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Webheads chat logs from May 13, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan Juani
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Chile

The Internet was acting up this Sunday night. Michael in Australia and Ying Lan in Taiwan were both having more difficulty than usual making and keeping contact with the usual Webheads sites. Ying Lan was able to reach us only in ICQ, and even that kept cutting out on her. We tried to chat all of us there, but ICQ was not letting Michael or Maggi into the chat with Ying Lan and Vance. Neither of them could get into Homestead either, though Maggi and I were able to get there from Germany and the Middle East, and later Juani arrived there from Chile. GroupBoard too was working for only Maggi and I. Our Excite voice chat has not been working since May 1st. In the end, I suggested the Palace. I was able to reach two Palaces, one at and the other at, both on port 9998. But by then, Maggi had gone for a nap, Ying Lan had decided to give up on the Internet, and Michael had not restored the software to his laptop after the curiously caused disk crash he had last month. When Michael couldn't reach to get the Palace browser, he decided to give up too. I was collecting the logs and preparing to go myself when I noticed that Juani had come to Homestead, but we had missed her! So it was a bit frustrating for us, but we did manage to talk about the big fire (burning for 30 hours!) in Taipei, a seminar Ying Lan had attended <>, and the conference that Michael and I presented at in Cyprus <>, Maggi wondered if it was Mothers' Day in Taiwan, and Michael and Vance agreed to "nicely hassle Sophie for the goods." (Now what can that be about? Sophie wonders ... will she have to read the logs to find out??)

Incidentally, I was not able to upload files to Homestead this night either. I tried several times and several of the Homestead web pages timed out. Next day I tried again, and this time the uploads went more quickly than usual, so I guess they were working on their servers at Homestead. That would explain why that site wouldn't work. Usually, it's pretty reliable.

Click here for logs from: ICQ | Groupboard | Homestead | Follow-on from Ying Lan in ICQ

ICQ logs

Vance and Ying Lan in ICQ (4:08 = noon plus 8 min GMT)

ying: (4:08 PM) Hello I could not reach your web site today. The line seems very busy tonight.

Vance: (4:08 PM) Hi. I was having trouble uploading to homestead but Maggi and I are there now

ying: (4:09 PM) I do not allowed to reach it.

ying: (4:12 PM) I think that I troulbe with the connection problem. I have not been on line all the day.

ying: (4:13 PM) There was a big fire in Taipei city. Few Computer companies were destroyed by the fire. The fire has been lasted for over 30 hours.

Vance: (4:17 PM) Wow

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ying: (4:21 PM) I am sorry .. I can not reach you guys tonight. I am tired to try it again.

Vance: (4:22 PM) Poor Ying Lan. Our messages are not reaching you easily either

Vance: (4:22 PM) I'll try getting Maggi in here

Vance: (4:44 PM) still there?

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Athough Ying Lan keeps losing her connection, she and Vance manage to initiate an ICQ Chat Session.

<Vance> hi. Maggi just went for a toastie ??? but I'll try to get her here

<ying> hello

<Vance> We'll see what happens. So how did the fire happen? Is that what's screwed up your Internet?

<ying> I don't know.. I \..

<Vance> We have annonomous users in both chat areas, homestead and groupboard

<ying> I don't think it that it is caused the internet connection failed

<Vance> You don't think the fire caused the Internet connection to fail?

<ying> But it is seems so serious..

<Vance> Is it on tv?

<ying> Yes. I just knew it by watching TV.

<Vance> You found out from the tv ...

<ying> I was so frustrated the slow connection .

<Vance> I can't get Maggi in here. We've had this problem before.

<ying> I tried to check the TV programs schedule on noon.

<ying> But I was not allowed to visit any web site at the at time.

<ying> I went to Taipei city to attend a seminar yesterday.

<ying> It was fantastic...

<Vance> What was the seminar about? Fantastic?

<Vance> Why, was it about business?

<ying> Because I found the speecher had the same opinion with me.

<Vance> the speaker ... same opinion as you? Yeah? What opinion was that?

<ying> The speaker had the same opinion as me.

<ying> The topic is "The invisible continent"

<Vance> Which continent is that?

<ying> The speaker is an Japanese.

<ying> He is a very famous Business Consultant.

<Vance> collapse

<Vance> What is the invisible continent then? The one on the Internet?

<ying> He was talking about the .reason of collapse.

<Vance> I would say too much hype and too little productivity

<ying> I think that I could find the record player on internet.

<ying> but I can not reach it.

<Vance> the player?

<Vance> what do you mean you can find the player? ??

<ying> He said that the internet is very valuable if the ower has follow the right direction,. .

<ying> The speech is in English.

<Vance> That's true of anything isn't it?

<Vance> ok

<ying> I think that if you can recach the website , you might listen it by Media player or REal player.

<Vance> at the consultant's site?

<ying> NO... it is a Chinese web site..

<ying> If you get there, you could find the speaker's picture at the top of the site...

<Vance> got it

<Vance> but it's all in Chinese

<Vance> I've gclicked on his pic,

Ying Lan is no longer responding in the chat ...

Soon, Vance receives this message:

ying: (4:47 PM) I am back

Vance: (4:47 PM) Hi, Michael is having trouble too

ying: (4:50 PM) I also can not reach the groupboard of efi.

ying: (4:52 PM) Did you visit the web site of ?

Vance: (4:52 PM) yeah, I went there but can't navigate because it's all in chinese

Vance: (4:53 PM) I clicked on the speaker's picture and got a bigger picture

ying: (4:53 PM) Did you find the Picture of a Japanese?

ying: (4:53 PM) I am sorry...

Vance: (4:54 PM) yes, so you say there is a real media in there somewhere?

ying: (4:55 PM) Yes, I think so.

ying: (4:55 PM) Because they tried to broadcast the seminar on line yesterday.

Vance: (4:55 PM) If you find the link, right click on it and you can see the exact url

ying: (4:56 PM) I can not read the web site now...

Vance: (4:57 PM) You can send the url later

Vance: (4:58 PM) So where can we all chat I wonder. Should we try the Palace?

ying: (5:00 PM) I don't know. Tonight I was forced to shut down my computer and restarted it several times. I don't know that I can reach the file server of the Palace or not.

Vance: (5:01 PM) Let me see if I can reach one and we can try it. Can't hurt to try.

ying: (5:03 PM) If I can not reach it, I probably have to shut down my computer again.

Vance: (5:03 PM) i'm at this palace if you want to try on port 9998

ying: (5:08 PM) Don't be trouble to try any device of Internet now.

ying: (5:08 PM) I am very tired tonight.

ying: (5:09 PM) I might turn off my computer 5 minutes later.

Vance: (5:09 PM) ok, we're always trying these things out anyway.

ying: (5:10 PM) By the way, please email your real address to me. If I could make the copy of the speech which I was talking about. I might send you the tape.

Vance: (5:10 PM) ok, V Stevens, box 41637, Abu Dhabi, UAE

ying: (5:11 PM) Only this... it is so simple.

ying: (5:11 PM) box 41637, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Vance: (5:12 PM) Yep, not that many people in Abu Dhabi

ying: (5:12 PM) o.k. Got it.

ying: (5:13 PM) See you next week. I hope that Every thing will be good in the next week.

Vance: (5:13 PM) yeah, me too. At least we try.

ying: (5:14 PM) see you.

Vance: (5:14 PM) ok, bye for now then

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Vance tries to drag Michael into the ICQ Chat Session but he can't respond. But we can send messages ...

michaelc: (4:36 PM) Hello there. We're are ya's all?

Vance: (4:36 PM) Hey MC, what's up .. SNAP

Vance: (4:37 PM) I'm chatting with YL in ICQ. I'll try to drag you in. I've lost Maggi somehow.

michaelc: (4:37 PM) Welcome home Vance. Ok - drag me in....

michaelc: (4:38 PM) Didn't work - wanna try again?

Vance: (4:38 PM) trying

Vance: (4:41 PM) Lost YL, well we're in the groupboard place as well

michaelc: (4:42 PM) OK - I'll go there.

michaelc: (4:45 PM) I'm having trouble getting any homestead site....I'll keep trying.

Vance: (4:46 PM) I can't upload files there either, though Maggi and I were both in the chat room

Vance: (4:46 PM) YL is having big problems staying online and can't reach homestead or groupboard and keeps getting bumped out of ICQ

Vance: (4:46 PM) one of those nights

michaelc: (4:47 PM) So I guess they have a problem. Always nice to know it's not me. Mmm..maybe the Net is having a bad day.

Vance: (4:47 PM) guess so

michaelc: (4:48 PM) I've got Ying in another ICQ window. Shall we try a group chat again?

Vance: (4:48 PM) Yeah

Vance: (4:48 PM) try it from your end

michaelc: (4:49 PM) Ok

Vance: (4:49 PM) I couldn't get Maggi in mine earlier

michaelc: (4:54 PM) Maggi's trying to initiate a chat......

Vance: (4:55 PM) ok, I've got YL in ICQ and Maggi in Groupboard

Vance: (4:57 PM) chat lost connection about to abort

michaelc: (4:57 PM) Yeh - and I can't get to H/Stead

Vance: (4:58 PM) what about the Palace?

michaelc: (4:59 PM) I don't have Palace installed (on pc rebuild) but I could do it and let you know when you're there.

Vance: (5:00 PM) Let me see if I can get to a Palace

michaelc: (5:00 PM) Okily dokily

Vance: (5:02 PM) Try this one:

michaelc: (5:03 PM) OK.....

michaelc: (5:05 PM) What do I do when I get there? I am plantation etc now..

Vance: (5:06 PM) uh, I dont see you ...

Vance: (5:07 PM) you're sure it's

with an E as in chatservE

Vance: (5:08 PM) Let's try another then

michaelc: (5:08 PM) I am at a URL - not the Palace. I'm at and I see a list of links but no chat room.

Vance: (5:08 PM) oh, I've used the Palace browser. Do you want to download it?

michaelc: (5:09 PM) Yes - happen to know the URL (I'm feeling lazy)

Vance: (5:09 PM) I can get it for you at the Webheads Information Hub

michaelc: (5:10 PM) Good cos I can't get that either. (This is bloody hopeless!)

Vance: (5:10 PM) (some people!!)

Vance: (5:12 PM) (Search on Palace and chose the 32 bit Palace browser)

michaelc: (5:12 PM) OK!

Vance: (5:13 PM) let's see if it works. YL is tired and Maggi said she'd go for a nap

Vance: (5:16 PM) YL just petered out, and so did Maggi

michaelc: (5:16 PM) And I might too. I'll see how quickly this dowmload happens.

Vance: (5:17 PM) I guess others could show up

Vance: (5:17 PM) But I wouldn't mind going home either I don't guess. I'm always working though, I've got two computers going here.

Vance: (5:18 PM) I enjoy it, always plenty to do

michaelc: (5:18 PM) Guess what - can't get the download page! Error! Anyway....

michaelc: (5:18 PM) How do you feel about the whole Cyprus thing?

Vance: (5:18 PM) The World Wide Warp strikes again.

Vance: (5:19 PM) VERY stimulating

michaelc: (5:19 PM) Good. So it was successful then? was Sophie happy?

Vance: (5:19 PM) It's getting thread play on at least one list I follow

michaelc: (5:20 PM) Which list? (nice phrase - thread play!)

Vance: (5:20 PM) Yeah, I think Sophie is off on another trip right now. You wouldn't believe how discouragingly disorganized things appeared to be up to about 9 pm Friday night

Vance: (5:20 PM) Gavin Dudeney's, LTECH or something like that

michaelc: (5:21 PM) Actually i go that impression even from this distance!

Vance: (5:22 PM) When we began your session and you asked how many were there I didn't answer because there was only one person at the time.

Vance: (5:22 PM) But people trickled in and liked what they saw

Vance: (5:22 PM) That one lady at first was a bit miffed she hadn't been informed the presenter was not actually present

Vance: (5:23 PM) I guess it wasn't made clear it would be a distance presentation, part of the disarray I guess

michaelc: (5:23 PM) That's why you didn't answer! Oh well. I think there were a dozen or so scattered around the planet though.

Vance: (5:24 PM) BUT someone commented after it was over that it was really interesting to see the tech come together like that, and the presentation with your voice and slide show was just like live

Vance: (5:24 PM) It was a good presentation. Have you heard the archived version?

michaelc: (5:25 PM) It certainly was a fun thing to do from my side. Very interesting talking into a vacuum like that.

Vance: (5:25 PM) I was just praying you wouldn't spill your champagne

michaelc: (5:26 PM) Yes - I had a quick listen to the archive. It vwould be good to edit the stuff at the beginning of it thoug. And i will never spill champagne again. Never.

Vance: (5:26 PM) Bad luck you were on opposite Sophie herself. She is a star presenter, has more to say than anyone. Researches this chat stuff.

michaelc: (5:27 PM) Aha - does she have a paper to read anywhere?

Vance: (5:28 PM) she wouldn't let us record her first presentation. She followed a recorded session and we were all set up and Eric was recording. We could have had her, but ...

Vance: (5:29 PM) and she's not shy on a dance floor! so ...

Vance: (5:30 PM) I want to get her papers because I essentially missed both of them, though I was present at the first. I was figuring how to get into Eric's ftp site.

michaelc: (5:31 PM) I can always ask her myself. There is a lot of interest in the analysing the effectiveness of online chat.

Vance: (5:32 PM) We should double-team her. We can get copies and share. I think she'd be happy to let us read what she's done.

michaelc: (5:33 PM) I'll be off now Vance. Gotta prepare stuf for a workshop on Tuesday. More WebCt training.

michaelc: (5:33 PM) Ok - so let's nicely hassle Sophie for the goods.

Vance: (5:33 PM) ok, I guess I'll shut down too. Too cold in here.

michaelc: (5:34 PM) Go outside and get blasted with heat then. See you soon.

Vance: (5:34 PM) that'll work. I've got a cold already from this a/c

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Click here for logs from: ICQ | Groupboard | Homestead | Follow-on from Ying Lan in ICQ

Groupboard logs

Vance tries to drag Maggi into the ICQ Chat Session but she is unable to respond. Meanwhile, we are conversing in GroupBoard ...

<Vance> back at noon:15

<Maggi> so Anon 23 must be Ying

<Maggi> why?

<Vance> Is this Ying Lan?

<Vance> why what ... oh, I was just marking the time. It's noon 16 gmt

<Vance> Did you get my message that I was ducking out a sec?

<Vance> earlier? I didn't see it posted at my end.

<Maggi> it's 2.15 here

<Vance> ah, but it's noon 15 GMT

<Maggi> yes...but you didn't add a sec

<Maggi> it's can I be GMT+1 then?

<Vance> check the world clock

<Vance> Ying Lan says

<Vance> here was a big fire in Taipei city.

<Maggi> don't try to explain it again.....

<Maggi> I have and it says I am GMT+1

<Vance> hmmm

<Vance> ok, looking ...

<Maggi> yes, hmmmm

<Vance> are you Frankfurt time?

<Maggi> yes

<Maggi> Berlin too

<Vance> It says at the bottom that UTC or GMT is 12:20

<Vance> Frankfurt 2:20

<Maggi> I know...but how can I be plus 1 when it i9s 14.20 here?

<Vance> you must be GMT plus 2 in summer

<Maggi> must be but it says 1

<Maggi> no matter....I know when to be here

<Vance> If you click on frankfurt in the world clock it says GMT + 1 plus daylight saving +1 for a total offset of +2

<Maggi> yep

<Maggi> mc comes on and is away....

<Maggi> I'm going to get another toatie

<Maggi> toastie

<Vance> I'm trying to get YL in ICQ chat

<Vance> I'm ICQ chatting with YL but I can't get you in there for some reason.

<Vance> Have we been through this before?

<Vance> How's the toastie? And what's with MC? He's in ICQ ...

<Maggi> I got a hot water bottle too

<Maggi> ask him

<Vance> He's in touch now. I've been trying to get both youse in ICQ chat

<Maggi> ahha

<Maggi> I wonder if it is Mother's Day in Taiwan...

<Vance> Lost YL, MC is coming here I guess

<Maggi> ok

<Vance> YL said she attended a seminar yesterday and was very impressed

<Maggi> by what?

<Vance> by the speaker

<Vance> on dot coms

<Maggi> how does she mean...the way he did the talk?

<Vance> She said she agreed with his opinion

<Maggi> or the topic?

<Maggi> that always help to make a good impression

<Vance> Michael is having problems too. Are you in touch with MC and YL?

<Maggi> Ying is tired

<Vance> shes back in ICQ

<Maggi> yes...I am talking to her and MC there

<Vance> chatting?

<Vance> I've got both of them in IQC but can only chat with YL

<Maggi> a chat with MC doesn't seem to work

<Vance> got mc's invite though

<Vance> and waiting for him to respond

<Vance> chat lost connection about to abort

<Maggi> same here

<Maggi> same with him when I tried

<Vance> I'm going to try a Palace

<Vance> I've reached on 9998

<Vance> gonna go for a wizz while everyone thinks about it

<Maggi> ok

<Maggi> I'm going to take a short nap...:-)

<Vance> At the plantation now. MC tried the http site and is now about to get the Palace

<Maggi> ok

<Maggi> Ying must have fallen asleep

<Maggi> so I am going to take a snooze...have fun!

<Maggi> bye for now

<Vance> ok cya

Click here for logs from: ICQ | Groupboard | Homestead | Follow-on from Ying Lan in ICQ

Homestead logs

Vance and Maggi are the only ones able to get into the Homestead chat, except for Juani, who appeared as we were all leaving (and was just missed). Homestead I believe was working on its website, and this is why it was not as accessible as it usually is.

Connecting to chat server...

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous1971.

Members of room: Anonymous1971

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> It's now 11:39 GMT

Anonymous57 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous57 is now known as Maggi.

<Vance> hey, hiya

<Maggi> Hi

<Vance> hlo

Anonymous25 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous25 has left the chat room.

Anonymous78 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous78 has left the chat room.

Maggi has left the chat room.

a bit later ...

Anonymous85 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous85 is now known as Juani.

<Juani> Hello.

Juani has left the chat room.

Anonymous10 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous10 is now known as Juani.

<Juani> hello..

<Juani> where is everybody?

Juani has left the chat room.

Anonymous2 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous2 has left the chat room.

a bit later ...

<Vance> Juani, sorry !!!

Click here for logs from: ICQ | Groupboard | Homestead | Follow-on from Ying Lan in ICQ

Follow-on from Ying Lan (next day in ICQ)

ying: (6:40 PM)
Vance: (6:40 PM) hi
Vance: (6:41 PM) someone is challenging the question, the concept of balance ...
Vance: (6:42 PM) balance is the art of leadership
Vance: (6:42 PM) Is this what you saw?
ying: (6:44 PM) I saw it in Chinese.
ying: (6:44 PM) Actually, it is a file of real player... Can you hear it by real player?
Vance: (6:45 PM) I thought you said they were speaking English .. Yes, I can hear it well
Vance: (6:45 PM) And that's it. I've got to go home. I'll send this out to Webheads and ask them what they think
ying: (6:46 PM) I try to understand it.
Vance: (6:46 PM) Yes if you need help, do you have any questions before I go home?
ying: (6:46 PM) If you really want to go home, just go home.
Vance: (6:48 PM) Yeah, I've been uploading files for webheads. One of them was for your page. I've been here again 12 hours today and I'm ready to go. But if you have any questions, ask and I'll answer them tomorrow. Or now if it's a quick one.
ying: (6:49 PM) I just try to understand her words now... It takes time to understand it. Now, I have no questions, because I don't even understand her words.
Vance: (6:50 PM) OK, what two aspects of balance are there? What example does she give from Chinese literature on the importance of balance? (what 3 types of leader are there?)
Vance: (6:51 PM) Listen for answers to those questions
ying: (6:51 PM) To be a great leader is that the worker thinks he does everything by himself.
Vance: (6:51 PM) That's the third kind of leader. There were two before that.
ying: (6:52 PM) I don't understand the two before that...
ying: (6:52 PM) What was the evil talking about?
Vance: (6:53 PM) I don't remember them exactly, only that there were two of them ... ok, let me listen for the evil. What time is on the counter at that point?
ying: (6:54 PM) I did not know.
Vance: (6:54 PM) It's in the lower right of the real player
Vance: (6:55 PM) fundamentals as old as time, what are they? (two examples, first is balance, what is the other?)
ying: (6:55 PM) I am sorry, I have to listen it again.
Vance: (6:55 PM) me too
Vance: (6:56 PM) leadership's obligation to create and environment in which people are free to invent and create. That's the second one.
Vance: (6:56 PM) The man wants to challenge her on the essence of leadership
Vance: (6:58 PM) Given balance, would you tip to push for output rather than creativity?
ying: (6:58 PM) output?
Vance: (6:59 PM) She says they must tip in favor of speed
ying: (6:59 PM) tip?
ying: (6:59 PM) suggest?
Vance: (6:59 PM) I think he means production vs creation; tip means to fall in that direction
Vance: (7:00 PM) suggest means to tell someone you think they should do something, but with little force
Vance: (7:01 PM) I listened again but I don't think i heard the word evil
Vance: (7:01 PM) You'll have to give me either a context or a counter number
ying: (7:01 PM) I might be wrong... what was the first leader?
Vance: (7:02 PM) yes, the first rules by force, he's feared
Vance: (7:04 PM) three kinds of leaders, evil leader is he who men despise
Vance: (7:04 PM) good leader is he who men revere, and you got the third one
ying: (7:05 PM) Thanks.
Vance: (7:05 PM) ok, I'm off now. I'll email this to webheads, ok? This conversation.
ying: (7:05 PM) sure
ying: (7:06 PM) my pleasure.

Click here for logs from: ICQ | Groupboard | Homestead | Follow-on from Ying Lan in ICQ

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