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Webheads chat logs from April 29, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan

We had a nice chat as usual. We discussed what Ying Lan had been reading. Vance talked about the plenary address he's giving in Cyprus next Saturday. He explained how it was due to Webheads that he went to Barcelona and met Sophie from Cyprus and got invited to give a talk there. And because Eric Baber was in the live Webheads chat in Barcelona, he offered his server so that we could audio-stream the presentation from Cyprus. So it's because of all the people in the Webheads group that very productive things are happening. And Webheads can hear the presentation and join in the chat as well. I'll send more information by email.

Two mysteries occurred during the chat. See if you can read the logs and figure them out. First, there were some very strange people in the GroupBoard chat room. Can you figure out who they were? And John had to leave the chat abruptly. He said it wasn't an emergency but he had to fix it in the next 30 min. Now we're all trying to figure out what you would have to fix in half an hour's time. Any guesses? But you won't find the answer to that one in the chat logs tonight! Send your guesses to!

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Groupboard

Homestead logs

Connected and signed in.

Members of room: Anonymous9623 John ying Maggi

<ying> I can not hear the pronouncation of my dictionary either.

<ying> I think that my computer has some problem with voice program.

<Vance> Hi. What dictionary is that?

<ying> hello vance

<John> Hi Vance

<ying> I can not hear maggi's voice.

<Vance> Lucky you!

<Maggi> now now



<ying> thanks... sarcastic tone!!

<Maggi> lol

<Vance> are you in excite?

<ying> NO.. I signed off.

<Maggi> yes

<John> Yes, I am

<Maggi> her mike stuck

<Vance> ooooo

<ying> because I can not hear you, but you guys hear my typing sound.

<Vance> We've been having a lot of problems like that with excite

<ying> mike stuck... maybe not.

<Maggi> try it again Ying

<Vance> I'll fire mine up.

<Maggi> light a fire in Excite...hmmmmmmm

<ying> It doesn't work.

<John> Did you hear me, Ying?

<Maggi> I heard you

<John> I hear you, Ying.

<ying> Did you say something?

<Maggi> I heard both of ou

<Vance> Funny, excite doesn't give me the option of going on as a guest

<ying> I did not hear you both.

<Vance> did you have that problem?

<John> Yes, I said Hello, Ying

<Maggi> I did but I guess you can't hear me

<ying> I think that something wrong with my computer.

<ying> It's could be the problem with sound card.

<Maggi> I hear you typing....pretty fast :-)

<John> I always sign on in my account, Vance.

<ying> yes...

<Vance> I closed the window and revisited it and I got it

<Vance> I always come on as guest

<Vance> Yeah, I can hear you, but I don't have a mic in yet

<Vance> oh yes I can!!!

<Maggi> :-o)

<Maggi> did you come on as a guest Ying

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan, I just joined Maggi and John in Excite

<Vance> are you here in Homestead?

<John> Ying, are you there?

<ying> Yes, I can not hear you in Excite.

<Vance> We're not talking about anything in Excite.

<John> Do you think it might be you ear phones or speaker?

<Vance> Let's talk here. How is everyone?

<John> I'm fine.

<Maggi> fine

<Vance> What were you doing last week Ying Lan? Something in Taipei?

<John> Only 2 people in the Groupboard - Joe Blow and Monkey Man.

<Maggi> :-o)

<ying> I went to Taipei by train on Sunday morning.

<Vance> At our groupboard site?

<John> Yes, Vance.

Vance goes to the GroupBoard site to see what Joe Blow and Monkey Man are doing there ...

<Maggi> a rose by any other name is still a rose

<ying> I arrived at the dormitory around noon.

<John> A rose by any other name would be called a stink weed.

<Maggi> lo

<ying> a STINK WEEK

<ying> stink weed

<John> It's an old joke, Ying.

<Vance> I'm heading there myself. What were you doing in Taipei then, I forget.

<Maggi> something smelly

<ying> I went to our National Palace Museum.

<Maggi> stink weed not Taipei

<Vance> What did you do there?

<ying> I planed to visit the painting exhibition here, but the board ..." from 1/20 to 4/20: ...

I thought it was over, so I went to visit The traditional parts of the museum.

<Maggi> looked at something special?

<ying> For foreigners, everything is special in our museum.

<Maggi> like?

<ying> For me.... I had not been here for over 20 years until I was here on last Sunday.

<Maggi> long time

<John> Too long.

<ying> I remember that I saw a brush painting --" Eight prized Steeds" drawed by Jesuit

Gibueppe Castiglione"... It was really beautiful.

<John> Did you see anything else interesting?

<ying> some famous jade .. antiques

<John> That sound like someting worth seeing.

<ying> some famous paintings...

<Vance> Ying Lan, there are some very strange people in our GroupBoard chat room.

<Maggi> they had the jade man on exhibit here from China

<ying> very strange people?

<Vance> I thought they were normal until one of them laughed.

<ying> what have they done?

<Maggi> funny guy that Joe

<ying> Are they jerks?

<Maggi> lol

<Vance> there's that laugh again

<Vance> They're worse than jerks

<John> How is that possible?

<Vance> They're WEBHEADS!

<Vance> You can always tell a webhead. Doesn't take long.

<ying> Do you enjoy a good time with them?

<John> Nice picture, Vance.

<Vance> Yeah, one of them has just put a picture on the board

<Vance> So when are you guys going to save some pictures?

<Vance> You can clear the one that's there now and make your own if you like.

<John> I just lost my connection to Group Boards

<Vance> So you did.

ying has left the chat room.

<Maggi> now you can come back and be something different

Anonymous80 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous80 is now known as ying.

<ying> I am back

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> revolving doors here

<ying> revolving doors ?

<Vance> Revolving doors are doors that go round and round in windy cities

<Vance> Do you know them?

<ying> Yes, I know..

<ying> Why did you mention it?

<Vance> Because you and John are coming in and out like you are going through revolving doors

<ying> I tried to visit the board..

<Vance> Do you have the url?


<ying> Yes... but this window will be closed ..

<Vance> oh really? Can you do file/open new window?

<ying> NO... I am tired...

<Vance> Have you seen the groupboard?

<ying> The picture...

<Vance> And do you know about the presentation next Saturday?

<ying> with smile

<Vance> Yeah, anyone can leave a picture.

<ying> I read a little your email...

<Vance> Next Saturday is really groundbreaking

<Vance> We're going to stream my talk from Cyprus, audiostream

<Vance> I'll send an email about it.

<Vance> But the really neat thing is that it is possible because of Webheads

<Vance> Do you remember Eric,Ying Lan?

<Vance> Eric Baber?

<ying> NO, I don't.. who is Eric?

Anonymous907 has joined the chat room.

<ying> A teacher comes from U.K. .. I read your email mentioned.

<Vance> He was in our chat room when I was in Barcelona. Maybe some other times too.

Anonymous907 is now known as John.

<Vance> So I don't know him actually, except that he sometimes joined our chats.

<ying> what's happen to him?

<Vance> But he offered us the use of his server so we could broadcast the conference

<ying> That's nice.

<ying> what time is the conference in Taiwan?

<Vance> So anyone can listen to me (and others) talk live next Sat at 7:30 a.m GMT

<Vance> OR you can hear it in the archive.

<ying> I know nothing about GMT..

<Maggi> must be evening

<Vance> AND you can join the conference chat or you can come to excite and talk during the plenary

<John> 3:30 am is too early for me to get here. (It is 3:30 pm your time, Ying

<Maggi> what time is it there now Yng

<ying> It is p.m. 8:55

<Vance> are you guys 12 hours apart John?

<John> Yes.

<Vance> So you are GMT plus 8

<John> Michael said he is going to join us soon.

<ying> OH.. too bad.. I am afraid that I can not be the conference at 3:30 pm here.

<Vance> That means 7:30 a.m. is 15:30 pm, so john is right

<Maggi> duh..

<Vance> Michael will be there (are you ok Maggi? Did you fall and hit your head?)

<Maggi> duh...

<ying> really??

<Vance> I think she fell again ...

<Maggi> I'll be ther too

<John> Sounds like it, Ying.

<Vance> I'll send email about it. Actually I'm very busy preparing it.

<Vance> And Sophie is going crazy in Cyprus. You know Sophie, right Ying Lan?

<ying> yes, I do

<ying> will you meet in Cyprus?

<Vance> She's the one putting on the conference. I actually met her in Barcelona and she asked me to talk at her conference.

<Vance> So it's very much a Webheads event !! :-)))

<Vance> You can see how Webheads has influenced my life!

<Maggi> :-)

<ying> Waaa.. does bobi know it?

<Vance> Of course. She doesn't mind. She's a lovely person.

<ying> I am kidding...

<Vance> She would come with me but she has to teach here in Abu Dhabi.

<ying> That's why I admire you, Vance. It is very hard to find a soul mate in our life.

<Vance> It happens :-)

<ying> Not me.

<Vance> :-(

<Maggi> and not often

<Vance> But maybe it will !!! :-))

Anonymous5731 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous5731 is now known as Michael.

<ying> I read a book today.. it is "Tusedays with Morrie" .. but it is a Chinese version.

<Michael> Hellooooooo!

<Vance> You know what they say

<Vance> Hi Michael

<ying> Hellooooooooooo

<Maggi> Hi Michael

<Vance> Itttt sssssss

<John> Hi Michael.


<ying> You know what they say... say what?

<Michael> Sorry I interrupted you Ying...

<Maggi> you are a blabbermouth Vance

<ying> it is o.k

<Vance> who me?

<Michael> What about this book Ying?

<Vance> what about (Michael said I could tell Maggi!!)

<Maggi> no, the guy behind ou...

<Vance> ... behind ou ...

<Michael> (Yes - V can't be trusted!)

<Maggi> you

<Vance> Who me? I can't be trusted. No way!

<Michael> Yes way.

<Vance> WAY

<ying> You don't know the book called "Tusedays with Morrie"?

<Vance> What did I do?

<Vance> (I don't know the book)

<Michael> I don't know it Ying...

<John> I never heard of it, Ying.

<Maggi> nothing

<John> Tell us about it.

<Michael> So we all know nothing!

<ying> Really,,.,... I thought that eveyone has read the book.

<Maggi> you are everyone :-)

<Vance> is it famous in Taiwan?

<Vance> (thanks for changing the subject Ying Lan)

<ying> Tuesdays with morrie .. an old man, a young man and life's great lesson by mitch albom

<Michael> What IS life's great lesson??? TELL ME!

<ying> Yes, the Chinese version sold well in last year.

<Maggi> what is the lesson?

<John> This true story about the love between a spiritual mentor and his pupil has soared to the bestseller list for many reasons

<John> I just checked Amazon

<ying> The old man was a professer and the young man was his student 16 years ago.

<Vance> sounds like something out of DH Lawrence

<Maggi> which is good

<ying> They met again when the professor was sick of ALS

<Michael> ...but what is the great lesson about life? That I should love my teacher???

<Maggi> sixck with what

<Vance> The great lesson is not to ask so many questions

<Michael> Ha ha

<Michael> ha

<ying> At the rest life of the professor, they talked about the life and death and everything...

<Vance> Sartre might have expressed it a little differently, but the same principle

<Maggi> is ALS Alzheimers?

<Michael> brb - going to install Excite chat...

Michael has left the chat room.

<ying> The author Mitch went to the professor's house every Tuesday just like he went

to disscuss with his teacher when he was studying in Universaity.

<ying> I don't know the answer.. maggie.

<ying> I just heard that a friends was crying when he read the book.

<ying> So I decided to buy it and read it today.

<ying> a friend

<Vance> In English?

<ying> In Chinese.

<ying> I hope that I can buy the English version here.

<ying> It is a great book...

<ying> He stressed the Family is very important to everyone.

<Vance> Have you read Love in the Time of Cholera?

<John> Something has come up here. I have to leave and take care of it. See you all later.

<ying> Not yet.

<Maggi> or friends if no family is around

<Vance> ok, hope it's not serious John

<John> Not too serious, but it has to be fixed within the next 30 minutes.

<Maggi> bye John

<ying> someone told me... In political, in money, in love and in work.. there is no friend.

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> sounds like plumbing

<Maggi> lots of water

<Maggi> toilet maybe

<Vance> 30 min, that's not plumbing

<ying> maggi... what wrong with toilet..

<Vance> what do you think John has to fix in the next 30 min?

<Vance> program the vcr maybe?

<Maggi> we can ask him later when he fixes it

<Vance> but it's more fun to guess

<Maggi> true

<Vance> You had to think about it?

<ying> I am sorry, It is time to go to bed .

<ying> I did not sleep well last night.

<Vance> OK YL, thanks for popping by

<Vance> Why not?

<Maggi> bye Ying...sleep well

<ying> I don't know.. I just wake up at 3:00 am

<Vance> heat?

<ying> I need to read more English books... but I was so lazy.

<Vance> We say, so many books, so little time

<ying> i felt guilty when i did something else.

<ying> How can I recite the books and poetry?

<Vance> I feel very gulty about not being totally prepared for Cyprus

<ying> it is impossible for an old lady.

<ying> what can you do?

<Vance> what old lady? I don't see an old lady here!

<ying> me.

<Maggi> bahh

<Vance> No way, you're not even 40

<Maggi> what does that make me then?

<ying> I am close to be 40.

<Vance> You're a young lady. Even 40 is young.

<ying> thanks.

<ying> I need to go ... see you next week.

<Vance> ok, see you then


Jump to logs from: Homestead | Groupboard

GroupBoard logs

Vance has entered the chat diguised as Bear. He wants to find out what the other two are doing there. Can you figure out who the other people are and what they are doing in our chat room?

<monkey man> Hello there, Bear

<Bear> hello

<Bear> what's up?

<monkey man> Besides the sky? not much.

<monkey man> How about with you?

<Bear> Might have some students dropping in soon.

<monkey man> I hope so.

<Joe Blow> oh...?

<Bear> Are you involved with Webheads?

<Joe Blow> lol

<Bear> Do I know that laugh?

<monkey man> Sounds familiar.

<Bear> Yeah, I know that laugh

<Joe Blow> yep

<Bear> I'd recognize that laugh anywhere

Vance returns to Homestead. He knows who the two are now!

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Groupboard

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