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Webheads chat logs from June 10, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan John Felix Arif Sergei
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Puerto Rico Brazil Turkey Belarus

and Phil from France, BJB from Pennsylvania, SusanneN and DiaLog from the Tapped In Help Desk, Renata from Germany, and IvanHernandez-Romero from Mexico

It was a wild yet productive day in the Webheads online classrooms. The teachers Maggi, John, and I were in Tapped In and Homestead at the appointed hour, with Michael and Ying Lan joining later. In Tapped In we were discovered by Phil Benz, an online teacher of some repute (Maggi and I are both participating in an online workshop with Phil as facilitator). The first thing that Phil noticed was that my office needed sprucing up, so he determined to teach us how to do it. First he took us on a tour of his office, which is where Ying Lan found us when she came to /join vances. Phil has developed a virtual maze of nooks and crannies in his office which he creates first in ASCII and then produces the graphics for them, and he delighted in showing us all the way to the bar where we could sample his rums and coffees. Then it was back /home to Vance's office, by way of /reception where we picked up BJB to assist us. Phil was projecting tutorials on office maze creation on all our screens when Michael appeared and wondered what was going on. Ying Lan meanwhile had moved out to ICQ where she was telling Vance about her weekend adventure hiking in the mountains and staying overnight with the local people there, which is when Felix appeared, also in ICQ. Due to these distractions in addition to recurring demands from the night-class teachers at his real office, Vance was having trouble concentrating on the exact and exacting instructions for creating his new office layout. Actually things would have worked well except that the instructions included typing a dot or full stop and pressing return, and Vance took this to be a bullet or a spacer, which must be a common error (funny they didn't choose some other character to be a significant portion of the data-entry routine). Meanwhile Felix had joined us at Tapped In, and some other people had arrived in Vance's office with whom I was unable to talk at all while trying to interact with the Tapped In server in the course of following instructions to revamp my office. In the end Ying Lan got sleepy and left, John had to go to church, and Phil departed right as I was having another go at trying to figure out what the server was trying to tell me which was preventing me from following directions as given in the instruction sheets. The two newcomers left as I was trying to get back to the conversation, but Michael stayed on to figure out how to create his own icon or avatar to represent him at Tapped In. With Michael talking to Maggi about her new learning node at KIKO (Knowledge In Knowledge Out) I had a bit of a breather and was able to concentrate on task and install my new office drawing in a few seconds and keystrokes.

Click here for logs from: Rif in ICQ | Sergei in ICQ | Tapped In | Ying Lan in ICQ | Felix in ICQ

Rif in ICQ

rif 6/10/01 11:17 AM Hi Vance, the bill about the future of the Internet in Turkes was accepted ///

Vance 6/10/01 11:19 AM Hi. So this means that there will be restrictions, that anyone wishing to put a site up in Turkey has to submit each page, graphic, etc. to a review board?

rif 6/10/01 11:20 AM yes...that's true

Vance 6/10/01 11:21 AM How can that possibly work? There must be millions of such pages and graphics, and it would be impossible to keep a site current with delays to be expected in awaiting the review board's decisions and approvals.

rif 6/10/01 11:22 AM we will wait and see. The city governorship will be responsible with this.

Vance 6/10/01 11:30 AM What is to prevent Turks from hosting their sites abroad?

rif 6/10/01 11:32 AM nothing. maybe thst will what is going to happen soon

Vance 6/10/01 11:34 AM I have worked for years (5 years in Saudi Arabia, 10 in Oman, 4 in the UAE) in cultures with stong secular elements, and I know that once you place restrictions like this on intellectual activity, the course that most people take is that of least resistance. In other words, the stimulation that the Internet can provide to the intellectual and scientific climate in Turkey will be dampened considerably by holding all ideas up to religious scrutiny, with the result that few will be willing take the trouble or the risk.

rif 6/10/01 11:34 AM applause....

Vance 6/10/01 11:35 AM Does this mean that sites already up will have to be taken down?

rif 6/10/01 11:37 AM that was just the start. We don't know how the procedural steps will come up

Vance 6/10/01 11:41 AM Maybe the pendulum will swing the other way (another Ataturk perhaps?). How are you affected? Do you have a web site up on a server in Turkey?

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Sergei in ICQ

alwayslate 6/10/01 1:38 PM I'm thinking of using the Intranet in my class. We have a lab with 10 PCs. Do you know any links to download intranet chat tools?

Vance 6/10/01 1:40 PM Sorry, now my internet went down. I had to log on using a dialup Intranet chat tools ... I can't think of any that don't use the Internet, except maybe NetMeeting that uses the IP address I believe

alwayslate 6/10/01 1:44 PM It seems you are having a chat session today... I'll try to join, but I'm not sure...

Vance 6/10/01 1:52 PM Yes, we'll be there in 2 hours, welcome

Click here for logs from: Rif in ICQ | Sergei in ICQ | Tapped In | Ying Lan in ICQ | Felix in ICQ

Tapped In logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 10 05:06:07 2001 PDT.

VanceS asks, "Hi John. Are you in Homestead?"

JohnSte says, "Yep. Here in your office."

VanceS asks, "How do I answer PhilipAB?"

JohnSte says, "sorry, And here in your office."

JohnSte asks, "I'm not sure. Is he in reception?"

VanceS says, "Please do come up"

JohnSte says, "I think you have to page him."

VanceS asks, "How do I page him?"

VanceS says, "Found it"

VanceS says, "PAGE PhilipAB please join vances"

JohnSte says, "think it is /page PhilipAB"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] arrives from nowhere.

R2 follows PhilipAB to here.

PhilipAB asks, "Here I am. What's up? Not doing class on *Sunday*, eh?"

VanceS says, "Yes, we have an online class every Sunday at this time. Welcome"

JohnSte says, "Hi, PhilipAB"

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, John. Welcome to Tapped In."

PhilipAB . o O ( just call me Phil. )

JohnSte says, "Thanks. Maggi and I are also in Homestead."

MaggiD [guest] arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB asks, "Homestead?"

PhilipAB says, "I recently posted a few messages to the FL list, and am right now looking at some existing webquests on starting a business."

JohnSte says, "It's one of the other places the class meets."

MaggiD [guest] exclaims, "Hi Philip!"

VanceS asks, "homestead? That's where some of us meet. Hi Maggi. Is anyone IN homestead just now?"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] nods

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, Maggi."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Tag..."

JohnSte says, "Just Maggi and Me."

PhilipAB asks, "Does Homestead have as many neat features as Tapped In?"

VanceS says, "no way"

JohnSte says, "Not at all."

PhilipAB . o O ( though Vance's office could do with a bit of sprucing up. )

PhilipAB says, "<g>"

JohnSte says, "Sorry I missed class last week. I had a hard disk crash."

VanceS says, "Phil, I'll hve to get you to help me do that"

MaggiD [guest] says, "we keep trying to tell him that"

JohnSte says, "It's better than mine. I have coffe all over the floor."

PhilipAB says, "Actually, the Tapped In helpfile is very explicit."

PhilipAB says, "IIRC, you can find it by clicking on "help" in the upper right."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Maggi smiles"

PhilipAB says, "If you'd like to tour my office, I'm free for a few mintues..."

PhilipAB . o O ( Maggi, don't forget the colon for actions. )

PhilipAB [WebTeach] smiles

PhilipAB says, "I could offer you a (virtual) glass of island rum. <g>"

JohnSte says, "Vance, the link you have for downloading the Palace software says it is no longer available."

MaggiD [guest] smiles

JohnSte says, "As long as it has some lime in it, Phil."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] nods

VanceS says, "I have to stay here Phil because people might come here using the /join vances command"

MaggiD [guest] says, "good excuse"

PhilipAB says, "But then again, y'all may be working... I don' wanna innerupt."

VanceS says, "I got to a point where I was digging for links to objects and hacking in code that didn't work"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] hiccups

MaggiD [guest] says, "must be lunch"

JohnSte says, "It thays the title no longer exithtth"

VanceS says, "And I found help but just did not pursue it. I would loke to spruce up my office and I'll take you up on your offer of help"

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, you mean to design your office?"

VanceS says, "Where is the url for hte nonworking link john"

VanceS says, "Yes Phil"

JohnSte says, "It's not that the link isn't working. It that it reports that the software is no longer available."

PhilipAB says, "OK, you know, I got it to the point where I could prepare all the files offline, pre-load them into clipmate, and create a room in mere minutes online."

JohnSte says, "Sound useful, Phil. Can you explain (so I can do my office, too)."

MaggiD [guest] exclaims, "ah! awesome!"

PhilipAB says, "Just two last questions, then I'll let you get back to your agenda..."

VanceS asks, "John, give me a starting point url. Is it the one in the weekly email?"

PhilipAB asks, "Have you signed onto the FL list? And have you done a big of web crawling on the topic you chose on Tuesday?"

JohnSte says, "Yes it is."

MaggiD [guest] says, "shoot phillip"

VanceS shoots Phil

MaggiD [guest] says, "I have"

VanceS misses

PhilipAB [WebTeach] meant "a bit of..."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] staggers around, clutching his chest and knocking over the ascii furniture.

MaggiD [guest] says, "men make such a mess"

VanceS says, "Hey, I missed you a mile"

MaggiD [guest] says, "theatrics"

VanceS says, "Anyway I did it on Maggi's orders"

VanceS points at Maggi


| |

PhilipAB holds up a BIG sign: | d+^(]=(######I=====J |


MaggiD [guest] says, "blame the only lady"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] lisps "I only want what's comin' to me, Rico. The world."

MaggiD [guest] says, "since when do you do what "I" say Vance...hihihi"

VanceS says, "only when it pleases me"

MaggiD [guest] says, "ok..Philip had two questions to be shot for..."

MaggiD [guest] asks, "are you American Philip?"

PhilipAB says, "Do y'all want a couple of pointers on office design, or shall I let you get back to whatever passes for work around here? <g>"

VanceS says, "LOL"

JohnSte says, "I'd like a couple of pointers, myself."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] pointedly ignores Maggi's crass question.

VanceS likewise

PhilipAB asks, "Y'all *have* seen the Ti helpfile on designing offices?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "tsk tsk"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] can project if you like.

JohnSte says, "I have."

PhilipAB says, "I started by doing a better ascii drawing..."

MaggiD [guest] says, "another Houdini"

VanceS says, "I've seen it too. Actually I have an internet problem and a virtual memory shortage at the moment"

MaggiD [guest] says, "is that all...lo0l"

PhilipAB says, "Then did a pictorial version, following the instructions carefully. To the letter."

VanceS says, "Phil, if you want to bear with us here, I'll dig out where I got to on room design"

JohnSte says, "My memory is always short."

VanceS asks, "BTW is anyone in Homestead?"

JohnSte says, "Juar"

JohnSte says, "Just Maggi and me."

MaggiD [guest] says, "sheesh...short memory again"

PhilipAB says, "Then I prepared the room design scripts in MS Notepad and saved them as ascii plain text, ready to paste into the TI interface."

JohnSte asks, "Where's Ying Lan?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "she goes to Homestead first"

PhilipAB asks, "BTW, I never asked you where y'all are from. All in the UAE?"

JohnSte says, "Go ahead, Phil."

JohnSte says, "No, I'm in Puerto Rico."

MaggiD [guest] says, "I'm in Germany"

PhilipAB asks, "Doncha just love these global coffee klatches?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "ywep"

JohnSte says, "Yep."

PhilipAB says, "Hmmm, the online ESL palce, dedicated to St Jude..."

JohnSte says, "That's me, all right."

PhilipAB asks, "OK, if we want to get serious about office design we need to look at the same file. Can I project?"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] projects Projections.


When someone "projects" a website, you will see a new window open on your computer screen. All you have to do is switch back and forth between the windows to alternately view the website, or exchange comments and questions with the other folks here in Tapped In. If you understand all this and are ready to continue, say so.


MaggiD [guest] says, "You should have seen the face of the person in charge of my trainees when I said I had set up a learning center and was attending an online workshop to design webquests"

JohnSte says, "I'm ready."

VanceS says, "ok, take over phil"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] projects the URL:

PhilipAB says, "You can find this through the "help" button on the upper right."

JohnSte says, "I've seen it."

PhilipAB says, "The two processes of ascii offices and pictorial offices are separate."

MaggiD [guest] says, "still grey here"

VanceS says, "Yeah, I've been here too"

MaggiD [guest] says, "ok"

PhilipAB says, "But IMO you should do both, since some people login without the graphic interface."

PhilipAB asks, "Do you plan to do a one-room office or a suite?"

JohnSte says, "I plan to start with one room, and then go to a suite."

MaggiD [guest] says, "let'sgofor asuite"

PhilipAB says, "If you plan to do a suite, it may be best to "dig" the extra rooms first, since you'll have to redo the main rooms to include exits."

JohnSte says, "OK, lets go for it."

PhilipAB says, "If you're going for a suite you do these things:"

MaggiD [guest] says, "sounds like work"

PhilipAB says, "1) dig the rooms"

PhilipAB says, "2) design the ascii for the main room"

PhilipAB says, "3) program in the ascii"

PhilipAB says, "4) design the .gif file for the pictorial version, keeping careful note of the clickable area coordinates,"

JohnSte asks, "So how do you dig the rooms?"

PhilipAB says, "then 5) program in the pictorial room version."

PhilipAB says, "Look at the file I projected and click on point (6)"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "et a shovel John?"

JohnSte says, "Looking for it."

PhilipAB says, "The syntax is clearly presented."

PhilipAB says, "I suggest we take the 2 minute tour of my office, then go to one of yours and do it."

PhilipAB asks, "Ready?"

JohnSte says, "ok"

MaggiD [guest] says, "why not"

PhilipAB says, "When I leave, type /join philipab"

PhilipAB goes home.

JohnSte suddenly disappears.

MaggiD [guest] suddenly disappears.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Jun 10 05:37:33 2001 PDT.

Started recording in 4th Floor North Wing (#2267)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:37:33 2001 PDT.

PhilipAB says, "This is the outer hall. Notice where we are."

PhilipAB asks, "Where is Maggi?"

JohnSte says, "Yep"

PhilipAB says, "Let's go back in."

JohnSte says, "She's still in your office."

PhilipAB says, "Click on N412"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] leaves for the 412.

R2 (recording) leaves for the 412.

JohnSte leaves for the 412.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the 412.

Stopped recording in 4th Floor North Wing (#2267) at Sun Jun 10 05:38:52 2001 PDT.

Started recording in The WebTeach Virtual Classroom (#38722)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:38:52 2001 PDT.

JohnSte leaves for the CR.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the CR.

MaggiD [guest] leaves for the CR.

Stopped recording in The WebTeach Virtual Classroom (#38722) at Sun Jun 10 05:39:35 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Conference Room (#38725)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:39:35 2001 PDT.

MaggiD [guest] says, "they are there"

PhilipAB says, "You will find that in these pictures, several objects are clickable."

PhilipAB says, "Like the whiteboard and the filing cabinet."

PhilipAB says, "But let's go downstairs to the office annex."

PhilipAB says, "Click on it or type /oa"

JohnSte leaves for the OA.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the OA.

MaggiD [guest] leaves for the OA.

Stopped recording in Conference Room (#38725) at Sun Jun 10 05:40:48 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Office Annex (#38731)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:40:48 2001 PDT.

PhilipAB [WebTeach] has arrived.

R2 (recording) has arrived.

PhilipAB says, "I won't take you into these 8 rooms, they are still in ascii format. Now let's go back to the main room."

PhilipAB says, "Go "out" twice."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] goes OUT.

R2 (recording) goes OUT.

MaggiD [guest] says, "sheesh"

JohnSte goes OUT.

Johns_Recorder (recording) goes OUT.

VanceS says, "very nice"

Stopped recording in Office Annex (#38731) at Sun Jun 10 05:41:44 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Conference Room (#38725)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:41:44 2001 PDT.

Stopped recording in Conference Room (#38725) at Sun Jun 10 05:41:49 2001 PDT.

Started recording in The WebTeach Virtual Classroom (#38722)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:41:49 2001 PDT.

PhilipAB [WebTeach] waits for M

VanceS catches breath

MaggiD [guest] arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB says, "OK, let's go to the lounge for a drink & some habs."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] leaves for the TL.

R2 (recording) leaves for the TL.

JohnSte leaves for the TL.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the TL.

MaggiD [guest] leaves for the TL.

Stopped recording in The WebTeach Virtual Classroom (#38722) at Sun Jun 10 05:43:16 2001 PDT.

Started recording in WebTeach Lounge (#38728)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:43:16 2001 PDT.

PhilipAB says, "Try clicking on the bottles behind the bar, or on the bowl of habanero peppers on the corner of the bar."

PhilipAB says, "Or you can just type /drink rum or /eat habs"

PhilipAB says, "Please don't refill them... if you miss the syntax, you can erase the contents. <g>"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I'm not hungry"

PhilipAB drinks a glass with three fingers of glistening amber liquid that settles down into the deepest marrow of his being.

PhilipAB refills La Mauny rhum blanc 55.

VanceS accidentally knocks his drink over but hopes no one will notice

PhilipAB says, "IIRC I put 3-4 doses in each."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] doesn't recall that one.

VanceS pours another, hopes no one will notice

MaggiD [guest] projects Coffee.

A steaming hot pot of coffee. If you'd like some, you can DRINK COFFEE.

VanceS says, "drink coffee"

JohnSte pours a cup of steaming hot coffee from the pot!

PhilipAB says, "OK, any questions? I dug these rooms, drew them in paint Shop Pro, ULed them to my site, then programmed them in TI."

SRI_45 [guest] arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB says, "Don't forget the slash, Vance."

JohnSte takes a sip of hot coffee..

VanceS says, "cool, I think the best thing is if I dig out my work in progress"

JohnSte says, "Just wat I needed."

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, numbered visitor. Welcome to Tapped In."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is around"

SRI_45 [guest] says, "I am here."

JohnSte takes another sip of coffee. .

JohnSte says, "So is Michael, someplace."

PhilipAB asks, "Shall we go to one of your offices?"

PhilipAB asks, "Who is SRI_45?"

JohnSte takes another sip of coffee. .

JohnSte takes another sip of coffee.


| |

| the new guest can type: /rename sri_45 |

PhilipAB holds up a BIG sign: | to newname if they |


PhilipAB says, "want to be named"

VanceS asks, "Hi SRI-45, anyone we know?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "it is Ying"

VanceS says, "ah, I always wondered how to do that/"

PhilipAB says, "Hmmm, messed up on the sign command."

JohnSte says, "Morning, Ying."

SRI_45 [guest] asks, "Maggi, How do you know it is me?"

PhilipAB says, "Ying can type: /rename sri_45 to Ying"

VanceS says, "good guess (telepathy)"

PhilipAB asks, "So, who's office is next on the agenda?"

VanceS says, "As long as the group is together it doesn't matter where we are"

JohnSte says, "She knows....she *always* knows"

PhilipAB . o O ( whose )

VanceS says, "But I suppose mine, because that's where the instructions are for people to go there."

MaggiD [guest] maggi smiles

VanceS says, "Their instructions are to go to my office or type /join vances"

PhilipAB says, "Nobody drank any rum..."

VanceS asks, "I guess that's what Ying Lan did, right Ying Lan?"

JohnSte says, "It's too early in the morning for me to have rum."

VanceS asks, "Phil, how do you know if we drink rum?"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] bets that BJ sent him here direct.

PhilipAB says, "Type /drink rum"

VanceS projects La Mauny rhum blanc 55. You see a tall bottle of crystal clear La Mauny rhum blanc with the smiling face of Mademoiselle Mauny on the label. If you've had a hard day in the trenches, have some. But only *after* school is out.

Ying [guest] says, "I got a trouble before I came into here.,"

VanceS drinks a nother glass of rum and see visions of paradise.

MaggiD [guest] says, "Ying is a she"

JohnSte says, "Where's MC? He's online."

Ying [guest] says, "After typing /join Vances ... I got some instruction."

MaggiD [guest] says, "he said he is going to homestead"

PhilipAB says, "Ying, I think that was BJ lending a helping hand. She's great. Ubiquitous."

VanceS says, "You did well Ying Lan"

PhilipAB asks, "Shall we go back to Vance's office?"

Ying [guest] says, "i was not allowed to get here..."

VanceS asks, "Who is BJ and who is going to homestead?"

VanceS asks, "really, what happened Ying Lan?"

Ying [guest] says, "Where is Vances's office.. I guessed that we are in his office now."

MaggiD [guest] says, "he is having connection problems and rebooting"

PhilipAB says, "BJ is the top helpdesk person, seems like she's always online."

JohnSte says, "I've been keeping my eye on homestead."

VanceS says, "We all came to Phil's office, YL. How do you like it."

PhilipAB says, "Vance should go there by typing /home then we can join him."

VanceS says, "ok, I'll do that"

PhilipAB says, "We'll type /join vances"

Ying [guest] says, "It is ok... if I can get there."

VanceS prepares to type home

PhilipAB says, "After he leaves."

VanceS says, "/home"

VanceS says, "hmmmm"

PhilipAB says, "hmmm."

VanceS asks, "what was that command again?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "hmmmm"

PhilipAB says, "Don't you have a home, Vance? Poor guy."

Ying [guest] says, "it doesn't work."

VanceS says, "I guess I'm homeless"

MaggiD [guest] says, "no comment"

PhilipAB says, "OK, let's all go to reception. Type /reception"

VanceS says, "how do I set a /home"

JohnSte says, "He just doesn't want to go homw"

PhilipAB says, "BJ will know."

JohnSte says, "No rum"

Ying [guest] teleports to the reception.

PhilipAB teleports to the reception.

VanceS asks, "I know where my office is, will that help?"

VanceS says, "I guess we should follow Phil"

MaggiD [guest] says, "good luck"

JohnSte goes home.

VanceS says, "Type /reception"

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in WebTeach Lounge (#38728) at Sun Jun 10 05:55:11 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:55:11 2001 PDT.

MaggiD [guest] arrives from nowhere.

BJB says, "nice to see you again, Vance and Maggi. Welcome, Ying"

PhilipAB says, "BJ, meet the ESl crowd."

JohnSte has arrived.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

MaggiD [guest] says, "hi"

BJB says, "Hi, John."

JohnSte says, "Hi, BJ"

BJB . o O ( John must have taken the stairs )

JohnSte says, "Nice seeing you again."

PhilipAB says, "ESL crowd, meet BJ. Our fearless guide to Tapped In bliss."

Ying [guest] says, "hi"

VanceS asks, "My office is N2201, will that help?"

VanceS says, "And hi, BJ"

PhilipAB asks, "Vance can't type /home. Does he need to set a home first?"

JohnSte says, "I don't like elevators - I get claustrophobia."

BJB [HelpDesk] grins. Well, fearless is true, but I'm not sure about the bliss part

BJB says, "yes, let me check a sec"

MaggiD [guest] says, "maggi chuckles"

PhilipAB says, "Maggi, try typing just :chuckles"

JohnSte laughs roaringly

Ying [guest] leaves for the El.

BJB [to VanceS]: "try typing /home and see where you land"

MaggiD [guest] chuckles

VanceS says, "Nice to have a guide here."

Ying [guest] has arrived.

Stopped recording in Reception (#268) at Sun Jun 10 05:57:48 2001 PDT.

Started recording in VanceS's Office (#12249)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 05:57:48 2001 PDT.

BJB [HelpDesk] quietly enters the room.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

BJB asks, "is this your office?"

VanceS says, "yep"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] arrives from nowhere.

R2 follows PhilipAB to here.

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

MaggiD [guest] arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB exclaims, "It worked!"

BJB asks, "looks like everyone's learning the join command?"

VanceS says, "I don't know why it didn't work first time, or did BJB do something kindly"

BJB says, "I didn't do might have forgotten to type the / first"

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, do you want to add a work room to your office?"

Michael_C [guest] arrives from nowhere.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Michael."

MaggiD [guest] says, "this place looks pitiful compared to Philip's"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Hello dear people."

PhilipAB says, "First I should note that we are all in "say" mode, which is why we have to preceed all MOO commands with a slash."

VanceS says, "Hi MC, and sure Phil, let's have some fun with it"

MaggiD [guest] says, "Hi mc"

JohnSte says, "You missed the tour of Phil's office."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Bummer"

Ying [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Can I look on my own?"

VanceS says, "Oh, Ying you came along."

PhilipAB says, "I suggest that the person doing the office design switch to "type command" mode in the little bow to the left of the text entry box."

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, Michael, I'm trying to show how to design offices."

VanceS says, "OK, but may I ask, how will this affect my conversation"

BJB says, "I can project a couple of notes that explain the modes"

PhilipAB says, "Let me also project the office deign page again."

JohnSte says, "Please do."

VanceS says, "OK, I can toggle"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Bonjour Philip. Are you Philip Benz by any chance?"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "it may shut you up Vance?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "the one and only"

BJB says, "you might want to click on DETACH to make your text window larger"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, if you want to speak from the "type command" mode, you preceed your speech with a ""

VanceS says, "Here's the url"

BJB [HelpDesk] projects TYPE COMMAND Mode.


When the box next to the text input window displays TYPE COMMAND you must use commands for all communication, navigation, and information. For example, if you want to 'talk' in TYPE COMMAND Mode you must type a quote (") and your message; if you want to emote in TYPE COMMAND Mode you must type a colon (:) and your action. You can also use the THINK, WHISPER, PAGE, and navigational commands such as UP, OUT, ELEVATOR, and JOIN in the TYPE COMMAND Mode.


VanceS says, ""ok"

PhilipAB asks, "Shall I project for the new arrivals? about office design I mean?"

JohnSte says, "got it."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Excuse me but huh?"

PhilipAB asks, "Michael, would you like to see a demo of MOO office design?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes Philip - I would."

PhilipAB says, "We just finished visiting my office..."

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if Michael knows about url projections?

PhilipAB says, "You can drop in any time at N412"

PhilipAB says, "OK, now before we project, for the new folks..."

Michael_C [guest] says, "OK - ta."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] projects Projections.


When someone "projects" a website, you will see a new window open on your computer screen. All you have to do is switch back and forth between the windows to alternately view the website, or exchange comments and questions with the other folks here in Tapped In. If you understand all this and are ready to continue, say so.


Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Ready!"

PhilipAB says, "But stick around for now, Michael"

MaggiD [guest] says, "ok"

JohnSte says, "ready"

VanceS says, "Phil has kindly consented to be our guest lecturer for the evening"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I will stay here P."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] projects the URL:

PhilipAB says, "First we're going to dig a new room."

VanceS says, "OK, it didn't launch a new window. It used the old one"

VanceS says, "THat's ok"

PhilipAB says, "To see the instructions, click on point 6 of the help file."

MaggiD [guest] says, "ine is still grey"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, when you "project" it always projects over the last projected page."

JohnSte says, "I was about to ask that."

MaggiD [guest] waves at mc

PhilipAB says, "The syntax to dig a new room is @dig WR|Out to Work Room"

BJB says, "Guests can't do any cool stuff...only members can build and create objects"

PhilipAB says, "But only the room owner can do it. Normally."

JohnSte says, "A good reason to be a member."

PhilipAB says, "Yes, members only, but membership is free and easy."

MaggiD [guest] says, "it was faster to sign on as a guest"

JohnSte says, "BJ, I have a question about/for another member."

BJB [HelpDesk] listens to John

PhilipAB [WebTeach] waits for Vance to switch to "type command" mode and to dig a new room

JohnSte says, "When she signed up, she used the wrong e-mail address and I got her usernam and password."

JohnSte asks, "How can I get it changed to her own e-mail address?"

BJB [to John]: "I can change the email"

BJB [to John]: "what is her membername?"

BJB . o O ( I don't have many powers, but that is one I can do! )

VanceS wonders if he did it ??

JohnSte says, "LigiaH"

BJB [to VanceS]: "click on UPDATE in the top right of your screen"

VanceS says, "do I have to refresh the screen?""

PhilipAB says, "Vance, if you think you dug the new room, we should be able to go there by typing /wr"


MaggiD [guest] . o O ( a bed would be nice in here to take 5 winks while the men dig )

BJB [to John]: "what is Ligia's email address?"

PhilipAB says, "Maggi, you could become a member during the time it takes Vance to dig."

VanceS asks, "Isn't what I did in the logs?"

PhilipAB says, "Then you could do your own office."

BJB [to Maggie]: "I have a bed in my office :-)"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, you must have messed up on the syntax."

MaggiD [guest] says, "I am already"

JohnSte says, "She originally put in It is supposed to be .net, not .com"

PhilipAB says, "Oooh, BJ, a bed in your office! I should drop in more often. <g>"

BJB [HelpDesk] shows MaggieD the URL:

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, what have you done so far???"

PhilipAB says, "We're getting off-topic."

BJB [to John]: "It's been changed"

MaggiD [guest] says, "thanks BJB"

JohnSte says, "OK, I'll tell her tomorrow morning when I get to school. Thanks, BJ"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, did you type: @dig WR|Out to Work Room"

VanceS says, "I don't seem to be able to cut and paste here, so it's hard to relate"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, you can't cut & paste from the text window..."

PhilipAB says, "but you *can* do it from the pasteboard."

MaggiD [guest] says, "fess lost the shovel"

VanceS says, "oh, the name of the room is Work"

VanceS says, "Room had wrapped to the next line in the instructions"

JohnSte asks, "Phil, How do you change to command mode?"

PhilipAB says, "I'll need to see the syntax..."

VanceS says, "There's an indication in my logs that a room Work was created"

PhilipAB says, "John, it's the little box marked "say" with a down arrow, just left of the text entry box."

VanceS says, "Syntax is what you gave me only it's Work not Work Room"

JohnSte says, "OK, I found it. Thanks."

PhilipAB says, "Vance, the problem may be in the syntax you used for the entrance and exit to this room."

SusanneN tiptoes in without a sound

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

PhilipAB says, "Vance, did you type @dig WR|Out to Work Room"

SusanneN [helpdesk] knocks politely, good Sunday!

VanceS says, "Hello SusanneN"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Susanne."

SusanneN says, "I ilke to see how to add another room"

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, Susanne, we're trying some heavy construction work. Pull up a chainsaw."

SusanneN [helpdesk] gets her axe and saw

VanceS says, "woops seem to have done it again"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, notice the vertical line in the command"

PhilipAB says, "Start over, Vance. Cut & paste from the help page."

PhilipAB says, "Use CTL+C and CTL+V for the cut & paste."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] leaves for the WR.

R2 (recording) leaves for the WR.

PhilipAB [WebTeach] has arrived.

R2 (recording) has arrived.

PhilipAB exclaims, "It works!"

PhilipAB says, "We can go there with /wr"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] leaves for the WR.

R2 (recording) leaves for the WR.

JohnSte leaves for the WR.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the WR.

Michael_C [guest] leaves for the WR.

MaggiD [guest] . o O ( sheesh )

SusanneN [helpdesk] leaves for the WR.

DiaLog (recording) leaves for the WR.

MaggiD [guest] leaves for the WR.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Jun 10 06:18:33 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Work (#49800)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 06:18:33 2001 PDT.

PhilipAB says, "Now let's go out and Vance can modify his ascii drawing to show a clickable link to this room."

BJB [HelpDesk] has arrived.

BJ's Shadow (recording) has arrived.

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for Vance!

PhilipAB [WebTeach] goes Out.

SusanneN says, ":looking around in Vance's work room"

R2 (recording) goes Out.

VanceS says, "perfect"

VanceS exclaims, "yeah!!"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Go out where?"

JohnSte goes Out.

Johns_Recorder (recording) goes Out.

MaggiD [guest] says, "looksthe same"

BJB [to Michael]: "type /out"

Michael_C [guest] goes Out.

SusanneN [helpdesk] finds the exit

Stopped recording in Work (#49800) at Sun Jun 10 06:19:22 2001 PDT.

Started recording in VanceS's Office (#12249)[TappedIn] at Sun Jun 10 06:19:22 2001 PDT.

SusanneN [helpdesk] has arrived.

DiaLog (recording) has arrived.

PhilipAB says, "Vance, you'll need to open a simple text editor like MS Notepad."

MaggiD [guest] has arrived.

BJB [HelpDesk] has arrived.

BJ's Shadow (recording) has arrived.

PhilipAB says, "Now follow my instructions carefully."

PhilipAB says, "Look at point (5) on the help file."

VanceS says, "ok, YL says goodbye btw"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Bye Ying."

MaggiD [guest] says, "I don't blame her"

VanceS is looking at point 5

PhilipAB says, "Read down to the instructions."

JohnSte says, "See you later YL"

VanceS is trying to ignore Maggi

MaggiD [guest] says, "as usual"

PhilipAB says, "Now Vance, you can copy the ascii drawing from the upper left map window and paste it into the text enitor you opened."

PhilipAB . o O ( text editor )

PhilipAB says, "You need to change it so the string (space)WR(space) appears , for example on the lower wall."

PhilipAB says, "Like this: ____[ WR ] ____"

PhilipAB says, "Tell me when you've done that."

VanceS asks, "Do you mean I should copy my ascii map and work on that?"

PhilipAB says, "Yes, for starters."

VanceS says, "ok, done that"

PhilipAB says, "Later you can do more elaborate ascii art, before doing the image work."

PhilipAB says, "Now Vance needs to type: @editoptions -cut&paste"

PhilipAB says, "As described in point 5 of the help page."

SusanneN [helpdesk] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "so where do I put this __| WR |__"

VanceS asks, "does is matter?"

VanceS asks, "does it I mean?"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, I suggest the lower wall."

VanceS says, "SoI just pick a place (Felix is trying to join us)"

PhilipAB says, "But it could be anywhere, the key is a space both before and after the clickable link word."

PhilipAB says, "It could be anywhere, even in the middle of the table. Depends on how you envision your room."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] waits...

VanceS says, "gotcha"

PhilipAB [WebTeach] hopes the rest aren't unutterably bored.

VanceS says, "ok, I've created a drawing"

VanceS says, "They can always talk amongst themselves"

PhilipAB says, "Then line by line, he needs to type in (or paste in) the instructions from the help file, beginning with: EDIT HERE.DRAWING"

VanceS says, "Besides, they are watching the master(s) at work"

JohnSte says, "Engrossing. I'm already planning my layout."

MaggiD [guest] says, "among other things"

PhilipAB says, "But instead of their drawing, use your drawing."

MaggiD [guest] says, "fat chance Vance...:-)"

PhilipAB says, "Note that I did all my rooms in ascii before drawing them in Paint Shop Pro."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Bored? I'm multi-tasking."

PhilipAB says, "Vance, this is the tough part. Don't talk until you're done."

MaggiD [guest] says, "good boy Phil"

Felix [guest] arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB says, "Usually, you want to do room design when nobody else is around."

MaggiD [guest] exclaims, "Hi Felix!"

VanceS says, "Hi Felix"

Felix [guest] says, "Hi there"

PhilipAB says, "Bonjour, Felix. Welcome to Tapped In."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Felix."

PhilipAB says, "Vance is doing up his office."

Felix [guest] says, "Thanks Philip"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Hello Felix. How's life?"

Felix [guest] says, "thanks all"

VanceS says, "OK, figuring it out ..."

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, have you finished?"

Felix [guest] says, "Miserable... But I am living"

VanceS says, "just starting"

PhilipAB says, "Remember, do it all in one go, no talking in the middle."

MaggiD [guest] asks, "why miserable?"

JohnSte asks, "The heat?"

Felix [guest] says, "So many problems rocking...."

VanceS arrives from nowhere.

Felix [guest] says, "Well Phil, I dont have a wife right now but I do have 03 wonderful kids. So I can understand you perfetcly."

VanceS says, "I'm not sure what happened, but I lost contact for a while"

Michael_C [guest] says, " it's *their* fault <g>"

PhilipAB says, "A visitor is coming up..."

BJB [to VanceS]: "you were in the text editor"

MaggiD [guest] says, "has to be somebodies mc"

Felix [guest] says, "Yeah MC... "Their" fault..LOL"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Who is BJB?"

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, did it work?"

VanceS says, "I missed a bit of that conversation and I'd like to read it"

JohnSte says, "When you are in the text editor, you are incommunicado."

VanceS says, "So maybe John, you can email me the part where Felix joins us"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, it's easier to read back using the pasteboard."

BJB says, "I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania and a staff for TAPPED IN"

MaggiD [guest] says, "in a box Vance...:-)"

JohnSte says, "Right."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Thanks BJB."

MaggiD [guest] says, "brb"

PhilipAB asks, "page bj is she coming?"

BJB [to Phil]: "she lost her connection"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, the syntax is very important. Room design requires that you follow the examples to the letter."

Michael_C [guest] says, "I've just revived my membership so I'm going to log out and come back in."

VanceS has lost his link.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 10 06:39:25 2001 PDT.


Felix [guest] says, "Vance, college is driving me crazy"

BJB . o O ( oops...lost Vance )

PhilipAB says, "I kinda need to get offline, so I wonder if anyone has any last questions before I cut loose."

Felix [guest] says, "Not for now Phil."

JohnSte says, "Not yet, I don't. I will when I start my own office, though."

Michael_C [guest] says, "No q's from me Philip. But thank you (i think)"

VanceS has connected.


Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 10 06:40:14 2001 PDT.

JohnSte says, "Thanks for coming in, Phil."

BJB says, "wb, Vance"

PhilipAB says, "Really, office design is easy, as long as you follow the instructions in the help page to the letter. That's all I did."

VanceS says, "I lost my connection for a moment"

VanceS says, "Phil I caught someone saying goodbye to you ..."

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, were you able to finish the room programming?"

VanceS says, "As I typed in the commands, there was interaction"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, I've got to get offline, I suggest you finish your room when you're here alone sometime."

VanceS says, "So I ignored the interaction and kept typing in the commands"

MichaelAC arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB [WebTeach] will wait a few minutes for a new arrival.

MichaelAC leaves for the WR.

JohnSte leaves for the WR.

Johns_Recorder (recording) leaves for the WR.

MichaelAC arrives from nowhere.

JohnSte has arrived.

Johns_Recorder (recording) has arrived.

VanceS says, "I suppose it is in my logs. Also, I havent' been able to concentrate here, but I have made progress in making my room and I'd like to consult you with what I've done so far"

JohnSte says, "looks the same."

VanceS says, "I mean I was in the middle of a decoration job earlier and left it at some ponit"

VanceS says, "point"

PhilipAB writes on the whiteboard...

PhilipAB says, "Vance, if you stop in the middle, it's best to start over from scratch"

Renate [guest] arrives from nowhere.

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for did it!

PhilipAB says, "Guten tag, Renata, welcome to Tapped In."

Renate [guest] says, "For the first trial not too bad"

BJB [to Renate [guest]]: "can you introduce yourself to the group, please?"

JohnSte says, "Hello, Renate."

VanceS says, "ok, unfortunately I'll have to get to my email to find out what went on becasue when I lost my connection it's not here anymore"

Felix2 [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS says, "but I'd like to know why it didn't work as expected"

PhilipAB says, "Feel free to email me at"

Renate [guest] says, "Yes, my name is - as you see - Renate - I live near Munich in Germany and teach English for young learners (age 8-10)"

Felix2 [guest] says, "Vance. I want to know about an HTML code"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, you may have forgotten that pesky last line"

VanceS writes on the whiteboard...

PhilipAB says, "Renata, BJ tells me you might come to the WebQuest workshop on Tuesday."

MaggiD [guest] says, "I'm in Germany too Renate"

Felix2 [guest] asks, "Who is Renata?"

Felix2 [guest] says, "I dont see hr"

Felix2 [guest] says, "her"

MichaelAC gets Personal_Recorder_30627 from the vending machine.

VanceS asks, "Hi Renata. Welcome to Webheads or Webteach or Webheadteach?"

Renate [guest] asks, "Where in Germany MaggiD ?"

PhilipAB says, "Felix, you may need to click on "update" in the upper right."

Felix2 [guest] says, "Thanks Phil..Now I can see her"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "s that like getting a bottle of coke mc?"

Felix2 [guest] says, "Renata.. Nice to meet you"

MichaelAC asks, "Huh?"

Renate [guest] asks, "Yes I think I'd like to join the workshop for Webquests. When exactly is it?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "south of Frankfurt Renate"

VanceS says, "What last line did I forget Phil? The last lines in the instructions are SAVE and QUIT and I typed both of those"

Renate [guest] says, "I was in Frankfurt last Wednesday and Friday - it's a small world"

PhilipAB says, "Renate, it's on Tuesday 12 June at 21h (French time) 18 hours GMT, 12 noon PST.A"

Renate [guest] says, "The time is fine"

Felix2 [guest] asks, "Vance after you finish what you are doing I have a question about html code for you ok?"

PhilipAB asks, "Vance, what about the line with a "." in it?"

MichaelAC gets Note_8091 from the vending machine.

Renate [guest] says, "Is the workshop also for beginners- never created a webquest before"

Felix2 [guest] asks, "Renata, where are you from?"

PhilipAB writes on the whiteboard...

MaggiD [guest] says, "you keep getting stuff from the vending machine mc"

VanceS says, "That's not in the instructions"

Renate [guest] says, "I'm from Munich in Germany"

Felix2 [guest] says, "Germany is a nice country."

JohnSte says, "He's furnishing his office, Maggi."

PhilipAB says, "Renate, we may charge ahead at times, but you're welcome to come. You'll get more out of it if you read the trainign materials first."

VanceS says, "Ah, now I see it. Yes"

Renate [guest] asks, "Thanks - I think so too, where are you from ?"

JohnSte says, "All those things go in his pocket - Heavy."

PhilipAB . o O ( training )

Felix2 [guest] says, "Brazil."

VanceS says, "I didnt' realize that was an instruction"

Renate [guest] says, "Never been in Brazil, sorry"

VanceS says, "ok, I'll try again"

PhilipAB says, "Vance, as the help page notes, the "." is an essential instruction."

Felix2 [guest] says, "Never been to Germany either."

Renate [guest] asks, "Where can I read the training material ?"

MichaelAC says, "If I appear AWOL it's because I'm browsing around looking at Tapped in stuff..."

Felix2 [guest] says, "I've gotta go pal... Bye all"

PhilipAB says, "Renate, I suggest starting on the workshop page... (looks up the URL)"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Felix

MaggiD [guest] says, "we are just watching you fill your pocketsmc"

JohnSte says, "See ya, Felix."

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye Felix"

PhilipAB says, "Renata, it's at"

IvanHernandez-Romero finds his way in.

VanceS arrives from nowhere.

PhilipAB says, "I really must be going, though."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Vance can't hear you Felix"

JohnSte asks, "Can you introduce yourself?"

PhilipAB says, "Good luck on your office design, and let me know how it progresses."

BJB says, "I also need to log out and go do some chores."

JohnSte says, "See you, Phil. Thanks for coming."

VanceS says, "ok, I started with EDIT HERE.DRAWING and was asked if I want to save a prvious session"

BJB says, "It's been a pleasure meeting you all"

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye Philip...seeyou tuesday"

VanceS says, "it said type yes or no"

JohnSte says, "So do I. I have church soon."

PhilipAB says, "Renate, if you have any other questions, please email me at"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye

VanceS says, "anyway, I'll email about it ..."

PhilipAB says, "Ciao."

PhilipAB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

VanceS says, "Thanks for coming"

BJB [HelpDesk] has disconnected.

IvanHernandez-Romero says, "Thank you, I am a University Professor at Mexico, specifically at Universidad de Monterrey, I taught Psychology classes."

JohnSte says, "Vance, I'll e-mail you my logs as soon as I get back from church."

Renate [guest] says, "Thank you I got the page bookmarked and I'm going to read it later. If there is any question I'm glad to mail you."

MaggiD [guest] waves bye to BJB

VanceS says, "Thanks John"

JohnSte says, "See you all later."

VanceS says, "Sorry I've been put thru the wringer tonight. Hi Renata and IvanH"

VanceS asks, "John, off to church?"

VanceS exclaims, "We'll figure this out !!"

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye John"

JohnSte says, "Yep"

Felix2 [guest] asks, "Vance.. Are you available now?"

JohnSte has disconnected.

MichaelAC asks, "Q: how do I get my photo in here?"

Renate [guest] says, "MaggiD are you a teacher in Frankfurt"

MaggiD [guest] says, "yes...south of"

MaggiD [guest] says, "my space bar acts up"

VanceS says, "Yeah Felix. How are you ."

VanceS says, "Sorry, I was trying to get in my email but someone has sent a pile of pics"

VanceS asks, "anyway, you were saying you have problems of some sort, what's going on?"

VanceS asks, "You also mentioned you wanted help with an html problem?"

Renate [guest] says, "I have to go - bye to everybody and I'll be back later"

MaggiD [guest] exclaims, "k...bye Renate!"

MichaelAC exclaims, "I have to go too. This was kind of fun. Though I'm more than just a bit confused about this place!"

VanceS says, "me too"

IvanHernandez-Romero says, "See you around, I was just checking my home connection, Bye////Ivan"

MichaelAC exclaims, "good!"

MaggiD [guest] says, "not me"

IvanHernandez-Romero has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I mean, all I had to do though, I'm glad I didn't have to cut and past logs as well"

VanceS asks, "Who are renata and IHR?"

MichaelAC asks, "V- how do I get my pic in here?"

VanceS asks, "Are you a member?"

MichaelAC says, "Yes - I am."

MaggiD [guest] asks, "who?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "me too"

VanceS says, "MC, yeah, you can both have pics, let's see how ..."

MichaelAC says, "Waiting...."

VanceS says, "clicking on help .."

MaggiD [guest] smiles

MichaelAC says, "I did all that but didn't get far - couldn't find it there."

MaggiD [guest] says, " could click on help too"

VanceS says, "How about one of us take Tapesty interface, one Help guies and tips, and one FAQs"

MichaelAC exclaims, "!!!!"

VanceS says, "I got the info from somewhere in here"

MichaelAC says, "I gathered that much."

MichaelAC says, "Guess you've forgotten then..."

MaggiD [guest] says, "tsk tsk"

VanceS says, "it's not in the faq's"

VanceS asks, "did you look in help guides?"

MichaelAC says, "No - I'' try that..."

VanceS asks, "felix, are you still here?"

VanceS says, ""

MichaelAC exclaims, "That's where it is!"

VanceS says, "one success for the night, not a total loss"

MichaelAC exclaims, "LOL!"

VanceS asks, "so who were those two guys?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "Renate isn't a guy"

VanceS says, "ok, the guys and gals"

MaggiD [guest] says, "Ivan is"

VanceS asks, "did they come to see us or Phil?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I think Ying left because she was being ignored"

VanceS says, "YL and I continued talking in ICQ. SHe told me about a hike she had just made."

MaggiD [guest] says, "you need a lock on the door maybe"

MaggiD [guest] says, "that's nice...a private conversation"

MaggiD [guest] says, "no wonder you couldn't completely payattention to Phil"

VanceS says, "I'll put it in the logs. It wasn't the best time for me to try to get to grips with making up a room, but I appreciate Phil's trying to help"

MaggiD [guest] says, "you weren't listening completely to his instructions"

MaggiD [guest] says, "John and I were here to cover and mc came"

VanceS says, "yeah I couldn't. And even right now, Felix is asking about his HTML problem in ICQ"

VanceS says, "It would be relatively easy to assist if we were all in the same place"

MaggiD [guest] says, "we were"

VanceS says, "Also another complication tonight is our internet keeps going down so I'm onmy laptop"

VanceS says, "Yeah, that was a great help Maggi, the fact that all people came here."

MichaelAC has disconnected.

VanceS says, "But YL went off to ICQ to talk to me, and now Felix is there rather than here, and you know it's harder to keep track of things when they're in different windows"

MichaelAC has connected.

MaggiD [guest] says, "hey were being ignored here"

VanceS says, "Hi,"

VanceS says, "MC has come and gone"

VanceS says, "I mean gone and come back"

MaggiD [guest] says, "yes he has"

MichaelAC exclaims, "I gotta go - but at least I have some kind of pic!"

MichaelAC says, "I have to go and check the WebCT forums for their conference."

MaggiD [guest] says, "great...slaaplekker"

MichaelAC says, "We have a hol tomorrow - Queen's B'Day - so I'll be up for a while."

VanceS asks, "Good. I can't see it. Is that the one at ... the online one?"

VanceS says, "Oh, yeah, that's been mentioned at the online course I'm in"

MaggiD [guest] says, "we have a 4-day weekend coming up"

MichaelAC asks, "No i didn't manage to get my pic - I chose an icon from Tapped in....maybe if you update?"

MichaelAC asks, "What OL course are you in?"

VanceS asks, "how do you update?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "makingwebquests"

MichaelAC says, "Top right hand corner"

VanceS says, "got it"

VanceS asks, "where's waldo?"

VanceS says, "way to go MC"

VanceS says, "nice one"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Well it's a start!"

MichaelAC says, "So you're doing a course on webquests/"

VanceS says, "Fullerton College online course"

MichaelAC asks, "What's it like?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I am"

MichaelAC says, "Oh - sorry Maggi."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Phil is running it"

MichaelAC says, "Ah yes - that's how I know his name."

VanceS says, "There are about 150 introductory emails, too much to follow"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I have a learning center at Kiko"

MichaelAC asks, "Kiko?"

VanceS says, "Oh, that one. That's another one. Just on Tuesdays."

MaggiD [guest] says, "noneed to be sorry...what I do isn't as 8interesting"

VanceS asks, "Does your learning center have a url?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I think I need to get a PhD to be taken seriously"

MaggiD [guest] says, "yesitdoes"

MaggiD [guest] says, "but there is nothing there ...yet..."

MichaelAC says, "I may stop taking you seriously if get a PhD."

MaggiD [guest] says, "I doubt it"

MichaelAC says, "Depends on what you do it on..."

VanceS says, "Well, send us the url when you want us to look at it"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "how about chemistry?"

MichaelAC says, "That would be serious."

MichaelAC asks, "ESL and Chemistry?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "why not"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I work with PhD's in a pharmaceutical company"

VanceS says, "I think I'll try this room upgrade while I'm sitting here"

MaggiD [guest] says, "and it is EFL"

MaggiD [guest] says, "maybe biology"

MichaelAC says, "I see.....look I HAVE to go! Ok - EFL! Good luck with the room upgrade vance."

MaggiD [guest] says, "or neurology"

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye mc"

VanceS says, "ok, I'll just give it a quick shot. There's a . in the instructions"

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye Vance"

MichaelAC has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I missed the ."

VanceS finishes with his text Editing and rejoins you in the room.

VanceS asks, "anyone here?"

VanceS has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 10 07:34:30 2001 PDT.

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Ying Lan in ICQ

ying 6/10/01 4:40 PM I can not reach your homestead's web site today.

Vance 6/10/01 4:48 PM Hi Ying Lan. Join us at Tapped In

ying 6/10/01 4:56 PM I am in receiption

Vance 6/10/01 4:57 PM good, you're better at this than I am

ying 6/10/01 4:57 PM Am I stay here or go back to your office?

Vance 6/10/01 5:00 PM You can type /join vances

ying 6/10/01 5:01 PM I am leaving.... .. I am tired now.

Vance 6/10/01 5:02 PM You don't want to join us? Phil is showing us some things

ying 6/10/01 5:03 PM I know... but I went to mountains on Weekond. My legs are painful.... I walked ..... I am bad at sporting.

Vance 6/10/01 5:05 PM GOod for you. I love to hike. WHere did you go?

ying 6/10/01 5:06 PM I don't think that you know the place which I went to ... It is close to A-Li-mountain.

ying 6/10/01 5:06 PM A-Li -Shan

Vance 6/10/01 5:06 PM I think you showed us a url about the park there one time

ying 6/10/01 5:07 PM It is an undevloped area in Taiwan Island.

ying 6/10/01 5:07 PM Not so many people knew the tribal village.

Vance 6/10/01 5:07 PM How long did you walk

ying 6/10/01 5:08 PM You can not believe it... I only walked 3 hours probably. I am a hen ...

Vance 6/10/01 5:09 PM And did you meet the tribal people?

ying 6/10/01 5:10 PM Yes, I did. Actually, they are our travel giude there. We lived in his house last night.

ying 6/10/01 5:11 PM His family supplied food to us.

Vance 6/10/01 5:11 PM You stayed in his house? Do they live on the mountain?

ying 6/10/01 5:11 PM Yes... It takes four hours from Taichung to get there.

ying 6/10/01 5:11 PM by car.

ying 6/10/01 5:12 PM But his house is not a traditional tribal house.

Vance 6/10/01 5:13 PM what kind of house is it?

ying 6/10/01 5:14 PM Nobody lives in traditional houses now.... The house built by piece of iron or brick.

Vance 6/10/01 5:15 PM oh, so there are no more traditional houses?

ying 6/10/01 5:16 PM We had barbecue party last night at the bank of river in the mountain.

Vance 6/10/01 5:16 PM Sounds very pleasant. Nice that you can get outdoors and walk.

ying 6/10/01 5:17 PM I think so... but I saw those houses in the tourist entertainment village.

ying 6/10/01 5:17 PM yeap... but my legs are painful now.

Vance 6/10/01 5:18 PM You should do it more often, then your legs would be fine.

ying 6/10/01 5:19 PM yes,

ying 6/10/01 5:19 PM Are you still in tapped in?

Vance 6/10/01 5:20 PM Yes, we just went to the /wr in my office

ying 6/10/01 5:20 PM oh.... say hello to them. I am leaving, see you next week.

Vance 6/10/01 5:20 PM ok, YL nice to see you again. Felix is trying to get here.

ying 6/10/01 5:21 PM say hi to Felix.

ying 6/10/01 5:21 PM see you.

Vance 6/10/01 5:21 PM ok, nice to see you again. I'm trying to follow these crazy instructions our teacher is giving us (yikes)

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Felix in ICQ

Grisham 6/10/01 5:12 PM hi there....Where are you?

Vance 6/10/01 5:13 PM Hi Felix. We're at tapped in

Grisham 6/10/01 5:15 PM what's the www?

Vance 6/10/01 5:16 PM

Vance 6/10/01 5:19 PM have you gone there? Then you log in as guest

Grisham 6/10/01 5:27 PM I am there.... Go as a Guest or what?

Vance 6/10/01 5:28 PM As a guest, then you give yourself a name, then you type /join vances

Vance 6/10/01 5:35 PM Hi where did everyone go?

Grisham 6/10/01 5:36 PM We are there talking...

Vance 6/10/01 5:36 PM where are you? Still in my office?

Grisham 6/10/01 5:37 PM yep

Grisham 6/10/01 6:06 PM vance, what HTML code do I use to: ie: I am reading a big text and on the middle of it there's a link to another page... When I go back to the text I want to go to the part where I was reading... But actually it sends me to the top of the you understand?

Vance 6/10/01 6:06 PM YOu need a bookmark

Grisham 6/10/01 6:07 PM what do you mean?

Vance 6/10/01 6:07 PM I'll find some code you can copy.

Grisham 6/10/01 6:08 PM thanks

Vance 6/10/01 6:09 PM one moment

Grisham 6/10/01 6:09 PM ok

Vance 6/10/01 6:12 PM got it, ready?

Grisham 6/10/01 6:12 PM yep

Vance 6/10/01 6:13 PM To place a bookmark, here is the syntax

<A NAME="whatever"></A>

Grisham 6/10/01 6:14 PM go to and I will show you what I want to do

Vance 6/10/01 6:16 PM To reference the bookmark, it's

<A HREF=#whatver> click here> </A>

Grisham 6/10/01 6:17 PM didnt understand a thing... can't you open the www i gave you and I will show you what I want?

Vance 6/10/01 6:20 PM sorry it doesn't connect

Vance 6/10/01 6:24 PM did you lose your connection? Why don't you come to tapped in. Very difficult to be in two places.

Grisham 6/10/01 6:25 PM ok... I will email you later ok?? it's easier

Vance 6/10/01 6:25 PM But I can't reach the url

Vance 6/10/01 6:26 PM Anyway, I'm happy to help however I can.

Grisham 6/10/01 6:26 PM thanks

Vance 6/10/01 6:26 PM ok

Vance 6/10/01 6:27 PM I'll catch up with you when I read the logs. How come things are miserable?

Grisham 6/10/01 7:38 PM so many problems here... money, ex wife... new girlfriend... the life

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