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Conversations with Nicia

Vance meets Nicia on ICQ

March 8, 2001

Nicia's homepage:
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Vance 3/8/01 4:54 PM Hi Nicia. How are you. About to go to work?

Nima 3/8/01 4:55 PM Hi Vance, I´m good thanks. I´m working however...

Vance 3/8/01 4:55 PM How was carnival. Did you celebrate it?

Nima 3/8/01 4:56 PM No... I was resting....

Vance 3/8/01 4:56 PM So not everyone celebrates Carnival? Seems like it would be too noisy to rest ...

Nima 3/8/01 4:57 PM Not in my city because eveyone goes out to another places....

Vance 3/8/01 4:59 PM oh, let's see, are you in Belo Horizonte or Sao Paolo? Sao Paolo isn't it?

Nima 3/8/01 5:01 PM Belo Horizonte. It´s not so big like São Paulo. We are near Ouro Preto, do you know? It´s a historical city.

Vance 3/8/01 5:03 PM I've been south of Rio but never to the north of there, and no, I don't know Ouro Preto. You should write us and tell us about it.

(after a few minutes ...)

Vance 3/8/01 5:15 PM How is your work with the street people?

Nima 3/8/01 5:19 PM It is walking slowly like all in Brazil. We dont have much money and things are difficult. Now we are going to see if the World Bank can help us.

Vance 3/8/01 5:20 PM It's not profitable on its own?

Nima 3/8/01 5:22 PM Half own and half profitable. They has 10 years and need to be independent.

Vance 3/8/01 5:23 PM Do you employ the street people, or does it work like a cooperative?

Nima 3/8/01 5:24 PM They work like a association. All of them have a participation in profit.

Vance 3/8/01 5:26 PM And what do they do exactly, bring in recyclable scrap?

Nima 3/8/01 5:28 PM They sale recyclable scrap to fabrics.

Vance 3/8/01 5:29 PM They sell recyclable scrap to factories? Do you mean any scrap, or mainly paper products (I know your work is with paper)

Nima 3/8/01 5:31 PM yes. thanks for correct. Any scrap, like a Mac Donalds dirt, papers or any recyclable.

Vance 3/8/01 5:33 PM I hope I'm not keeping you from your work, but I'm curious about this. I hope you don't mind. Assuming that they can get something from the factories for nothing (scrap they pick up) what do you need money from the World Bank for?

Nima 3/8/01 5:38 PM No, this is different things. One of this, with money from World Bank, is for we do one little fabric, like mine, to make handmade paper and sell it and products. Another one is the work with scrap, and this is the more important because they are many people who was live in street and not more with this work. Can you understand?

Vance 3/8/01 5:43 PM Sorry, I lost my connection suddenly. I was just replying to your message. You have a small factory, or workshop. And I gather that you are organizing street people to recycle on a larger scale to big businesses. I think that's a worthy goal, and I hope you succeed in it. The answer to my question, why does this need money from the world bank, would tell me more about your ambitions for this project.

Vance 3/8/01 5:45 PM But I have to go. My wife just called and needs a ride. I hope we can continue this later. Do you mind if I put the part about your street people project on your web page? I think it's great work, and would be interesting for other webheads to know about. You can ICQ or email me your permission.

Vance 3/8/01 5:45 PM I'll have to go but I'll look for your reply later. All the best, V

Nima 3/8/01 5:47 PM I have a workshop. You have my permission.... but I think we are points to clean about. All the best too.

Thanks for granting permission. It would be nice for Webheads to learn more about your work. Our ostensible (look that one up) purpose is to help our group improve their English, but the means we choose is real-live communication among members, My own purpose is an interest in the technology and a genuine interest in others.

Vance 3/9/01 11:40 AM So if you want to clarify some points, please send us an email. Take care, Vance

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