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ICQ Conversations with Nicia

Vance meets Nicia on ICQ

January 7, 2001

Nicia's homepage:
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Nima 1/7/01 7:47 PM Hi Vance! I am talking with Maggi ....

Vance 1/7/01 7:47 PM Hi how are you. We missed you in the chat tonight (but early for you!)

Nima 1/7/01 7:48 PM I was asking her just about the time...

Vance 1/7/01 7:48 PM the time? Noon gmt, each Sunday

Nima 1/7/01 7:49 PM Do you know the url where I can see the gtm oclock?

Vance 1/7/01 7:50 PM

(We talk on for a while ... )

Vance 1/7/01 8:00 PM OK, what are you doing with paper these days?

Nima 1/7/01 8:01 PM puting in order....there are many papers here in my office!!!!

Vance 1/7/01 8:02 PM Don't you make use of recycled paper?

Nima 1/7/01 8:03 PM sure! I´m working with people who catches paper on street... they are one organizacion like a fundacion....

Nima 1/7/01 8:03 PM look about in

Vance 1/7/01 8:04 PM So do you pay them for the paper?

Nima 1/7/01 8:04 PM They pays me for consulting about how do make papers....

Nima 1/7/01 8:05 PM But I payed when I need to buy white and clean used papers....

Vance 1/7/01 8:05 PM I see. So they collect the paper, and you put it to good use. What kinds of things do you do with it?

Vance 1/7/01 8:06 PM Or what do you advise them to do?

Nima 1/7/01 8:07 PM Many things! We maked the Maxitel telecomunicacions christmas card!

Vance 1/7/01 8:07 PM I saw your picture at a press of some kind. What kind of machine was that?

Vance 1/7/01 8:08 PM Is that Christmas card for charity or for profit?

Nima 1/7/01 8:09 PM Now, I am the teacher, and I do a cooperation with my employement - Paper Office, and I do a support. Profit, but with a voluntary project together...

Vance 1/7/01 8:10 PM What kind of voluntary project is it?

Nima 1/7/01 8:11 PM They helps and do marketing.

Vance 1/7/01 8:13 PM What got you into working with recycled paper?

Nima 1/7/01 8:15 PM We , in ASMARE, the association have a special space now, to do shows, performances, working in a many projects. I got many things with my work....

Vance 1/7/01 8:16 PM I'm trying to get the web site. OK, thanks for the conversation. I'm interested in your work and would like to know more about it. Maybe you could describe it briefly for us. Later, in email.

Vance 1/7/01 8:16 PM The web site isn't loading in :-(

Nima 1/7/01 8:16 PM So... I need to go now... I have lunch with mammy and daddy.... and my sons.

Vance 1/7/01 8:16 PM ok bye and thanks for the chat

Nima 1/7/01 8:17 PM Did you see mine?

Nima 1/7/01 8:17 PM thank you, Vance! It is important to me... talking in english.... sorry mistakes! :) bye.... have a good evening!

Vance 1/7/01 8:17 PM nice flash graphic!

Nima 1/7/01 8:18 PM My son Leadro did!

Nima 1/7/01 8:18 PM Leandro.... he is 16 years old...

Vance 1/7/01 8:18 PM ok, looking at your site. My son is 15 and I'm trying to get him to do sites.

Nima 1/7/01 8:18 PM So... bye, bye! see you soon..... thanks.

Vance 1/7/01 8:18 PM I'm looking at produitos

Nima 1/7/01 8:19 PM sorry... but I need to go.....

Vance 1/7/01 8:19 PM me too. Dinner time. Thanks for showing me your site.

Vance 1/7/01 8:19 PM bye

Nima 1/15/01 5:29 PM Hi Vance... how are you today! Before we talked I found many references about me in "papel reciclado artesanal" - like recicle hand made paper ...

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