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Meet Fin

Fin writes, Nov 20, 2002

Hi, everyone.

My name is Fin, a student from Taiwan. I found out about this group from my teacher, Mrs Yeh. I really want to enhance my writing skills and also my English ability. Nice to meet you.

I suggest many of you want to know more about me, so now I am going to introduce about myself :O)

There are five people in my family. My father, grandmom, a younger sister and a younger brother. I lived in Taipei more than 20 years until last year I when I started studying at this university in Kaoshung. Kaoshung is in the southern part of Taiwan while Taipei is in the northen part of Taiwan. It takes 6 hours to get to Taipei from Kaoshung by bus, and 4 hours by train. Due to the high cost and time of transportation, I usually go back home only once or twice a month.

Basically, I love Taipei more than Kaoshung, for unlike Taipei, here in Kaoshung transport is really inconvenient. However I think there is an adventage of this long distence. Since I can't stay at home for a long time, I don't have to spend much time getting along with my family. I have found that we don't have as many arguements and fights as we used to; instead we are now more considerate of each other.

Dafne responds, Nov 21, 2002

I am Dafne a Venezuelan living in Spain. I felt very identified with you when you said [what you wrote above]

- Why? Because when I was 19 I went to live in the USA and I felt the same way you described. My relationship with my family in Venezuela was much better and I started to see each member of my family in a different way. However, I was happy being far away and having my own private space.

Nowadays, having my family in Caracas, and being in Spain feels different. I miss them everyday and I would love to have them by my side. I feel that my parents are old and each day I am away is a day I am missing from their company that I will later regret.

But life is like that, and each individual needs to find his/her own space in life. What is important is that distances reaffirm our love for the dear ones because we concentrate on their qualities on not on their negative aspects which we sometimes exagerate.

that's all for now, nice meeting you.


Fin continues ...

Before studying in applied foreign language in Shin Chien University, which is in Kaoshung, southern part of Taiwan, I was studing in Banking and Insurance in a college in Taipei.

I was never really in the insurance field before, I am just studying subjects like insurance. The reason I chose to keep studying is because I am more interested in English than in insurance. I have found that I want to teach children English. I found my brother doesn't like English, and without any reason. I liked studying English from the first time, and that's because of my first teacher Astel, who was a really wonderful person. For English now is a very important language in Taiwan. I want everyone to love English because that can help learning.

As I am wondering about my future, there are so many posibilities and oportunities. I want to learn more skills, so instead of being an insurance agent, I choose to study.

Susanne writes to Fin, Nov 20, 2002

You ask me about the local wildlife. Well, in our back garden, we have a squirrel's nest - they are so fun to observe when they play and eat, and in the near neighborhood, a fox was bringing up her puppies under an old garden shed. We hear the foxes fight and mate in the late night. Neither squirrel nor fox are domesticated, but they feel safe in the human environment. The fox is a beauty to look at, however they are not popular because they may carry diseases that can contaminate our favorites, the dogs, cats, and even little children eating sand or soil.

We can also observe lots of smaller birds and enjoy their song. Regarding deer, I know they do live nearby the lake, but we almost never see them. They're shy because they are hunted, also the forest has been reduced heavily due to a motor highway cutting an ugly and noisy scar in the ancient green belt. Cars are the most protected species in this strange world :-)

Fin responds ...

It's so wonderful that you live near a lake area, Susanne, the scenery must be very beautiful. Can you see wild animals like deer often?

It's so great you can have the sight of squirrels and foxes all the time. Here, we rarely see a squirrel not to mention a fox. I think the issue of environment really needs to be the concern of more and more people. We humans are really strange creatures just like you said. However there is not much we can do about it.

Wish you all have a good day,


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Last updated: November 22, 2002