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Webheads in Action: Community formation online and its role in language learning
A presentation at the 1st ELT Online Conference November 11, 2001, 13:00-13:50 GMT
by Vance Stevens, Michael Coghlan, and John Steele

Writing for Webheads is an ESL class that has met live on line each week since 1998. Considering that the class is given free by volunteer teachers, its long-standing viability suggests that participants are getting more out of it than they are putting in.

What incentives do teachers and students have to stay with the class for so long, and what benefits accrue to all concerned? This presentation takes you on a tour of the Webheads community in hopes of gaining insights to the answers to these questions.

Slide 1 Who are the Webheads ? - a history and overview
Slide 2 Webheads main page - navigating our site through its portal
Slide 3 Tutors and Friends pages - getting to know the community members
Slide 4 What have the Webheads been doing for the past three years? - view some reports and studies
Slide 5 What do we do each week? - current components to a typical class session & chaos navigation
Slide 6 Our chat logs - trace the evolution of a robust online community
Slide 7 What keeps us together? - that's what we'd like to know, and what others can learn from us

Vance Stevens

Michael Coghlan

John Steele

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