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Webheads chat logs from March 25, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan Juani
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Chile

Clocks in the northern hemisphere had just sprung forward and those in the southern hemisphere had just fallen back an hour, putting those affected two hours apart from one another, and this could have affected attendance at our weekly session. Ying Lan and Vance were not affected and appeared at what was for them the normal time. For Maggi it was an hour later than usual, while Michael joined us an hour earlier in the evening compared to when he usually did. However, Webheads is not affected by clocks going forward or back; Webheads meets at noon GMT, which does not fluctuate during the year.

I was alerted to the start of our online class by Ying Lan's voice calling from my computer. Most of the chat took place in our Excite chat room, and was therefore not recorded. However when Ying Lan left, Michael and Vance and Maggi tried to get into the Palace at but it wasn't 'up' at the time. We therefore tried another Palace Maggi and I had found the week before, This Palace doesn't let you hang out for long at its gateway, but hurries you down a path to a village where the first three huts on the right are hot-linked to other areas. Michael and Vance decided to try the Waterfall and Hang Glider rides. The Hang Glider ride is expecially recommended, and Michael and Vance got to where they could do it together (whiile Maggi waited at the village). Michael questioned the pedagogical value of these rides but nevertheless wanted to have a second go. Meanwhile, Juani appeared in Homestead and on Yahoo chat and gave us the good news that she had been acceped for a Fullbright Teacher Exchange Program, and would be spending a year in Mississippi while an American teacher enjoyed a year in Chile (lucky American teacher, Vance said -- great opportunity for that teacher and for Juani!!) By then, Vance had to dash off to participate in a running event, so if there's more, Maggi or Juani can tell us about it.

I started recording the chats when Juani arrived. Before that, Ying Lan had talked with us in Excite but had left no record, and Michael was just about to leave. Maggi and I were about to do the same, when on Yahoo ...

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Yahoo

Yahoo chat logs

juani5chile: hello..greetings from Chile.I was trying to enter the chat room

vance_stevens: Hi.. Which one are you going to?

juani5chile: to anyone.

vance_stevens: Yes I see you were there. Go back there. I'm at Homestead.

juani5chile: ok..thanks....

vance_stevens: waiting ...

vance_stevens: Are you on your way?

juani5chile: yes..thanks

vance_stevens: We're also at the Palace. I don't suppose you've tried that one have you?

juani5chile: no.i haven´t...

juani5chile: what should I do?

vance_stevens: ok. Maggi is at the Palace. I think she's coming to Homestead.

juani5chile: OK..

vance_stevens: You must have left homestead when you did that. Are you here?

juani5chile: I.m there

juani5chile: yes,I am..

juani5chile: lots of links

vance_stevens: ok, click on the palace

juani5chile: I

vance_stevens: OK, I was just looking for a place to get the client. How about

vance_stevens: try that one?

vance_stevens: That took me here ...


vance_stevens: no, just start with ... there yet?

juani5chile: yes

vance_stevens: OK, search for 'palace' in PC I presume?

vance_stevens: or mac?

juani5chile: PC

vance_stevens: good. Did you search it?

juani5chile: yes,,

vance_stevens: Do you see The Palace Visual Chat (32-bit) 3.5

vance_stevens: are you getting it?

juani5chile: yes I have


vance_stevens: ok, have you downloaded it?

vance_stevens: Once you start the download, I think you can join us back at

juani5chile: ok....thanks.

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Yahoo

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

Error: 462 'Anonymous2755 :You may not reregister

You have changed your name to Vance.

An hour passes. Juani appears but is not noticed by Vance and the others, who are busy at the Palace ...

Anonymous2936 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous2936> hello .

<Anonymous2936> Greetings from Chile

Anonymous2936 has left the chat room.

Meanwhile, Juani has reached Vance on Yahoo (smart lady!) Now she and Maggi and Vance return to Homestead ...

Anonymous8976 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous8976 has left the chat room.

Anonymous7365 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous15 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous7365> here I am again.

Anonymous7365 is now known as Juani.

<Vance> There you are. Hi.

<Vance> How are you?

Anonymous15 is now known as Maggi.

<Juani>´ Sunday morning in my country

<Vance> Hi Maggi. Did you want to know how to get to use the Palace, Juani?

<Juani> Hello Maggi..

<Maggi> Mc is going....says goodbye

<Juani> yes,that would be nice

<Maggi> coming here kicked me off the Palace

<Juani> oh..poor Maggi,why?

<Vance> oh ... you have to get the Palace browser. There are several places to get it. Want to try some?

<Juani> yes,please

<Maggi> one window too many

<Vance> ok, let's start here


<Vance> there yet?

<Maggi> I'm still there

<Vance> Yeah, I see you there

Juani has left the chat room.

<Vance> woops, she must have gone there in this browser window

<Maggi> hmmmm

<Vance> talking to Juani in Yahoo

<Maggi> ok

<Vance> getting her to download the client

<Maggi> ok

<Vance> Palace doesn't work on a mac, is that right?

<Vance> Doesn't matter. She has a pc.

<Maggi> not sure

<Vance> I think she's started downloading it

Anonymous8942 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous8942> here I am again.

<Anonymous8942> Juani


<Vance> good. Let us know when you've downloaded and installed it

<Anonymous8942> OK.

<Vance> We' ve used the palace a lot over the years. We're having lots of fun with it.

<Vance> Ying Lan was here earlier. And Michael just left a few minutes ago.

<Anonymous8942> I had never used it.....

<Anonymous8942> it seems interesting..

<Vance> I guess the time change put him off.

<Vance> Did your clocks go forward an hour?

<Maggi> he's busy

<Anonymous8942> mine was delayed on MArch14

<Anonymous8942> we are on the winter period.

<Maggi> delayed?

<Vance> You mean put back an hour?

<Maggi> it went back an hour then

<Anonymous8942> yes,,we put back an hour

<Maggi> we are going to summertime and went ahead an hour

<Vance> and we're near the equator and didn't go anywhere

<Maggi> Vance doesn't go anywhere

<Maggi> lol

<Anonymous8942> we are in Autumn

Anonymous8942 is now known as Juani.

<Vance> Im about to go for a run. There's a race tonight.

<Juani> where ?

<Vance> A road race, just 5 km, running

<Juani> should go ..

<Juani> that keeps you healthy

<Vance> Yeah, it starts in 40 min. I have to leave in 5 min.

<Juani> OK...

<Maggi> I need to go get some work done too...

<Vance> Did you get that file?

<Juani> how are you doing with your work Maggi?

<Juani> yes,I did..

<Juani> almost ready

<Maggi> just fine....busy

<Juani> my PC isn´t so fast as yours.

<Vance> ok, you can install it, and we visited tonight and Michael and I went hang gliding.

<Vance> We can all go there next week if you want. It's a fun place to chat, especially if you're in Excite at the same time.

<Juani> oh.good...

<Juani> I have something to tell you.all

<Vance> It sounds like you like to have fun!

<Vance> Yes, what ?

<Juani> I applied for the TEP that the Fulbright offers.

<Juani> and I got it.

<Maggi> wow

<Vance> Congratulations. What is TEP

<Juani> so I´l be working for a whole year in USA.

<Juani> Teachers Exchange programme.

<Vance> Great. Do you have any idea where you'll be going?

<Juani> Thanks...I´ very happy!

<Juani> yes,in laurel City,MS

<Juani> Northeast Jones High School.

<Juani> deep South...

<Maggi> Mississippi then

<Juani> I´l be teaching can visit

<Vance> That should be interesting. Especially nice for the teacher lucky enough to go to Chile

<Juani> yes,that´ Mississsipi

<Juani> yes,she is a very young teacher

<Vance> Nice for both of you. It's great to visit a new country for a year.

<Juani> I see you love Chile,Vance

<Maggi> does she know any Spanish?

<Juani> yes,,it ,seems a dream for me...

<Juani> yes,she teaches Spanish .

<Vance> all latin countries have a great spirit.

<Vance> My 5 min is up. I have to go. I just shut down two other comptuers.

<Juani> but in my School she has to teach English... <Vance> That's great news. We'll find out more next week.

<Juani> ok,,have fun Vance....thanks for everything.

<Vance> I'll see you then.

<Vance> Bye Maggi. Bye Juani.

<Juani> ok....see you ,then...Bye.

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