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Meet Marina

Hello everybody!

I am very happy to join the webheads eclass.

My name is Marina. I am 34 years old. I live with my family in Rome, Italy and I work as a teacher in a Primary School. Besides other subjects I can teach English and French. I like studying foreign languages, especially English and I like travelling very much. At this time I'm very busy at home as I have a little child of 18 months. He's running all the time and he doesn't want me to stay in front of a computer, to read a book or to write, so I can do all these things only when he's sleeping.

It's very important for me to participate in an English course online. First of all I can practice the language. Then I can meet people for a friendly conversation, and finally I can improve my computer skills.

I've already met Vance, Michael, MAD and some of the students during the pleasant chat sessions on Sundays and I hope to meet other webheads in the future.


Marina, August 31, 2000

Antonio wrote, 31 August, 2000:

Welcome Marina!

My name is Antonio and I am from Mexico City. I am 16 years old and if we meet online you can talk with me!

And Mari wrote, 1 September, 2000:

Hello, Marina

My name is Mari. It is similar to your name. Welcome to this website. I'm glad to talk with you. Last Saturday my computer was broken at home! It is very inconvenient. Now I'm writing this mail at my office and today I have to change the HDD my computer. If not, I can not enjoy writing email this weekend.

Marina, let's talk about many things through this ML !

Faithfully Yours,

Marina writes back, 01 Sep 2000

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you for your emails.

To Vance: I saw my web page on the webheads site, I will try to add more information and maybe a photo ( I have to choose a nice one).You have done a very quick job!!

To Mari: You are right, our names sound very similar. Is your name a common one in Japan? My name was very popular in the sixties in Italy.

To Antonio: hasta la vista !



From Marina, November 8, 2000

Dear friends,

I'm very happy to be a webhead not only because I'm improving my English, but also because I've met such nice and dedicated people on the Internet.

I have to confess that in the last years I have found it increasingly difficult to communicate with people, especially at work. I have been working in Italian public schools for three years and I'm starting to get tired of the continuing opposition to new and innovative projects. After the last Sunday chat I was happy to start an email project between my two classes and two other classes abroad, but as soon as I tried to explain the project to my colleagues, they started to act against my intention using deceitful ways so that now for my tranquillity I've been forced to stop this project, and I think I'll stop this work too because I'm so angry with the school system.

A special thank you to Vance and Maggi who several times have tried to cheer me about life's problems.

I hope to meet you online soon,



Vance Responds

Hi Marina,

Thanks for your kind message. I'm glad we're encouraging your use of Internet with your classes, though I can't believe you would find opposition to such practices at work. At most places, Internet is encouraged, and there are a lot of email projects these days, as you can see from the urls I provided you.

Maybe your colleagues could be persuaded if you were able to model beneficial outcomes for them, but it seems you have decided that this is not the time for that. I hope you are able to resume your projects soon.

From Marina, November 11, 2000

I sent my last message three days ago and, after that, there's been a little improvement at work. I am lucky because the Principal of the school understands the importance of my project. Unfortunately, my colleagues (who are people of the old generation linked to old methods and with a strong will-power because they've been working in that school for twenty years) don't want me to start the project. I explained to them the good outcomes for the school and for them but they are too envious of me . So, in accordance with the Principal, I decided to stay away from the school for five months. In this way she'll have the time to find more suitable colleagues for me and I'll be able to go on with my project. As I am very nervous, I decided with my husband to go abroad on holiday . We'll go to Paris. I like this city very much because I worked there for one year in the past. I don't think I'll be able to see you this Sunday and next Sunday, but I'll try to stay in touch from Paris.

Thanks for all.



Marina sent us this recipe from her New Years dinner, 2001 ...

I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve, wherever you were.

For me it has been a family dinner with my parents, my brother, my sister, my aunt, my husband, and our son. I cooked for them with my mother's help.

Now I send you the recipe of the dish I told you during our last chat. I've traslated it from italian so, excuse me if you find any mistakes.


Sformato alle zucchine e asparagi
Courgettes and asparagus flan

(serves 8)


2 large courgettes (about 250gr.) (courgettes are also called zuccini, a kind of green squash - Vance)
4 eggs
4dl. milk
3 shallots (little French onions)
radicchio or chicory
olive oil


Serve it tepid with a finely chopped chicory salad around.

You can see a picture of Marina and her son at the Vatican on our Webheads greeting card, here <--

Marina and Vance found each other on ICQ, August 9, 2001:

Vance: (6:28 PM) Hello Marina. I'm just sitting at home meeting all kinds of people here on ICQ. How have you been?

marina: (6:33 PM) Hi Vance,
I'm very well.
I couldn't participate in webheads online chats because there's been a lot of changes in my life.
But I'm always having a look at the mailing list.
How are you?

Vance: (6:35 PM) I'm glad you're keeping track of us. I just got back from seeing my wife and kids in the states, and now I'm working on web pages here in Abu Dhabi. Going diving tomorrow.

Vance: (6:36 PM) So bring us up to date ... are you still teaching?

marina: (6:39 PM) Yes, I'm still a teacher for the moment.
But from September I hope i'll work in a new school.
I moved from Rome with my family and now I live near Milan.
What a big change!!

Vance: (6:40 PM) My wife will be in Milan in a few days. She's with Dusty my 16 year-old and they plan to go from the airport to Firenze and Pisa

Vance: (6:41 PM) Alitalia has good prices on flights from the UAE so we occasionally touch down in Milan. Do you like Milan, compared to Rome?

marina: (6:42 PM) It has a different style of living, maybe there's less confusion.
But Rome is more beautiful.

Vance: (6:45 PM) I agree. Milan is much more European. But you're closer to the mountains. I was just in Scuol, Switzerland, and was walking within kilometers of the Italian border.

marina: (6:48 PM) That's true!!
I've been in Switzerland recently.I'm living less then one hour by car from the Swiss border. I've been to St.Moritz.
It's a pity we can't talk anymore on the internet. It was very fun!
Do you think we'll be able to do it again?

Vance: (6:50 PM) St. Moritz is in the same area as Scuol, where I was. We were talking last week using Yahoo Messenger's voice chat. Do you have Yahoo Messenger?

marina: (6:58 PM) No, I haven't.
But I can manage to download it.
So you were near St Moritz? Maybe we could have met there!

Vance: (6:59 PM) It is indeed a small world. We have friends in Scuol. My 23-year old son and I made some walks in the area. We'll probably be back. We use Malpensa a lot.

marina: (7:04 PM) I was cut off by the provider!

Vance: (7:04 PM) Yeah, I saw you disappear and come back

marina: (7:12 PM) Anyway, Vance I'll try to join the sunday chat , but I'm not sure I'll be able to be there like before. Unfortunately now I have less time to dedicate to web chats, I'm very busy with my child, more then before.Now he's more fast and he's always running and breaking things!

Vance: (7:14 PM) How old is he?

Vance: (7:14 PM) Must be about 18 months or 2 years?

marina: (7:15 PM) Now He's 29 months and he's talking all the time.

Vance: (7:17 PM) mine are well past that stage but I remember the time. Where is he now? Asleep?

marina: (7:21 PM) No, He's playing with his father.
Usually I can do something for myself in the afternoon when he's sleeping.
On Sundays we usually go away for little trips in the region. We feel like tourists for now.

Vance: (7:22 PM) Write and tell us about one of your trips. Did you see Antonio's message?

marina: (7:24 PM) Yes I did.
I'll try to send you something.
Now I have to leave you, Vance.
Have a good day tomorrow!!

Vance: (7:26 PM) ok, you too. Enjoy life and the wines and mountains ...

marina: (7:26 PM) Sure....Bye :-)

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