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Webheads chat logs from June 17, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Sue
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Japan

and Mark from Denmark

Today's chat, as usual, took place in not all the usual places. Sue started my day with Webheads when she found me hanging out on Yahoo at my office, and I prepared her for the class by walking her through logon to Tapped In. Sue asked if we were still doing voice chat, so we tried the Telcopoint site, and to my surprise found it working. I emailed Webheads the good news, and eight hours later, dashed back from a meeting at work to find Maggi, John and Sue in John's office at Tapped In. They waited till I told them via ICQ that I had reached my Tapped In office, still under construction despite the efforts of the week before, where they joined me shortly. Ying Lan soon arrived at Homestead, which we were all watching, and she too joined us at Tapped In. Michael appeared, enroute almost to his WebCT conference in Vancouver, and mentioned that he'd read from my email that my Telcopoint voice chat room had worked for Sue and I earlier, so we all tried it. Michael was unable to access it, but all the others were eventually able to enter, though John didn't have a microphone. Our final surprise of the day was to find Mark there. Mark was a teenager from Denmark who had somehow discovered our site through a search at a Danish chat portal. Mark didn't have a microphone either, but he turned out to be a nice fellow, and he left a record of his side of the chat in a Telcopoint text chat window, which I saved, adding what I could recall of the voice part of the chat.

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo and Tapped In| Homestead | Tapped In | Telcopoint

Sue in Yahoo and Tapped In

mysailing: hi, vance, how are you?

vance_stevens: Hi Sue, fine, and you?

mysailing: not that good

vance_stevens: oh, what's the matter?

mysailing: i took one english exam today, it was terrible .

vance_stevens: oh, is that all .. you had me worried there for a minute

mysailing: when will the class start today? are you still working now?

vance_stevens: Yes, I've been at work for an hour. It's 8 in the morning here.

vance_stevens: Class starts at noon GMT, which is 8 hours from now.

vance_stevens: We're using Tapped In these days. Have you tried it?

mysailing: no, i do not know what it is

vance_stevens: We can also meet you at homestead, but let me get you some info on tapped in ...

mysailing: ok, thanks. do i need to download something?


vance_stevens: You can find out how to get on at this url. There is nothing to download

vance_stevens: It's always a good idea to try it first. Would you like to try it now?

mysailing: yes, i am reading it now. it is just for typing ? not voice?

vance_stevens: we have no voice chat right now. Excite stopped May 1st

mysailing: what a pity

vance_stevens: Let's see if my telcopoint is working (trying it) ...

vance_stevens: It is working. Would you like to try it?

mysailing: yes, i enter it now as a guest

vance_stevens: are you entering tapped in?

mysailing: yes,

vance_stevens: ok, me too

vance_stevens: ok, I'm at my office

mysailing: give me a few minutes please, i need to read it fris

vance_stevens: ok, I can walk you through though

vance_stevens: first you visit

vance_stevens: (if you're reading, go ahead)

mysailing: i pressed a wrong button a moment ago

vance_stevens: You want to go on as a guest

mysailing: i am afraid i need to rest

mysailing: restart the computer

mysailing: it does not move now

Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has logged out. (6/17/01 at 8:23 AM)

mysailing: sorry, i am back

vance_stevens: ok, is it alright now?

mysailing: i am afraid, it does not work on my computer

vance_stevens: oh, what a shame. Well, we can still use homestead

vance_stevens: The only problem is Moral can't get there

mysailing: wondering why i can not get there

vance_stevens: What is happening exactly?

vance_stevens: You go to Then what happens?

mysailing: it is frozen, i can not open explore later

vance_stevens: what version of IE

mysailing: 5

vance_stevens: That's what I'm using

vance_stevens: So when you visit this url, the browser freezes?

mysailing: yes, can not open it now

vance_stevens: Is Java enabled?

mysailing: do not know, i never use java before

vance_stevens: Look in Tools / Internet options / advanced

Yahoo! Messenger: mysailing has logged back in. (6/17/01 at 8:37 AM)

mysailing: i am trying one more time to see whether it will freeze again

vance_stevens: Hi there, did you get this message ...

vance_stevens: Look in Tools / Internet options / advanced

vance_stevens: You're very persistent (like me)

mysailing: i wish i was

vance_stevens: Do you see the advanced tab under internet options?

mysailing: where is it?

vance_stevens: Top of the browser, Tools ...

vance_stevens: Look in Tools / Internet options / advanced

mysailing: i can find internet options

vance_stevens: ok, advanced tab there?

mysailing: but my version is in japanese, i am not sure the tab which i am looking now is same as what you said

vance_stevens: the one on the right

mysailing: ok, it is a list

mysailing: some kind of setting information

vance_stevens: OK, in mine, the main headings in the list are Accessibility, Browsing, HTTP and next one Java

vance_stevens: Can you find Java?

mysailing: yes

vance_stevens: Is the Java compiler enabled?

mysailing: it is selected

vance_stevens: ok, that's not the problem the. You can cancel to exit.

vance_stevens: problem then ...

vance_stevens: Not sure what it can be

mysailing: let me try

vance_stevens: good luck

mysailing: guest login is ok?

vance_stevens: yep

mysailing: maybe it is working now. need to type a name?

vance_stevens: Yeah, you give yourself a name according to the instructions you see

mysailing: but i do not know where is the input line it shows

vance_stevens: In the white box at the bottom of the screen, do you have that?

mysailing: ok, ok, it seems i entered now

vance_stevens: excellent, ok now type /join vances

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sat Jun 16 21:25:49 2001 PDT.

Sue [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Sue [guest] asks, "am i in your office? Vance?"

VanceS says, "Yes, you are"

VanceS says, "Hi."

VanceS says, "Ok, so this is where we meet at noon gmt"

Sue [guest] says, "well, it does work now, that is great"

VanceS says, "Yeah, it's easier when you try it before class"

VanceS asks, "Do you want to try the voice chat?"

Sue [guest] says, "yes"

VanceS says, "ok, hang on, finding the url ..."

VanceS says, "Sorry, someone needs something here at work ..."

VanceS says, "ok, done with him ..."

Sue [guest] says, "that is all right"

VanceS says, "ok, here's the url"

VanceS says, ""

VanceS says, "still there? at that url you click on"

VanceS says, ""

Sue [guest] says, "yes"

VanceS says, "But you have to click on the link from that page"

VanceS says, "ok, I'm there now"

Sue [guest] says, "it is too slow in my site"

VanceS says, "it's ok, Tapped In is the main one."

VanceS says, "We don't usually use the voice chat because it's usually not working"

VanceS says, "It just seems to be working now"

Sue [guest] says, "can you speak now? not sure whether it works"

VanceS asks, "ok, I'm talking, can you hear me?"

VanceS says, "Great. I'm glad it's working. THanks for helping me test it."

Sue [guest] says, "it is my pleasure"

Sue [guest] says, "ok, see you later, bye bye"

VanceS says, "ok, I'm going to close this one too. I've got things at work. OK, see you later on."

VanceS says, "And thanks."

Sue [guest] says, "you are welcome, bye"

VanceS has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sat Jun 16 22:16:50 2001 PDT.

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Homestead | Tapped In | Telcopoint

Homestead chat logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous18.

Members of room: Anonymous18 John Maggi

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hello all

<Maggi> I know you are in Vance's office...

<John> OK. - Hi, again, Vance.

<Vance> Would you like to join us?

<Maggi> We will!

<Vance> great

Anonymous87 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous87 is now known as YING.

<YING> hi

<John> Hi, Ying. We are in Vance's office in Tapped in

<YING> Someone else .... answer me?

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan


<Vance> We're watching Homestead for a change

<YING> That's mean I have to open another window.

<Vance> Can you make it to Tapped In?

<Vance> You can close this one

<YING> I try..

<Vance> Sue is there.

<John> Sue is with us.

Anonymous15 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous15 has left the chat room.

<John> Who was that?

<Vance> must have been the wind

<Vance> that was in less than a minute, right?

<YING> I log out...

<YING> I really want to go now.

<YING> see you next week.

YING has left the chat room.

John has left the chat room.

Click here for logs from: Sue in Yahoo | Homestead | Tapped In | Telcopoint

Tapped In logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 17 05:03:53 2001 PDT.

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance. I told them you are here."

VanceS asks, "Hi there. are you in Homestead as well?"

JohnSte says, "No, I haven't signed in there yet."

VanceS says, "I'll just pop it open"

JohnSte says, "I see Sue and Maggi have stayed talking in my office."

JohnSte says, "I'm in homestead now."

VanceS asks, "So how's the week been John?"

JohnSte says, "It's been a bit tiring - I'm back in administration for the month of June."

JohnSte says, "I'm coordinating a summer intensive English program for my department."

VanceS asks, "any progress in your research?"

JohnSte says, "Not much. I've been so busy at work that I haven't had a chance to continue."

Sue [guest] arrives from nowhere.

maggid [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS says, "hi all"

JohnSte says, "I hope to continue the interviews during July and then analyze the data during the following months."

JohnSte says, "Hi, all."

VanceS says, "welcome"

maggid [guest] says, "hi"

Sue [guest] says, "hi"

VanceS asks, "what have you guys been talking about?"

maggid [guest] says, "nosy"

JohnSte says, "As soon as I get the pictures scanned and up on the page, I'll send a link to a picture that shows how I like to dress at work."

maggid [guest] says, "the weather"

JohnSte says, "down here is hot."

maggid [guest] exclaims, "you wear clothes John?!"

JohnSte says, "At work, yes."

JohnSte says, "Baggy floral shorts with a matching T Shirt."

maggid [guest] says, "cool"

maggid [guest] says, "it is night in Japan now"

JohnSte says, "My daughter refused to recognize me in them."

VanceS says, "I used to live in Hawaii. When we wanted to be formal we would dress in "aloha attire""

maggid [guest] asks, "how late does it stay light Sue?"

Sue [guest] says, "yes, it is night."

Sue [guest] says, "around 7pm."

VanceS says, "So Sue, you were saying you just took an exam in English ..."

maggid [guest] exclaims, "only?!"

VanceS says, "But what I can't believe is that you did (you say you did) poorly in it"

JohnSte says, "In St. Louis it used to stay light until almost 8:00 pm."

JohnSte says, "sorry - 9:00 pm"

maggid [guest] says, "it doesn't get dark here until after 10pm"

Sue [guest] says, "so good, save electricity"

JohnSte says, "Here in Puerto Rico it gets dark between 6:30 and 7:00 pm"

maggid [guest] says, "and the sun is coming up before 4am"

Sue [guest] says, "wondering what it would be"

maggid [guest] says, "yes, but we have long dark winters then Sue"

VanceS says, "We're closer to the equator so we get less variation in

summer and winter, and also, we don't use daylight saving time"

JohnSte says, "Same here."

maggid [guest] says, "I'menjoying it"

JohnSte says, "There's about a 1-1/2 hour variation here."

maggid [guest] says, "further north they are too"

maggid [guest] says, "more like 12 here"

Sue [guest] asks, "interesting, so in winter, person needs to work in darkness?"

maggid [guest] says, "eoplegobiserk in sumjmer in Scandanavia"

VanceS says, "There was a big difference in California. I would get off at 6 p.m. and ride my bike home. In summer it was light enough to run in the hills afterwards, but in winter I'd ride home in cold, dark, wet"

maggid [guest] says, "ooops...peoplego besirk"

VanceS says, "people go berserk"

JohnSte says, "In St. Louis it was dark (in winter) by 5:30. and would get light again about 6:30 am"

VanceS says, "people go crazy in other words"

maggid [guest] says, " Alaskatoo"

maggid [guest] says, "it gets dark here some time after 3pm...earlier if it is cloudy"

JohnSte says, "Here it gets dark between 5:00 and 5:30 in the winter."

maggid [guest] says, "sun isn't up before 9am"

JohnSte says, "Sun comes up between 6:00 and 6:30 am"

maggid [guest] says, "worsefurther north"

maggid [guest] asks, "how is the driving Sue?"

maggid [guest] asks, "have acar?"

Sue [guest] says, "driving? oh, i knocked into the wall for parking around twice"

Sue [guest] says, "yes, a second hand car"

maggid [guest] says, "lol"

VanceS asks, "You mean you've knocked into the wall twice already?"

maggid [guest] says, "par forthe course"

Sue [guest] says, "yes, fortunately it still works"

maggid [guest] asks, "which was more damaged?"

Sue [guest] says, "just the appearance , it is swollen"

VanceS asks, "What kind of car is it?"

maggid [guest] asks, "the wall or your car?"

VanceS asks, "old or new?"

maggid [guest] says, "LOL"

maggid [guest] says, "who buys a new car to learn in..."

Sue [guest] says, "Honda"

JohnSte says, "Shee - It's already 32(C) here - and only 8:30 am."

VanceS says, "We have a crazy parking lot outside our building"

Sue [guest] asks, "so hot ?"

VanceS says, "The standards of care for each other's properly are not at all what they are in the West"

maggid [guest] says, "won't make 32 today John ... maybe 23"

JohnSte says, "I'm in the tropics, Sue."

VanceS says, "or in Japan"

JohnSte says, "Oh, I'm talkin heat index."

VanceS says, "New cars get scratched all the time here. You can't be concerned about your body work"

VanceS says, "Each year the car must be inspected, and if the damage is bad enough to not pass inspection, you have to get it fixed."

VanceS says, "All the time I go out and see kids sitting on other people's cars. Sometimes they're on my car."

JohnSte asks, "How bad does it have to be?"

VanceS asks, "I had to fix mine when someone actually put a dent in it. Is that what you meant by 'swollen' sue?"

VanceS says, "BUT here's the good news ..."

SRI_46 [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Sue [guest] says, "yes"

VanceS says, "Only cost me $150 parts and labor for banging out and repainting a fender and touching up all the other scratches"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Ying."

Sue [guest] says, "hi , ying"

SRI_46 [guest] says, "hi... how to rename my name to Ying"

VanceS says, "Hi Ying Lan. What's the command for that? Phil told us last week."

VanceS says, "So it's in the logs, which I've just put up."

VanceS says, "I'm looking it up if no one knows off the top of his/her head"

JohnSte says, "I'm looking for it. I THINK it is /rename or something like that."

Ying [guest] says, "I have already done"

VanceS asks, "very good Ying Lan. How did you do it?"

Ying [guest] says, "rename my name .. but I only see SRI_46 on the board."

Ying [guest] says, "Forget it."

Ying [guest] asks, "How are you today?"

Ying [guest] asks, "Have you known very well about Billie Holiday?"

VanceS says, "I know the answer to that one. On the board, you have to click UPDATE"

VanceS says, "I just did that and I see 'Ying' there now"

Ying [guest] says, "Ying... is on the board."

VanceS smiles

Ying [guest] says, "Go back to "Billie Holiday""

VanceS says, "Billie Holiday is a great jazz singer, or was"

Ying [guest] says, "Somebody else tells me her story."

Ying [guest] says, "I have read a piece of her story in Chinese today."

maggid [guest] says, "i Ying"

Ying [guest] says, "When she was born, her mother was 13 years old at the time."

maggid [guest] says, "hi"

maggid [guest] says, "wow"

JohnSte says, "One of my students did a report on her last semester."

Sue [guest] says, "wow,"

VanceS says, "We could probably find a lot about her on the Internet"

JohnSte says, "My student did."

Sue [guest] asks, "does she have a typical song?"

Ying [guest] says, "She was rapped when she was 12. then she was sold to be prostitute."

maggid [guest] says, "yuk"

VanceS says, "raped"

Ying [guest] says, "raped."

maggid [guest] says, "men"

Ying [guest] says, "I was shocked... you know... Billie Holiday is a very successful Jazz singer."

Ying [guest] says, "Even she was dead long time ago, people mention her always say... her voice is beautiful"

Sue [guest] asks, "ying , would you show me the URL to read her story?"

JohnSte says, "Sue, there is a list of her songs at"

Editor's note: Who says no one ever reads these transcripts! A reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) alerted me in October 2009 that this link was broken. She suggested instead: So nice, thanks, Reader!! - Vance

Ying [guest] says, "I am afraid that I can not do it."

VanceS says, "That's the one I'm looking at. There's another ..."

JohnSte says, "There is a very intersting page about her at"

Ying [guest] says, "Because I read her story from a article talking about New York."

maggid [guest] says, "you can project it here"

VanceS says, ""

maggid [guest] says, "the url"

JohnSte says, "I'm trying to find the instructions to project it."

VanceS asks, "That would open another window on Ying Lan's machine. Is that alright Ying?"

maggid [guest] says, "I think you type /project and the url"

MichaelAC arrives from nowhere.

Personal_Recorder_30627 follows MichaelAC to here.

JohnSte projects the URL:

Ying [guest] says, "it is o.k."

JohnSte says, "Found it."

JohnSte says, "Hi, michael."

Ying [guest] says, "You have already opened it."

MichaelAC exclaims, "Wow I'm with Billie Holliday all of a sudden!"

Ying [guest] asks, "Michael?"

VanceS says, "Hello Michael"

maggid [guest] says, "i mc"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Hi everyone!"

Sue [guest] says, "hello, michael"

Ying [guest] says, "Vance just opened it."

JohnSte says, "You were right about the command, Maggi"

maggid [guest] says, "that worked Ying"

Ying [guest] says, "maggi opened it."

MichaelAC asks, "So what are we doing with Billie?"

Ying [guest] says, "sorry."

JohnSte says, "John opened it."

maggid [guest] says, "I didn't"

JohnSte says, "I did."

Ying [guest] says, "I am asking someone else knows her story."

JohnSte says, "Sue wanted to read about her."

MichaelAC says, "Ok - I get the picture."

maggid [guest] says, "lol"

MichaelAC exclaims, "It was NOT intended to be a pun!"

JohnSte says, "So, she sang Blue Moon"

maggid [guest] still laughing

VanceS says, "You were asking about her songs, Sue:"

Ying [guest] asks, "Which song is her famous song?"

Ying [guest] asks, "Let's call the whole thing off?"

MichaelAC says, "That is a famous song. I actually don't know much about her."

JohnSte says, "That might be one of them, Ying, but I think she had a lot of famous songs."

Ying [guest] says, "My quesiton is "Why has Billie Holiday been unhappy for her life?""

VanceS says, "What does this mean? It's from 'Billie's Blues' ..."

VanceS says, "My man wouldn't give me no breakfast"

VanceS says, "Wouldn't give me no dinner"

VanceS says, "Fought about my supper and put me outdoors"

VanceS says, "Had the dark clay make black spots on my clothes"

Ying [guest] says, "Really? Michael.... I asked every foreigner here... they loved Billie Hoiday especial for someone who loves Jazz."

MichaelAC says, "Well I don't especially love jazz....."

Ying [guest] asks, "ohhh?"

JohnSte says, "I only know about her from the student's report."

MichaelAC says, "I love the blues but I was more into the black bluesMEn of the southern states of the US."

MichaelAC says, "Or Chicago."

MichaelAC says, "Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, etc etc"

maggid [guest] asks, "o women then?"

maggid [guest] says, "no"

VanceS says, "Billie was born in Philadelphia (the north)"

MichaelAC says, "No Maggi. It's a bit sexist but......"

Ying [guest] asks, "then?"

maggid [guest] asks, "but what?"

MichaelAC he always listened to music that he figured that he might sing one day.....

maggid [guest] says, "ah has"

MichaelAC .ands as a guy he listened to guys sing!

maggid [guest] says, "can't sing a woman's song"

MichaelAC says, "No not really."

Ying [guest] says, "That's my question.."

maggid [guest] asks, "why not?"

MichaelAC says, "Of the hundreds of songs I have learned only 5 or so are from women."

maggid [guest] asks, "so?"

MichaelAC says, "I don't know exactly....."

maggid [guest] says, "hmmmmmm"

MichaelAC he think it's simply a matter of he preferred men singing.

Ying [guest] exclaims, "Come on!!"

MichaelAC says, "(Why does I come up as you when I type?)"

maggid [guest] says, "it is just words"

JohnSte says, "Because you are talking."

VanceS sees I, not 'you'

maggid [guest] says, "lol"

MichaelAC says, "No it is not just words. It's a mood, an attitude, an outlook....and I am a man and I think it makes perfect sense that I can relate more easily to the way a man sings and feels."

VanceS says, "I will try this out myself ..."

JohnSte says, "My department chair asked "Who is "You"? when we had a workshop on tapped in."

VanceS gets I for I

Ying [guest] asks, "Where is Sue?"

maggid [guest] says, "listening"

MichaelAC says, "Ok - got the I/you thing sorted. Just didn't notice it before."

VanceS says, "I just UPDATED, Sue is still here"

VanceS asks, "I don't notice it at all ???"

JohnSte says, "That's a good picture of you, Michael."

Sue [guest] says, "i am still here, just reading the profile and try whether i can hear the song"

Ying [guest] asks, "I just read Michael's email... you will be in Vancouver?"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Thank you John. I searched high and low!"

Ying [guest] says, "That's wonderful... I love Vancouver."

MichaelAC says, "Yes YL. I'm going to Vancouver on Tuesday."

MichaelAC asks, "Tell me Ying - what should I do while I'm there?"

Ying [guest] says, "To visit the city..."

maggid [guest] asks, "to get away from winter in Oz mc?"

VanceS says, "On Saturday night, catch the music scene"

JohnSte asks, "What conference is it, Michael?"

MichaelAC says, "Yes partly that Maggi. but Vancouver is not so warm. About 60 degrees F."

VanceS says, "There are two or three microbreweries in town if you like a good beer"

JohnSte says, "Sounds like a good place to visit."

maggid [guest] says, "about the same as here mc..."

Ying [guest] says, "But one guy told me...It used to be safe there.. but it is getting worse now."

MichaelAC says, "More interested in the music Vance. It's the annual WebCT conference"

VanceS says, "take a ferry boat to the opposite shore, there's another microbrewery over there"

MichaelAC says, "I like the idea of a ferry..."

VanceS says, "Go for a jog in Stanley Park"

JohnSte says, "I'm supposed to be taking a class about how to manage WebCT."

MichaelAC exclaims, "Very Buddhist!"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Well I can tell you all about WebCT John!"

maggid [guest] says, "I don't think mc jogs"

Ying [guest] asks, "What do you mean?"

VanceS says, "runs (jogs)"

MichaelAC says, "I do sometimes. When I remember., (to jog!)"

VanceS says, "we had to jog your memory"

JohnSte says, "I'm not going to take the class - I'm just supposed to. One of my colleagues is going to tall me about it."

Ying [guest] says, "Stantly Park is amazing.. but if you have time.. try to go to Vancouver Island."

MichaelAC exclaims, "Good one Vance!"

MichaelAC says, "OK Ying I will. Other people have said that too."

maggid [guest] says, "not a bad idea mc"

Ying [guest] says, "Victoria is more beautiful than Vancouver .. in my opinion."

MichaelAC asks, "Is Telcopoint still working Vance?"

Ying [guest] says, "it is more slow down than Vancover..."

VanceS says, "It was earlier today. Sue and I tried it out."

JohnSte says, "I couldn't get in a while ago."

MichaelAC says, "I'm tempted to try but it probably won't

John says."

JohnSte asks, "Maybe Vance has to be there for it to work?"

MichaelAC says, "That can't be right. You think so? (Or are you joking?)"

VanceS says, "I'm trying it now"

JohnSte says, "Not joking, just wondering."

VanceS says, ""

VanceS says, "it appears to be working"

JohnSte says, "It said there was no confernce by that name - so maybe he has to sign in for the confernence to be working."

MichaelAC says, "OK I'll try it but I'm not hopeful."

VanceS says, "It's really off and on. Today, Sue and I used it."

VanceS says, "It's only the second time I've found it working since it's been up."

MichaelAC exclaims, "Great record!"

Ying [guest] asks, "Today is Dad's Day in USA?"

JohnSte says, "Yes, and my wife just gave me my present."

VanceS says, "Yeah, my son sent me an e-card from California"

Ying [guest] says, "Ohhhh... Happy Dad's Day.. guys."

VanceS says, "I have to call my dad tonight"

VanceS says, "Thank you Ying Lan"

maggid [guest] says, "we had it already"

Ying [guest] says, "I was sick today... when I lied on my bad (exactly.. I sleep on ground)... I think my life is hopeless."

MichaelAC says, "Happy father's day Vance."

Ying [guest] says, "Michael... you are a father, too."

JohnSte says, "Thank you, Ying."

MichaelAC says, "Telcopoint no go! But i have to go. I actually have to prepare my presentation for Vancouver. So I'll see you all soon somewhere."

JohnSte says, "I thought she was going to give me a shirt"

maggid [guest] says, "by mc"

VanceS says, "Sue is in Telcopoint, so it's working, but I can't hear her"

JohnSte says, "I couldn't get in again a minute ago."

MichaelAC says, "Have a good week everyone."

Ying [guest] says, "bye.bye"

VanceS says, "You too MC. I see your email now."

JohnSte says, "You too, Michael."

VanceS says, "break a leg"

JohnSte says, "Happy fathers day."

maggid [guest] says, "Ying, your life is NOT hopeless"

VanceS says, "let us know if there are any sessions we can join Michael"

MichaelAC says, "Ciao. (thanks John - from a non US father - our day for Oz dads is in Sptember,"

JohnSte says, "Yes, please do."

Ying [guest] says, "Thanks maggi.. when I was sick, I ccould not move myself..."

MichaelAC says, "OK Vance. I'll let you know."

VanceS says, "This class is at 4 a.m. in vancouver"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Then I WILL not be up!"

maggid [guest] says, "many people have worse to deal with Ying...:-)"

JohnSte asks, "unless you are partying?"

MichaelAC says, "See you guys. And gals."

VanceS says, "We'll hack into your hotel's computers and have them send you a wake up call"

MichaelAC says, "Ha ha ha"

JohnSte says, "See, you, Michael."

MichaelAC says, "Cya."

Ying [guest] says, "Don't do that.. Vance."

MichaelAC has disconnected.

VanceS says, "cya michae"

Sue [guest] says, "bye, michael"

maggid [guest] says, "it is a guy thing Ying"

Ying [guest] asks, "cya?"

JohnSte says, "Means See You."

VanceS says, "cya = see ya or see you"

Ying [guest] says, "oh.... thanks."

VanceS asks, "Sue, are you able to hear or speak in Telcopoint?"

maggid [guest] says, "same asbye and cu"

VanceS tries speaking to Sue in Telcopoint

VanceS says, "That's a very unreliable program, Telcopoint"

Sue [guest] says, "oh, i am back,"

VanceS asks, "Ying Lan, how can you be depressed when you're going to New York City?"

Sue [guest] says, "vance, i am trying it now"

VanceS exclaims, "For a whole year!!"

VanceS can't hear Sue :-(

VanceS says, "Mark has joined us"

Sue [guest] says, "i can hear you, vance"

VanceS says, "I can hear a radio at your end"

maggid [guest] says, "I hear music Sue"

VanceS says, "There are two other people here ... ahh, now I know who (it's that laugh!)"

VanceS is talking to Maggi in Telcopoint

maggid [guest] says, "I didn't laugh"

Sue [guest] asks, "who is mark?"

VanceS says, "no idea"

VanceS says, "I wrote him a message"

maggid [guest] says, "me either"

VanceS says, "Mark is someone from Denmark"

VanceS says, "He found the site through"

VanceS says, "HiYL, Maggi is talking to Mark from Denmark"

maggid [guest] says, "hw writes an answer"

Sue [guest] says, "bye, yinglan"

JohnSte says, "got in."

Sue [guest] says, "bye, John"

maggid [guest] says, "bye Sue"

VanceS says, "I'm looking for my reference on"

JohnSte says, "Bye Sue."

VanceS says, "bye Sue (repeat from voice message)"

VanceS says, "So, let me update to see who's here ..."

VanceS asks, "just us teachers. Did Ying Lan leave?"

maggid [guest] says, "she is not on icq"

maggid [guest] asks, "so John...can you hear?"

JohnSte says, "I can hear, but I can't speak, Maggi."

maggid [guest] says, "ok"

JohnSte says, "I don't think it is my microphone, since I can hear myself."

JohnSte says, "See you all. I have to go spend time with my family now (and fix lunch."

JohnSte says, "See you all. Bye."

JohnSte has disconnected.

VanceS has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 17 07:10:27 2001 PDT.

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Telcopoint voice chat - text box logs

Vance's annotations are in italics ...

To: Mark 06/17/01 05:14:39 PM

Hi Mark. We can't seem to make this work. Who are you?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:17:41 PM

Im just a regular danish kid *LOL* I just came by to see what this was, keep on talking folks

To: Mark 06/17/01 05:17:52 PM

Hello Mark. Just wondering who you are.

Vance asks where Mark found this site

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:18:31 PM

hey, through

I think this is where Mark is from

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:18:51 PM

Okay any from Fredericia perhabs ?

How old are you?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:19:02 PM


What is Fredericia

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:19:34 PM

A danish town in Jutland

Voice chat unclear

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:19:42 PM

come again

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:21:07 PM

where are you from sue ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:22:04 PM

one more time please.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:22:19 PM

arh okay

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:22:40 PM

yes i heard

Not sure what we asked

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:24:29 PM

not very good i guess.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:24:35 PM


John joins us

From: John 06/17/01 05:24:55 PM

I can hear, but don't know if you can hear me.

From: John 06/17/01 05:25:35 PM

How do you talk? do we have to press anything?

I asked Mark how he found our site through

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:25:36 PM

if you are using the search function and searches for voice chat

From: John 06/17/01 05:26:17 PM

Did you hear me that time?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:28:16 PM

yesy thats this site. Maybe the cabels have been mis connectes

Vance searches on 'voice chat' and gets one hit: a site with voice and webcams

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:28:30 PM

this is the site where im at :

Don't remember what we asked

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:28:54 PM

no not at all

Maggi has told him about Webheads

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:29:41 PM

you´re welcome, what did you say about some class ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:30:02 PM

arh cool.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:30:37 PM glad you understand.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:31:11 PM

Hhihi nu skal jeg fandme sige jer noget..

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:31:18 PM


From: Mark 06/17/01 05:31:35 PM

Danish ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:31:48 PM


Vance sends Mark our url

To: Mark 06/17/01 05:32:03 PM

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:32:18 PM

Its too bad i haven´t got a mic

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:33:16 PM


From: Mark 06/17/01 05:33:55 PM

Come again, your mic is scracy

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:34:29 PM


Vance says that Mark could be a woman pretending to be a man (joking)

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:35:02 PM

yeah....NOOOO Marks a MANS Name

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:35:16 PM

yeah how many Vance *LOL*

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:35:34 PM

vice choice

From: John 06/17/01 05:35:57 PM

But how do we know Mark is really Mark? or that John is really John?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:36:42 PM

*LOL* What was Not Identified's name again ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:36:54 PM

I know that John is a MAN *LOL*

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:37:04 PM

have anyone of you got icq ?

From: John 06/17/01 05:37:14 PM

I hope so, too.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:37:15 PM

*LOL* Me too

From: John 06/17/01 05:37:40 PM

I'm also at

From: John 06/17/01 05:38:57 PM

That's common enough. But why does everything I send appear twice?

Mark is watching the Le Mans car race on TV

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:40:28 PM

15 miin. left of Le Man

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:40:50 PM

come again ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:41:15 PM

No Its a 24 hour race...

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:41:48 PM

NOO *LOL* The Danish driver Tom Kristensen is in the winning car yes on TV

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:42:16 PM

no 1. the audi..

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:42:57 PM

The Danes rule *LOL*

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:43:46 PM

Maggie, where can I see your picture the one on : webheads dosen't seem to work

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:43:53 PM

what maggie ?

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:44:38 PM

YES thats right, they need to look good then the pass the finish line.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:45:52 PM

No not quite but they have to do that they can

From: John 06/17/01 05:46:02 PM

I have to go to.o See you all.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:46:17 PM


From: Mark 06/17/01 05:46:28 PM

ohh som you are from China

From: John 06/17/01 05:46:38 PM

Bye all. nice seeing you agin.

From: Mark 06/17/01 05:46:46 PM

Im not leaving *LOL* You are.

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