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Webheads chat logs from June 3, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan Arif Juani Moral
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Turkey Chile China

and Aum from Thailand

Webheads continued to enjoy meeting online again another week. Eight hours before the class was due to begin, Juani was about to go to bed at midnight in Chile and Vance was just getting to work in the morning in Abu Dhabi. Juani noticed Vance on Yahoo and we talked about Rifle, Colorado, where Juani will be living for a year in the USA. We had intended to talk more about Rifle during our regular chat class, but that chat was almost too busy for Vance to participate in, and the topic for the night had already taken root when Juani arrived. But Vance did look it up while it was on his mind that morning, at so in the first part of the chat logs, there is a url of an Ask Jeeves page with lots of links about Rifle, Colorado.

When it was time for our regular class,Ying Lan was first to join us, and we were talking about her waning prospects for marriage and her trip to New York when Aum arrived. We were welcoming Aum, whom we hadn't seen in a long time, when Maggi noticed Juani on ICQ so Vance contacted her on Yahoo. Meanwhile Michael and Rif had joined us after first passing by Tapped In. By then the conversation in Homestead was getting into differences in male and female attitudes to sex, so when Moral arrived in Tapped In he was disappointed not to be able to join us in Homestead. Moral is using IE5 but somehow it's not supporting the Java applet needed to run the Homestead chat (either that or it could be a firewall problem, which could also be blocking Java chat applets, Moral). Moral got us talking about the 1989 Tianenmen Square incident and about the Chinese government's suppression of the students there and of the present-day Falun Gong sect. Vance tried to get the Homestead chatters to move to Tapped In, where it is easier for him to participate in the conversation because he doesn't have to constantly cut and paste the logs there, but Aum wasn't sure about how to get into Tapped In and the conversation there was too interesting for the participants to want to move it. Just as it was getting most interesting, Rif's wife made him get back to work on his paper, and Michael's decided she had better take over the Internet connection herself, so both men retired leaving Vance alone to argue the male perspective in the battle of the sexes with Maggi, Ying Lan, Aum, and Juani.

Click here for logs from: Juani in Yahoo! | Homestead | Tapped In | Rif in ICQ

Juani in Yahoo!

juani5chile: Hi vance.I´ve been trying the new site and it works correctly.
juani5chile: I took a tour through it and learnt a lot.
juani5chile: I was reading the articles,too even some from last year,they are excellent.
vance_stevens: Thanks Juani, nice that you are one of us
juani5chile: thank you.I hope to be on time tomorrow.When you start the meeting I don´t know yet what time is in my country..
vance_stevens: There is a very nice website for time. It's at the top of any webheads page but we can check it now.
juani5chile: ok.I´ll do it,thank you.see you tomorrow.
vance_stevens: Doing it now, using this view:
juani5chile: yes,I´ll do it.
vance_stevens: That's fixed time, 12 noon GMT is, in Santiago ...
vance_stevens: 8 a.m.
juani5chile: so you´re 4 hours ahead.
vance_stevens: That would make you 4 hours behind GMT
vance_stevens: and according to
vance_stevens: that is correct
juani5chile: ah yes,and the meeting starts at 12?
vance_stevens: That's right, 12 noon GMT. That's 4 p.m in Abu Dhabi, and 8 a.m. in Chile
vance_stevens: Lasting around 2 hours
juani5chile: ah yes..then I´ll get up earlier tomorrow...
juani5chile: it´s very
vance_stevens: Were you affected by the flooding?
juani5chile: no.thanks God..
juani5chile: it stopped raining least for some hours.
vance_stevens: sounds awful. We don't get much of a winter in Abu Dhabi.
vance_stevens: Just coming into summer now with temperatures above 40
juani5chile: oh that´s terrible for me..I´m used to cold weather
juani5chile: and in USA it´s as hot as there,right?
vance_stevens: Where you're going in Colorado it will be cool I think
juani5chile: yes,but in summer...?
vance_stevens: I don't know your elevation in Rifle but it's probably in the mountains, like Chile, hot in summer, cold in winter
juani5chile: yes,that´s what my partner said..supporting climate
juani5chile: they never find a place so different for the TEP
juani5chile: ok.Vance I think I´ll go to bed are starting your day??
vance_stevens: Yes, at work at 7 a.m. I just looked up Rifle, Altitude 5345 meters
vance_stevens: SORRY feet
juani5chile: that´s a lot.
vance_stevens: divide by 3 for meters, about 1800 meters? That's mountain
juani5chile: not too high,though
vance_stevens: Sounds very nice. Probably good skiing there, population only 3215
juani5chile: and it´s ussually cloudy
juani5chile: yes.interesting and nice.
vance_stevens: In the morning (yours) we can look it up on the Internet and find pictures
juani5chile: yes,,of course...
vance_stevens: You'd better get to sleep. that's 8 hours from now.
juani5chile: ok..see you later...thanks again.
vance_stevens: ok, bye

Juani had a good night's sleep, and then, during our chat, Maggi said she had seen her on ICQ. Vance found her on Yahoo! and sent this message:

vance_stevens: Hi there. We're in homestead now but I'd prefer to go to Tapped In

juani5chile: ok..I´ll go there then

vance_stevens: oh, someone else just joned us then

juani5chile: i saw your drawing at the groupboard...

vance_stevens: Good, now it's your turn to do one

juani5chile: yes,i added a flower and a HI

vance_stevens: Great. I saved it.

juani5chile: ok...I´ll try somethung else later.

juani5chile: something..sorry.

vance_stevens: k, let's continue in Homestead

Follow Juani to Homestead

When Moral arrived, Juani tried to join us at Tapped In but had some trouble at first:

juani5chile: I couldn´t at tapped in

vance_stevens: oh, no. ?? not .com

juani5chile: yes,but how do I come in?

vance_stevens: use the guest login

juani5chile: ok.and write my name?

vance_stevens: yes

vance_stevens: There's something you have to do now, some instructions in the chat window

vance_stevens: And then you type /join vances

vance_stevens: ' /join vances '

vance_stevens: without quotes of course

juani5chile: ok.but he window is blank now.

vance_stevens: hmmm

vance_stevens: Did you get as far as reception?

juani5chile: it´s coming again

vance_stevens: ok?

Follow Juani to Tapped In

Click here for logs from: Juani in Yahoo! | Homestead | Tapped In | Rif in ICQ

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous24.

Members of room: Anonymous24

You have changed your name to Vance.

Anonymous3186 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous3828 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> hello

Anonymous3828 is now known as Maggi.

Anonymous3186 is now known as ying.

<ying> hello

<Maggi> Hi

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<ying> I am sorry, I got some problem with my printer.

<Vance> what's the problem?

<Maggi> what sort of problems Ying?

<ying> nothing...

<Maggi> that is a problem?

<ying> Papers jamed in the machine.

<ying> It is ok now.

<Maggi> how are you?

<ying> I feels sad.

<ying> feel

<ying> I feel frustrated.

<Vance> :-(

<Vance> why?

<ying> Nothing.... I don't know.

<Maggi> nosy Vance...:-)

<ying> Life is not so beautiful which I have exptected.

<Vance> When are you going to New York?

<Maggi> life is what you make of it

<ying> It is probably in December.

<Maggi> in time for Christmas

<ying> Yes, it is.

<Maggi> you'll like it there then

<ying> How do you know?

<Maggi> how long are you staying?

<Maggi> I've been there then

<ying> Everybody said... to find a rich guy there , then marry him.

<ying> I only stay there for one year.

<Maggi> I don't recommend it

<ying> why?

<ying> What is your suggestion?

<Vance> Hey, what's wrong with us rich guys??

<Vance> LOL

<Vance> roflamoj

<Maggi> won't make you happyif there is no love...only money

<ying> I don't think that I will marry someone ...

<ying> My problem is I lost my confindence.

<Maggi> in what?

<Maggi> you should go and just take it as it comes

<ying> thanks.

<Vance> Ying, aren't your problems due in part to the society in which you live?

<Maggi> after a year in NYC she will need to readjust to Taiwan again

<Vance> I mean, aren't there pressures to marry in Taiwan?

<Vance> And if you don't get married, this reflects negatively, right?

Anonymous14 has joined the chat room.

<ying> NO.....

<Vance> Hi 14

<Maggi> tell him qwhy Ying...

<ying> I will be dead after marriage.

Anonymous14 is now known as aum.

<aum> hi all

<Vance> Hi Aum, nice to see you again.

<Maggi> Hi Aum

<Vance> YL, what do you mean you will be dead?

<ying> I wish I were a stone, no feeling, no emotion.

<aum> how r u?

<Maggi> marriage is deadly eh?

<Vance> Do you mean that your husband will take over your life?

<ying> I don't know how to communicate with people exactly.

<aum> who gonna marriage?

<ying> One of foreingers I knew... he told me that He felt ... I am a directly woman.

<ying> None... aum.

<Vance> no one, Ying Lan is talking about why she won't get married ...

<Maggi> I'm direct too Ying

<ying> I am sorry, he said that I am a indirect woman. not direct.

<Vance> So do you mean to say that because you say what you mean, your husband will get angry?

<Vance> Indirect means that you don't say exactly what you mean.

<ying> NO.... I think that I am a direct woman, but he said that I am a indirect woman.

<Vance> How are you Aum?

<ying> yes, vance.

<Maggi> not so good because then the other has to guess

<aum> i'm ok , ty

<Maggi> every culture has a different way of being direct and indirect

<Maggi> and then there are the different styles of communication

<Vance> Are you still in school now Aum or on holiday yet?

<aum> i'm on holiday ,i just finished my exam on friday

<ying> my life is mess , too.

<Maggi> see the positive in it

<Vance> How is your life a mess, YL? Aren't you excited about going to New York?

<Maggi> How do you think you did Aum?

<ying> I lost my passion.

<aum> hmm i think i'll pass all except chemical :( i'm not sure ,,i dont like chemical

<Vance> In a different, exciting city, you can get your passion back

<Maggi> passion for what?

<Vance> chemistry? I thought you were in business.

<aum> ying .u r gonna go to new york?

<ying> everthing, maggi.

<Maggi> chemistry Aum

<Vance> Have you been there, Aum?

<aum> oh i changed

<aum> nope

<ying> aum, yes, I am.

<Vance> Interesting, I changed from business to biology when I was a student

<aum> ok chemistry

<ying> I have been given a notice to work in New York for one year.

<aum> now i'm studying computer scince

<ying> From this December.

<aum> oh u like biology

<Maggi> so you need that to work in a chemical or pharmaceutical company

<Vance> I do actually

<aum> that's great :) ying

<ying> I hate science...

<aum> nope maggi ..programmer is better

<Maggi> you are a number cruncher Ying

<ying> I do not even know how to say those name of subjects in English.

<Vance> I think science is fascinating, and I like programming too

<ying> What is cruncher.

<ying> curncher?

<Vance> But I don't have time for programming

<Vance> Crunch means to each noisily <Vance means 'eat' as Maggi points out >

<Maggi> an accountant, they work with numbers

<Vance> Or to crumple something noisily

<Maggi> eat Vance

<aum> vance what's lanuguae u do good? com lang

<ying> I am not.

<ying> Aum... English and Freanch..

<Vance> I used to program in Basic. For two years I had a job doing Authorware

<Maggi> programmers are in demand everywhere

<aum> hmm i think so

<Vance> what about you?

<aum> i'm leant pascal i'm learning c

<Maggi> Juani is on icq

<ying> It is a science world... I am leaving.

Anonymous9449 has joined the chat room.

<aum> right

<Vance> Good, she found us. I saw her at bedtime last night (hers, my morning) <Vance thinks 9449 in Juani>

Anonymous9449 is now known as Michael C.

<Michael C> Hi everyone.

<Maggi> Hi mc

<Michael C> Bedtime stories?

<aum> hi michael c

<ying> hi, michael...

<Michael C> I'd like a bedtime story...

<ying> Tell me one of your bedtime stories.

Anonymous23 has joined the chat room.

<Michael C> I don't have any any more Ying. It's a long time since I told a bed time story.Maybe when I'm a grandparent....

<Anonymous23> Hi,everybody

<Vance> Hi, is that Juani?

<Michael C> and 23 is?

<ying> When will you be a grandpa?

<Michael C> Good question Ying!!!

<ying> I am kidding.

<Michael C> I suppose it's possible 9 months from today!!!

<Maggi> don't think he has any control over that Ying..

<Michael C> Correct Maggi!

<ying> Really... your son or daugher married?

<Maggi> a little young

Anonymous23 is now known as Juani.

<ying> Is your son or your daugher married?

<Michael C> No. The 2 oldest have boyfriend/girlfriend - but not married.

<ying> who is pregnet?

<Maggi> Hi Juani

<Michael C> No one!!!!

<ying> how to spell the word.

<Juani> Hi maggie.

<Michael C> pregnant

<Maggi> nobody yet

<Juani> Hi everybody.

<Michael C> Hello Juani

<ying> What were you talking about being a grandpa after 9 months.

<Maggi> he was joking about what is possible Ying

<Michael C> I was joking!

<Juani> I just got up...very cold here...

<Michael C> Can you remind me Juani - where are you?

<Maggi> Chile


<Michael C> OK - thanks. So you are in winter like me.

<Maggi> good pun

<Juani> yes,Michael

<Maggi> she is chilly in Chile

<Michael C> I bet Juani has heard that joke a thousand times.

<Juani> very chili...

<ying> good sentence, maggi.

<ying> Hi, Juani.

<Maggi> she shouldmakesome chili

<ying> Juani, are you a young girl?

<Juani> not so young but not old eithet

<Maggi> that was indirect

<Vance> You can see Juani's picture on her Webheads home page

<ying> me?

<Maggi> yes Ying

<ying> Juani... you are in middle age?

<Juani> yes

<Maggi> direct would be to ask how old she was

<ying> What is direct? How old are you?

<Maggi> yees

<ying> I have to confess that I am a indirect woman.

<Juani> that´ an unanswered question for a lady

<Maggi> and then you find that out Ying

<ying> For me, It is not a issue. I usualy answer the true number.

Anonymous48 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous48 is now known as rif.

<Juani> I´m married too,two kids

<aum> hi juani

<ying> whaaaaa.... nice to hear it.

<Juani> yes,I was yoking....

<Michael C> Good to see you made it here Rif.

<Maggi> are they going to the US with you Juani?

<rif> hi everybody

<Juani> no..I´ going alone..

<ying> If I decide to marry someguy, it is probably for kid.

<Maggi> Hi rif

<aum> what's yoking? juani


<Vance> Hi Rif

<Juani> my kids are old enough to stay in Chile.

<ying> Now, I am to old to have a baby. Forget it.

<Vance> How old are your kids?

<Juani> They´re studying at he University

<Maggi> not really Ying

<ying> waaaa......

<Juani> and they´e coming on summer vacation

<Maggi> my friend had a baby at 42

<ying> how old are you, Juani?

<ying> I have not guts to marry now.

<ying> no

<Vance> Let her tell us how old her kids are, and we can work it out from that, YL

<Juani> I´ m 48


<Maggi> there are others ways to have a baby

<ying> I am not good at math... give a break.

<Juani> yes,the oldest is 25

<ying> others ways... to have baby without husband.

<Maggi> the kids age is not always a guide

<Maggi> yesYing

<Maggi> I am older than Juani but my son is 18

<Vance> My oldest is 23

<ying> No.. I don't think so.

<Juani> my youngest son is 19

<Maggi> and look at Vance

<Michael C> What about Vance?

<ying> To have sex with someone whom you love... it is a wonderful thing in our life.

<Vance> Yeah, what about Vance

<Michael C> LOL

<ying> The baby just come out from the love.

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> everyone looking?

<ying> If there is nothing with love... is it a disaster?


<Vance> grin

<ying> Something wrong with my words?

<Maggi> you can be artificially inseminated

<ying> No... i don't like.

<Juani> not me either.

<Vance> Yeah, me neither. Doesn't sound like any fun.

<ying> I am rather being alone than be artifically inseminated.

<Maggi> you can't Vance

<Vance> It would be very unpleasant

<ying> Vance... you live with your family.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Vance> Yep, one son. The other son is in California.

<ying> Michael escaped from my words.

<Juani> yes,he did

<Vance> Let's see if he's still at Tapped in

<Juani> I was visiting tapped in last night.

<Juani> I had never been there.

Anonymous48 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous48 is now known as Michael C.

<Vance> MC is at Tapped In with Moral

<ying> someone told me... man can not seprate from sex but woman can.

<Vance> Would anyone like to go to Tapped In? Moral can't reach Homestead.

<ying> separate

<Juani> ok..let´s go there..

Juani has left the chat room.

Follow Juani to Yahoo, where she has to go for instructions on how to get to Tapped In ...

<Maggi> I'm there too

<Vance> Aum, are you still here?

<ying> oh.....

<Vance> would you like to come to Tapped In Ying Lan?

<Michael C> Ying said: "man can not seprate from sex but woman can" Is it true?

<ying> someone told me...

<Michael C> Maybe you can tell us at

<ying> I have no experience about this... ;=)

<ying> That's why I asked.

<Michael C> Well can you explain exactly what you mean? Do you mean men cannot live without sex?

<aum> hi again :O what r u taking about?

<ying> probably...

<aum> where's tap in?

<Michael C> Like so many things it is not a good idea to generalise about men and women

<ying> I was talking about a prostitute story to a guy. Then he said.

<Michael C> Aum - is where Vance has an office.

<aum> i think it's pretty true (man cant live without sex)

<Michael C> Can women live without sex?

<aum> i c

<ying> aum.. are you male?

<aum> i'm female

<ying> Yes, we can. like me.

<ying> aum... i am sorry.

<aum> yess i think she(we) can (if they never have sex before)

<Michael C> OK Ying. And do you think you are typical?

<ying> what do you mean?

<ying> I am one of female creatures in the world.

<Michael C> Good answer!

<Maggi> we can go a long time if we want sex with love

<ying> I am not a typicale...

<ying> but one of them.

<aum> right

<Michael C> And some women ( and perhaps many men!) can not exist without regular sex.

<Maggi> if we just want sex then we are like many men

<aum> if we wanna have sex for fun .....then we can do it since 17?!!!

<ying> objection.

<ying> objection to michael

<Michael C> Why Ying?

<aum> yup it is mc

<ying> discrimination

<Maggi> how Ying?

<Michael C> What did I say that was discriminatory?

<ying> so,,, we can exist with unusual sex... I am kidding.

<aum> u know i think lot of asian' woman can live without sex

<Maggi> some women get as horny as men too

<Michael C> So Asian women are different?

<aum> hmmmmm

<Maggi> the culture is

<ying> Culture.

<aum> right

<aum> if u can have sex with the one u love(and not ur husband) then sex

<Michael C> Can or can't?

<aum> but now culture changing

<aum> cant

<ying> In our culture...they encourage people to be ascetic.

<Maggi> the pill changed that in the 60's

<Michael C> Like they used to in the West

<Maggi> AIDS changed it in the 90's

<aum> really? cause pill?

<Michael C> I think the better word may be 'celibate' Ying....

<Michael C> ..not ascetic.

<ying> One guy told me... everytime he saw call girls... he read "aids" at their forehead.

<Maggi> well...women didn't have to worry about getting pregnant

<Michael C> That is a terrible thing of that guy to say.

<aum> belibate = unmarrige?

<Maggi> really is Ying

<Michael C> celibate - not having sexual relationships

<ying> no.... in our culture.. they encourage to marry to have babies.

<Maggi> I would have punched his lights out

<ying> but after having baby, it is ascetic.

<ying> it is weird.

<Michael C> Well this is a *great* conversation but my wife needs to use the Internet.

<ying> but I don't think... my explaination is right.

<Michael C> So I have to go. I'll read the rest of the chat in the logs.

<ying> what do you mean *great*?

<aum> where r u? ying china or taiwan?

<Michael C> I mean really great!

<ying> I am from Taiwan.

<ying> I am 38 being single.

<Michael C> Gotta go. Bye.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<aum> bye mc

<ying> NO husband, no boyfriend.

<ying> bye Michael.

<aum> i c

<ying> I hate to be a confusion world.

<aum> most of woman choose to be singel

<ying> men can not understand it... they think it is freaky.

<aum> and enjoy single life my aunt

<aum> lol right

<rif> I gotta leave for now// bye

<Maggi> I've been single a long time

<ying> bye rif

<aum> bye rif

<Maggi> bye rif

rif has left the chat room.

Follow Rif to ICQ

<Maggi> but I have had sex too during that tie

<Maggi> time

<Vance> bye rif, he's writing a paper for his conference next week

<aum> r u married maggi? have been = future tense?

<Maggi> was

<ying> have been... present perfect tense.

<Maggi> not for the last 12 years

<ying> not now.

<aum> its mean u r marrige?

<Maggi> because it is over

<ying> don't ask...

<aum> oh sorry

<ying> I am kidding.

<Maggi> I was married once but not now

<aum> i c

<Vance> hello, still here?

<ying> i see... ;-))

<aum> hi vance

<ying> I am here.

<Vance> I've been reading your chat but having trouble in all the other windows at the same time

<Vance> This one is the most interesting

<ying> Oh... what do you think?

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> he saw are interested in it

<aum> u cant or u can? vance

<ying> men are animales or not?

<Maggi> ROTFL

<Vance> I can or can't what? Go without sex?

<aum> right

<Vance> I PREFER not to go without sex, but I can if I need to.

<aum> what's ROTFL?

<Maggi> rolling on the floor lqaughing

<aum> :)

<Maggi> laughing

<Maggi> it means he can't!

<aum> lol right he cant

<ying> It is ok... he got bobby.

<aum> it's good for ur marry life that u cant ;)

<Vance> Personally, I feel that men and women are exactly the same

<Vance> That is, I've met women who feel the same about sex as I do

<Maggi> niot quite

<Maggi> different packages

<Vance> Perhaps there is a consequence for women that men don't experience

<Maggi> a big one

<ying> It is a argument between men and women.

<Vance> Fortunately Bobbi is one who feels the same as I do

<aum> Bobbi's ur wife?

<ying> yes.

<Vance> I've met a lot of men and women who try to deny their desires also

<ying> you mean... me?

<aum> then?

<Vance> No, not anyone in particular (and we've never met)

<ying> i see

<ying> But we knew each other .....

<Vance> Some people think there's somethign wrong with their desires

<Vance> Yes we do, Ying

<aum> what's wrong with their disires?

<Vance> That's a good question. The answer is, nothing

<Maggi> brb

<aum> uhmmm

Anonymous7352 has joined the chat room.


<ying> I was expecting to read read... then. .. nothing.

<aum> they just afride?

<Anonymous7352> hi

<Vance> I mean, there is nothing wrong with their desires

Anonymous7352 is now known as Juani.

<aum> hi juani

<ying> hi. juani

<Juani> Hi.I´ back from tapped in

<Juani> what are you taliking about?

<Vance> Now I'm glad everyone is in the same place

<ying> vance was talking about desire.

<Vance> What are we talking about? Whether men or women can do without sex?

<Juani> humm a difficult question

<Vance> I claimed that men and women were essentially the same.

<Vance> Maggi disagreed.

<Juani> essentially the same? you mean ...

<aum> i think men want more than wmen

<Vance> That's it. I think they want the same.

<Juani> in what desire is concerned?

<Vance> Let's put it this way. Suppose pregnancy is not an issue.

<Vance> Is the desire then the same?

<Juani> maybe but men are supposed to be able to show it openly

<aum> and women can control their disire better than men

<Juani> yes,.I agree

<Vance> A woman might control her desire if she has to do that to avoid pregnancy

<Vance> But otherwise, i don't know if I agree

<Maggi> and sometimes not


<Juani> even if she has no problems with pregnancy

<Maggi> yep

<aum> yup even no problem with pregancy

<Maggi> I have no problems

<Vance> There's the issue of men and women, and then again the issue of individuals of either sex

<Maggi> and the difference Vance?

<Vance> If you remove the issue of pregnancy ( a good contraceptive)

<Maggi> and then?

<Vance> and of social norm (as Juani mentioned, men can be more open)

<Vance> then I think we're pretty much the same

<Maggi> and then?

<Vance> and then, you know what happens, Maggi :-)

<Maggi> even then I don't think so

<Maggi> it is not that simple

<Juani> yes,but we can´ t think everybody works the same way

<Vance> That's the issue of individuals

<Vance> of course there are differences between individual males

<Vance> and individual women

<Juani> yes...that´ it.

<Vance> but to say that men and women are different in their desires ???

<Maggi> and age

<ying> May be

<Maggi> and values

<Juani> that´s it..

<Maggi> and culture

<aum> right

<Juani> values,cultures are very important

<Maggi> there are far more things that women fconsider

<Maggi> not for men

<aum> woman can live without sex ..if she can have it with the one she love ....but a men cant live without sex even it form love or ....not

<aum> i mean if she cant

<Vance> Ghandi slept with a young woman every night just to disprove that

<ying> who is Ghandi?

<Maggi> what does that prove?

<Maggi> and you believe that?

<ying> disprove what?

<Vance> Mahatma Ghandi. He wanted to prove his purity so he slept with a young woman, a follower of his, just for comfort

<Vance> It was his habit in his later life

<Maggi> proves men do it for different reasons

<Juani> oh,great.....for Ghandi

<Vance> I mean, he didn't have sex with her

<Maggi> lol...

<Juani> i was talikng to a friend of mine

<Vance> It was just his sleeping arrangment

<Maggi> so what does THAT prove then?

<aum> emm maybe Ghandi is a GAY

<Juani> yesterday evening.he´ in the States now

<Juani> and he told me he was missing sex.....

<Juani> it was 20 days from home now

<Juani> so he was happy he could come back next week

<ying> You mean your friend or Ghandi?

<Maggi> that proves something!

<Vance> Juani's friend away in the states

<Juani> my friend of course..

<ying> men need sex?

<Maggi> yes

<Juani> yes,i think so.

<Maggi> for one

<ying> Vance, you lost your battle.

<Vance> Against such charming ladies I am powerless to argue further

<aum> vance u r the only one man here

<Maggi> lol

<Juani> yes.LOL

<Vance> Yeah, I think Michael started this and then left me to cover his retreat

<ying> case close... it is time to say bye to you guys.

<aum> lol

<Maggi> bye Ying

<ying> byed.

<Vance> It was fun

<aum> bye ying

<Maggi> sweet dreams!

<Juani> oh,time has gone by so quickly

<Vance> Nice to see you again.


<Juani> nice to see you,´ the beginning of the day for me.

<aum> i got to go too...nice chat with u a guys

<Vance> Ok, see you next week

<Maggi> tomorrow is a holiday here

<Vance> Yeah, a Sunday for Juani.

<Juani> why?

<ying> really? for what?

<aum> bye

<Vance> Hey tomorrow is a holiday here too

<Maggi> Whitmonday

aum has left the chat room.

<Juani> what does mean,Maggi?

<Maggi> bye Aum!

<Vance> bye aum (too late)

<Juani> Bye...

<Maggi> the Monday acfter Whitsunday

<Maggi> after

<Juani> ok.thanks..good bye.

<Vance> Hey you should get off Whittuesday too

<Juani> yes.of course.

ying has left the chat room.

<Maggi> that isn't a holiday

Juani has left the chat room.

<Vance> They're dropping like flies

<Maggi> they left fast

<Vance> Some people leave when you start talking about sex

<Vance> These people leave when you stop!

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> closing the groupboard and tapp-in

<Vance> Rif sent me an abstract. I'll put it in the logs

<Vance> He's busy with a paper

<Vance> yeah, might as well sweep up. We've both got tomorrow off.

Maggi has left the chat room.

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Tapped In logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 3 05:13:57 2001 PDT.

MaggiD [guest] arrives from nowhere.

MaggiD [guest] asks, "are you here?"

VanceS says, "hi"

MaggiD [guest] says, "ok"

MaggiD [guest] says, "now I can open the others again"

VanceS has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 3 05:15:36 2001 PDT.

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 3 05:16:58 2001 PDT.

VanceS asks, "still there?"

VanceS says, "I got zonked"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I noticed"

VanceS says, "anyway, I got unzonked"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I nioticed that too"

Michael_C [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Michael_C [guest] asks, "Hello dear people = just we 3?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Maybe I'll look for you elsewhere....."

VanceS says, "Hi MC"

VanceS says, "We're in Homestead. I wish we were all here."

Michael_C [guest] says, "Ok I'll go to HS as well. Well if you made yer office really attractive......."

VanceS says, "Yeah, I've got to do that"

VanceS says, "One of those low priority things"

Michael_C [guest] says, "I know - I just like hassling you."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Hi mc"

MaggiD [guest] says, "Hi Michael"

rif [guest] arrives from nowhere.

rif [guest] says, "hi everybody"

Michael_C [guest] says, "hello Rif. The rest of us are all in the Homestead chat."

rif [guest] says, "I should try that one then"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes - there are more people there."

Follow Michael and Rif to Homestead

MoralL arrives from nowhere.

MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.

MoralL exclaims, "Hi, Maggi, Michael and Vance!"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Hi Moral. Everyone is in Homestead chat...."

MoralL says, "I guess so."

MoralL says, "but i can not connect to Homestead chat."

MaggiD [guest] says, "Hi Moral"

Michael_C [guest] asks, "So you still have that problem eh?"

MoralL says, "Hi again Maggi, nice to see you are here."

MoralL says, "Yes, Michael."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "So it is not possible to get Homestead in China?"

MoralL says, "Michael, What's the topic for today."

MoralL says, "I can view Homestead pages...but can not get in Vance's chat room."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Well in the chat room people are talking about love, sex, and marriage!"

MaggiD [guest] says, "good topic"

MoralL says, "interesting..."

VanceS says, "Hi Morall"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Maybe the best topic!"

MoralL says, "Hi vance."

VanceS says, "Moral L"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "which one of the 3 mc?"

VanceS says, "Time to get everyone into Tapped In. I'm going nuts copying and pasting in homestead"

MoralL says, "It will be June 4th tomorrow."

MaggiD [guest] says, "yes"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "a specialday?"

VanceS asks, "what are you guys talking about?"

MoralL says, "yes, I remember the day...12 years ago when I was in university."

Michael_C [guest] asks, "What was that day ?"

VanceS says, "What day was that"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "memories...good ones?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Whoops - sorry about the rubbish."

MoralL says, "It was well known-Tiananmen Square incident."

MaggiD [guest] says, "was your mouth out mc"

MaggiD [guest] says, ""

MaggiD [guest] says, "oh that"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Aha - that was a special day - in a bad way I guess."

MoralL says, "Yes."

MaggiD [guest] asks, "can you talk about it Moral?"

VanceS says, "I remember the Tiananmen square incident too. I was in China at the time."

MoralL says, "Yes,"

MoralL asks, "where were you, vance?"

VanceS says, "I was in Kashgar, or Kashi"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "any way to make the chat window larger?"

VanceS says, "It's a long way from Beijing"

MoralL says, "Sorry, i din't get it, Vacne."

VanceS says, "Kashgar is a long way from Beijing"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Yes magggi - if you detach the chat you can make it larger."

MoralL asks, "Kashgar?"

VanceS says, "There was little effect there at the time from the Tianenmen incident"

VanceS asks, "It's in Shiangjang province? Is that how you say it?"

VanceS says, "Way to the west, Uigar country"

MaggiD [guest] says, "and how might I detach it"

VanceS asks, "Do you see the yellow 'detach' just above the chat?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "done"

VanceS says, "TAPesry preferences pasteboard detach"

MoralL asks, "XinJiang?"

VanceS asks, "Where were you at the time, Moral? I didn't catch it. Were you in Kunming?"

VanceS says, "Yes, that's right."

VanceS asks, "And what was the mood there at the time?"

MoralL says, "I remember on June 4th, 1989, when we knew the violence happened in Beijing...we were shocked and went out..."

MoralL says, "I was in ChongQing, Vance."

MoralL says, "And we wondered if we would get back."

VanceS asks, "Was there any trouble there?"

MoralL says, "Fortunetly, nothing trouble except many police out there."

VanceS asks, "So what did you think? Do you think the government was justified to do that?"

VanceS asks, "Do you think the students were right to protest?"

MoralL says, "I don't think anything the government did was right...I was one of the students. I knew what we were doing."

MoralL says, "Nothing wrong we did."

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "Sorry I'm busy back in Homestead now talking about sex!"

VanceS says, "I'm reading that conversation in Homestead and admit it's hard to concentrate here."

VanceS asks, "What about Falun Gong, Moral. Do you think they are harmful?"

MoralL says, "it's ok."

MoralL says, "I hate I can not be there."

VanceS asks, "be where?"

MoralL says, "Homestead chat."

VanceS says, "Well, you can read it later. I can ask them again to come here. Juani coulnd't though."

VanceS says, "I have an idea. maybe you can reach the professional site."

MoralL says, "According to knowledge, Falungong is not a good thing although what the government did to it was not right."

MoralL asks, "what professional site, Vance?"

VanceS says, "Try this one:"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "does it matter Moral ? And why are they not a good thing and who decides that?"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Folks - I gotta go. Elizabeth wants to use the Net......"

MaggiD [guest] asks, "is mc still here?"

Michael_C [guest] exclaims, "We need 2 Net lines!"

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye then mc"

Michael_C [guest] says, "Cya."

VanceS asks, "any luck Moral?"

hi [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS says, "cya michael"

VanceS asks, "Juani maybe?"

MoralL says, "trying..."

hi [guest] says, " me"

VanceS says, "Rif did this last week. He said Hi and that was his name."

hi [guest] says, "yes.i got a teacher that helped on the way"

VanceS says, "Sorry, it's really difficult to keep logs from homestead and participate in chats too"

VanceS asks, "Oh so you got someone in reception to help you?"

VanceS says, "This is a friendly place in that way."

VanceS asks, "Moral, are you having trouble or are you still with us?"

Juani [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Juani [guest] asks, "now?"

MaggiD [guest] says, "good shot"

Juani [guest] asks, "what are you doing?"

MoralL says, "I can view the page but the program doenot work Vance."

VanceS says, "ok, it's the applet then"

VanceS asks, "Is your browser Java enabled?"

MoralL says, "I think it's a jave problem...I enabled it but can not use it."

VanceS asks, "What version is it?"

Juani writes on the whiteboard...

Juani writes on the whiteboard...

Juani [guest] says, "I was trying your board."

VanceS asks, "How do we see what Juani is writing?"

MoralL says, "It's IE5."

VanceS writes on the whiteboard...

Juani writes on the whiteboard...

Juani [guest] says, "its funny"

VanceS asks, "what's funny?"

VanceS says, "oh, IE5, should work just fine"

MoralL says, "Well, I've got to go, Vance."

Juani [guest] says, "I was trying to see the guests.....also what can be read behind my name"

MoralL says, "bye, Maggi, Vance and Muani."

MoralL has disconnected.

Juani [guest] says, "Bye...have a nice week"

VanceS says, "Yikes, I'm in too many windows"

VanceS says, "I missed Moral."

VanceS says, "Maybe I can catch him on ICQ"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,he had to leave."

MaggiD [guest] says, "bye Moral"

VanceS says, "You might as well come back to Homestead. that's where the interesting talk is."

Juani [guest] asks, " the chatgroup??"

VanceS says, "Yeah, I'm having to keep up with that one so i can keep the logs"

Follow Juani and the rest of us back to Homestead

VanceS asks, "It's only us and Maggi here, right? ANd Maggi is there ni Homestead. Anyone else here?"

VanceS says, "Moral is still here, btw, so it says"

MaggiD [guest] says, "I'm going"

VanceS has lost his link.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 3 07:22:50 2001 PDT.

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Rif in ICQ

rif: (5:14 PM) hey,

can you suggest any synonym for " to determine"

Vance: (5:15 PM) to ascertain?

rif: (5:16 PM) I think it works. thanks. I am workiing on finishing up a paper on students' attitude toward computer assisted instruction.

next week, we will have a national conference here in Bolu

Vance: (5:18 PM) cool. give us the url to your paper when you're done

rif: (5:18 PM) unfortunately, only the abstract will be in English...

woould you like to see the abstract?

Vance: (5:51 PM) sure

rif: (5:53 PM) The purpose of this study is to determine high-school students' attitudes toward computer-assisted instruction in relation to gender, prior experience with computers, and the different school types. A questionnaire was developed through partial adoptation in order to acertain students' attitude. The data was collected from four differents school types among 14 schools, with a total participation of 1303 students. Reliability and valididty have been tested and ensured. The cronbach alpha was found to be .92. As a result of factorial analysis, three groups were identified: acceptance, scepticism, and pessimism. The students' attitude was found to be = 3.86 (over a scale of 5), and interpreted as positive in a 5-point likert scale. The students' attitude did not show any change based on gender (p > .57), whereas prior experience with computers appeared to be meaningful (p < .000). There also found to be a meaningful difference between Normal high school and Technical high school students and between Anatolian high school and Technical high school students possibly due to the amount of time exposure with computers (p<.000 ve p<.002 respectively).

feel free to comment on both the content and the grammar

Vance: (6:09 PM) Seems clear ... maybe a

"These differences suggest that ..

rif: (6:14 PM) thnx. I am now working on another large scale questionnaire on prospective teachers' attitude toward the Internet. approx. 2000 teacher trainees

Vance: (6:14 PM) sounds like serious research. Yeah, send us your abstracts

rif: (6:15 PM) in these days, the internet is under a big attack from the MPs. they are aboout to pass a law restricting the internet use

Vance: (6:17 PM) Really? What a shame. Fortunately they're going the other direction here.

rif: (6:17 PM) so, one of the questions asked was whether they would like the content of the Ýnternet to be controlled by an organization" to the prospective teachers. so, I am curiuos what will happpen.

Vance: (6:19 PM) How are they going to control it? Proxy server? they have one here but I hardly notice it. Mainly just filters porn.

rif: (6:20 PM) nope, they already control the domain name registrations. They will ask copies of each web site registered as domains...

Vance: (6:21 PM) a copy of your web site? I don't get it. Like if you want to put up a webheads site, you have to send them a copy first?

rif: (6:22 PM) :-) I know. But, they have a no clue what they are getting at. Next week, they will vote for it

rif: (6:23 PM) I gotta leave for now. My wife is waiting next to my desk :-)) Talk to you later

Vance: (6:23 PM) So they are going to restrict what you can put on servers in Turkey? what about servers that host your sites elsewhere?

rif: (6:24 PM) so that is what might happen eventually....

Vance: (6:24 PM) Yeah, let me know what happens.

rif: (6:24 PM) bye for now

Vance: (6:25 PM) ta

Message was sent. User is Offline.

The message will be delivered when user goes Online.

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