be online on his biurthday"

VanceS says, "I have to send him a birthday greeting on our webheads list"

VanceS asks, "how do you sing?"

SusanneN says, "I just use the command /SING something"

SusanneN sings, ~\ something /~

SusanneN [webhead] grins

VanceS sings, ~\ Happy Birthday to Rif /~

VanceS sings, ~\ Happy Birthday to Rif /~

VanceS sings, ~\ Happy BIRTHday to Riiiiiif /~

SusanneN says, "Sometimes someone might sing something from a record he is listening to"

SusanneN sings, ~\ Hooray! /~

VanceS sings, ~\ Happy Birthday to YOU /~

SusanneN says, "it does look like a song."

VanceS says, "There, I noticed you weren't singing though"

SusanneN says, "I know some teachers have tried to use it for studets karaoke"

VanceS says, "That's aninteresting idea"

SusanneN says, "We should be singing unisone, I agree"

SusanneN says, "I liked the carnival, as a scenario"

SusanneN says, "You signalize that this is not toooo seroius - it is acceptable to act out and have some fun..."

VanceS says, "Yeah, it was fun. I went to the souk and priced a gold necklace for Amy Murphy and she's going to send me a picture of it"

VanceS asks, "The one her father gave her ... were you there when she was asking me about it?"

SusanneN says, "NO, that sorty does not make any bells ring"

SusanneN says, "But that sounds like fun"

VanceS says, "She found out I was in Abu Dhabi where her father had bought her a necklace which she lost."

SusanneN says, "I will have to run over the script."

VanceS says, "So I said I would go price a replacement for her, and I did"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, sweet memories - I see!"

SusanneN says, "How interesting"

VanceS says, "and I sent her the info and if she wants it she'll send me a pic of it and deposit $100 in my bank acct and I'll buy the necklace for her and send it to her"

SusanneN says, "The localization of people all over the world seem to be quite an important cultural detail."

VanceS says, "This is people who have never met, you understand ..."

VanceS says, "happens all the time on the Internet"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, wht a beautiful follow of this carnival . like a reward!"

VanceS says, "You should join our mailing list, if you like"

SusanneN exclaims, "I'd love to!"

VanceS says, "It's how we keep in touch with each other during the week"

VanceS says, "you just send blank email to"

SusanneN says, "Good idea."

VanceS says, "Once someone has 'registered' with us like that I start a web page for them"

SusanneN asks, "can I also prepare a webhead homepage some day?"

VanceS says, "So if you want you can join the group and send a letter of introduction"

VanceS says, "Yeah, and we can link to your page or if you want to send a pic we can put that up with the others"

SusanneN asks, "Hi, back Phil?"

PhilB has arrived.

R2 follows PhilB to here.

PhilB . o O ( back )

VanceS says, "hello Phil. I'm here for 15 more min"

SusanneN asks, "all ok with the kids?"

PhilB says, "Had to plunge the sink. Those goggles came in handy."

SusanneN [webhead] blurbs

VanceS says, "Good thing you were wearing them"

PhilB asks, "Getting late down in the Emirates, eh?"

PhilB says, "BTW, I changed my pic, but it looks like it needs better focus and more contrast."

VanceS says, "6 p.m. here and I'm ready to head out. But if any students show up in the next 15 min I'll probably stay and chat"

PhilB asks, "How many students participate in your chats, Vance?"

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "I will see to that homepage stuff - I just launched my first homepage but I am not yet satisfied, it is a sample only, still under development."

VanceS says, "cool pic"

PhilB says, "Yes, this time it's me, not some 30s gangster star. <g>"

VanceS says, "Well you can look at the chat logs going back 3 years. Usually one to 3 or 4 students in a class"

VanceS says, "And almost always Michael, Maggi, John, and Ying Lan"

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is a 'student' who has been with us so long we call ourselves all 5 tutors now"

PhilB asks, "Yes, so does that mean that there are a total of only 3-4 students associated with Webheads at any given time? Or just that there are 3-4 logged in on that day?"

VanceS asks, "Logged on that day. Do you want me to project the student page and you can see them all?"

SusanneN exclaims, "Yes please do!"

PhilB says, "Sure, just curious."

VanceS [Webhead] starts wand in motion ...

PhilB asks, "Vance, you also have several F2F classrooms, don't you?"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

PhilB says, "I recall you projected these pages on Carnaval day, but they were blocked by the network I was on."

PhilB . o O ( long loading, this one is. )

VanceS says, "I work at a language center. I'm CALL coordinator here. We have 40 classrooms and 8 CALL Labs and are working on a Learning Resource Center"

VanceS asks, "So you're getting it now?"

PhilB says, "Ah, so you're really the CALL backup for the 40 classroom teachers then."

VanceS says, "I'm CALL coordinator in my daytime job"

PhilB [WebTeach] nods

PhilB says, "I'll see my first students on 5 Sept this year."

VanceS says, "If you look to the far right column you can see the date the student last contacted us, and they're sorted by that date"

VanceS says, "Gives you some idea of how active the students are"

PhilB says, "I'll have some 5 classes of 20-25 students for 2 hours a week, about 2/3 of a regular teaching load."

VanceS says, "The top 9 were in touch this month some time, and so on"

PhilB asks, "Vance, have you used message boards with your students or with the CALL labs before?"

VanceS says, "I'm very fortunate that I don't have to teach. I coordinate full time."

SusanneN asks, "Are those classes for free?"

VanceS says, "That's one of the reasons I teach online."

VanceS says, "It's a military language center. The students are all in the UAE military"

PhilB says, "I'm not sure I'd want to give up teaching entirely. I can seee why you're motivated to continue teaching online."

VanceS says, "Exactly. Actually before taking this job I worked for 2 years in a CALL software company, so Ihaven't taught for 6 years f2f"

SusanneN says, "I see! Interesting; I was not aware of that."

VanceS says, "But I taught 20 years before that, f2f"

PhilB says, "I assume the ones on the WebHeads page are from all over, not just UAE. I see China, Brazil Jamaica, etc."

VanceS says, "None from UAE. This is quite separate from my job here."

PhilB says, "2 years is probably enough. <g>"

PhilB . o O ( 20 I meant )

VanceS says, "I've enjoyed it. As you can see, I still like to teach so much I do it for free online"

VanceS says, "If you can call this teaching"

PhilB asks, "So, let me ask again, have you tried using message boards at all? Or is the delayed response less motivating for the students?"

VanceS says, "It's more like creating an environment where learning can occur"

PhilB says, "IMO, facilitating learning *is* teaching, only better."

VanceS says, "In the UAE they have this idea that chat is a waste of time so they block it at the firewall here."

PhilB [WebTeach] nods

PhilB asks, "Web-based message boards would be possible though?"

VanceS says, "Yes, right, in fact, we use Wimba, the voice board"

SusanneN says, "I think we have a mission learning the world that informal online meetings are more useful than just the chat in itself"

PhilB says, "They are right that the way most students use chat, it *is* a waste of time."

PhilB says, "Ah, voice."

PhilB says, "I recall seeing that scroll by on Neteach-L"

VanceS says, "I think Wimba is quite compelling but I have to admit I don't go there myself often"

SusanneN says, "The way it is guided may change the direction of chat to be more "useful" and ppurposeful."

VanceS says, "I'll see if I can find a site with some french voices"

PhilB says, "This will be my 4th year using text-based message boards with students, and although it's had some ups & downs, I'm not ready to give up yet."

SusanneN asks, "For voice, you need a microphone ?"

VanceS says, "yes, that's correct Susanne. The students in webheads for example all come there because they want to learn, not to waste time"

VanceS says, "If they come back then they must be achieving their goals"

SusanneN says, "That is why I still find some time to meet here, I learn all the time something new , like todays' drawing tool"

VanceS says, "From the other side of the coin, if we teachers keep coming back then we must be achieving ours as well"

SusanneN [webhead] agree

VanceS says, "That's exactly right. We are in no way wasting time."

PhilB says, "Susanne, speaking of tools, I have installed both Inspiration and the other concept mapping tool, and they both work well. But Inspiration is much more user friendly."

SusanneN says, "One important thing about communicating at a distance is to know the ones you are communicating with."

SusanneN says, "it may be timetaking but also very giving."

VanceS says, "Yes, and here again it helps to have a website with pictures and stories and personal vignettes"

VanceS says, "People get familiar with each other, and meeting regularly online is like going to the pub"

SusanneN says, "Phil I think we shoud follow up on the Inspiratioon tool for some ASO sessions here in Tapped In."

PhilB says, "Pictures are a problem with my students because the French ed administration is paranoid about protecting minors."

PhilB [WebTeach] agrees on Inspiration.

SusanneN says, "Yes, sure, and I do not go to any pub where I live"

PhilB [WebTeach] used to enjoy pub crawls. "Now I have a family instead."

VanceS asks, "kind of expensive in Denmark ;-) What's Inspiration?"

SusanneN [webhead] hands out for a mug of cold Tuborg

PhilB says, "The two seem fairly incompatible."

PhilB says, "I'd break out my virtual rum, but this *is* the reception area. <g>"

VanceS says, "one of my sons is now 23, so we can have family pub crawls"

SusanneN says, "Inspiration is a mindmapping and outline tool"

PhilB says, "I understand that BJ had to edit the rum out of the Bday party transcript."

SusanneN says, "let's go to my place, then :-)"

PhilB [WebTeach] is easy.

SusanneN exclaims, "Yes, Phil you are terrible!"

VanceS asks, "would you like to project the inspiration url?"

SusanneN says, "I will..."

SusanneN [webhead] projects the URL:

PhilB [WebTeach] wants to see inside Susanne's office.

PhilB says, "I Dled from there last week."

PhilB says, "30 day trial package..."

VanceS asks, "a mind mapping tool?"

PhilB says, "It looks like a very user-friendly tool that students will be able to use during class."

SusanneN says, "Yes, you begin with a main idea..."

SusanneN says, "and draw lines to other ideas and subjects..."

VanceS asks, "oh, helps the writing / thinknig process?"

PhilB says, "Vance, yes it does concept maps, you know with all the little bubbles connected by laballed arrows."

VanceS says, "ok, yeah"

PhilB . o O ( Labelled )

SusanneN says, "then when you change to Ontline view, you can fill in the text under teh headlines /that were in the mindmap bubbles before)"

PhilB says, "The other *free* concept mapping tool is called "IHMC Cmap Tools""

SusanneN says, "I have used it often, in an older version..."

SusanneN says, "The recent 6.0 allows fo use and activate URLs and to put image charts on websites."

PhilB asks, "So, Vance, you do a lot of diving down in the gulf, do you?"

VanceS says, "yep"

VanceS asks, "do you dive?"

PhilB says, "Susanne, yes, the web export will be good for putting student work online."

PhilB says, "I did for a year when I lived in Martinique, but more snorkeling than real diving."

PhilB says, "It was great! I went swimming with the barracudas on several occasions. What a blast."

SusanneN says, "The cognitive philosophy behind the mindmapping ideas are well described in the IHMC research. Our thinking is more hyperstructured that the ordinary linear way."

PhilB asks, "Ah, Susanne, then you have been poking through the IHMC website, have you?"

SusanneN [webhead] listens to the divers' experiences

SusanneN says, "Yes, Phil, I have."

PhilB [WebTeach] loves these multithreaded conversations.

VanceS [Webhead] breathes noisily; exhales bubbles

PhilB says, "I love the concept maps on Mars that some folks at Nasa put together."

SusanneN says, "These idea about how to make collaborative mapping and concept tools available online is fascinating."

PhilB says, "It's a whole series of interlinked concept maps."

SusanneN says, "Yes, the Mars chart is a great examlpe."

PhilB says, "I've been wondering whether to try redesigning my site using this Cmap tool."

SusanneN says, "Inspiration can also have interlinked maps (called family and children)"

PhilB says, "Vance, I can project the Mars Cmap, if you haven't seen it."

SusanneN says, "I ewen think you may talk of siblings (at same level)"

VanceS says, "please do"

PhilB says, "The DL is even longer than Inspiration, though. Over 15 megs."

PhilB [WebTeach] projects the URL:

PhilB says, "The link to the Cmap tool is at the bottom of that page."

PhilB says, "I want to try using one of these tools in class, instead of writing on the board, using a laptop & videoprojector, and eventually having students pilot the laptop."

VanceS says, "yeah, I can see the advantage"

SusanneN [to Phil]: "is your Cmap clickable? I get active pointers , but no active liks to other maps."

PhilB asks, "Have either of you seen resources on using a student-piloted videoprojector in class?"

PhilB says, "Susanne, When I click on the little icons below many entries, there is another window that is clickable."

PhilB says, "You have to point & slide to get the click to a link."

PhilB says, "Or rather it's "click" & slide the "click" again"

PhilB . o O ( then )

SusanneN exclaims, "Yes, finnay I made it work for me!"

SusanneN exclaims, "That's great!"

SusanneN says, "*finally*, sorry"

PhilB says, "But building the concept maps with the Cmap tool takes a few more steps than with Inspiration. At least in my experience."

PhilB asks, "Did we loose Vance, or is he on Mars?"

SusanneN says, "I might spend hours exploring Mars like this"

PhilB says, "I'll probably buy Inspiration, or get my school to spring for it."

SusanneN says, "I guess he's just fascinated"

VanceS [Webhead] is busy with various other windows

VanceS [Webhead] is listening so be careful what you say about him

PhilB exclaims, "The Cmap web opens a lot of windows, fast!!"

SusanneN says, "You cannt keep your attention on the dialogue all the time when so many interesting distractions keep popping up all the time :-)"

PhilB says, "Yes, I'm going to completely redesign my Mars webquest to exploit this set of Cmaps."

VanceS says, "I'm just sharing folders on one computer and getting the files over the lan on my laptop so I can do the logs at home after leaving here"

SusanneN says, "Interesting combination, the Webquest and this kind of mapping."

SusanneN says, "I plan to download Cmap and try it out, too."

VanceS [Webhead] perks up ears

PhilB says, "Yes, students still need a tight, specific goal, or they just get lost."

PhilB says, "Except for the occasional self-motivated student."

VanceS says, "sounds like a powerful combination. This is an interesting conversation."

PhilB says, "Don't get many of those at my school."

VanceS asks, "no interesting conversations??"

PhilB says, "Hey, Vance, with the 3 of us online, how could it be anything but? <g>"

SusanneN says, "Phil, maybe some of those who are not so bookish might like the mindmap better"

PhilB says, "No, not many self-motivated students. But yeah, not many interesting conversations either. Most of my F2F colleagues are lifeless clockwatchers."

SusanneN says, "I have to logoff, a thunder coming closer (my system sensitive to zip ztrokes."

SusanneN exclaims, "Bye, see you!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [webhead] has disconnected.

PhilB says, "I hope the concept mapping and the projector will bring more brains online."

PhilB says, "I'd better get offline too."

VanceS says, "Interesting to learn how people are using the tools"

VanceS says, "ok, I'm about to head home. Just logged off the laptop."

PhilB says, "Let's keep in touch about these. I'll have to get back on Neteach & ask there."

PhilB says, "Ciao."

VanceS says, "ok, see you anon"

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 19 07:29:42 2001 PDT.

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