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Webheads chat logs from July 8, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Felix
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Brazil

Tapped in was down today, so we met in Homestead. Felix was there early looking for urls he could use in his reading comprehension class, so John and I made a few suggestions. Webheads were mostly thinking about their summer plans, so we talked about our vacations, coming up for Vance and John, with Michael just back from Victoria and British Columbia. Michael showed us his pictures at Ying Lan has an upcoming trip to New York, and Maggi has a summer project developing a learning center at KIKO. We talked about Webheads participation in the online Tapped In Summer Carnival August 8, with more information at, and Vance reminded everyone that our present Homestead chat site was due to work only through Sept. 30, and after that we would have to use the copy of the site at (the chat will look the same, but the url will change).

Click here for logs from: Making contact with ICQ| Homestead

Making contact with ICQ

Vance finds Felix in ICQ

Vance: (3:40 PM) Hi Felix. how are you. Coming to 'class'?

Grisham: (3:41 PM) yes.... That's why I am here so early... Where are you gathering?

Vance: (3:41 PM) tapped in, is that ok? I'll go there now

Grisham: (3:43 PM) www??

Vance: (3:43 PM)

Vance: (3:45 PM) are you having trouble getting it?

Grisham: (3:46 PM) browser is slow....... I am finsihsing a chat with a friend then I will go there

Vance: (3:46 PM) I just popped by

Vance finds John in ICQ

John Henry: (3:49 PM) Morning, Vance.

Vance: (3:49 PM) afternoon, I'm in Homestead but I can't reach tapped in, can you?

John Henry: (3:50 PM) Nope. I'm in homestead right now. Just saw you there.

Click here for logs from: Making contact with ICQ| Homestead

Homestead chat logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

Error: 462 'Anonymous4334 :You may not reregister

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous4334.

Members of room: Anonymous4334 John

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hi John. Can you reach tapped in?

<John> No, I can't.

Anonymous1 has joined the chat room.

<John> I thought it was just me, but. . .

<Vance> I guess we're here today then

Anonymous1 is now known as Felix.

<John> Morning, Felix.

<Felix> Yawning

<John> How's your day looking?

<Vance> Hi Felix. We can't reach Tapped In today.

<Felix> sunny but cold. I need a cigarette!!!!!!!!

<John> It's sunny and hot here today.

<Vance> You can't smoke in here. This is a no-smoking chat room.

<Felix> bye bye Vance.. (just kidding)

<Vance> (me too)

<Vance> (just kidding)

<Vance> Actually, you can do whatever you like in this chat room

<Felix> I am trying to quit but it's so damn hard

<John> My wife wants me to cut the grass after class - by then it will probably be almost 30 C.

<Vance> I'm glad I'm not addicted

<John> I quit almost 20 years ago.

<Felix> you are luck (Vance) and unluck (John)

<Vance> I smoked when I was a teenager, but I was running track and saw I couldn't do both

<John> Why am I unlucky? I no longer smoke (I was smoking 3 packs a day when I quit).

<Felix> what do you mean you were running track?

<Vance> field sports, sprinting, broad jump

<Felix> Because you have to cut the grass under a 30C

<Vance> It's in the 40s here

<John> Oh. Very unlucky. I was hoping to put it off until tomorrow morning.

<Felix> I see

<Vance> I'm about to go on vacation for 3 weeks. I wish I was going to Brazil.

<John> I just realized. When I cleaned out my computer at work, I forgot to erase my favorites list and eliminate MS Messenger.

<Vance> I'm going to texas to see my parents

<John> I just started my vacation.

<Felix> Really Vance.. You would love here

<Felix> I think I will buy just a cigarette not a pack of it

<Vance> I need to spend time with my parents this time. I wish I had gone there last year.

<Vance> I was worried about how much it would cost me to fly out of Brazil, remember?

<Felix> YEah Vance.. I remember that

<Vance> I ended up throwing away a plane ticket and having to buy another for $500 because of the airport closure in Caracas

<Vance> I'd have been better off in Brazil, though I enjoyed Venezuela until the rains came

<Felix> brb pals

<Felix> By the way, do you know where I get text and questions about it.. Like in a exam for comprehension??

<Vance> huh?

<Vance> reading comprehension?

<John> I'll have to check my list and let you know, Felix.

<Felix> I need to preprare 5 exams ... And I like to put a text and questions about the text.. Do you know where I can get it on net?

<Felix> Right Vance.. Reading comprehension.... LOL just to words and I spend 02 sentences trying to explain what I want.. LOL

<Vance> You can use Hot Potatoes to create the exercises

<Vance> But I presume you have the text, right?

<Felix> nope.. I want the text and questions

<John> Maybe he's like me - It's easier to find something already made.

<Felix> RIGHT john!!!!! LOL

<Vance> well, what level text?

<Vance> what subject?

<John> My questions are either too hard or too easy.

<Felix> basic and intermediate

<Felix> any subject

<Vance> what purpose?

<Felix> some can be hard other easy

<Felix> to help them understand a text in English... Build vocabulary....Sharp their knowledge

<Vance> Yeah, but not just any topic, out of the blue, any level?

<Felix> basic and intermediate Vance

<John> try

<Vance> try

<Felix> will try then

<Felix> them

<Vance> what's this with MS Messenger John, I use that a lot

Felix has left the chat room.

<John> You can't get in either?

<Vance> MSN Messenger? I think I'm in now

<John> My secretary uses it to communicate with us, but I haven't been able to get in for the past five days.

<Vance> I've been in for the past couple of days. Chatted with my family yesterday and this morning (night to you)

<Vance> Hey did you get my email about Aug 8 tapped in?

<John> I was able to get in at work a couple of times, but not here at home.

<John> Oh, and when I got in at work my contacts list was missing.

<Vance> hmmm

Anonymous8011 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> More good news, this chat room is closing Sept 30

Anonymous8011 is now known as Maggi.

<John> They say the service is temporarily unavailable.

<Vance> Hi Maggi

<Maggi> Hi

<Vance> MSN Service is temp unavailable?

<John> Hi maggi - So that is GOOD news?

<Maggi> yes...MSN is

<John> It has been for the past few days - and I keep getting messages from them at night saying that they are fixing it.

<Vance> I was being sarcastic

<John> I know, Vance. So was I.

<Vance> I've been getting MSN ok, Tapped In is down for John and I and ...

<Maggi> some people aren't affected yet

<Vance> And Homestead is forcing all subscribers to upgrade to paying status or ...

<John> Another URL for Felix:

<Vance> Their pages become unavailable

<Vance> So this chat room will likely go off the air Sept 30

<Maggi> se la vie

<John> So, how much is it going to cost?

<Vance> c'est la vie

<Vance> not much, but I've already bought into their professional services

<Maggi> keine schwein merkt es

<Vance> so I'll let this one lapse. there's an exact replica in hsprofessional

<Vance> merck?

<Maggi> merken, merkt

<Maggi> a verb

<Vance> ja? und merken stempt was?

<Maggi> stempt?

<John> $2.50 a month. I will probably upgrade, then.

<Vance> nein, hesse was?

<Vance> heise?

<Vance> heisse?

<Vance> was heise merkt?

<Maggi> is hot no I don't think

John has left the chat room.

Anonymous8864 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> That's two down. Felix left a second ago.

Anonymous8864 is now known as John.

<Maggi> merken means to notice

<Vance> ahh

<John> I should know better than to click on a link in my e-mail.

<Vance> I hope they provide ftp in that upgrade

<Vance> No ftp was getting to be a pain in the derriere

<John> I hope so, too.

<Vance> the only reason I bother with them is they are accessible in China

<Vance> I saw MC online earlier. Anyone have him on ICQ?

<John> I have a new page up (it's at geocities, though)

<John> Yes, I have him.

<Vance> what's your new page about?


<John> It's about the summer Intensive English Program i was coordinating. I'm putting pictures on it.

<Vance> Were you telling me that a link to the palace client wasn't working earlier?

<John> It is at

<Maggi> my virus checker checked and the ghe didn't make 8it

<John> ??

<Vance> the GHE, 8 bit?

<Vance> a hit

<Maggi> never mind

Anonymous1954 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous1954 is now known as Michael C.

<John> Morning/evening, Michael.

<Michael C> So we are back in Homestead. How is everyone?

<Vance> Hey there Michael

<Maggi> hi mc

<Vance> We can't reach tapped in. I'm a cuttin' an' a pastin'

<Michael C> Sounds like a song...

<Maggi> why...only teachers here?

<John> Sung to the toon of Rockin Robin?

<Michael C> I'm thinking of a Dusty Springfield song but can't remember the title!

<Vance> an a pastin, cuttin an a pastin

<Michael C> Last week there was a good roll up yes?

<John> Kissing and holding and holding and kissing?

<John> Don't recall the title, though.

<Vance> last week was quite good

<Michael C> Yes that one John!!

<Vance> cuttin an pastin an pastin an cuttin

<Michael C> Someone the other day referred to the new generation of students as the cut and paste generation!

<John> Wonder why Felix left.

<Maggi> he had to go

<John> And when you gotta go you gotta go?

<Maggi> something like that :-)

<Vance> Are you back at work now Michael?

<Michael C> Vance - what's the verdict on Prohosting as the home of the Webheads site?

<Vance> Prohosting for free? One problem

<Vance> They imbed a banner in each of your documents

<Michael C> And yes I am back at work - for 3 days. And then 10 days off.

<Vance> if you have frames it looks awful


<Michael C> So it's a bit like the frame at the bottom of this page?

<Vance> There is a <killbanner> command that you can put in each document that mades the ad come in a popup


<Vance> you have to put that command in EVERY document

<Michael C> Sounds like a hassle.

<Vance> The banner at the bottom of this is a frame, so it doesn't affect the page layout per se

<Vance> We're talking an embedded advertisement right at the top of each of your pages

<Michael C> So you're staying with Homestead?

<Vance> The better to attract the attention of the potential customer (and detract from the aesthetics of your site)

<Maggi> a lot of sites have that now

<Vance> I've bought the homestead professional which doesn't ahve that frame

<Vance> at the bottom

<Michael C> I see.

<Vance> and after Sept 30 we'll have to use the chat room at the new site

<Vance> because Homestead is dumping all their free riders after that

<Michael C> Ivanisevic just won the Wimbledon semi.

<Vance> The good news is ..( not being sarcastic)

<Vance> The new homestead site without this frame looks great

<Maggi> Agassi lost the o0ther day

<Michael C> So another free service bows out.

<Vance> It's the way of the world

<Michael C> Yes - Agassi lost to the Australian hero.

<Maggi> poor Steffi

<Michael C> Who's spnsoring the event on Aug 8th?

<Vance> It's a tapped in event

<Vance> I'll put something in for Eric Baber's confab as well

<Maggi> by you?

<Vance> If the email is handy you can visit the url and see that we're one of many events over 24 hours

<Vance> Anyone got the url handy?

<Vance> in the email?

<Maggi> I looked already at the list of events

<Michael C>

<Vance> What did you mean, by me (??)

<Maggi> are you sponsering the event?

<John> Can't check it if we can't get into tapped in.

<Vance> ^(?_?)^

<John> Oh, Vance, I hope to be in the carnival.

<Maggi> nevermind

<Vance> yeah, I think that one's down too

<Vance> Anyway, it's their third (or 4th?) annual summer carnival

<Vance> The logs of all are in in the room to the left of reception

<Vance> I can't remember its name ...

<Vance> :scratches head !!

<Vance> Will any of you guys be on hand for the event? I imagine it's a bit late for Michael

<Michael C> What time will it be for me?

<John> I hope to be. That is, if I don't have a dept. meeting that day.

<Vance> noon Pacific is 11 pm my time which is 7 pm gmt

<Maggi> early you mean for mc

<Vance> which is almost 7 hours from now

<Vance> on Aug 8, a wed

<John> Ying is on ICQ.

<Maggi> will it still be Wed in O?

<Vance> Great. I hope we can interest students in these events

<Maggi> Oz

<Michael C> It will be about 6 in the morning for me...that's not too bad.

<John> It's about 3 in the morning for me.

<John> but I'll still try to be there.

<Vance> I just have in mind showing people around the site, maybe projecting a few urls

<Vance> really John, you'd go online at 3 a.m?? Amazing!

<Vance> a real trooper!

<John> Hey, I'm on vacation until Aug 13.

<John> And then go on Sabbatical on Aug 15.

<Vance> I'll have just got back from vacatin myself

<Michael C>'s 4.30 am for me. Can I match John's dedication???

<John> I've just started vacation.

<Vance> That doesn't jibe. 1.5 hours difference?

<Vance> And it's morning for John now and midnight for Michael

<Vance> That doesn't jibe. 1.5 hours difference?

<Vance> And it's morning for John now and midnight for Michael

Anonymous389 has joined the chat room.

<John> Sorry, I hit the wrong key - it is 3:00 PM, not AM

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<Michael C> You're right Vance - does not compute.

<John> Hi Ying.

<Michael C> Hello Ying.

Anonymous389 is now known as ying.

Anonymous92 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Looks like a job for Super Timeandate!

<ying> hello ...

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan. You missed Felix. Otherwise, just us teachers.

Anonymous92 has left the chat room.

<Michael C> I just tried it (Time and Date) and it comes out as 4.30 am for me.

<ying> Vance... do you open your icq now?

<ying> really...

<Vance> Yes, I'm on ICQ

<John> Like I said - I made a mistake with a key - it is PM, not AM.

<ying> Can you send me a message?

<Vance> Well, you're still a trooper John

<ying> Michaelc... is here?

<Maggi> her brother reformatted and she has to add everyone again

<Michael C> I'm here Ying!!!!

<Vance> I'm sending you a message YL

<John> I was surprised that my list remained even after a reformatting.

<Maggi> send her a msg on ICQ

<ying> Are you at home or still be in Vancouver?

<Michael C> Do you want a message from me too?

<ying> sure

<Michael C> I'm back at home . I got home on Tuesday.

<ying> How's your trip?

<ying> Have you read my email talking about Vancouver?

<Vance> Did you get over to Victoria as YL suggested?

<Michael C> I enjoyed your email about Vancouver. And yes i went across to Victoria. Then north and back across the the mainland and the mountains.

<Vance> Sounds great! Highway 1?

<ying> That's a beautiful city!!

<ying> Have you been the Garden?

<Michael C> Yep - it was highway 1. And yes Vancouver is spectacular.

<Vance> How far did you get on HW1? As far as Banff?

<ying> Have you been to the Garden?

<ying> Banff is on the oppisite way ..

<Michael C> I thi k you mean the Butchart Gardens Ying. And I didn't go there. $18 for entry, and I preferred to wander around Victoria.

<Michael C> We spent a few days in the area around Whistler.....

<ying> Actually... Victoria.. the whole city is just like a beautiful garden.

<Vance> I went up there for skiing last time I was there

<Vance> Did you go hiking about or is there still snow up there?

<Michael C> You can see some slowloading pix at

<Maggi> how long were you there Ying?

<Vance> I heard you could ski in July up there

<Michael C> And

<Vance> There's a familiar Michael pose!

<Michael C> There were people skiing up there. It's where the pros go for off season practice.

<Michael C> You spotted the pose!

<Vance> Yeah, I can see the shady side of the mountain stays snowy

<Vance> Or did you sneak a Flinders shot in there!

<Vance> Who are the attractive ladies?

<John> Nice pics. Have the same question, though.

<Michael C> The attractive ladies are all colleagues.

<ying> I have been there for one month...

<ying> It was September of 1996.

<Vance> see any places you recognize, YL?

<ying> recongnize

<ying> recognize? what do you mean?

<Vance> that look familiar to you? That you know from before?

<Vance> Michael, never put your laptop on the floor! Worse than champaign!

<Maggi> like if Michael grew a beard 2would you recognize him...

<Michael C> The laptop was only on the floor for a few minutes!!

<Vance> I lost one that way. At least the back light to the monitor

<Vance> someone stepped on it

<Michael C> Ok -point taken.

<Vance> or set something on it (couldn't see clearly through the tears)

<Michael C> smiles...

<Vance> you've been there

<Michael C> Ying - why were you in Vancouver for a month. Work or holiday?

<Maggi> if the lady you stayed with is in Hawaii now she is closer to you then!

<John> 9:00 and it is already 31C here.

<Vance> sounds balmy!

<Maggi> rained here and cooled down

<ying> holiday

<Michael C> What's this about Hawaii Maggi?

<John> and a 74% humidity

<Vance> Maybe you can stop and see your friend in Hawaii on your way to NY

<Maggi> Ying wrote that the woman she stayed with moved there

<Michael C> YL - that's a lon g time to stay in one city for a holiday. But Vancouver is worth it.

<ying> my homestay mother.. she will be in Hawaii from September of 2001.

<Vance> to see her boyfriend :-)

<ying> exactlly.

<ying> to live with her boyfriend.

<Maggi> or live with him?

<Maggi> thought so

<Vance> I lived in Hawaii 4 years. Great place.

<ying> I will fly to New York city with my colleague.. I don't think I can drop in Hawaii for couple of days.

<ying> My company pay the bill of airplane.

<Michael C> Great.

<ying> I read 3-4 books about New York city ...

<John> I just bought my ticket to Pittsburgh last night.

<Maggi> pack a parachute and jump going over!!lol

<Vance> Are you feeling more comfortable about the trip now YL? And when do you leave?

<ying> Do you have any recommendation of community college in New York city?

<Maggi> I have some fdontacts there and an uncle

<Maggi> oops contacts

<ying> They told me.. It might be at the end of Novermber or at the begin of December.. I am sure.. I will be there before the Christmas.

<Maggi> you'll love it then!

<Vance> brrrr

<ying> To study Community colleage in states.. it seems the cheapest way.

<ying> Is it right?

<Maggi> college

<Maggi> how much is the University in Taiwan?

<Vance> only if you're a resident

<ying> I don't know... for me it is a long time ago.

<ying> resident?

<Maggi> meaning you live there

<ying> How about the short intensive course.

<Maggi> that sounds good

<Vance> meaning you've lived there for a year

<ying> I am not be qualified .

<Maggi> maybe you will get Anthea Tiller or her husband Dave

<ying> Who is Anthea Tiller?

<Vance> I don't actually know about NY. In Hawaii and California you paid lower tuition if you lived there for a year.

<Maggi> she teaches English at the Coummunity college

<John> Most states are like that.

<Vance> In Texas, it doesn't count if you live there only to go to school.

<Vance> She's at CUNY

<John> It doesn't in Pennsylvania, either.

<ying> She is your friend?

<Maggi> I know her through IATEFL

<ying> CUNY? Community University of New YOrk?

<Maggi> yes

<John> I only know here through the TESL lists.

<ying> iatefl

<Vance> That's right. And I know Anthea and Dave. I knew Dave when he was thin.

<John> City University of New York.

<Michael C> M smiles at V's comment.

<ying> Now Dave is fat?

<Vance> I last saw Anthea in Vancouver

<Vance> I didn't say he was fat, only that I knew him when he was thinNNERR

<Michael C> Oh yeh - OK

<John> :john chuckles

<Vance> yeah (whew)

<Maggi> you said when he was thin though

<ying> Every one senstives the word "fat"

<John> Only us fat people, Ying.

<Vance> Yeah, he's grown charmingly over the years

<Michael C> Are you fat John?

<ying> I am fat.

<Maggi> you knew yourself when you were thinner John! :-)

<ying> I am an exercise - less person.

<Michael C> And are you saying that Ying is also fat??

<John> Not as fat as I was a year ago, but I still have to lose about 20 pounds (40 kilos?).

<Vance> He's not really fat. How about stout, like a good Guiness!

<ying> I am the kind of person... like eating food.

<John> Sorry, 10 kilos - 2 pounds per kilo, right?

<ying> Never stop eating food.

<Michael C> I don't believe you Ying.

<ying> Maybe I will atten the course " Accent Reducated" to correct my pronounction in NY

<ying> I don't buy it...

<Michael C> I have to go folks. Have a good week - exercise, don't eat too much, and ....

<John> OK, Michael. See you next week.

<Vance> yes, and ??

<ying> that's my weakness... I am the person who is easy to addict to food or anything I like.

<John> I have to leave soon, too.

<Michael C> can fill in the rest of the sentence.

<Vance> I'm putting the logs together for the last three weeks, guys

<Vance> this one is easy. All in one place.

<Michael C> Thanks - as ever Vance.

<ying> nice to meet you.

<Vance> I've been pretty busy last couple of weeks.

<ying> see you next week.

<Michael C> Goodnight.

<Vance> Yeah, glad you're back Michael.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<John> night, MC

<Vance> btw, I don't know if I'll be around next Sunday.

<ying> Where will you be?

<Vance> I'm not a trooper like John. What time will it be in Texas?

<ying> On vacation?

<John> 7:00 am

<Vance> Well, maybe I can swing that

<John> ( an hour earlier than in PR.

<Vance> only other problem is last time my dad had an interceptor on his phone that prevented me from going on

<Vance> online ... it was to let him speak to phone

<Vance> He picks up the phone and says the name of a caller, so the device is listening for that

<Vance> and I couldn't deactivate it to go online.

<Vance> He says the name of someone he wants to call, I mean

<Vance> and it dials it for him

<Maggi> I can't come

<John> I've heard of those. Are they any good?

<Vance> oh, where will you be?

<Vance> Terrible, John. You can't get your computer past it.

<Maggi> here but no flat rate

<John> Hmmm. I don't think I want one, then.

<Vance> You mentioned you were losing your flat rate. Is this going to keep you offline?

<Maggi> it will cut me down to what is necessary

<ying> I need to go now.

<John> Isn't Webheads nessesary?

<ying> see you.

<Maggi> until I get dsl

<Vance> OK YL, nice to see you again.

<Maggi> bye Ying

<John> See you, Ying. Have a nice week.

ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> I just had dsl installed but can't get the modem to work. A host of problems

<Maggi> I need to save the time for my learning center

<Maggi> I get paid for that

<Vance> tell us about your learning center

<John> As far as I know, I should be able to be here.

<Maggi> it is for a BA program for a company program

<Vance> so it will be a website?

<Maggi> I will have a card and direct connection as for the ISDN

<Vance> will it be at your home?

<Maggi> at Kiko

<Vance> ahh, so who is doing the html or asp or whatever?

<Vance> I guess earlier I meant, you'll be working from home, though you're hosted at KIKO?

<Maggi> yes

<Vance> Is it full time or in addition to your ... not Merck anymore ... ???

<John> Well, it's about time for me to go cut some grass. See you all next week (or the week after?).

<Vance> ok, I'll try to get online at 7 a.m. Sunday next, frum tex's

<Maggi> ok John..I need to get back to work too

<John> OK, bye.

<Vance> see y'all latah, padnahs

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> I'm curious about your site.

<Vance> Is it an entrepreneurial venture hosted through KIKO?

<Maggi> I have to go..later...

Maggi has left the chat room.

<Vance> ok, thanks for stopping by

Click here for logs from: Making contact with ICQ| Homestead

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