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Webheads chat logs from May 20, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Moral Juani
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan China Chile

The chat tonight was taking place in Homestead, with Maggi and John in converesation when I arrived there around noon GMT, and Ying Lan popping by shortly after. Moral meanwhile found us on ICQ and made his way to Tapped In, where he feels most comfortable at his connection speed. Michael and John joined us at Tapped In while Juani appeared in Homestead.

I tried asking John why he left his last chat with us so suddenly. His last words on April 29 were that whatever the reason was, it was something that had to be fixed in the next 30 minutes. But John preferred to deepen the mystery rather than answer the question. So Webheads, this and another MYSTERY still remain UNSOLVED. You can still visit the chat log at and see if you can solve the TWO MYSTERIES given there.

At the chat this Sunday, we found that all three students present, Ying Lan, Juani, and Moral were all experiencing changes in their lives sure to bring them opportunities for a better future. So another challenge to you is to read these chat logs, find out what happy event has taken place or is about to, and then write a note of congratulations to each of your three fellow webheads.

Click here for logs from: Homestead | Tapped In | ICQ

Homestead logs

<Vance> did you get thru the virus problem unscathed john?

<John> Yes, Vance, I did.

<Vance> did you by chance have a look at any of Rachel's work on her web page?

<John> I also found out how to delete 31 messages at a time without having my virus checker tell me each one of them has a virus.

<Maggi> I don't either but only because I don't want to be knocked over

<John> I haven't had a chance to see it yet. I hope to look at it this afternoon.

<Maggi> me too John

<Vance> I just hilighted, scrolled down, pressed shift, and delete

<Vance> I had a look at the messages in the digest which I get at the office

<Vance> there were no messages, just attachments

<John> I finally just deleted all the mail in my inbox.

<Maggi> this is male one-upmanship you know

<Vance> The messages I actually got from her there were no problems

<Maggi> :-)

<John> Then I found out if I had marked the message before the series, pressed the shift key and marked the one after the series, I would only delete the infected files plus the other two.

<John> What do you mean, Maggi?

<Maggi> I'd have to say who cares

Anonymous1539 has joined the chat room.

<John> I have to leave at 1:30 today.

Anonymous1539 is now known as ying.

<John> Hi, Ying.

<ying> Hello

<ying> maggi

<ying> I don't have your email in my mail box.

<Maggi> placesto go and things to do John, right?

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<John> I have to pick up my youngest daughter at school.

<Maggi> Hi Ying!

<Vance> John, I've been curious to find out what you had to leave to fix last time we saw you

<Maggi> on a sunday?

<ying> I did not send the email to you to tell you that I will be in New york from this Novmber.

<John> She has planned a suprise going away party for our next door neighbor's daughteer.

<ying> fix last time>

<Maggi> John told me Ying

<John> Yes, on a Sunday. She stayed over to study for Final Exams this week.

<Vance> John had to leave precipitously last time we talked to him. Do you remember Ying Lan?

<John> I'll be in the States next year, too, Ying.

<Maggi> You will love and hate NYC Ying

<John> Especially in the Winter.

<Vance> Yeah, congratulations Ying Lan

<Vance> How long will you be there?

<ying> What do you mean? To hate and To love ... they happened at the same time.

<ying> Only one year.

<John> Let's just say it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

<Maggi> is that k8ind of city

<ying> I start to think... it is necessary to buy a notebook or not.

<Vance> Won't your employer find you a place to live?

<Maggi> a notebook for what?

<ying> If I decide not to buy a notebook, I probably can not be in webheads for a while.

<ying> computer... notebook

<Maggi> oh, you mean a laptop

<Vance> why not? I visit webheads on my notebook.

<ying> John, you will be in States too.

<Maggi> I have an uncle who lives there still

<John> My wife just got home. She told me she will go pick up my daughter, so i don't have to leave after all.

<Maggi> :-)

<ying> I have already had a computer at home.

<John> Yes, I will be in Western Pennsylvania.

<Maggi> can you take it with you Ying?

<John> I'll be there until either December or May.

<ying> Where is it? Is it close to New York city?

<John> It's about 10 hours by car from New York City.

<Maggi> about an hour or so

<ying> Is it worth to buy a laptop only for one year? That's why I consider to buy it or not.

<Maggi> oh...westernpa

<ying> How about by train?

<Vance> definitely worth it

<John> But can't you use it when you get back to Taiwan?

<John> I'm not sure how long it takes by train, Ying.

<John> Probably about 7 or 8 hours at the most.

<ying> After I come home, I don't think that I will use this notebook.

<John> Why not?

<ying> I don't know where I will live in New York City.

<ying> I have already had a personal computer at home.

<Vance> will your company find you a place?

<ying> I also have a notebook at office, but it belongs my company.

<Vance> And Moral is at Tapped In if anyone would like to join us

<Maggi> can't he come here?

<ying> I don't do my job by notebook recently.. it is too small.

<ying> I mean the keyboard is too small to typ fast.

<ying> And the system of Notebook is not stable as same as the personal Computer.

<Vance> I asked why he doesn't come here. But I'm sure he would if he could.

<Vance> John has joined us at tapped in. Would you like to come there Ying Lan?

<Maggi> people have preferences

<Maggi> don't ask me...I'm invisiblwe

<Vance> We can be in both places or in just one, as you like.

<Vance> But I think for Moral there is no choice. He's never been able to come here.

<ying> I don't know how to be in Tapped int.

<Vance> It's easy. You start with

<ying> I tried to be there .... but I can not to get in.

<Vance> if you want to try I'll 'walk' you through it.

Anonymous243 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Michael perhaps?

<Maggi> has Moral tried our Whiteboard?

<ying> John, why you said you will be in USA from August to December or May?

<Anonymous243> hello are you still here??

<Vance> yep still here

Anonymous243 is now known as Juani.

<ying> juani?

<Maggi> yes, we are

<Vance> We found you this time! Hi Juani.

<John> I have to go to my university and do some work.

<Juani> Hi Vance

Anonymous9218 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Maggi, I'll try Moral out on GroupBoard

Anonymous9218 is now known as Michael.

<Michael> Evening and hello!

<Juani> very cold and rainy here.......just getting up

<Maggi> have fun John...those paers due tomorrow?

<John> Basically, sit down with my committee and see how everything is going.

<John> Yeah, Maggi, by 12:00 Noon.

<Michael> You leaving John?

<Maggi> ggod luck John!

<Maggi> hi mc

<Vance> let us know how your research is going

<ying> You have a conference on Sunday.

<ying> hello... michael.

<John> For a semester or two, but I'll still be in out Sunday chats. My research is on hold until I turn in grades tomorrow.

<Juani> next Sunday?

<John> I don't leave until the middle or end of August.

<Vance> You're going to PA in August?

<ying> John, you just explained that why you will be in USA.

<Maggi> nobody is at groupboards...I've been sitting there like a wet duck

<Vance> Yeah, too many chats going already. Hang on.

<Michael> Sounds thrilling Maggi.

<John> Yes, I'm going to a small town in Western PA. Called Indiana.

<ying> wet duck is enjoy to swim in the pond.

<Juani> oh poor Maggi

<ying> enjoying

<Maggi> ducks don't actually get wet

<ying> why?

<John> So when they are wet, they are in a sorry state.

<Vance> Maggi, can you keep logs in GroupBoard for us? I've got my hands full with this one.

<ying> They love to swim ... in the water.

<Maggi> their feathers are waterproof

<ying> thanks.

<Maggi> there is no one there

<Juani> yes,they have some kind of oil,I guess

<ying> their fearthers are wterproof.

<ying> Do you guys think what I can do now?

<John> What do you mean, Ying?

<ying> Do I need to prepair something before I go to New York?

<ying> They told me.. it is a expensive place to live.

<Maggi> it will be hot in summer

<ying> It will be cold in winter.

<John> and cold in the winter.

<Maggi> yes it is

<Vance> Moral and John and I are talking to Moral in Tapped In

<ying> I knew it.

<Vance> He can't get into Homestead

<ying> oh... oh

<Maggi> true...they get snow too

<ying> yes.

<ying> snow storm.

<Vance> It can be very cold there

<ying> The best season in New York is Fall.

<Maggi> yep

<Juani> oh.and what about Colorado?

<Maggi> go to CentralPark then

<ying> I will start the journey from Winter to Fall.

<Maggi> good time there too

<John> Why Colorado? Are you going there, Juani?

<Juani> I should be there by the end of July

<Vance> I love colorado

<ying> Where is colorado?

<Juani> I´l also start my journey in summer

<John> I really enjoyed Colorado. My Parents lived there for a few years.

<Maggi> in the middle Ying

<John> It is in the Rocky Mountains, Ying.

<Juani> in the Rocky Mountains States...west

<Juani> close to utah and new mexico

<Vance> some people like New York for the culture

<Maggi> in the middle

<Vance> I like Colorado for the outdoors

<ying> Oh..... it is artificial...

<Juani> I know it´ fantastic...I ´l stay in Rifle City

<Maggi> west of the Mississippi River

<John> Why is it Artificial, Ying?

<ying> It is also muti-culture

<ying> It is not nature...

<Juani> so i should find people from different cultures ans races..

<ying> It was built by human .

<Maggi> NYC is different than any place you have been

<John> So people are artificial?

<Maggi> there are over 90 languages

<ying> New york is so pround of himself.

<Maggi> I was born there.....I loveit....but not sure I would want to live there

<Vance> New York is interesting in its way

<John> I've visited a few times. I wouldn't want to live there.

<Maggi> It is like no other major metropolis

<ying> Waaa.... You like it but you hate it... why?

<Maggi> you will love it Ying!

<John> Like I said, It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

<Juani> I´ like to know it ,too

<ying> Is it a nice city? It is a amazing city ....

<ying> Because it is also unsafe?

<John> All cities are unsafe, Ying.

<ying> I have to watch out all the time, If I take walk there.

<Maggi> no, it is safer than many other cities

<Juani> ah,yes,because it.s so large

<ying> To many balck people. too mang gang.. No discramation...

<ying> Really...

<ying> I think Vancouver of Canada is the most safe city in the world.

<Maggi> I was there 3 years ago with 3 15 year olds....we rode the subways and had a gret time

<John> Just stay away from the High Crime District (City Hall - Where all the criminals, er politicians, hang out) )

<ying> But I sitll find some poeple were shoot by cirminal there.

<Vance> it's been cleaned up a lot. Last time I was there it seemed safer than before.

<Vance> It's still crowded though. So many people.

<Maggi> it is number 46 in the U S

<Juani> i think you must be carfeul everywhere..even in small cities in my country..

<Juani> sorry..careful

<Maggi> yep....NYC is unique

<John> The problem with safety in small towns is that people think they are safe and don't watch what they are doing.

<Juani> ah,,yes,,that´ s true

<Maggi> good point John

<Vance> yeah, I'm very careful in new york or anywhere. I just watch what other people do and act like them.

<John> My Dad used to leave his door wide open all night in Denver. Never had a problem.

<Juani> criminals and robbers are all over the world










<Vance> uh oh, Juani has the virus now.

<Maggi> I don't lock my car here often because it is easier for me

<Juani> no,,virus-don´ worry

<ying> she probably put her finger on the return key for a while.

<Maggi> yep

<Juani> ah.yes...

<Vance> LOL

<John> You mean like this?

















<Maggi> yep

<ying> yes

<Juani> to catch your attention

<Maggi> poorVance

<Juani> LOL

<ying> I knew who sent the virus to us ..

<ying> I hate it... I wish I can move it out of my mail box..

<John> Can't you delete it, Ying?

<Vance> Did you get it on your computer?

<Juani> it´ hard to get rid of virus

<Vance> There are a lot of sites you can try

<Juani> yes,we got the information vance sent to us

<ying> I have installed the protection program .. I got a lot of caution box when I point the email.

<ying> boxes

<Vance> Just delete it.

<Vance> You can also read messages safely at the web site.

<Vance> Do you all have Yahoo ID's?

<John> Yep - jhsteelepr

<Juani> yes,I have

<Maggi> no

<Vance> You just visit

<Juani> juani5chile

<Vance> and type in your yahoo ID and password

<Maggi> nice

<Vance> and you can read the webheads mail from anywhere

<Vance> That's how I read it and post when I'm on the road

<Juani> excellent and we can read all our e-mails from there?

<Maggi> kewl

<Vance> Yeah, and best of all, no attachments to bother you

<Juani> it´s as to do it through a server,right?

<Vance> It's all on the Yahoo server. you can go there and read email from 3 years ago

<Vance> You can search on a topic and find the email about it.

<Vance> actually if someone wanted to send something to the group

<Vance> he/she can put it at the egroups site in the 'vault'

<Vance> and the rest of us can get it there.

<Juani> good!.

<Vance> There are lots of features at the site

<Juani> yes, i was looking at them last time and could even read the introductory letter

<Juani> of Antonio Muñoz,a mexican student

<Juani> who is in the group..

<John> Nice guy, Antonio.

<Vance> I didn't notice his letter. Looking now.

<John> Haven't talked to him in a while, though.

<Juani> also listened to some songs

<Maggi> his English is very good

<Juani> from another member of the group

<Juani> and saw nice pictures ,too.

<Vance> Where did you find these? Oh, you must be thinking of the webheads site

<ying> Antonio works for an American company.

<Vance> There are two sites. One is the YahooGroups site.

<Vance> The other is the site I manage.

<Juani> yes,the webheads,site

<Juani> the site where our pictures are

<Maggi> I thought Antonio was a H S student

<Juani> yes,

<Vance> Yes, the one you can post from is the site

<John> That's what he told me, too, Maggi.

<Vance> Yeah, you can add to your information at any time, by the way

<Vance> on the Webheads site

<Juani> that is something i wanted to ask

<Maggi> he is a very mature teen

<Vance> go ahead Juani

<Juani> because the first time I just sent a few lines.

<Juani> ok,,thanks

<Vance> Yeah, you can add more. I'll put it on your page for you.

<Juani> Did iItell you I was at a reception at the US Embassy in my country?

<Maggi> no

<Vance> No, where, in Santiago?

<Juani> that was May 8 in the evening

<Juani> yes,in santiago de Chile

<Maggi> and?

<Juani> it was the 46 anniversary of the Fulbright Commission

<Juani> there were lost of Fulbrighters there...

<Vance> I did a presentation there at the language institute of the USIA, what's it called?

<Juani> very important people from different areas of Culture.

<Juani> USIA?

<Vance> Do you know Armado Baltra by any chance? And his sister is with that language institute

<Maggi> VI)PS

<Vance> I'm trying to remember her first name, but last name Baltra

<Juani> where you in Santiago,then?yes,liliana Baltra?

<Vance> THAT"S IT

<Vance> Liliana

<Vance> It's where she was working. I think she's no longer there.

<Juani> yes,she was my teacher at the CPEIP

<Juani> centro de perfeccionamiento e Investigaciones pedagogicas del Ministerio de Educacion

<Maggi> fall asleep Ying and John?

<John> zzzzz

<Maggi> where is mc?


<Vance> MC is at Tapped In

<Michael> Here I am!

<John> Actually, I'm talking to Moral, Vance and Michael in tapped In

<Maggi> ah ha

<Vance> Small world, Juani

<Vance> What's the name of the Director there .. Corti, or ...

<ying> The infant in my house, he has cried for over 20 minutes.. no reason.

<Juani> yes,a world in a handkerchief

<Michael> There is always a reason Ying.

<Maggi> so did you finish the book about who moved my cheese Ying?

<Juani> at the Fulbright?

<ying> yes, I finished it two weeks ago.

<Vance> Juani do you know how Liliana is now? I think was ill wasn't she?

<Maggi> and who moved it Ying?

<Vance> I don't remember exactly. It was an Institute of something Languages ...

<Juani> I couldn´ see her last time.but her sister was at the Embassy

<Juani> she is also a Fulbrighter

<Vance> say hi to her for me

<Maggi> someone should pick the baby up

<ying> nobody moved the cheese... The cheese has been eaten by themself.

<ying> themsevles.

<Maggi> like mice

<Juani> Ok..I´l try to find out how she is.

<ying> |My mom hold him for over thirty minutes.. he is bad.

<Vance> I know Armando from the USA. He works in California, maybe still ...

<Michael> How can a baby be bad???

<Vance> I had a look at the cheese website

<Maggi> a baby always cries for a reason because it is the only way to get someone's attention

<ying> he was angry ... I guess..

<Juani> ah.yes,they are a family od good and cultural people

<Maggi> being angry makes a person bad?

<ying> I think he has bad temper just like his father.. my youngest brother.

<Juani> ok,,I think I must leave,too. My family is hurrying me for breakfast

<Vance> Armando was famous for a while for introducing ESL people to Mystery House. Does anyone know Mystery House?

<John> OK, see you later Juani

<Maggi> by Juani

<ying> myster house... no, i don't know it.

<Juani> ok...bye..see you later,too.thanks a lot.

Juani has left the chat room.

<ying> see you juani.

<Vance> Nice talking to you Juani

<Maggi> how can a baby have a temper?

<John> How old IS the baby?

<Michael> I thnk baby's can have a temper.

<Maggi> a baby reacts to its environment and its needs

<ying> 2 months.

<Vance> Mystery House was a program where you find people in a house dead and have to find the murderer before the murderer finds you

<John> It's too young to have a temper.

<Vance> Whose baby is it?

<ying> he knew.... if I say.. you are bad to him, he will cry.

<Michael> Is Mystgery House an online thing Vance?

<Maggi> I'd be pissed too at 2 monthes if no one was interested in what was bothering me

<Maggi> and at 2 m9onthes I don#t know

<Vance> No it was an 80's zork kind of game

<Michael> Zork?

<Vance> uh oh ...

<Vance> Zork was one of the first games you could talk to

<Vance> It got a lot of people wondering how to parse in basic

<Michael> Ok - guess I'm showing my youth.

<Maggi> pick up the baby an d hold it

<Vance> You young guys!

<John> Me, too. Never heard of Zork.

<Michael> Yep - only 46.

<Vance> Another whippersnapper

<Vance> You used verb object language

<Vance> like go door

<Vance> open door

<John> Hey, I'm 52 and I've never heard of it.

<ying> Yes, that's what we did. To pick up the baby to hold it.

<Vance> I can't do that

<Vance> unlock door

<Vance> I don't see a key

<Vance> So then you have to go and find a key

<ying> But my mother's hands would break ..

<Maggi> checked the diaper?

<Michael> I get it - I remember those kinds of games.

<John> I don't.

<Maggi> I do

<Vance> Yeah, and Armando Baltra started using Mystery House in English classes

<Vance> Obviously the language of the game wasn't the goal

<Vance> He had to show teachers how much language you could elicit around the game

<Maggi> but I am a dumb female so it doesn't matter

<Vance> He prepared worksheets

<ying> To teach students to practice the verb object language.

<Vance> this was revolutionary stuff at the time

<Vance> No, YL, the verb object language was very poor

<Vance> But to play the game you had to solve the puzzle

<Vance> that's whre the language was

<ying> How come he use the game in Class?

<ying> puzzle is the hardest part ... I hate is.

<ying> I hate it.

<John> What do you hate, Ying?

<Maggi> puzzles

<Vance> There's a puzzle I was thinking to try tonight.

<John> I enjoy puzzles, myself.

<ying> puzzle

<John> Which one?

<ying> anyone

<Michael> I don't like puzzles much either.

<Maggi> I love them

<ying> I have to confees that I am stupid.

<John> Why do you say that, Ying?

<ying> I look like an idiot when I try to do puzzle.

<Maggi> the person who made the puzzle is just trying to trick you

<ying> it takes too much energy to solve it.

<John> Just because you don't like puzzles doesn't make you stupid.

<Maggi> go with the flow!

<Maggi> true Ying

<ying> I don't like it because I can not get the answer.

<Maggi> so?

<John> It just takes practice.

<Maggi> yes

<ying> Oh...

<Maggi> I took a Mensa test for IQ once

<ying> You know.. I am scare to be failure.

<Maggi> you worry too much Ying

<ying> In our education, we courage people to be sucessful. but I think that to be failure is also important in our life.

<Maggi> why?

<ying> You learn how to die, you will know how to live.... Tuesdays with Morrie.

<Maggi> how do you learn how to doie?

<Maggi> die

<ying> You can not be successful all the time in your life.

<ying> I don't know,,,, I start to think... I have been stucked at the prograph ...

<Maggi> imagine you don't wake up in the morning Ying. Are you happy with your life so far?

<ying> Too many regrets in my life.

<Vance> Your life is about to change for the better

<Maggi> let them go and start living the way you want to

<ying> Not really...

<Vance> You'll be so free in New York, don't you think?

<ying> you are alive, you have the hope.

<ying> My mind has been bounded

<Maggi> and you are dead?

<Vance> New York with revive you.

<ying> How do you know? ARe you sure? Vance.

<Michael> You can make it sure Ying.

<Maggi> I can't walk walk without hanging on to something Ying and using a walker.

<ying> I could be alone there... no friends... To walk there like a homeless.

<John> You'll make friends.

<ying> To join a club there?

<Vance> You can make friends there I think. Join a Chinese culture group, or a special interest group.

<ying> I know nothing about Chinese culture... even I am a Chinese.

<ying> At your standard...

<John> So here's a chance to learn.

<ying> standard.


<ying> "You can make it sure." Thanks you guys.

<Vance> There are so many groups you can join

<ying> how about?

<ying> Homelss group>?

<Vance> Do you mean, such as?

<ying> yes,.

<Vance> Join a group at the library, or an art museum

<Vance> Take classes in something

<Vance> You were taking classes in ... yoga? What were you doing recently?

<ying> I have to work there....

<ying> I am free only on Weekend.

<John> You only work 8 hours a day, Ying.

<ying> I don't know it...

<Vance> exactly. You have 4 nights a week and New York never sleeps

<John> Unless you're a manager.

<Vance> I mean 4 week nights

<ying> It takes time to learn something new.

<ying> I am not a manager, I am a small potato.

<Vance> But getting sent to New York is not for a small potato

<ying> NO. it is.

<Vance> still a great opportunity for you.

<John> Only managers have to work more than 8 hours a day,

<Vance> ANd you can still be a webhead

<John> Right, Ying.

<ying> But If I don't have notebook with me...

<ying> I can not contact you guys for one years.

<Vance> I lost my connection to Tapped In. Coming back.

<John> I'm sure you will find some way.

<ying> my mailbox will be explore by those mail.

<Vance> Of course you can. You can go to a library and use the computers

<Vance> or to a cybercafe

<ying> it takes time.

<Vance> or sneak on at work

<ying> Even on weekend..

<ying> I know nothing about my new job.

<ying> I don't know that I have a chance or not to touch personal computer there.

<Vance> You'll be at home there in a month or two

<ying> what do you mean?

<Vance> You can buy a pc for a few hundred dollars

<John> Or rent one.

<Vance> I mean you'll feel at home. You'll get used to it.

<Michael> I'm off now people. I HAVE been following this interesting conversation. You'll befine in NYC Ying.

<ying> I need Chinese system inside.

<Michael> See you all next week.

<Vance> You'll meet people, have fun and become comfortable there

<John> See ya, Michael.

Michael has left the chat room.

<ying> Thanks.. Michael.

<ying> he is gone.

<ying> I need to go now.

<ying> I have to do some typing work ...

<John> Have a nice week, Ying.

<Vance> ok YL, It's always nice to talk with you. Maybe we'll come and visit you in New york

<John> I have to work on grades, too.

<ying> Thanks.

<ying> Really...

<ying> on your vacation...

<Maggi> have a nice day then

<John> Yes, have a nice one.

<John> Maybe I'll be able to make in to NYC and see you.

<Vance> We often fly through New York

<ying> he is gone.

<ying> I need to go now.

<ying> I have to do some typing work ...

<John> Have a nice week, Ying.

<Vance> ok YL, It's always nice to talk with you. Maybe we'll come and visit you in New york

<John> I have to work on grades, too.

<ying> Thanks.

<ying> Really...

<ying> on your vacation...

<Maggi> have a nice day then

<John> Yes, have a nice one.

<John> Maybe I'll be able to make in to NYC and see you.

<Vance> We often fly through New York

<ying> why?

<ying> to go home.

<Maggi> why not

<Vance> Wherever the planes go. Often we use New York as a transit point.

<ying> oh,...

<Vance> I'm having trouble with Tapped In. Are you still there John?

<ying> I hope that we can meet in New York..

<John> Yes, and so is Moral.

<Vance> Let's try the groupboard

<ying> But I hope that we don't need to meet each other at the airport.

<Vance> There are 3 airports in new York and they're all miles from the city

<ying> waaaa...

<ying> It sounds complicated..

<John> Well, I have to finish my grading for tomorrow. Grades are due in the Registrar's office be Noon

<Vance> Transport in and out of the city is good

<Vance> You can take a but for about $30 maybe?

<Vance> a bus

<Maggi> depends on which part of the city

<John> Moral and I have both just left Tapped In.

<ying> I heard that I can take the subway to airport...

<Maggi> yes you can Ying

<Vance> Try this one John


<ying> It is time to go now.

<Maggi> but it is not a good idea to be on a subway with suitcases

<Vance> Moral isn't responding to my icq anyway

<ying> see you next time... I probably won't be here next week.

<Maggi> bye Ying

<Vance> Yeah, Subway can take hours from JFK to central NYC

<Maggi> enjoy John

<John> I'll try to.

<ying> thnaks Vance.

<Maggi> less than 45 min

<Maggi> being with suitcases indicates you may be a tourist

<John> See you, Ying.

<ying> see you.

<Vance> bye then

ying has left the chat room.

<John> See you all next week.

<Vance> ok John

<Maggi> bye John

<Vance> seeya

John has left the chat room.

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Tapped In logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun May 20 05:29:13 2001 PDT.

MoralL arrives from nowhere.

MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.

MoralL says, "say "hi, vance."

VanceS says, "Hi Moral."

VanceS says, "Let me tell the others we're here."

MoralL says, "say 'ok."

MoralL says, "test message."

VanceS says, "ok"

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is going to New York"

VanceS says, "She's talking about it in Homestead"

VanceS says, "Why can't you reach Homestead (the others want to know)"

MoralL asks, "she will go there for business?"

VanceS says, "Yes, for her company, for one year."

MoralL says, "the connection speed."

MoralL says, "1 year? it's long enough to make her english perfect."

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

VanceS says, "probably"

JohnSte says, "Him Moral"

MoralL exclaims, "Hi, John!"

MoralL says, "Nice to see you again, john."

JohnSte says, "Hi, again, Vance."

JohnSte says, "Nice to see you, too, Moral."

JohnSte says, "I have been very busy the past few weeks."

MoralL says, "Me too, John. I haven't been here for a long time."

VanceS asks, "So Moral, how are things going in Kunming? How is the work?"

JohnSte says, "It "end of semester" hectic here."

MoralL says, "it's just fine...i shifted to a hotel as a computer engineer."

VanceS asks, "You work in a hotel now? Which one?"

MoralL says, "yes...a 4-star hotel named new era hotel."

VanceS asks, "Moral, have you tried our groupboard?"

MoralL says, "No, Vance. My connection doesn't let me try many online stuff."

VanceS says, "It's hard to stay active in so many chats. I'll see if I can get more people in here."

JohnSte says, "It sure is hard."

VanceS says, "Juani and Michael are at homestead"

MoralL says, "I wonder if am still on the webheads list - I havn't got webheads emails for a long time."

JohnSte says, "you're lucky then."

VanceS says, "really? I can check for you."

JohnSte says, "The rest of us recieved 31-32 nessages from someone, with a virus."

VanceS says, "Yeah, but I've cut that off now. No more attachments."

VanceS says, "That should work."

JohnSte says, "It should."

MoralL says, "A virus? I didn't get it... sure I was lucky."

MoralL says, "who"

VanceS says, "The viruses were all in attachments. Actually I sent an email about free virus protection sortware."

JohnSte says, "I have Norton, and I keep it updated (fortunately)."

VanceS asks, "Do you have virus protection Moral?"

MoralL says, "Yes, I downloaded a free one from"

JohnSte asks, "Do you keep it up to date?"

MoralL says, "I update it from time to time."

VanceS says, " that's the one I use"

JohnSte says, "Symantic, that's the one I use."

JohnSte says, "I update it every week."

VanceS says, "That's good Moral. You should be alright. And don't open attachments"

MoralL asks, "Any luck with Michael to get in here?"

MoralL says, "I mean I even didn't get the email with the virus."

VanceS says, "Sorry, Moral. So much going on in the other chats."

MoralL says, "ok"

VanceS says, "Michael is stuck. that's one of teh people I was trying to help"

Michael [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS exclaims, "There he is!"

MoralL says, "Hi MIchael."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Hooray - made it finally!"

VanceS asks, "How did you find us finally, MC?"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Hello John. V - you still haven't decorated!"

Michael [guest] exclaims, "i forgot that I had to enter my name first!"

JohnSte says, "Not yet. I haven't had much time."

VanceS says, "ahhhh"

VanceS says, "I've tried decorating. Hit a wall and stopped."

Michael [guest] says, "Maybe you should attend fewer conferences..."

JohnSte says, "I'm trying to decorate my office, too. It just takes so much time."

Michael [guest] asks, "How's life Moral?"

VanceS says, "When you figure it out let me know and we can do mine."

MoralL asks, "fince thanks and how about you Michael?"

VanceS says, "Actually, I was almost there."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Everything is good Moral. One small problem - we've lost the keys to one of our cars!"

JohnSte says, "Happened to me once."

MoralL says, "ahhh..."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "And i want to sell it because it's old but I need the key to sell it!"

JohnSte says, "The locksmith came to take out the lock, and found the key on the ground next to the car."

MoralL says, "maybe you will have to open it with a screwdriver."

Michael [guest] asks, "Good one John! How much did the locksmith charge for that?"

VanceS says, "must be hard to sell a car without the key"

Michael [guest] exclaims, "That's what I'm thinking Vance!"

JohnSte says, "US$10 for the visit."

Michael [guest] says, "That's not too much."

JohnSte says, "Not at all. Especially since i had been looking for it all day."

Michael [guest] says, "I think it's more than that here. And I've spent about 2 hours looking today..."

JohnSte says, "I just found a key the other day - to a car we sold five years ago."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "I have *lots* of old keys - and I wonder what they're for!"

MoralL says, "it's always hard to find things when you needi them."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "We have a saying about that in English Moral. We say "it's Murphy's law." It means that if things can go wrong then they will!"

JohnSte says, "I have a key on my key-ring. I thought it was for one of my doors. Now I can't figure out what it IS for."

Michael [guest] asks, "Someone else's house maybe?"

JohnSte says, "And it's corallary - If more than one thing can go wrong, the one that goes wrong will be the one that causes the most damage by going wrong."

MoralL says, "got it."

VanceS says, "Moral, I'm looking at the egroups site and I don't see you on the list"

VanceS says, "what's your email? I'll add you while I'm here."

MoralL says, "thanks vance. I'll join again..."

MoralL says, "I think i should change my email address which often goes wrong."

Michael [guest] asks, "What have you been doing lately Moral?"

MoralL says, "I changed my job... I am finding the best position for myself."

Michael [guest] asks, "What job are you doing now?"

MoralL says, "I work in computer again."

MoralL says, "for a hotel..."

Michael [guest] asks, "It is OK? A good job?"

VanceS says, "If you want me to I can enter your email address at the site while I'm here."

MoralL says, "I am not sure."

VanceS asks, "Not sure if it's a good job?"

Michael [guest] asks, "You're not sure if it is a good job? Have you just started there?"

MoralL says, "Thanks is easy for me to trouble for you ."

VanceS says, "ok, no problem"

MoralL says, "Yes, I just changed to it... a very short time."

VanceS asks, "What do you do exactly in your job?"

MoralL says, "there is a LAN in hotel...I maitain it."

MoralL says, "so we are doing the same job, Vance."

Michael [guest] asks, "How big is the hotel? How many pc's?"

VanceS says, "Well I don't maintain the LAN exactly but I work closely with the person who does."

MoralL says, "it has 289 guest rooms and about 40 2000 network."

Michael [guest] says, "OK - that can't be too hard then. But I'm guessing because I don't do that kind of work."

MoralL says, "there is much for me to learn about win2000 network..."

Michael [guest] says, "I see."

Michael [guest] asks, "Do you get foreign guests at the hotel? Do you ever need to use Engloish at work?"

MoralL asks, "What kind of network do you use, Vance and Michael?"

JohnSte says, "I use Windows NT."

JohnSte says, "We are considering changing to Windows 2000"

JohnSte says, "(At school, I mean)"

MoralL says, "Yes, we do. But i am not receptionist and I don't contact the guest."

Michael [guest] asks, "I don't know Moral. I'm ignorant about such things. I just help people out with software. Could it be Novell?"

VanceS says, "NT4, and I have a Windows2000 computer at home."

VanceS says, "I'm going to mini-LAN it with otehr computers there."

Michael [guest] says, "We certainly use Windows."

VanceS says, "I may need your help"

MoralL says, "Me? vance."

MoralL says, "John, windows 2000 is very good for's easy to manage pcs..."

JohnSte says, "I'm not in charge of the network, I just had to fill out the requisition for the Department's TELL Center LAN."

JohnSte says, "That's why I know what we use."

VanceS says, "Yeah Moral. I will get an NIC card for my otehr computer and network it with my Windows 2000 one"

MoralL says, "you just need to fix it and install its drivers."

MoralL says, "widows 2000 will connect you to the lan auto."

VanceS says, "I'll email you if I get any problem"

VanceS says, "I have to set up the LAN first"

MoralL says, "Ok."

MoralL says, "I thought you had the LAN."

VanceS says, "This is at home. I'm going to make a LAN."

MoralL asks, "interesting... how many coputers do you have at home?"

VanceS says, "Sorry Moral, in Homestead again"

MoralL says, "ok"

VanceS says, "I have several. But I'm going to start with two."

VanceS says, "And add others to the LAN as I go."

VanceS says, "FOr example, Ihave an ethernet card in my laptop so I'll add that in."

VanceS says, "That's my plan."

VanceS asks, "Now I just need a network manager?"

MoralL says, "you just need a hub and you don't have to set up a sever."

Michael [guest] says, "I was watching a move about the Beach Boys earlier and I'm going to go and watch the end of it."

VanceS says, "Do you think I need a hub? For the 3rd computer yeah. But I thought to just wire these NIC to NIC"

MoralL says, "well, hope to see you soon Michael."

VanceS asks, "MC, you'd rather watch Beach Boys than talk to us?"

VanceS says, "I saw them perform once, in my distant youth."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "So I'll say goodbye and leave you and Vance to your tech talk! wel OK...I coild stay a little longer!"

JohnSte says, "Have fun, Michael."

VanceS says, "Just kidding MC, join your family."

Michael [guest] says, "The movie's about their early days and their dreadful father."

JohnSte says, "I never saw the Beach Boys, although I do know some Beach Bums."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Actually I won't be joining the family. Everyone is out except for wife who's asleep on the lounge room floor!"

Michael [guest] exclaims, "except for MY wife!"

VanceS says, "oh no"

VanceS says, "She obviously doesn't share your keen interest in Webheads"

Michael [guest] says, "No Vance, but I think if we had 2 Internet lines she would join us."

MoralL says, "so you need a LAN too, Michael."

VanceS says, "You could get DSL"

Michael [guest] asks, "That's right Moral! What is DSL?"

VanceS says, "ANd a LAN and you both could go online at once and talk on the phone too"

VanceS says, "I haven't got it yet but it's technology that uses your existing copper wiring to allow you to stay permanently on the Internet"

MoralL says, "We call it ADSL."

Michael [guest] says, "I see. We will have to do something actually because we both need to be online a lot without tying up the telephone line. i find i'm suinmg my mobile (cell) phone a lot more and that's expensive."

VanceS says, "YOu should look into it"

JohnSte says, "I put in 2 phone lines to solve that problem."

MoralL says, "Me too...i have a line only for connecting the internet."

Michael [guest] says, "Yes. I shoud just bit the bullet as they say and just do it."

Michael [guest] says, "I mean "bite the bullet""

JohnSte says, "Might be a good idea, Michael, but be careful with your teeth."

Michael [guest] says, "LOL"

VanceS says, "If you can GET DSL then it might be cheaper than an extra phone line, but it isnt' cheap usually."

JohnSte says, "I only pay US$20 a month for my extra phone line."

Michael [guest] says, "Moral, in case you're wondering "bite the bullet" means to make a difficult decision and act on it. Stop thnking and talking about something and do it."

Michael [guest] says, "So I should bite the bullet."

MoralL says, "You are reading my mind... I was just asking it."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "I thought so...or I thought maybe Moral is looking it up in a dictionary!"

MoralL says, "I didn't get it in my dictionary..."

Michael [guest] says, "So you did look it up! Many expressions like that are not in the average dictionary."

MoralL says, "yes... only some are."

MoralL says, "so it is good to learn while useing."

JohnSte says, "It comes from a time when there were no anesthetics. If they had to operate on you on the battle field, they would have you bite on a bullet to help keep the pain down."

Michael [guest] says, "Thanks John! Amazing."

Michael [guest] says, "So it's a war expression which has passed into normal usage."

MoralL says, "I jot it... so it's easy to remember after knoing what is comes from."

Michael [guest] says, "That's true Moral."

MoralL ..s it comes from...

VanceS says, "I think they would wrap the bullet in a cloth"

JohnSte says, "Not just war, also in the old American West. I prefer the other anesthetic they used."

JohnSte says, "Whiskey."

Michael [guest] says, "I'll try that the next time I'm in pain."

JohnSte asks, "Which, the bullet or the whiskey?"

Michael [guest] says, "I'll leave that for you to figure out...."

JohnSte says, "LOL"

VanceS says, "Just don't set it near your computer"

Michael [guest] exclaims, "I was wondering if you'd say something like that V!!!!"

VanceS says, "snap"

JohnSte says, "crackle"

VanceS says, "Snap is a card game, Moral"

Michael [guest] says, "Now if it was champagne......"

MoralL asks, "what card?"

Michael [guest] says, "Whisky and me are not great friends."

JohnSte says, "snap, crackle, and pop is what Rice Krispies Cereal is supposed to do."

MoralL says, "rice krispies cereal? i am puzzled."

Michael [guest] exclaims, "Ok - it's time I got back to the movie. Nice talking to you guys. I'll leave John to clear up the confusion Moral!"

JohnSte says, "It is a cereal made out of toasted rice. When you add milk, it makes a noise like snap, crackle and pop."

MoralL says, "card game....I thought net card.."

Michael [guest] says, "lol"

For Moral: Snap is a card game where if you see a card you can play you have to put it quickly on a pile, before the next person, and say "snap" which is also the sound the card makes. It's a fast game, so when Michael or I get there first in a chat, we always say 'Snap". Snap, crackle, and pop are all sounds that a cereal makes when you pour milk on it. The name of the cereal that made those sounds famous in its tv commercials was Rice Krispies.

JohnSte says, "See you, Michael."

MoralL says, "nice talking to you michael. bye for now"

Michael [guest] says, "Bye. Have a good week."

VanceS has lost his link.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun May 20 07:00:17 2001 PDT.

At this point, John and Moral lost their links with Tapped In as well, and Vance was not able to get back into the site

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ICQ logs

Vance: (5:59 PM) Moral try this site

Moral: (6:03 PM) Ok, I'll try it later but i've got to go now...We use hub to build LAN in domain or workgroups. We don't connect the computers directly...but i'd be happy to help you if can.

Vance: (6:04 PM) Yeah, we use hubs too. I'll probably get one. OK, thanks for joining us

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