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Webheads chat logs from May 6, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Felix Juani
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan Brazil Chile

and Chris Fry in Barcelona, and David Smith in Berlin

Our regular online class today coincided with online presentations given at the conference on "Implementing Call in EFL: Living up to Expectations" at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia: If you go to that website you can find links to listen to presentations which were streamed live:

As this conversation was taking place, Vance was assisting at a presentation in Cyprus where the audio was being streamed and online participants were interacting in the chatroom at the url given above. Vance was interacting with them as well as talking to Webheads in the Homestead chat room. Eventually he told the participants in the Cyprus conference that there was a Webheads class on at and some of them went there in their browsers. Ying Lan and John meanwhile had gone to the conference url and were listening to the presenter and interacting with those present in that chat room.

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous27.

Members of room: Anonymous27

You have changed your name to John.

Anonymous2895 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous2895 is now known as Maggi.

<John> Hi, Maggi,

<Maggi> Hi

<Maggi> easier to talk here

<John> There was a Chris-by-Barcelona here a little while ago. He/she left but said he/she would return.

<Maggi> ok

<John> It is MUCH easier to talk here.

<Maggi> less clicking

<John> Yep. I keep forgetting to click on send.

<John> So, when you said that excite chat is down, did you mean permanantly?

<John> (never could spell. permanantly doesn't look right to me).

<Maggi> yes, gone...lost their financing ....was cut off

<John> Hmmm. That's been happening a lot lately.

<Maggi> think it is permanently

<John> That looks more like it. Like I said, I never could spell.

<Maggi> just need some nifty tricks

<John> I have a reading that I always give my students. It's "Why not to use Spell Check"

<Maggi> oh...

<John> or "spill chick" as it says.

<Maggi> I have a cute poem about it

<John> It is full of words that are not misspelled, except for the sense of the article itself.

<John> It explains how to do "cat and pasta" also.

<Maggi> must be the same one

<John> Might be. Mine comes from the IEEE list serve.

<Maggi> mine is funny

<John> So is mine. Including adding water and two pounds of diced chicken to the message.

<Maggi> I might be knocked off here when I open the groupboard

<John> OK.

Maggi has left the chat room.

Anonymous93 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous93 is now known as Maggi.

<Maggi> opened them in the wrong order

<John> That happens.

<John> I have four browser windows open right now. One of them is just in case I need it.

<Maggi> yes....caught your daughter on when I was waiting for Vance to come on at the conference

<John> Really? She must have been later than I thought.

<Maggi> asked if it was you....:-)

<John> Her boyfriend leaves about 11:30 or 12:00, and then she starts using the Internet.

<Maggi> good deal....

<John> Vance has started asking "John or Daughter?" since it happened to him.

<Maggi> Vance ran over the time and never got to Michael or me

<John> I couldn't stay up that late (2:30 a.m.)

Anonymous9 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> well, I got up early for nothing

Anonymous680 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous9 has left the chat room.

<John> Happens to me sometimes, too.

<John> Who was Anon 9?

<Maggi> Hello there!

Anonymous680 is now known as ying.

<Maggi> Hi Ying

<ying> I think Anon9 is also mo.

<ying> me

<John> Hello, Ying.

<Maggi> twins eh?

<John> or clones?

<Maggi> excite voice chat is gone

<ying> Hello... the excite web is closed by shortage of Financial support.

<ying> I am so sorry to hear it.

<John> That will probably be the topic of the day.

<Maggi> John...are you keeping a log here or should I?

<John> I'm keeping one, but 2 copies is never a bad idea.

<Maggi> ok

<John> You never know when one of us will lose a connection.

<Maggi> true

<Maggi> this one is harder because the cache is so small

<John> I left Tapped In. Nothing ever happens there.

<John> I just copy and past every few lines.

<John> sorry - paste

<John> Ying, are you still there?

<Maggi> I'm watching the screen

<Maggi> how are you Ying?

<ying> so so...

<John> Have you read any more books?

<Maggi> why?

<ying> I am reading "Who moves my cheese?" now...

<Maggi> chees?

<John> I've seen it laying around the office, but I haven't picked it up yet.

<John> How is it?

<ying> Last week, I read a book title as "Fish"

<ying> It sounds a good book.

<John> I've never heard of "fish".

<ying> Someone told me it was a great book. He has already read the Chinese version.

<ying> They have written by same author.

<John> I'm reading "Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern"

<ying> In "Fish",, the principle is that you can choose your attitude to your job.

<ying> Play and make their day.

<John> OK. What if you choose a good attitude and you boss chooses a bas one?

<ying> bas

<ying> bas?

<Maggi> good question

<John> sorry, bad

<ying> Why do you let someone else to influence? It is your life not his.

<ying> influence you>?

<John> Because I want someone I am supervising this summer to feel horrible.

<Maggi> bad karma

<ying> You are weird... to feel horrible?

<John> I am supposed to coordinate the summer intensive English program for my campus.

<ying> You should make your life to feel great.

<John> My office mate is going to teach in it and she has made me upset.

<ying> She doesn't want to work with you, does she?

<John> Unfortunately, she does.

<ying> Or she is arrogance?

<ying> Or you don't like her first?

<John> I don't want to work with her - She thinks she it God's gift to the school.

<ying> You are jealous, aren't you?

<ying> I am soory...

<John> Why? I am a full professor, 22 years experience, finishing my doctorate, and she is a second year instructor.

<ying> Why are you angry?

<John> She just spends her time whining about how our boss doesn't understand her.

<ying> If you are better than her... she is just a kid for you...

<ying> No Threaten.

<John> Then she comes in and interrupts me while I am trying to work.

<ying> She is a kid.

<John> She's not a kid - almost 50.

<ying> For mental, she is.

<Maggi> best is to ignore her

<John> I guess you're right. Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't even think of her this weekend. So let's change the subject.

<ying> If she was a mature person, she would respect to other people.

<John> She should. but she doesn't. Maybe that is what has me so angry with her.

<Maggi> some people never learn

<ying> maybe you need to read the story... fish and who moved my cheese.

<John> Tell us about the book, if you will.

<ying> I just got the web site of who moved my cheese.


Anonymous62 has joined the chat room.

<John> What is the URL?

Anonymous62 is now known as Vance in Cyprus.

<Vance in Cyprus> howdy

<John> I'll check it out, Ying. Hi, Vance.


<ying> hi vanced

<ying> hi, Vance.

<Vance in Cyprus> Hi Ying Lan

<Maggi> Hi

<ying> I am sorry for being absence of your conference.

<Vance in Cyprus> we're having a great time in Cyprus

<ying> I went to go ice skating yesterday.

<Vance in Cyprus> We are streaming a conference now

<ying> I have promised it to go with my friend before you asked.

<ying> What a pitty... the chat of excite is closed.

<Vance in Cyprus> yeah, we noticed that as I was about to give my plenary

<Vance in Cyprus>

<Vance in Cyprus> This is where I am now

<John> I haven't gone ice skating in years. I hope you enjoued yourself.

<Vance in Cyprus> If you get a schedule you can hear a presentation right now

<Maggi> and didn't get too many bruises :-)

<Vance in Cyprus> I'm sending the stream out via windows media encoder

Anonymous19 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous19 is now known as Chris_Fry_Barcelona.

<Maggi> Hi Chris

<ying> I am at the

<John> Hi, Chris.

<ying> but I can not find you..

<Chris_Fry_Barcelona> Hi

<ying> hi chris

<Vance in Cyprus> Hi, I invited Chris over to meet the Webheads

<Chris_Fry_Barcelona> Hi Vance

<Vance in Cyprus> Hi in both places

<John> The one by Csoma?

<Maggi> hit the wrong key

<Vance in Cyprus> We are streaming the audio so if you have media player you can hear the presentster

<Vance in Cyprus> but you can join the chat if you want

<Vance in Cyprus> Ying lan, you did it!

<Vance in Cyprus> Best if we do webheads chat here though

<Vance in Cyprus> conference chat over there

<Vance in Cyprus> YING, everyone there is listening to the presentation

<Vance in Cyprus> You can click on the headphones to hear it

Anonymous5445 is now known as David Smith.

<Maggi> Hallo David...

<John> Hello, David.

<David Smith> hi folks!

<Maggi> where are you David?

<David Smith> I'm in Berlin - and you?

<Maggi> next to Darmstadt

<David Smith> ah, okay

<David Smith> are you learning English?

<Maggi> south of Frankfurt

<Maggi> I teach it

<David Smith> do you normally come to this Webheads chat?

<Maggi> I am a teacher here at Webheads

<Maggi> I come every Sunday

<David Smith> can you tell me what Webheads is? I don't know anything about it, I'm afraid

<Maggi> a community of peaople around the world who want to improve their English skills

<David Smith> and how did you become a Webheads teacher?

<ying> hi david

<David Smith> hi Ying!

<Maggi> Vance, Michael and I were already teaching online for EFI

<ying> EFI= Englihs for Internet.

<David Smith> ah ha

<John> BRB - Going for some coffee.

<David Smith> do you happen to be involved with ELTAF, the English Teachers Association, Maggi?

<Maggi> yes

<David Smith> I'm on the ELTABB board here in Berlin

<Vance in Cyprus> Hi, I'm back here

<Maggi> nice...good thing

<Vance in Cyprus> btw, do you all know who the next presenter is?

<David Smith> Maggi, were you at BESIG in Munich last year? I may have met you already

<ying> our michael

<Maggi> no, I broke my leg

<David Smith> oh dear

<John> I'm back.

<Vance in Cyprus> that's right Ying Lan

<David Smith> Where are you based, Ying?

<ying> I am from Taiwan.

<David Smith> and are you an English teacher as well?

<ying> I have not heard the sentence.. where are you based?

<Vance in Cyprus> For the conference goers, Michael is a teacher of the class whose chatroom you ar e in now

<ying> I am a English learner.

<David Smith> it's like "where do you live?"

<John> It means where are you living, Ying.

<David Smith> but it sounds more "businessy"!

<ying> I am an English learner.

<ying> I am a student at Webheads.

<John> A very good English learner.

<David Smith> and do you come to this chat every week, Ying?

<David Smith> how many people normally come?

<ying> Except, I had to be another city.

<Maggi> depends

<ying> two or three students as usual

<Maggi> 1-7 or 8 once

<ying> three or four teachers

<Maggi> that's the average

<David Smith> Maggi, do you get paid for doing this, or do you do it voluntarily? (sorry if that's a personal question! :-) )

<Maggi> we all volunteer

<David Smith> that's very good of you!

<David Smith> what do you normally do in the classes?

<Maggi> we enjoy it!

<John> You couldn't pay me enough to come every Sunday. I come because I enjoy it.

<ying> I apprecite their help...

<John> I think most of us feel the same way/

<David Smith> John, are you one of Eric Baber's COLTE graduates?

<ying> Did you visit the web site of whomovedmycheese , John?

<John> No, I'm not.

<David Smith> sorry, different John!

<John> I'm with the University of Puerto Rico.

<John> Yes, I did, Ying. Very interesting. I even bookmarked it.

<John> There are a lot of Johns, David.

<David Smith> yes, that's true :-)

<Maggi> what's with the cheese ying?

<John> Including two in my house.

<David Smith> he he

<John> You got it.

<David Smith> I thought you might be the same John because Vance and Eric know each other

<John> I only know Eric from a couple of discussion lists.

<David Smith> ah, okay

<David Smith> and do you normally have a theme for these chats, or is it completely open?

<John> It's usually completely open.

<John> Although Ying generally has a new book she has read and tells us about it.

<David Smith> and have you recently read "who moved my cheese", Ying?

<Maggi> is it a stinky cheese Ying?

<John> Ying??? are you still there?

<Maggi> pit stop maybe?

<John> Probably.

<David Smith> I'm going to go back to the IATEFL conference now... it was nice to meet all of you!

<John> She was telling us earlier that she is reading Who Moved my Cheese. She just finished "Fish" by the same author.

<Maggi> same here...enjoy!

<John> Nice meeting you David. Drop in again sometime.

<David Smith> Maggi, can I just ask your family name?

<David Smith> just in case we run into each other at an ELTA event

<Maggi> Doty

<David Smith> thanks - oh, and how do I exit this chat? :-)

<Maggi> click on close

<David Smith> thanks! bye now!

<John> Bye

David Smith has left the chat room.

<John> So that is why our are mad?

<John> What is the A?

<Maggi> Ann

<John> OK. Maggi Ann Doty - MAD.

<Maggi> and I thought you knew they wmy initials

<Maggi> actually it is Margaret

<John> No, I though it was how you felt (you know, crazy)

<Maggi> sometimes

<John> One of my colleagues just gave me an urn that says - "Ashes of Problem Students".

<Maggi> more angry nowadays

<John> I put some ashes in it, and told my students that I would turn them all into ashes if they didn't start doing their homework.

<Maggi> hmmm...I should try that...did it work?

<John> I won't know until I get to work tomorrow.

<John> I only have one week of classes left.

<Maggi> must be a nice feeling

<John> I plan to put a new picture on my web site.

<John> It is a wonderful feeling.

<John> Then my summer program starts in early June.

<Maggi> then you have more than a week left

<John> I like the program for some very good reasons - incoming freshmen.

<Maggi> and are they fresh?

<John> No, they are really very well mannered.

<John> In Spanish we call them "prepas"

<Maggi> shy even?

<John> Usually very shy.

<John> Oh, the money helps, also

<Maggi> wonder where Ying went?

<John> Yeah. She didn't log out. Must be just lurking today.

<Maggi> or at the conference

<John> That's possible.

<Maggi> I'm getting hungry

<ying> I am reading the book " who moved my cheese'

<ying> sorry

<Maggi> does it have anything to do with cheese?

<ying> it is talking about "Change"

<Maggi> and someone keeps moving the cheese...:-)

<ying> "When you are afraid thinkg are going to get worse.... it keeps your from doing anything.

<Maggi> that's true

<John> I'm listening to Michael.

<Maggi> oh

<Vance in Cyprus> Hi guys, I'm listening to Michael too

<Maggi> I'm listening to my stomach

<John> Is it as interesting as Michael?

<Vance in Cyprus> it is. are ou listening John?

<Maggi> wouldn't know

<John> To my stomach? No. To Michael. Yes. Very interesting.

<Vance in Cyprus> it is good, he's a good presenter

<John> Yes he is.

<ying> Does he finish? It keeps silence now.

<ying> I heard his breath...

<John> No, he is taking a short break to have us answer a question

Maggi has left the chat room.

<ying> I can not join the chat room.

Maggi has joined the chat room.

<Vance in Cyprus> You can't get into the chat you were in iearlier?

<Vance in Cyprus>

<ying> Yes,,, I was bounced out of the chat room.

<Vance in Cyprus> try again

<ying> I am exactly at the web sites which you gave me...

<Vance in Cyprus> michael is a good speaker

<Maggi> please?

<Vance in Cyprus> yes, you are there now?

<Vance in Cyprus> please what, Maggi?

<Maggi> nevermind

>Vance in Cyprus> do you want to hear Michael talk?

<Maggi> who?

<Vance in Cyprus> Michael Coghlan

<Vance in Cyprus> he's presenting at our conf in cyprus

<Maggi> I know him

<Vance in Cyprus> the url above is where you can hear him talk

<Vance in Cyprus> he's giving a riveting talk

<Vance in Cyprus> we're projecting his voice and slides to an audience hee in cyprus

<Maggi> I was questioning your question

<Maggi> I know all that...I was here with him yesterday for your talk

<Vance in Cyprus> cool

<Vance in Cyprus> did it come in ok?

<Maggi> yes

<Vance in Cyprus> this conf has been a gas

<Vance in Cyprus> we've really broken ground here

<Maggi> nice for you

<Vance in Cyprus> Nice for all of us.

<Vance in Cyprus> We're also chatting with michael while he gives his talk. YL is there.

<Maggi> he can talk and type at the same time...pretty good

<Vance in Cyprus> he's talking to us and we're typing to him

<Maggi> ah ha

<Vance in Cyprus> we miss you there

<Maggi> I'm keeping the logs here

<Vance in Cyprus> great. I appreciate that.

<John> So am I

<John> I wonder if he is reading this or has it memorized.

<Maggi> Felix is trying to come here

<John> ok

Anonymous2475 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous2475 is now known as Felix.

<Felix> Hi there

<John> Hi, Felix.

<Maggi> Hi Felix

<Felix> How are you all doing/

<Maggi> fine

<Felix> Good.

<Felix> Any news?

<John> I'm doing fine - I was just listening to Michael's presentation.

<Maggi> about what?

<Felix> about anything...

<Felix> Listening?? Where?

<Maggi> oh...let's see...

<Felix> I am listening to Loreena Mckenitt

<John> Music or Talk?

<Felix> music.. I love her songs

<Felix> where are the others?

<John> I think Ying and Vance are still in the presentation.

<Felix> where is it??

<Felix> Is the presentation taken place right now?


<John> The oral portion has just finished. Now it is text.

Anonymous35 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous35 has left the chat room.

<Felix> is everybody there?

<Maggi> not me

<Felix> I mean.. listening to the presentation?

<John> I'm not sure if any more than Vance, Ling and Me

<John> Maggi is here at this site.

<Maggi> listening to my stomach

<Felix> I am trying to open the url. My since I had my computer formatted, it's been crazy.

<Vance in Cyprus> Felix, nice to see you.

<Felix> I just woke up..

<Vance in Cyprus> You just missed the coneference

<Felix> Hi Vance

<Vance in Cyprus> michael gave a talk

<Felix> What a pity!!!!!!1

<Vance in Cyprus> it's archived, or will be

<John> Isit possible to get a copy of his talk?

<Vance in Cyprus>

<Felix> Doesnt anyone want to make a donation here?? a computer?? LOL

<Maggi> :-)

<Vance in Cyprus> this is the url for the archives of the talks

<ying> Hello felix.

<ying> Long time no see.

<ying> I had to concentrate on michaelc's words.

<Felix> Hi Ying. Yeah. It's been a long time

<ying> Yea... but I still could not understand all of sentences.

<John> It has been a very long time, Felix. Glad to see you again.

<Felix> I am glad I could be here also

<ying> on the other hand, I was hungry at the same time.

<Felix> I am hungry also. But in a while I will have lunch

<Vance in Cyprus> guys i invited everyone back over here

<Vance in Cyprus> but I've got to run

<John> OK, Vance.

<Vance in Cyprus> Coffee and another workshop for me

<Felix> ok Vance.

<Vance in Cyprus> thanks for dropping by MC's talk

<Vance in Cyprus> I told him you were here

Chris_Fry_Barcelona has left the chat room.

<Vance in Cyprus> see you next week and thanks Maggi for keeping the logs

<John> Very interesting talk. I wonder how to get a copy of it.

<Vance in Cyprus> really sweet of you

<John> Hi Chris.

<Vance in Cyprus> ther's an archive John

<Maggi> Chris left

<John> OK. I'll keep looking, then.

<Vance in Cyprus> I just gave the url to felix

<Vance in Cyprus>

<Vance in Cyprus> see you

<Vance in Cyprus> bye

<John> bye

<Felix> bye Vance

Vance in Cyprus has left the chat room.

<ying> It is time to say bye-bye

<John> OK, bye bay all

<ying> bye

ying has left the chat room.

<Maggi> bye

Anonymous1 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> is everyone going now?

<Maggi> not yet

<Felix> ok..

<John> I'm still here.

<Maggi> hallo 1

<John> Who is anon 1

<Felix> I think is Juani from Chile

<Anonymous1> Hi,,I´m Juani..sorry to be so late

<Maggi> good Felix

<Felix> you know how to change your name?

<John> That's ok, Juani.

<Anonymous1> yes,,i had a problem with the server,i Think

Anonymous1> how are you ,today?

Anonymous1 is now known as Juani.

<Felix> I have a hunch Efiwebheads will get bigger and bigger..

<Felix> and so famous and useful for the internet world

<Juani> ah..that means I missed it..

<Felix> I missed it also Juani.

<John> It was very interesting.

<Felix> I have a big problem with my bed. I couldn't get out of it. :o)))

<Juani> then well cry together--

<Felix> Borrow me your shoulder?

<Felix> oops

<Maggi> in bed?!

<Felix> lend me your shoulder?

<Juani> I got up early but i don´ know what happened

<Juani> ok..

<Felix> no maggi.

<John> Silence.

<Felix> yeah..

<Maggi> is golden

<Felix> sometimes

<John> Other times it is platinum.

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> I have to get some work done...

<Felix> I have to get my clothes washed.

<John> OK. It has been a rather long class today - even if it is quiet.

<Maggi> all yours John...

<John> OK.

<John> I'll send vance the log.

<Juani> John ..sorry I missed itç

<Juani> good!

<Maggi> bye then all...till we4 meet again!

<Felix> I've gotta run.

<Felix> bye all

<John> OK, bye all.

<Juani> always in a hurry Felix

<Juani> least I came to say good bye..

<John> OK.

<Felix> yeah

<Felix> gone

Felix has left the chat room.

John has left the chat room.

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