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Meet Dafne

Hi Everybody,

I am so excited! Today I received the book I got at the Networking2002 conference for winning the Art Competition with a "self-portrait" drawn at my groupboard page. The selected book is "The Cooperative Think Tank. Graphic Organizers to Teach Thinking in the Cooperative Classroom" by James Bellanca.

My excitement is not only because of the book, but because I am so bad at drawing that I could have never imagined that I would get a prize for any drawing of mine. Another marvel of this virtual world. This is the url to my self-portrait.

My inspiration was Sus' portrait. Once, while waiting for some online students, I decided to give my drawboard a try, and playing around my portrait was there. I saved it, and while attending the conference I decided, just for fun, to publish my "piece of art". Before the conference was over I went for a week to France and Sus wrote the news to the list and that's how I found out. I decided to share this experience with Webheads because the prize is yours too. Without your encouragement I would have never learned about all these web-tools and their possibilities.

Thanks again, :-))

Daf (Nov 21, 2002)

So many new members and topics!!! Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002

Dear All,

I have been away for some weeks, namely since I came to my country, due to many reasons that I will not be mentioning at this time, but I am so happy to see many new members and interesting topics being discussed.

I especially like the names topic. In Venezuela, following the Catholic Spanish tradition, names are related to Saints. However, people are usually given two names plus the two family names, while in Spain, most people only have one name. Names meanings are not so important here. What parents usually consider to name their kids is the saint corresponding to the child's birth date. There is one region in Venezuela (Zulia State), though, where names are very strange, parents mix the syllables of different names and they create new and original, sometimes weird ;-) names.

It is also common that a name is given to many kids during a given period of time. This name usually correspond to famous artists or any other well-known person. As a teacher, I have had 5 or 6 students with the same first name, in the same classroom, and to call each of them we have had to use their nicknames.

My case is different. My mother loves to read about mythology, and then she fell in love with my name (greek mythology) and the legend that goes with it and that is why I was named Dafne (Daphne), which was a nymph from the Olympus who turned into a plant of laurel when Apollo was trying to get her. So Dafne is laurel.

My father did not want to fall behind, and he selected another mythological name, but this name is a Venezuelan indigenous name: Ziruma which means "clear sky" or sky without clouds. I only use my first name and I even have a laurel plant at home. I have another name (believe it or not!) and I have been told that this is an arabic name: Yomar. I do not know anything about this name. If any of you do, let me know.

My last names are of Spanish origin and I do not know anything about their meanings.

See you soon,


Dafne is a participant in Webheads In Action: Find Dafne's WIA profile here

She is also conducting a 'video chat' project. Find out more here:

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